Nicola Castrogiovanni - Spirit of Optimism


Type Aspect
High Concept Over-Optimistic, almost naïve, Circus Boy Orphan
Trouble Second, Third, Fourth… As many chances as needed
  Don Cagliostro looks for me
  “That ugly, smelly bully of foster brother I had”
  The Scapulary of My Mother and the Casquette of my Father


Approach Level
Careful Good (+3)
Clever Average (+1)
Flashy Fair (+2)
Forceful Mediocre (+0)
Quick Average (+1)
Sneaky Fair (+2)

Centurion Stunts

  • The “Good Enough” Game: Because Nicola is very optimistic in all things, twice a session he can ask and receive some needed help from others, as long he can ask for it or he talked with those people before. This help came in play as an Scenario Aspect (like My Goodness, you need some clean clothes! or A Place to Stay at those freezing nights), with one Free Invocation. He can’t use this to do harm to others, but he can use this to help himself and/or others. Those Aspects stays as long as reasonable. He can combine the two uses into a Aspect with two invocations, under the same rules.

Other Stunts

  • Because I believe that Everyone have a Good Heart, I receive +2 to Create Advantages by discovering (or creating/putting) good Aspects on someone Carefully
  • Thespian: Because Nicola’s a consummate actor, he has no penalty when attempts to impersonate someone much older , much taller or shorter than himself, with a radically different accent than himself, or the like.


Nicola looks as a somewhat chubby, although strong, Italian-blooded kid, between 10 and 12. He has a mix of dirty and strawberry blonde hair, and some tufts of ginger. He have red-blushed chin and a petite nose, and freckles. He dress somewhat like a newsie, a simple shirt-and-trousers combo, with the only things he still have from his deceased parents still with him: a Holy Mother scapulary (from his mother) and a red-checkered casquette that looks a little oversized in his head (from his father).


Nicola is a very kind-hearted kid and there’s no bad time with him: he’s that kind of kid that, even after being sprayed by a skunk, thrashed by a bully, put into the garbage bin, hitted by rotten tomatoes and stinky sewer, and left under a storm rain he still coult say “I’m all right, thank you”. He has a cheerful behavior and is very well-mannered, a smile always in his face.


Nicola’s parents died a little after his birth, when they came to US. Since them, he was living from foster home to another. For some reason, even he being very well-mannered and well-behaviored, all their foster parents hate them. Perhaps the fact he liked to care for stray dogs (and left them go when they’re healthy again), or because he shared his school lunch with the local hoboes, or even by the fact he came with some apples, books or new clothes as by sheer luck, but all their foster home had kicked him.

In fact, in the last one those kickings were as literal as literal can be: his foster brother was a very great bully that (with some conivence from his parents) trashed the crap out from Nicola every day. This until the day the circus came to the city, and Nicola found the biggest Mentalist from all time, Don Cagliostro. Nicola thought that run with the circus would be a better thing for him and for his foster family (less a mouth to feed and so). And he chosed to go with the circus.

When he was found by the circus crew, Don Cagliostro (in fact, Frederick Van Der Merwe, a half-boer, half-english South-Africa born magician and mentalist) had taken him and took the responsibility to teach and care for Nicola (unknowlingly for both, because of Nicola’s powers as a Spirit of Optimism). Nicola very fast had learned some basic chores in the circus and also had learned some acts as a clown, magician and other circus acts.

Nicola still don’t know too much about the Century Club and so, but Don (as he calls his mentor) shown him enough to understand that his destiny is bigger than he knows.

And he knows that, in the end, everything will be fine.

Don Cagliostro (a.k.a. Frederick Van Der Merwe) - Spirit of Literacy


Type Aspect
High Concept Mentalist Spirit of Literacy
Trouble A Good-Hearted Charlatan
  “If you know the right thing, you always have the right win”
  My Time is over, it’s a Century for Nicola
  Gladly looks like Doctor Methuselah cast himself in the shadows


Approach Level
Careful Average (+1)
Clever Fair (+2)
Flashy Fair (+2)
Forceful Mediocre (+0)
Quick Average (+1)
Sneaky Good (+3)

Centurion Stunts

  • The Real-Life Munchausen: Because he’s a Spirit of Literacy, he can use his knowledge to make people believe things that he’s talking is true, by “reading” them and discover how to influence them via lies into some truth. He receive +3 to Sneakily Create Advantages by deceive people into believing something he’s talking is true, as far there’s some truth, no matter how small, into it (“Yes, the Sotho people made me their king, you know! I’m the profetized White King of the Black Africa! You don’t want to be target of the wrath of the Might Sotho people!”)

Other Stunts - Refresh: 1

  • Divination: Gain +2 to attempts to create an advantage by reading signs and portents in the stars, or in tarot cards, or using some other divination practice, made while being Careful.
  • Stage Psychic: Gain +2 to attempts to create an advantage, made while being Flashy, when you make a show of predicting someone’s fortune.
  • The Cavalry: Because you can sense when your friends are in trouble, once per session you can insert yourself into a scene in which an ally is in serious danger (unless you’re in jail, stuck on Mars, or otherwise physically incapable of getting there).
  • Lie Detector: Gain +2 to defend actions made to detect lies when you’re being Clever.

Frederick van Der Merwe was born in Cape Town, South Africa, from a Boer diplomat father and an English actress mother. His father was one of the responsible by the returning (although briefly) of Cape Town to the Dutch in 1803. Before the Battle of Blaauwberg, his family emigrated to France and estabilished themself as artists in the Napoleonic France, emigrating from here to there avoiding the wars. In the mean time, young Frederick learned how the things works, by learning how to read as soon as 3 and being able to work at stage as 10. He also learned how to use his knowledge to work his ways into places and around people. Somewhat a honest liar, a real-life Baron of Munchausen, Fred had started his carrer in stage by unknowlingly using his gifts as a Spirit in his shows, to “read” his mentalist target and inducing their to do what he wanted or to read their future. It was this until Doctor Methusaleh got into his way and put him in Danger and he was found by the Century Club. He worked as an informant, an analyst and a scholar, while making fame and money as his alter-ego Don Cagliostro, and trying to put himself into the moves of Doctor Methusaleh and discover his objectives. With the century turning, however, he get himself out of the field as much as possible, searching for a specific kid, maybe a Spirit of Literacy as himself. When he found Nicola Castrogiovanni, he found what he needed: a Spirit of Optimism that could be great if correctly taught and doctrinated. And who’s better than a Spirit of Literacy to literate someone in something?

Don Cagliostro (nome verdadeiro: Frederick Van Der Merwe) - Espírito da Educação do Século XIX


Tipo Aspecto
Conceito Espírito da Educação Mentalista
Dificuldade Um Charlatão Honesto
  “Faça da maneira certa e a vitória será certa”
  Meu tempo acabou. Esse é o século de Nicola
  Parece que o Dr. Matusalém voltou às sombras… Felizmente


Abordagem Nível
Ágil Regular (+1)
Cuidadoso Regular (+1)
Esperto Razoável (+2)
Estiloso Razoável (+2)
Poderoso Medíocre (+0)
Sorrateiro Bom (+3)

Façanha Centuriã

  • O Verdadeiro Munchhausen: como ele é o Espírito da Educação, ele pode usar seu conhecimento para fazer as pessoas acreditarem em qualquer coisa que ele diga, ao “ler” as pessoas e descobrir como as influenciar ao incluir alguma verdade no meio de mentiras. Ele recebe +3 para Criar Vantagens de Maneira Sorrateira ao fazer as pessoas acreditarem em alguma mentira, desde que ela inclua alguma verdade, não importa o quão pequena (“Podem acreditar, o povo Sotho me tornou seu rei! Eu sou nascido na África do Sul, o Rei Branco da África Negra das profecias, e vocês não vão querer ter a ira do poderoso povo Sotho contra vocês!”)

Façanhas em Geral [ Recarga: 1 ]

  • Divinação: Recebe +2 ao tentar Criar Vantagens sendo Cuidadoso, ao ler sinais e portentos nas estrelas, por cartas de tarô, ou usando algum outro tipo de prática divinatória.
  • Místico de Palco: Recebe +2 ao tentar Criar Vantagens sendo Estiloso, quando tentar fazer uma cena ao prever o futuro de alguém
  • A Cavalaria: Como você é capaz de sentir quando seus amigos estão encrencados, uma vez por sessão você pode colocar-se em uma cena onde um aliado está em grave perigo (a não ser que você não consiga chegar lá por estar preso, em Timbuktu, em Marte ou qualquer outro motivo).
  • Faro da Verdade: Recebe +2 ao Defender-se sendo Esperto de ações quando os outros tentarem lhe passar a perna.

Frederick van Der Merwe nasceu na África do Sul, filho de um diplomata Boer e de uma Atriz inglesa. Seu pai fou um dos responsáveis pelo acordo que resultou na devolução da Cidade do Cabo (ainda que por pouco tempo), onde ele nasceu, para os holandeses em 1803. Antes da Batalha de Blaauwberg, sua família emigrou para a França e se estabeleceu como artistas no Império Napoleônico, indo de país em país evitando as guerras.

Nesse meio tempo, o jovem Frederick aprendia como o mundo funcionava, tendo aprendido a ler e escrever com apenas 3 anos de idade e já atuando aos 10. Ele também aprendeu como usar seus conhecimentos para entrar nos locais e conhecer as pessoas certas. De certa forma um mentiroso honesto, um Barão de Munchausen do seu tempo, Fred começou a usar os talentos de Espírito do Século em seus shows, “lendo” o alvo de seus truques mentalistas e os induzindo a dizer o que ele precisava saver para “ler” seu futuro.

Foi quando o Doutor Matusalém cruzou seu caminho e o colocou em risco, o que resultou em sua entrada para o Clube do Século. Ele passou a trabalhar para o Clube como informante, analista e pesquisador, enquanto ficava rico e fazia fama por meio de seu alter-ego do palco, Don Cagliostro, buscando também descobrir os objetivos do Doutor Matusalém e impedir seus planos.

Com a virada do século, entretanto, ele acabou por se retirar da frente de batalha assim que possível, procurando por algum dos Espíritos do Século XX, preferencialmente um que fosse um Espírito da Educação, como ele próprio. Foi quando ele encontrou Nicola Castrogiovanni, que era quem ele procurava: um Espírito do Otimismo que seria grande, se adequadamente tutelado e doutrinado. E quem melhor do que um Espírito da Educação para educar alguém?