Jiminy Cricket - First Mission

Chapter 1

“Héros Sans Frontiéres, Heroes Without Borders, acts in two levels. The first level is Situation 1, by managing and crowd-sourcing CAI Teams around the world. For local disasters, this works good enough, by managing resources, either human and material, and facilitates logistics, coordinating local teams that, by definition, already has a good synergy.

But, for the real big disasters, like the Big California Quake and similar events, HWB needs their own CAI teams, deployed into what we call Situation 2 level, that are allocated either on big catastrophes and on what we call pandemic disasters, situations that turned into real humanitarian disasters, like we have in Roque Santeiro, the biggest post-Event refugee camp, near Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Jiminy Cricket, on 21th European CAI Training Seminar, offered by Héros Sans Frontiéres, Geneva, Switzerland

“Right now, Josh, for the last French question.” said the blonde girl, pointing a question in the book for the kid in front of her. “Please, say this phrase: ‘I’m Jiminy Cricket, from Heroes Without Borders. We’re into a crisis zone. Please, follow our capes’ orientations while evacuating orderly.’“

The blonde little kid, dressed like in a Dress-Up game, said, with the typical chirp of a little kid:

“Je suis Jiminy Criquet, des Héros Sans Frontiéres. Nous sommes dans une zone de crise. S’il vous plaît, suivez les orientations de nos capes tout en évacuant sans encombre.”

The girl looks to him and says, smiling: “Well, it’s correct, or at least correct enough for a situation.”

The kid removes the green top hat over his head and says: “Whew… I’m exhausted. Hope there’s no problem tomorrow. I really want to take some time at Disneyland Paris, Eileen.”

“Let us see, Josh. But anyway, we need to see if there’ll be any shift for us here. After all, the ‘villains’ never sleeps, Jiminy Cricket.” she says

“Alright, Sugarplum.” says the kid, when they hear a siren. “Ow, why today?” he whined, while putting his half-mask and hat back. The mask was shaped as Disney’s Pinocchio’s Jiminy Cricket, while the girl at his side took the form of a big fairy and they get out Jiminy Cricket’s room to Heroes Without Border, Geneva HQ’s Briefing Room.

Josh, or better, Joshua McCarthy, capename Jiminy Cricket, was a Breakthrough, as his tutor and legal guardian Eileen McRae, capename Sugarplum. They had undergone traumatic experiences that triggered the Breakthrough back his hat, giving them superpowers only saw before in comics.

Eileen had been menaced by some Anarchists during a robbery while presenting The Nutcracker for a Christmas philanthropic ballet presentation, and had gone into a little Tinkerbell like transformation that also provided her flying capacity and magical Glamour powers, to create illusions, including an illusory Ratzilla at that time, and invoke Nature’s powers.

Joshua, otherwise, had been beaten by a local bully until almost dead, when he discovered he would be able to see what people would do in immediate future (no more than a second or two, three at most with focus) and also had a kind of suggestive voice, that make people does what he wants them to do under some restrains. Also, he started to develop a big control on knowledge about people and things, like he could tap some kind of extra-reality knowledge source, the mystical Akasha Records.

All this are limited, but very useful in crisis situation, like the one they are looking for.

When entering the HQ Situation Room, Jiminy saw the other members of his team:

The field leader, Soldaire (real name: Seiji Shirou), is a Sentai Hero: after an intensive training and conditioning, he was one of the few people in Japan able to don the Soldaire-Level super armors, in fact the Soldaire super armor itself, created by a Japanese Verne called Dr. Shokichi Hisagawa. Both were “lent” by the Japanese Super Self-Defense Forces to the Héros Sans Frontiéres , almost permanently. As civil, Seiji always dresses on his best Keichishou uniform or 80s biker fashion, beside the SolChange, a clock-like device that is used to donning the Soldaire super-armor. On it, Seiji goes as strong as an Ajax and can use lots special weapon and equipment, specially the SolPistols, Laser pistols that can hit hard a powerful armored mercenary or even an Atlas or Ajax. Also, he has a powerful armor and tactical information to help him to deal his menaces…

Beside him, the team main muscle, LionHeart (real name: Richard ‘Ric’ McInroy). A convicted ex-Super-villain, A-Class Ajax, in the past called The Bronx Shoulder, he was “lent” by New York Justice as part of his parole (he was serving a life sentence for multiple property damage and manslaughter). In HWB, he took an almost new identity, and also practice all kind of new abilities, even found a hobby on cooking, in which he was incredible, even almost being invited by the Celebrity Masterchef, which he needed to decline. He was big and red haired, with Irish blood. And with an easy smile for kids, like Jiminy. He was dressed into something that looked like a lion costume, with the a Heart crest over the shoulder. But he didn’t used a hood: instead, he used a maroon Zorro-like mask. And, although the criminal past, he was for Jiminy just like an old, odd uncle.

On the table, Jiminy could see the dandy Dumont (real name: Andre Macedo Luis). A Verne hero, his costume was a homage for his inspiration and hero, Alberto Santos Dumont, one of the first Aviators around the world (the first, depending on who you ask): black formals pants and jacket, a white shirt and black tie. Over the table, the iconic white and and somewhat wrinkled fedora hat he uses in field, and the goggles he uses while in field as mask. Anachronistic, he wasn’t using the so-common epads, even knowing on how to use them: instead he was taking notes with an old fashioned, honest-to-gosh, Montblanc fountain pen and a paper notepad.

Beside Dumont, there was Hufflepuff (real name: Juan Manuel Acierdo). Son of a Tecnico Luchador from Mexico, his father died at The Event, when the shockwaves of an airplane crash next the Lucha arena had made everything went down, his father hit straight at the heart by a steel pole from one of the arena’s columns. Juan, then a little nerdy kid that was, weirdly, training to be a Luchador, had gone by the Breakthrough turning someone as strong as an Ajax, but with more flexibility and powered by La Passion de La Lucha, that boost even more his powers and fighting techniques. It’s very rare to see him without his Mask, an yellow and black mask that emulated a badger’s face. Although strong, boasty and fierce in battle, he always had, as LionHeart, an easy smile for kids and people. Even here, using a civil suit, he was on his Mask, that have holes for eyes, nose and mouth, so he could eat with his mask.

And on the other side of Dumont was Kuntur (real name: Jose Marti Poma), a cape from La Paz, Bolivia, an old time hiker guide on the Andes Mountains, until he fell into a rift at the biggest of those mountains, the Aconcagua, and before he hit the ground for death, he flew his way out the rift. An Atlas, he chose his cape name based on the word in the old Aymara language for Condor. He dressed into a suit styled on his indigenous people clothes.

“Alright everyone.” said Soldaire “We received a notification from our outpost at UNHCR refugees camp Roque Santeiro for Situation 2 team rotation. I think that you’re already trained enough in controlled circumstance, as you’re all already CAI certificated, so, I’ll brief you on the situation.”, he said, while showing some slides.

“Since Eretz Israel foundation, there was lots of refugees from West Bank and Gaza, ejected from their homes at Israel territories. Some of them had gone to Jordan or Saudi Arabia, but the poorest had gone to Egypt and got through it into Africa, that after The Event was already a quagmire. One of the only places where there was democracy and stability enough for humanitarian actions get stable enough was Sierra Leone: when some tribal lords tried to overthrown the local corrupt government with their recent discovered powers, a local breakthrough called Bengela, real name Nelson Tchabalala, defeated them and held power for time enough elections could be held, being elected their president.”

“So, the United Nations and the League for Democratic States, via the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, established a refugee camp at Sierra Leone, receiving support from many NGOs, like UNESCO, UNICEF, the medical NGO CADUCEUS and our parents, the Médicins Sans Frontiéres, Doctors Without Borders. However, the camp started to grow and grow, people from other camps crossing either the Sahara and the Serengeti for some hope to get away that quagmire into some stabler countries on Europe and Africa… Even considering the difficult to cross the Serengeti and the Sahara, people still came to Roque Santeiro, either straight away or jumping from camp to camp. Some even crossed them using busses and trucks and boats that does the coast route from Cairo to Freetown.”

“Our mission is somewhat simple, although not easy: we’ll go as support team for the refugee camp staff. Although somewhat stable, Roque Santeiro is considered a pandemic disaster because the refugees’ numbers and diversity. We were called because they had gone short on staff, specially capes. So, we are going to the field. Roque Santeiro has people from lots of regions and creeds: Islam, Coptic Christians, Ethiopian Jews, other Christians, and some animistic creeds. In your epads there’ll be some intel on what you should expect. The staff has gone short recently, so we are being sent as emergency. Go to your rooms, pack everything you need as procedure and ready yourselves. We are going for Sierra Leone at 2000. The flight will take 10 hours, so you can take some sleep on the flight. Now, go.” finished Soldaire.

Joshua gone back to his all Disney-decorated room, with lots of Pinocchio merchandise, his favorite film, and his namesake Jiminy Cricket all around in posters, toys and plushies. He didn’t need too much help: he already had a go-bag with all the necessary things he needed for his job. He also packed some of his school books, clothes and other important things on a trunk with his hero crest, a stylished Jiminy Cricket shadow on a dark green background. He would left behind lots of things, but he did a good work.

“Packed everything?” said someone before getting in, on a strong Bronx accent. It was LionHeart.

“Everything is ready, Ric.” said Joshua, now without his mask and top hat, although still on his costume: green pants, dark green tails, blue scarf around the neck passing as a cravat for his white starched shirt topped by green waistcoat, black boots, and his top hat, that was a little big for him, but it worked.

“Alright. Let me take your trunk.” he said, with a smile. He took the trunk, that was almost as big than Jiminy, but lifted it as it was nothing, as expected as an A-Class Ajax. “For an Ajax like me, this is like lifting a plume. Not too much toys this time, huh?” he asked

“I thought it was not a that good idea.” said Joshua

“You should put some, you know: maybe some kids there would be on a need for a toy.” said Ric.

“I’ll place some into another box, some of those I don’t want anymore, and then we can give them for the kids there.”

“Sure. But now, let me take those to the garage, and them we’ll put this on the Hercules”.

At least one C-130 Hercules freighter always were posted at Geneva Airport for Héros Sans Frontiéres , with a Blue Beret squad of UN officers, with one or two Atlases or Ajaxes being sent as bodyguards for extra power. There’s normally two or three, used by HSF as cargo and crew transportation for some of the Situation 2 crew for disaster areas. The only time there was no one there was during the Big California Earthquake, the so-much expected Big One that fractured the San Andreas fault and split California from mainland America. Jiminy was not there, although he remembered seeing all things, being at Geneva for basic CAI and power control training. He saw Atlas and Ajax falling at Seif-Al-Din’s hands, Astra crashing against him and killing him with his own sword. He would not be allocated at that, not being CAI-certified and with no fine control on his Mastermind powers, but he lighted some candles and prayed for all the deceased.

Now, he was going for his first mission for sure: not the sample CAI missions for training or those he did on places like Haiti and Cambodia as a sidekick. Now it was for real. As much he was a little scared, he was excited. He trained and studied a lot for his CAI certification (the youngest CAI certified cape around the world) and now it’s time for the real stuff.

After finishing the last touches on what he would pack for Sierra Leone, including placing some old but good toys for the refugee kids into a box that LionHeart would take for the airplane, he put another costume change into a little bag, with his hygiene kit and some pyjamas for the flight, and gone for a shower before getting back the briefing room. After that, he dressed into a clean costume, left the one he used behind and locked his door with his key.

The HWB Geneva HQ was the HWB’s main one and was homebase for at least other 100 capes around the world, although normally just 12 were there at the same time, at most three teams in the bench so to speak. It was built by the same model as the Chicago Sentinel’s Dome, although simpler and without too much high-tech: HWB didn’t have too much resources, and the lion’s share of them were always put into things that helped missions. But his room was comfy was confy enough. He locked it and only the housekeeping would open it when he was outside, for any needed cleaning and laundry.

“Hiya, sport!” said Eileen, always on his Sugarplum costume, her mask being more like a Bridal Veil that somewhat made her face more ethereal and fairy-like. The back of her fairy-like dress was open, so she could make her butterfly like wings get outside without problems. The dress also held some magical components, like a little fairy dust and so on, and a big Desert Eagle she used for protection.

“Hey, Eileen!” said Joshua.

“Joshua, in the field, if not civilian, you should use others’ capenames.” said Eileen “And, to be frank, I’ll call you Jiminy more than Joshua at Sierra Leone.”

“So, Can I call you Sugarplum?”

“Not only can, but must: it’s best practice in field.” said Sugarplum, while they were going for the briefing room.

From there, they gone into the C-130 Hercules: although big, he was just a little better than the “normal” military cargo airplane, so it was designed for volume and autonomy: they were a cargo airplane, with a makeshift passenger place for the capes. After they loaded their cargo, they lifted off to Freetown. After the lift off procedure, they took some food and some of them exchanged themselves from their costumes into some civilian clothes, and Jiminy put their pyjamas. Even Hufflepuff put some pyjamas, although he was still with his mask. Jiminy gone to his place and just nod off, tired.

Chapter 2

“Kids, me including before my breakthrough, thinks on breakthroughs like the heroes on comics, with all the powers and stuff that are all cool. But the fact we don’t remember, and we should to, is that, as someone said, with great powers comes great responsibility. Only when you turn into a cape, you see how much true this is.”

Jiminy Cricket to Elmo, Big Bird, Grover, Ernie and Bert, at Sesame Street.

Freetown was a beautiful, although war-stricken, city. A isle of peace and stability in a place full of warlords and chieftains, Sierra Leone was somewhat beautiful.

That was Jiminy Cricket was thinking, after putting himself into costume, looking by the aircraft window. The little houses were growing and growing until the airplane touched down Freetown’s airport. While the plane was slowing down and going to a hangar, they were ready for getting down the plane.

When they got out, they saw some ambulances transferring some sick people to the Hercules after Kuntur, LionHeart, Hufflepuff and Soldaire (donning the Soldaire suit) discharged the team’s cargo, including either personal stuff and team equipment. Jiminy then saw a big guy, black, on military fatigue and with the HSF logo on it, with a Q letter styled as a angel halo. He looked something like Lothar from the old stories and comics, or Lawrence Fishburne on Matrix.

“You’re from Geneva, right? I’m Corin Phakathwayo and I’m also from HSF. No need of a capename for me, I’m not on this kind of posh. But if you want to present yourselves by your capenames, is totally okay for me. To be clear, my official capename IS Corin.” he said, with a strange accent, looking like South African English, shaking hands with everyone. Soldaire was the last one, already without the Soldaire suit (or better, without the Soldaire helmet).

“I’m Soldaire, the team leader.” said Soldaire “So, we’ll have transport till Roque Santeiro?”

“We need to: all recently arrived Atlas should avoid flying over Leonean airspace. They’re a little paranoiac because the local chieftains and their uses for Atlas. We’ll gave you credentials that will track you over Leonean airspace later. Until then, there’s a chopper here for you, and some of our Blue Berets will bring your stuff. We’ll talk about the things going there.” said Corin, while LionHeart, Kuntur and Hufflepuff finished loading the equipment on the big Mi-26M heli and gone with the team to another heli, an Mi-38.

After they entered, some Blue Berets took the free spots and Corin offered everyone some sound cancelling headsets and they departed, the powerful noise from the rotors turning into a small hum for Jiminy while he finished to adjust the safety belts.

“The HWB operation leader in Roque Santeiro, Diana, asked me for some first brief here before your real briefing at Roque Santeiro.”

“Roque Santeiro was named by some Angolan refugees from their last civil war: there was a big market there, one of the biggest everywhere, every time, and it was named after a pre-Event Brazilian soap opera still popular there. The market is no more, but the name held. Roque Santeiro is really big, and we receive supplies almost every day, either by air, via Hercules and Antonov cargo freighters from UN, LDS, governments and NGOs around the world, or via ship, from almost everywhere. Sometimes, we even use breakthroughs for cargo transport when needed. Things are normally civil, but sometimes things gets hot: we have too many different people to expect everything would be nice and smoothly all the time. Besides, we have some problems on breakthrough surges.”

“How?” asked Jiminy, and they look to him: even with his powers, there’s still many things Jiminy Cricket doesn’t know.

“There’s lots of rogue squadrons, bounty hunters, criminals, cause villains, and overall scoundrels on Africa. The Event was not that kind with us, even more after the Caliphate Wars and Eretz Israel: the population overgrown and resources shortage made people goes bonkers. Africa was already something very complex and bloody BEFORE the Event, and things had not gone any better after the Event, as so much breakthroughs had appeared with the violence surges, civil wars and ethnic conflicts, to just put even more heat everywhere. Things were on a spiral and just recently things started to grew stable. Groups like the NAWB, a white/breakthrough supremacy group on South Africa that got out there, and the New Angolan Socialist Party, had shed a lot of blood on conflicts, and just recently they were stopped by some breakthroughs like the Reformed Umkhonto we Sizwe, the Nation’s Spear, from South Africa and other capes that put some of the worst warmongering people behind the walls to be dealt by the International Criminal Court at Hague.”

“But, everything into account, it’s not Rocket Science to understand there’s too much breakthroughs growing into Roque Santeiro: all the war trauma and so are triggering lots of breakthrough, and also there’s the issue on origin-chasing. I think that some of you are also certified as teachers, or at least as counseling, according your CAI documentation. We need a lot of this… To be fair, we need a lot of everything.”, said Corin, and Jiminy gulped.

Then Corin smiled and said.

“Don’t worry, we are not alone: there’s others breakthroughs and people helping us, many of them allocated by some NGO or UN or LDS organization. And, to be fair, things are not that bad. People there is just trying to reconstruct their lives, find some relatives and a place to call home. It’ll not be that difficult to make people remember that and we’ll make sure everyone deal with that. They need to be remembered that they, and we, are all in the same boat.”

Jiminy relaxed a little, when they heard the pilot saying, via their headsets “Sir, we’re into Roque Santeiro’s airspace. I think they’ll like to see.”

Jiminy sat at Sugarplum’s lap and saw below: lots and lots of white barracks, wires going everywhere, and lots of people, until a big forest could be seen. It was really big, bigger than some neighbors from where he came, and even some cities he knew were smaller. And in some entrances there was even more people trying to get in. He could see some Blue Berets patrolling the camp and the neighborhoods, and two or three Atlas or otherwise flying-capable breakthroughs getting around.

“And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the Roque Santeiro refugee camp.” said Corin, while the helicopters got near the main helipoint.

As soon they arrived, Hufflepuff, LionHeart and Kuntur started to unload their stuff from the Mi-26M, while they were being received by the local HWB mission chief, a beautiful black woman, with a big afro, dressed into military fatigue, nice for the warm and moist weather that was making Jiminy sweat a lot. She also was using a dog-tag around the neck, and looked really strong, by her confident pose.

“I’m Diana Souza, capename Diana, and I’m local HWB mission chief. I’ll brief you before you get cleared and go for your barracks, so you could take a good rest and then get better into your stations when needed.” she said, shaking hands. Jiminy noted by her touch she was an Ajax: she was taking easy with him, as her full power could crush his hand easier than a beercan.

They got into a bigger white tent, and Jiminy could see that there was Roque Santeiro’s Dispatch: not surprisingly, considering their size and population, it was needed. In the back of the Dispatch room (very small, to be fair) there’s an even smaller room, with too little furniture, everything functional, the only decoration a spear made of a metal with some blue shades, obviously a Vernetech one.

“Sorry not bring you to our main briefing room, but until you’re cleared by the camp’s security, we can’t get you into our facilities. But before, we need to clarify things about Roque Santeiro.” said Diana

“This is the biggest refugee camp in the world. Some countries has a small population than we have here. There we have people from all the Africa, and from all the main ethnic groups: nago, nubians, belize, sotho, xhosa, zulu, hutu, you name it. Lots of people from many different backgrounds and religions.” said Diana

“Our mission here is simple: help to maintain security and order, provide support for UN forces, and general help to improve life quality at the camp. People here tends to be okay, but sometime things turns really grim because of the shortages on resources. Food and clean water are sometimes difficult to get, and the sanitary infra just didn’t collapsed thanks to our Vernes that works hardly on a daily basis on the infra.”

“We have also some guys from other organizations to help us, mainly UNHCR, our “mother” so-to-speak MSF, some guys from World Health Organization, some Blue Berets from UN and so to help us, including the MaxBerets, breakthrough Blue Berets that is now fixed part of the Peace Corps.”

“Well, enough about me and the camp: I’ll present you for our local team and you’ll present yourselves for them”

Then Diana opened a door and they saw two people. One of them is a guy with a dirty blonde hair, glasses and a medical coat with a logo with the medicine symbol at there and with a MSF logo and with a logo written CADUCEUS.

“This is Doctor Derek Stiles, MD, chief physician from the camp. Also he’s from CADUCEUS, a non profit corporation based in Brussels that studies diseases and works in medical technology development. They have lots of Vernes and Paragons, like our Derek here.” says Diana, while he shakes the hands of everyone.

The woman aside Derek is obviously an Metamorph, as she was using Squirrel ears and tail as fashion on herself. She was red haired and freckled faced, and looked really young, with some sunburn. She also used a medical coat, but below she was using a tie dyed t-shirt.

“And this is Doctor Lesley Dimantas, MD, our main psychologist here and one of the biggest specialist on breakthrough psychology. She’s also an A-Class Metamorph breakthrough, called Daughter of Gaea, Galathea…“ says Diana

“But now you can call me Squirrel Girl…“ she says, on a chirp that made her looks like even younger than she is.

“… Alright, Squirrel Girl. She helps us with the worst cases of breakthrough and how to deal with some of the worst potential breakthrough-induced psychosis.” says Diana, while the Squirrel Girl shakes hands with the team.

Them, they presented themselves. Each one says their capename, their real name (in some cases… Hufflepuff said not) and some information about their powers.

“I’m Jiminy Cricket, real name Joshua McCarthy. I’m an A-class Mastermind. I have enhanced intelligence, can precog somewhat other’s actions, in a very limited way, and can convince people on do what I want, as far there’s something that the person could do and that is not violent based or focused.” said Jiminy Cricket.

“I remember you, kid. But looks like you’re still a little too small and young for a breakthrough. Should you not be playing ball at home?” said Diana

“Ma’am, I had undergone breakthrough last year, and since then I’ve obtained my CAI certification and learned how to work my powers. Had also undergone some training missions for HSF at Bolivia, Cambodia, Kurdistan and other places, into rescue missions and we had very small casualties accounts on those, if you see my After Action Reports.” said Jiminy, seriously

Diana gave a good laugh and said “I understand, kiddo, and had read all your profiles. I think that, as long everything is fair and square with you, I don’t have any problem with you being a cape here. There is so much need here that I’m not into discharge some hands that can help.”

“Okay, enough about this: we’ll clear you all into Roque Santeiro and then you’ll all should need to take some rest, before asking some duties. We already read your profiles and already have some ideas on how to put your powers and skills into a good use.” says Diana, while all them get out the room.

Chapter 3

“People see being a cape as something glamorous, but people think only on those big guys like the Chicago sentinels. They don’t think on how many capes are doing their best in places like the Chinese States, Kurdistan and in Africa, caring for people in refugees camps and helping into floods, droughts and other humanity catastrophes, or even like The Crew, using their powers for just taking a living. Even with the Big One people still doesn’t see how hard and inglorious is being a cape sometimes. Because it’s too much easy to see the glamorous live than the hard stuff other people, cape or not, does.”

Jiminy Cricket, “From Dress-up to save up: an underage breakthrough story”

Jiminy wake up and goes for the shower for his shared tent. The Vernetech waste recycling and solar energy cells allow them for some amenities that would be unthinkable before the Event. Hot shower in the barracks, for example.

Anyway, even with this, some things are rationed, and his soap bar for the week was almost in the end.

“Eileen, are you awake?” said Jiminy from the shower box

He heard a yawn and someone saying, with a drowsy voice. “Almost… Any problem, Joshua?”

“The soap bar is running out. Still have some?”

“Yup… I can lend you some if your finish before the new rations.” said Eileen. “Hope you’re scrubbing yourself really good.”

“I am.” said Jiminy.

“And your homework?” said Eileen

“Over my table here, near my epad. Math, English, History and Geography.”

“Let me see those while you finish your shower.”

He knew that those talks from Eileen was a way to give some “normality” for his life at Roque Santeiro. Eileen knew that, even him being a breakthrough into a HWB mission, he still was a child, and needed some common ground to not go bonkers.

He finished his shower and dried himself with a tower before going back to the room.

As everyone else, Jiminy was living into some of the Refugees barracks, that was obviously Vernetech and bigger than the old fashioned pre-Event ones, and could be compressed into little dice-sized cubes. After uncompressed, the room was 20-by-20 feet sized with a 9 feet height, and had some functional built-in furniture into them. There was two closets and haddock-like beds, like the bunk beds from submarines, and some space for three folding desks with power plugs, one of them a built-in kitchen sink and oven. There’s also some racks where they could put some food and useful things. Very cramped, but better than the pre-Event things. The shower was part of this, and was connected to the camp infrastructure via some plugs and pipes. The better ones, like those, had even air conditioning.

“Want some breakfast here or should we go to the canteen?” said Sugarplum

“We could go for the canteen.” said Jiminy, while putting his costume, reinforced by some Kevlar-like material developed by Dumont, as the team Verne. That also made possible to him uses his costume even in the hot, humid Sierra Leonean weather.

“Alright. Let me just take some shower and dress myself. Put your dirty clothes and costumes in the bin: today is day for sending clothes to cleaning.”

“Right!” said Joshua.

Even before the Breakthrough, Jiminy, or better, Joshua, was always a kid that had no problem to do their chores. In Roque Santeiro, this was even more important, as he need to ease everyone’s burden, as there’s too much things to do.

After Eileen take some shower and dressed herself into her Sugarplum costume, they got out the barrack and closed it. They looked to the sides and saw that Soldaire and LionHeart, Kuntur and Hufflepuff, both their neighbors, were already woken up.

“Everyone ready for today? Sugarplum, you’ll help Dr. Dimantas with some triaging for breakthroughs on some recently arrived refugees. Me, Hufflepuff, LionHeart and Kuntur will go for Freetown to receive the week supplies from LDS, and Dumont will help to install some new solar panels for energy with local Vernes. Jiminy, you will help Diana at the Dispatch for today. Understand?” said Soldaire

“Alright. I had Dispatch training and simulation during my CAI certification, I can deal with this.” said Jiminy Cricket.

“Okay. So, let’s eat something and do our jobs.” said Soldaire, going for breakfast.

The canteen served some basic breakfast: bread with butter, some sausages and eggs and coffee. The Blue Berets still smiles for the little kid on a Dress-Up costume that was a cape, but they already know about his skills and they didn’t laugh about him, but laugh with him.

After the breakfast and leaving their clothes bag at one of the camp laundries, Jiminy had gone for the Dispatch, where Diana was expect him.

“Jiminy, by what I saw on your profile data, think you had Dispatch training, alright?” she said.

“Yup. People at Geneva, Soldaire on them, said my powers could be effective even in Dispatch, by coordinating their actions.” answered Jiminy.

“Alright… We’ll clear you for Dispatch and them you’ll work with them for this shift.” said Diana, while pushing him to a Blue Beret officer. “This is Colonel Carlos, from Brazilian Army, and he’s our Dispatch specialist and Dispatch coordinator.” she said.

“I’m not a Breakthrough, but I’m one of the rare non-cape CAI certificated people around the world. I’m the Dispatch coordinator here at Roque Santeiro.” said the officer, smiling and shaking Jiminy hands “And you are little Jiminy Cricket, right? Let us see how you can help us in Dispatch.”

“Right, sir. I’ll do my best.” said Jiminy, saluting the soldier, that replied and then said.

“You can take your hat and mask out if this ease you. Let us first clear you into the Dispatch system and then you can take any Dispatch station free.” said Colonel Carlos

After cleared, registering login information and some biometric information, like Iris and fingerprints for classified access, Jiminy gone for a station and then sat on its chair. The Dispatch room, sometimes called war-room, for the pre-Event lingo, was clean and somewhat cramped, like everything in the camp. Jiminy sat on his chair and put his hat out, just using his mask and putting the headset on his head, a water bottle at a special compartment near the station. He inserted his login and password at the station and then he could see the information on his screen.

“You’ll be our dispatcher for the supply team.” said Carlos via his headset “We chose this because you already have synergy with them, especially with the capes, as they came together from Geneva.”

“Right.” said Jiminy, looking for the computer screen, with tactical maps and some options to see cameras and talk with the team. Then he heard Soldaire talking.

“This is supply team, going to Freetown. Soldaire is leading the Capes. The team is me, Sentai; Kuntur, Atlas; Hufflepuff, Luchador; and LionHeart, Ajax. Also he have a Blue Beret platoon for military support. Roger?”

“Roger, Supply Team. This is Dispatch. We’ll be looking for potential tangos. Simple objective: bring the supplies from the LDS freighter at Freetown Airport to Roque Santeiro. There was some recent reports on merc activity nearby, so maybe you’ll have some hostiles. Stay into mission objective and don’t engage tangos: once the objective is completed, our local Blue Berets and capes could deal with any. Kuntur, you’ll work for aerial support. Leave Soldaire, Hufflepuff and LionHeart for ground support. Roger?” said Jiminy, looking for the station while icons identifying everyone showed in the tactical map. He could somewhat use his powers and, better, training for see whats happening.

“Roger, Dispatch. You’re doing well, Jiminy.” said Soldaire

“Roger.” said Colonel Carlos, overriding somewhat Jiminy’s comms “Blue Berets, Jiminy Cricket will be your Dispatch. Lieutenant Silva, you’re the contact for Jiminy Cricket.”

“Roger that.” he said “Jiminy, it’s an honor.”

“The same here.” said Jiminy Cricket “I think you’re with standard weaponry and ammo for deal with Ajax tangos.”

“Roger. Read the local intel, there’s some tango Ajaxes. Any suggested protocol?” said the Lieutenant

“I think while you’re going it’s okay, we’ll talk more about this when you’re getting back. Think that, if the intel is correct, there’s a potential Charlie Foxtrot when getting back.”

“Right.” said Jiminy “Any intel you think you need, we in Dispatch will send.”

“Which backup capes we have that could be dispatched?” said Silva

“I think that we could send Corin, Sugarplum and Dumont if needed, but only if things goes into a Charlie Foxtrot.” said Jiminy


And Jiminy was in the expectation for any potential action.

Chapter 4

“Need to say, I think that Vernes are cool and creepy at the same time. Take Dumont, for example: he can do almost everything that could be done with common electronics and even more using his, quote, ‘steam/dieselpunk’ Vernetech, using boiled water and vapor as power supply. Hey, his Demoiselle has even a ‘Death Ray’, a laser cannon that could hit a good blow on A-Class Ajaxes! You can say this is really cool, seeing a guy into an old-fashioned Tuxedo flying sky high and shooting lasers! But, at the other side, there’s those Verne that can go and create mutagenic stuff that could change people into werewolf/rat/cat/dog/bunny, and put them into his control. Those kind of Verne are difficult to stop, to counter, and are a great source of creepypasta for the anti-breakthrough people.”

Jiminy Cricket, answering a question at Blue Peter, BBC

The truck loading at the Freetown airport was very okay for an operation on this port: Kuntur, Soldaire, Hufflepuff and LionHeart could take some tons of cargo out of the LDS Hercules without so much effort. In half an hour they had loaded the trucks almost without sweating. In the meantime, Dumont finished the solar panels installation and was put on hold for any need by Jiminy, and also Sugarplum was on hold, after help in the triage of some kids that had undergone the breakthrough, for basic training and psychological support and counseling.

It was then they were gone back to Roque Santeiro.

“Dispatch, could you check the local forest for tangos?” said Lieutenant Silva

“Let me see if… Kuntur, could you take a flight and use your mask-cam so I could try to read something?” said Jiminy.

“Let this to me, Pepito Grillo” said Kuntur, using Jiminy Cricket’s Spanish name while ascending to the sky.

Jiminy had already change his control cam for Kuntur, still into the tactical map, when Kuntur gave him a big sky view from the road to Roque Santeiro.

“Kuntur… I think there’s something wrong on those forests.” said Jiminy, clicking on the touchscreen of his Dispatch terminal to send the tactical info of the forests for Kuntur, while zooming the image to see any details. “Please go take a look. Lieutenant Silva, put your soldiers on the Urutus in the corners for support. Hufflepuff and LionHeart, each of you, at North and South. Soldaire, cover them. Hope not to use you, but…“ said Jiminy, when he saw something going to Kuntur.

A RPG warhead!

“Cáspita! A Malparido tried to hit me with a RPG… Sorry about the French, Jiminy.” said Kuntur, noticing he said a bad name.

“No matter, Kuntur!” said Jiminy, and everyone in the Dispatch was already into a more intensive communication “We have a situation! Some unidentified tangos from the North Forest…“ said Jiminy, when Kuntur had to avoid another RPG from the opposite site “… and from South. They are with weapons. RPGs, the weapon signatures found HEAT ammo. Looks like those tangos have military-grade weapons! Kuntur, get down and go for help Hufflepuff. Soldaire, with LionHeart. I’ll need air tactical support: Dumont, Sugarplum, on it from above. Sugarplum, engage fairy mode. Dumont, go as high as you can with Demoiselle. Situation is a go!” said Jiminy.

“How much higher I should go?” said Dumont, and Jiminy could see by the tactical map that Sugarplum was at his side.

“600 feet absolute ceiling: over that, my power is useless. Sugarplum, can you provide Dumont some magical support?” said Jiminy.

“Sure!” said Sugarplum, by his now shrunken comm, and she mutted something “Used a little Leprechaun Luck geas to make him a little more avoidable.”

“ETA for Dumont and Sugarplum?” said Soldaire, while Jiminy could hear the machine guns being unlocked.

“2 Minutes… ETA for tangos, 30 seconds!” said Jiminy “Lieutenant Silva, assume breakthroughs with the tangos, maybe C-Class Ajaxes. The intel reports had info about this.”

“Roger. We already have some anti-Ajax ammo here ready for the gig! We know the drill!” said Silva

And then things started to go fast.

“We are under attack!” shouted Silva “Rock and Roll, guys!”

Jiminy could hear the ammo being shot by Silva. He chose some cams to try to overlap as much information as he could for the field.

One of Jiminy’s powers, called Bellax Analytica (Loosely translation: Tactical Analysis, Translation: War Analysis), is based on the idea that Jiminy can somewhat “precog” the immediate movements of everyone, more precisely on how much information he have. This is based in the fact (according by Merlins) he has somewhat a contact with the mythical Akasha Records, that is the font of all knowledge, from what is, ever was or ever will be. Other people, like Vernes, like to say that Jiminy’s mind has more computational power than all the non-Verne supercomputers and that way the so-called precog is just his mind working on the information he receives and inferring things with a supernatural speed and precision.

For Jiminy, fact is: it worked, even a little imperfect as he can’t preview the moves for too much time or people, based on how focused he is on each: focus on more people reduce precog time and vice versa. But, good news, his power works remote, as long as he have a good view from the theater.

Which he doesn’t have that time.

“Dumont, ETA!” shouted Jiminy

“90 seconds! I can’t push too much Demoiselle!” said Dumont

“Do your best to arrive as soon as possible! There’s too much tangos in both flanks for me to pass info!” said Jiminy

“We confirm Ajaxes!” said Silva

“There’s at least one for each three normal mercs. C-Class at most, that’s the good news!” said LionHeart

“Jiminy, we already had some Berets down!” said Soldaire. “We need medical support!”

“Everyone move. Get as near Roque Santeiro you can! Dumont and Sugarplum will get faster this way, and also the reinforcements.”

“Reinforcements are go! ETA 2 Minutes!” said Carlos

“We have some serious injured Berets!” said Silva

“We are ready for them here!” said Diana, entering the comm channel. “CADUCEUS, MSF and WHO trauma teams are ready for the injured!”

“Kuntur, can you take them to here?” said Jiminy

“I’ll need some cover!” said Kuntur

“We’ll provide it!” said Silva “Suppressive Fire everyone as long Kuntur needs!”

The time started to slow down as the things started to grew worse for Jiminy.

“Take the critical ones first, Kuntur. Dumont, had you arrived?” said Jiminy.

“Almost… I’ll be as near as I can securely. Sugarplum is already doing a ward for us, but I can’t go away after the ward being established… Engaging my omnispecs!” said Dumont

“Getting with the injured to Roque Santeiro. They are badly injured, but not critical. I can’t fly too much fast, they could be hurt even more by a bad transportation. Give me 30 seconds before engage back your tangos.” said Kuntur, getting and taking them back Roque Santeiro using some custom harnesses special made by Dumont at CADUCEUS design for taking the stretches with stability.

Dumont omnispectacles, omnispecs for short, are some kind of opticals that gave him a Atlas-level super vision…

…and Jiminy by proxy, as the omnispecs are integrated with Dumont’s mask-cam.

“Ward established!” said Sugarplum “I think I can call the Tuatha de Danaan’s fury to made a strong gust. At least the normal tangos will be neutralized without casualties!”

“Great, Sugarplum! I need some time for my power really work!” said Jiminy “Silva, after the gust, rock and roll.” said Jiminy, while seeing that Kuntur was already with two of the hit soldiers.

“Alright!” said Silva, while Sugarplum made the gust, and the normal people started to fly. This also gave Kuntur time to get away from the theater with the injured people, while Sugarplum turned to him and put a lucky charm on him to avoid hits while going to Roque Santeiro.

There was only six Ajaxes, with should be something easy.

But it was when Jiminy’s power really engaged, and he saw something that made him gasp.

“Hold yourselves for a Charlie Foxtrot! I repeat, Charlie Foxtrot!” said Jiminy, full of fear!

“How?” said Silva

“They are some kind of breakthrough power boost! My power see them growing!” said Jiminy, anticipating their boost

“What… How they… Mas que m…” said Silva

By everyone’s mask-cam, they could see the Ajaxes growing bigger and bigger and as mad as a hatter, hitting their chest like a cheesy King Kong-like challenge scream!

“They had used something! I’ve seen it with my SolView!” said Soldaire

“Roger! Confirms my Bellax Analytica! Berets, disengage and give tactical support for the capes! Soldaire, Hufflepuff, Kuntur and LionHeart, one on each! Sugarplum, wards on the crew and supplies!” said Jiminy

“Roger.” said everyone

“Dumont, I think I’ll toast them into that forest.” said Sugarplum

“Do this! They turned top level A-class after whatever big shit they used to boost them… Sorry Jiminy.” said LionHeart, while Jiminy could see the Ajax LionHeart was fighting going for him like a rabid dog.

“Get back first, be retorted later.” said Jiminy, when they heard the Soldaire alert beeping.

“I’m getting into my time limit… I have just one minute or two of safe Soldaire operation.” said Soldaire, hitting his crazy Ajax as there was no tomorrow, but the Ajax didn’t feeling anything.

“Sugarplum, Dumont, on Soldaire!” said Jiminy, worried.

“Right! Engaging Tesla Arc Cannon!” said Dumont , and Jiminy could see Dumont’s omnispecs turning into a old-fashioned cross-hair, focusing into the Ajax engaged with Soldaire.

“Readying a thunderbolt here!” said Sugarplum.

“Soldaire, disengage this tango, left it for Dumont and Sugarplum!” said Jiminy.

Jiminy saw Soldaire jumping out and then heard Dumont shout “Tesla Arc Cannon, shot!”

The laser Cannon (“it’s laser no matter what Dumont think”, thought Jiminy) hit the Ajax and the energy liberated kicked him back some meters, unconscious.

“Sugarplum, shot one of the other Ajax, so Kuntur or Hufflepuff could help LionHeart.” said Jiminy. “Hit Kuntur’s tango and left Hufflepuff’s… Looks he have almost all Kayfabe he needs.” said Jiminy, using his power and looks for the immediate future.

“You’re alright, Pepito Grillo. La Passion por la Lucha is on me and our friends.” and Jiminy could see that all the Berets that are not focused for tangos, and even some tangos, are looking for Hufflepuff’s acrobatic fight, helping him into his Kayfabe.

Kayfabe was the name gave for the somewhat unconscious power that the Luchador capes could tap upon on, based on the wonder they could bring while fighting. Called on the term used pre-Event for the “disbelief suspension” during wrestling matches, for Luchadores this is real power, by awe the ones that are seeing and using this to boost up their techniques.

Locking his Ajax into a armlock, he screamed, doing a somewhat cheesy wrestler pose. “Si no tiene La Passion Por La Lucha, no tiene oportunidad contra un Tecnico. Hijo de Tolot, soy Hufflepuff, y en nombre de la Sagrada Virgen Maria de Guadalupe, tenerás su condena por me desafiar! EL TEJÓN VOLADOR!” shouted Hufflepuff, launching the Ajax to the air and jumping, catching it in the air, and putting him in the middle of his legs and falling over him, smashing him with a so big stomp that LionHeart, Kuntur and their tangos stopped to fight, looking for the almost crushed Atlas crashing into the ground.

Giving time for Sugarplum hit LionHeart’s Ajax straight in his head with a thunderbolt that made him go grilled, falling unconscious.

And this gave LionHeart time to get near Kuntur and hold the last Ajax time enough so Kuntur could help him on walloping it until unconsciousness.

Jiminy could hear the PSSSHHHH sound from Soldaire’s helmet uncoupling from the suit.

“Tangos defeated, no kills on both sides, two Berets somewhat hurts, but on surgery by CADUCEUS. They were totally unsuccessful into their intent, Dispatch.” said Soldaire

“Alright Soldaire. Cleaning team are a go. Come back Roque Santeiro.” said Jiminy trying to maintain the attitude.

“Alright. Great job, Jiminy.” said LionHeart, which made him sob and silently cry on relief.

“Stay tight, sport. You’ll need to do the debrief.” said Sugarplum.

“What?!?!” said Jiminy

“You’re the one who was at Dispatch. So you’ll conduct the debrief, and then fill the After-Action Report.”

“Oh, shucks.” said Jiminy, while the rest of Dispatch applauded and cheered for him, making he want to put his hat over his head enough to hide himself, as he was beet red blushed.

Chapter 5

“My experience on Roque Santeiro says me that any common people that thinks that we could have a cape version of a zombie apocalypse should not question ‘Will we have one?’ but ‘Why didn’t this happened yet?”, if you consider how much traumatic experiences is happening on places like Middle East, Africa and China, and how much those experiences were resulting on uncontrolled breakthroughs, people that, without no support from any authority or NGOs, are passing through breakthrough and receiving powers, and that don’t see that old saying about great powers and great responsibility, even more because they undergo those into places that are quagmires, great powder kegs of violence just waiting for the spark that will ignite everything and make them goes amok.”

“People think that a breakthrough on cosmopolitan centers like New York or Chicago are problematic, but in the biggest cities there’s already some infrastructure for supporting the recent breakthroughs, with training for control and self-restraining for those powers that could indeed result on damages, and psychological orientation and treatment for those situations where the breakthrough came from, or result on, self-grandeur delusions or psychotic stances or other kind of psychic disorders.”

“Exactly this support infrastructure is what that’s needed on Africa and other places with too much violence and humanitarian catastrophes. The violence rising and the lack of support on everything turns Africa on a place with a breakthrough surge, and those breakthroughs has no support, no counseling and no following. From this to them being attracted by some of the black market mercenary teams for a kind of super-powered cannon fodder, that is used as living WMD, it’s just a bit.”

“And that will be the cannon fodder used by those like Seif-al-Din and other villains, specially those with a Cause, as so called martyrs or heroes. Not because they really chose for this, but because they didn’t know any better.”

Dr. Lesley Dimantas, “Breakthrough Surges into Humanitarian Catastrophe sites”, 4th World CAI Teams Seminar Proceedings, Héros Sans Frontiéres, UNESCO, UNHCR

“We had been lucky to not suffer casualties: we aren’t super-troops, breakthrough under military conditioning and training. We are and always will be a CAI team fundamentally.” said Jiminy Cricket, during the debrief of the team, including the Blue Beret troops, and Diana as camp leader “We had a timely action that was crucial, and the Berets support was fundamental, as there is almost no military-background cape under our team. In next actions we’ll include some of the MaxBerets, the Blue Berets breakthrough under us: only their small numbers and our timely and precise actions avoided casualties or supplies lost. To finish, I want to thank you everyone: your timely and precise job was superb, and helped us to deal with no casualties. I’ll make the After-Action Report soon and send for approving tomorrow morning at most. The debrief is over. Thank you very much.” said Jiminy, lifting from the pillow he needed to use over the chair to get near the microphone at the pulpit and taking his epad with his debrief notes.

“Great job, Jiminy.” said Soldaire, and he could see Diana with him, nodding accordingly.

“I was embarrassed.”

“Hey, short stuff!” said Sugarplum “You did it alright, no need to be so bashful. Want to take some pizza or want to do the report before?”

“I think I’ll do the report.” said Jiminy, and her voice was a little too serious, while either him and Sugarplum gone for their barrack.

While Sugarplum took a shower, Jiminy opened his notebook and started the Internet browser, working into the Roque Santeiro’s intranet, firewalled by some Verne and Asimov breakthroughs, the latter breakthroughs able to deal with information and cybertech, like robotics, as much or even more than Vernes. He started to fill the After-Action Report, while hearing the action recording and reworking the information in his little but powerful brain. It was when Sugarplum, still on his robe, said:

“There’s anything you’re thinking on this? C’mon, it was normal stuff: just some good-for-nothing mercs for some loose-head local war-chief. What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know, Eileen… But there’s something fishy on all this.” said Jiminy, or better, Joshua

“Fishy?!” said Eileen, raising an eyebrow, while drying her hair.

“Remember that when we started the action? Those super-mercs were D-Class, max C-Class Ajaxes, my Bellax Analytica said.”

“Maybe you misread things. You said yourself that this happens once in a while.” said Sugarplum, while starting to dress herself “No peeking, little mister.”

“But… LionHeart confirmed my first information. And then, when things gone almost Charlie Foxtrot… I saw them using something, like a pill or injection, that boosted them to A-Class, almost same level of Astra or others, but at a cost: they gone mad as a Hatter!” said Jiminy, looking the notebook to avoid see Eileen on their privates.

“Thinking on this,” she said “it was really weird… It was like they were gone Hulk or something like those cheesy old comics.”

“In fact, it was.” said Joshua, turning, and seeing Eileen on a kind of military like overall used by HSF operatives when don’t want or can go “full civil”, but don’t want to be into costume.

“We could see for this after…“ said Eileen “But now, short stuff, to the shower off you go. Then, let us take some pizza: just Joshua and Eileen, friends almost like brothers, not the capes Sugarplum and Jiminy Cricket.”

“Let just me send this…“ said Joshua, hitting the send button “… and done. I’ll be ready soon.”

Since arrived at HWB, Geneva, a year after waking up from his coma, somewhat a year and a half after almost died lynched by a bully and passed his breakthrough, Joshua was under care of Eileen, his babysitter/tutor/legal guardian/friend/big sister. Eileen, as Joshua, was away from their loved ones: Joshua knows Eileen have a family at Charlotte (mom, dad, older brother). So, they both were away from those who they loved. As Jiminy was accepted by HWB under authorization of their parents, HWB needed a legal guardian, that for Joshua are Eileen and Seiji.

But Seiji and the HWB High Council chose to put together the two youngest HWB capes.

Joshua and Eileen gone to the canteen for some pizza. They knew that some of the refugees works for UNHCR as a way to provide more for their families than the basic emergency kits they receive.

While walking, they heard a cry, and Joshua felt his power working as a Danger Sense.

“Eileen, shrink and dodge!” cried Joshua

Eileen and Joshua just felt the wind going when something passing nearby them.

“Shit!” said Eileen through her earbug “I just put the fatigue today because thought nothing could happen! My wings are blocked and I can’t fly! Joshua, need a hand here!”

Just when she finished saying, Joshua put a hand on the ground and catched Eileen as Peter Pan catches Tinkerbell.

“What’s happening?” said Eileen, via the earbug they two uses, while removing her fatigues, just on tank top, so her butterfly wings could be visible.

“Breakthrough!” said Joshua, hitting the comm. “Diana, he have a breakthrough near where I and Sugarplum are.”

“Roger, Jiminy! We are sending people… Can you see the Type?”

“Sound like an Atlas or Speedster, very fast but without control. We were not hit thanks to my Bellax Analytica. Can be a kinetic also, maybe an aerokinetic. Anyway, he’s very fast and almost without control.”

“Roger… Can you and Sugarplum see what’s happening until reinforcements?”

“Roger.” said Joshua “Eileen, fly. Use the Tink trick.”

“You know how so much I hate this!” pouted Eileen, but agreeing.

The Tink trick was basically using Glamour magic to go bright like fairy lights, like Tinkerbell, and Eileen hate so much because everyone take her by a little Tinkerbell when using this.

Joshua run, following the light.

“How much away?” says Joshua

“200 meters…“ said Eileen “It stopped. I can see: it’s a little boy. Looks like one of the refugees, apparently from somewhere like Libya or Tunisia. I don’t know if he speaks English… I’ll get near and try something. My French is not that good, so we could have a use for some interpreters.”

“Roger!” said Diana “Sending Dumont and Lesley for help! How he was?”

“Looking shocked.” said Eileen “Looks like he is not believing what’s happening.”

“First power use.” said a somewhat juvenile voice in the earbug, that Joshua and Eileen knew was Dr. Dimantas’ “We need to calm him down. You’re on civilian?”

“Yes. We were going to take a pizza, me and Joshua, after the hard day we had and chose to go civilian.”

“Alright… See if he doesn’t go afraid… Go smoothly: think that, even he being a kid, he’s also a potential WMD.” said Lesley.

“I’m putting some passive defense nearby you, closing a perimeter, with some Ajaxes and two flyer capes, a C-Class Atlas and an Aerokinetic: we don’t want him to be scared, but also can’t be naive enough so he could put people in danger.” said Diana in the comm

“Their parents are here.” said Joshua, while Eileen looked to the ground and saw the two people on regional clothes talking with Joshua. “They are really scared. I’m waiting the interpreters to explain better. I think I can deal with them for a while with my French, and maybe they speak some English.”

“Right”, said Eileen, and undoing the shrinking, at the same time she undid the Tinkerbell lights.

“Hey, kid.” said Eileen on his accented French “Don’t be afraid. Your parents are there.” pointing to the ground “What’s your name? Can you speak English?”

The kid looked to the winged woman, just on a tank top and military pants and was a little scared. Eileen chose to give time for him to respond and get near.

“Are you a Djinn?” said the kid in an Arabic-accented English, and Eileen knew he said about the mystical and sometimes evil folklore spirits from the desert, both of them floating somewhat 20 meters over the camp.

“No… My name is Eileen McRae, and I’m from the Heroes Without Borders.” said Eileen “And you?”

“I’m Altayr… Altayr Bashir ben Zayn Tahan.” said Altayr “And what are those wings on you? You look like a butterfly…“

“Yup… As I said, I’m from the Heroes Without Borders, and I’m a cape, a breakthrough, someone with powers, like you are now. As I’m a Merlin, this wings are part of my Fairy power.” said Eileen

“What? How this happened?” said Altayr.

“What you remember most recently? Had anyone picked on you? Or tried to hit you?” said Eileen

“Some of the other kids from the camp… We were playing soccer, and them some of the biggest tried to steal our ball, and they tried to pick on us as they done for some time and them… I don’t want this! I want to go back home!” said Altayr, crying full of fear.

Eileen could see Dumont and Lesley going near Altayr’s parents, and she said.

“It’s okay… Can I get near?” says Eileen and the kid nodded accordingly, while Eileen slowly got near, flapping her fairy wings. “Those kids will not hurt you anymore, and even they do, it would be easier you hurt them than the other way.”

“Why?” said Altayr.

“Do you know about Atlas? Astra?” said Eileen

“Those who killed Seif-al-Din?” said Altayr.

“Oops, bad move” thought Eileen. Although the US vision of Seif-al-Din as a terrorist, maybe for those who believed in a Islamic Caliphate as Africa’s fate, Seif-al-Din, the Sword of the Faith, was a hero and a martyr. Citing just those who killed him would be a bad way things goes.

“My dad said Seif-al-Din was in haram. He was bringing a bad name for the Islam and tainting the Prophet’s name, Peace Be Upon Him, by pushing the Jihad from a self purification to a destructive thing, and putting Allah, the Most High, and Islam into shame.” said Altayr.

“Looks like a wise man, your father.” said Lesley, holding herself into a backjet, a kind of steampunk jet-pack built by Dumont that he brought. “I’m Dr. Lesley Dimantas, and I think we can help you to control your power here into our camp… And after that, when you grow up, you can choose what you want to do with this. By now, we can help you on deal with this powers without hurting others. What do you think?”

“Can I go back to my daddy?” said Altayr.

“You can… But try not to do too much on a hug. If you’re like other Atlas, you can now hurt people if you push too much on strength.” said Lesley

“How you know that much about those powers?” said Altayr

“I studied a lot about breakthroughs, the powers some of them, and you now, have, and I know a little this and that about them. By now, I can say we want to bring you back your parents.”

Altayr nodded “How can I get back the ground?”

“By now, just try to think on getting down… This could help.” said Lesley, while Altayr nodded and then he started to get down.

When he touched the ground, their parents get near and hugged him. He also hugged back, but remembered Lesley’s suggestion and did only a small hug, to avoid hurt their parents. Joshua gets near Eileen and Lesley, and then Altayr looked to him.

“Are you like those women?” said Altayr

“Somewhat. I’m Joshua McCarthy, and I’m also a cape. Maybe we could play some time in the future. It sounds fun.” said Joshua and Altayr looked for their parents, that nodded approvingly.

“We can!” said Altayr, shaking hands to Joshua, a little too much vigorously, lifting him like he was on a rodeo and unintentionally launching him against a nearby empty tent.

“You’re okay, Joshua?” said Lesley, while Altayr looked horrified on how much strong he got.

“I’m okay… Just a little winded” said Joshua, when they took him, and he smiled to Altayr “You have a great push. This could be very helpful for everyone if you learn to deal with this.”

“But at the same time,” said Altayr’s dad, Zayn “It would be a great problem if you don’t learn how to use those powers. Allah the Most High gave you those powers for some reason, and not just to run from some mean kids or hurt people. I think you’ll need to learn to use them and control them, so they could not hurt people and put them under the service of the Most High.”

“Sure, father.” said Altayr.

“So, I think we could talk with someone that could help him, right, Mr. Tahan?” said Lesley “I’ll talk with some of our Atlas so they can teach him on how to use and control those powers. And let us see with Diana and the camp’s administration for a new barrack were he, and you, can stay without problems.”, said Lesley.

“I would be glad, miss Dimantas.” said Mr. Tahan, while all the others were getting away for the administration center, leaving Eileen and Joshua behind.

“Alright, Joshua.” said Eileen, in a retorting tone. “You already knew that he would throw you away with your Bellax Analytica and choose to let him took a little more overboard on you, as you knew you would be okay.”

“How you discovered?” said Joshua

“You flied like a ragdoll in the air, relaxing all your body, and this is a kind of How to avoid to be broken in multiple pieces by a recently discovered Atlas 101.” said Eileen

“Right… But if I didn’t did anything, either I would be really hurt or he would not see on how powerful, and so dangerous for others and for himself he is now. Did I did wrong?” said Joshua on that Puss on Boots face that all kids, even the super-powered ones, do when catch red hands doing some mischief.

“No… I’m okay if you’re not really hurt. But now, let us go for that pizza and then I want to just double-check you for any injuries, okay?” said Eileen, cleaning him a little

“Okay.” said Joshua, while they still gone for the canteen.

Chapter 6

“Africa was always involved into sectarianism since before the Imperial times, when European powers used this sectarianism for their own means. By saying this, I don’t do a judgment, but make a statement to follow the analytical flux. Even pre-Event, those sectarianism was used by powers for their own means, either by proxy wars, like USA and USSR did at Angola, or as a way to reinforce social control, as Apartheid South African governments did with the Inkhata Freedom Party against other factions like Madiba’s National African Congress. Those sectarianism just got exacerbated after The Event, when each village, each tribe, had their own Breakthroughs, warriors turned Ajaxes, witch doctors turned Merlins, fighting each other for power and resources and for intimidate populations and to grow their own numbers.

And the Caliphate War and Eretz Israel uprising just turned things even worse. Consider Dadaab, built by UN before the Event that gone with at most 300 thousand people, it was the pre-Event biggest refugee camp, where Somali people gone to run away from Somali civil war. However, Roque Santeiro have half a million people and growing. Lucky is that, as there was powers that grow into the sectarianism, also there’s people that help those who runs from the breakthrough-fueled sectarian wars.”

Corin Phakathwayo, Sectarianism and Refugees into African History, pre- and post-Event, UNESCO

Jiminy was observing Altayr training with Kuntur: as Altayr still wasn’t sure if he would join an Sidekick program with Kuntur at HWB (it was his dad’s decision, and it would be hard), he was still being trained on the basics on control his strength as Atlas and how to fly. In payment, his father agreed with him helping other capes at Roque Santeiro in some basic things that an Atlas like him could do, like lifting stuff and pushing some cargo. After a week or two, he had learned enough to control his powers and avoid the worst, although he destroyed a cup of glass or two before by losing his power control.

“Alright, Altayr.” said Kuntur “Think you’re already good on the power control. But I can’t put you into fight and CAI training before your father gives us authorization. And Soldaire is talking with Geneva if we could bring your parents to them. Anyway, no matter what happens, you can control now yourself and go mingle normally with people .”

“Thanks, mister Kuntur.” said Altayr, while going back to the ground with Kuntur after the flying training. Jiminy gave them both Gatorade bottles and towels “Hope my father gave you the authorization…“

When the horns could heard everywhere.

“Jiminy, we have a big situation!” said Soldaire on his earbug. “Take Altayr to the Dispatch center for safety and go for them! Diana will explain the situation while you’re going! Kuntur, in my position, now!”

“Ow, why now? I would play with Altayr.” said Jiminy

“Action now, whining later!” said Soldaire, somewhat harshly “Sorry, Jiminy, but looks like we don’t have time for dilly-dallying.”

“Alright. I’m getting to Dispatch.” said Jiminy, while Altayr get there and was stopped by the security.

“He’s with me. I’m taking him for the emergency bunker for civilians.” said Jiminy, and the security guys allowed passage.

Jiminy then pointed Altayr the bunker and granted him shelter, before getting to his Dispatch station, logging in the system and putting his headset, removing the earbug and the top hat. He stayed with his Jiminy Cricket-shaped half mask, his face covered with a cricket shaped mask over his eyes, below his normal face.

“We have a situation. We receive from our informants some intel about a local chieftain that is coming to attack us. Looks like one of those crazy warlords that uses Islam for justify violence against a humanitarian place like Roque Santeiro. They are going into big numbers, and many breakthroughs, we suppose on 1 for each 2 tangos. We are in yellow, and we have potential for a Charlie Foxtrot.” said Diana via the Dispatch comm. He could see Diana into a Dispatch station a little behind himself.

“The teams were already sorted and have their own objectives, but the guidelines are to avoid escalation, casualties and damages. Any tango should only be engaged enough to be stopped or run. We have some of the MaxBerets on the action. Jiminy Cricket, you’re with Soldaire and others. The teams will be listed into your tactical maps. Let kick those morons’ asses.” said Diana, while Jiminy was concentrated into your terminal.

“Soldaire, Dispatch here. I think you heard your orders. Leave the Blue Berets for cover. Kuntur, Dumont, Sugarplum, aerial support, mask-cams engaged for my Bellax Analytica. LionHeart, Soldaire, Hufflepuff, on ground. The intel talks about some D-Class or C-Class breakthroughs, mainly Ajaxes and Kinetics, maybe with one or two Vernes and Merlins between them. Take care: local Merlins are specially competent on weather manipulation.” said Jiminy

“Alright, Jiminy.” said Dumont “Engaging omnispecs.”

“Soldaire, just go SolArmor when you see there’s problems for LionHeart and Hufflepuff. Kuntur, help them if needed to give us time until Soldaire engage SolArmor. Intel says that they had too much mercs, and many capes. SolArmor has the 5 minutes operational limit, I think you remember.” said Jiminy

SolArmor, Soldaire’s armor, is a great piece of Vernetech, but it is not perfect. The main drawback of it is that it pushes too much from body that there’s a operational limit of time that Seiji could use it: somewhat 5 minutes each use, with at least 2 hours between them. More them that there’s the health hazard, as the armor heat and weight pushes Seiji’s body to the limit.

“Alright.” said Soldaire, still civilian.

“They’re coming!” said one of the MaxBerets.

“They’ll try to flank… They have some Atlas also! At least C-Class!” said Jiminy, when saw the guy in the air with some RPG launcher.

The things started to escalated, and Diana shout on the Dispatch channel:

“We have a Code Red situation! Everyone on your stations. Civilian evacuation protocols are a go! Trauma Teams, be ready for any injured people. Rock and roll!”

When Diana said that, Jiminy started to hear the ratratrat of machine guns and other weapons.

“I’m engaging our tango Atlases, Jiminy.” said Kuntur.

“Right. Sugarplum, magical wards.”

“Copy that!” said Sugarplum, while he saw her using his magic to provide some ward for the team.

“We have a Code Red situation! We had sleeper agents and they’re inciting sectarian conflicts!” said one of the stations, that was focused into Roque Santeiro’s internal security

“Dispatching forces!” said Diana “Jiminy, could you take some of them?”

“Soldaire…“ said Jiminy

“We can deal with the tangos here with the rest of Dispatch… Take action for Diana.” said Soldaire

“Alright!” said Jiminy “Diana, tactical and contact on me!”

“Right.” said Diana, and Jiminy had his tactical HUD exchanged, and he saw the problems.

“We are with a problem here!” said one of the MaxBerets. “Some problems involving origin chasers! They started to attack after the Code Red definition!”

“Any Merlin or Mentalist available?” said Jiminy.

“Two, but C-Class, not enough powerful.” said the MaxBerets

“Alright: disengage all the Ajaxes, and use them for launch tear gas and flash-bangs. Atlas on the air, mask-cams engaging. Isolate and neutralize the origin chasers that were in breakthrough. Non lethal weapons…“ said Jiminy, when he saw the place where things were happening…

Near Altayr’s family’s tent!

“Diana, I’m going into the field!” said Jiminy

“Jiminy, don’t! It’s an order!”

“Can’t accept it!”, said Jiminy, dropping out his headset and taking and putting his earbug going for the civilian bunker “Put a Dispatch on me. I’m getting help!”

He entered the bunker and found the help he needed.

“Altayr, I need you.” said Jiminy

“Why?” said Altayr

“Some people are doing bad things here, and I want to get near them. Your parents are near there.” said Jiminy

Altayr gasped “But how could I help you?”

“You’ll put me near there.” said Jiminy, taking some harnesses from one of his costume pockets. “You’re super-strong, as an Atlas. You can hold myself using these safety harnesses I’m putting and held me in the air… Don’t worry, they have also a parachute on it for emergency.” said Jiminy, dressing himself the safety harnesses and running outside with Altayr, while pushing an earbug for Altayr “Put this on your ear, so we can get communication and help.”

“Right.” said Altayr, putting the earbug on his ear while they were getting outside. Then Jiminy took a megaphone when passing through some local guards.

“Dispatch, this is Jiminy Cricket.” said him after the got outside the main barracks “I’m getting help from Altayr Bashir Tahan, in-training A-Class Atlas. I’m putting him as temporary sidekick, according CAI emergency protocols.”

“Jiminy, this is Diana. I would not advice this course of action: Altayr is not CAI trained and have little training on his powers.” said Diana on the earbug

“Copy that. Retort me later. You can take my dessert, but we need to do something against those sleeper agents and origin chasers, and Altayr is the best option we have by now with almost all our breakthroughs engaging tangos.” said Jiminy

“At least I hope you have some plan.” said Diana, exasperated

“I have… At least, something.” said Jiminy, not too much confident on this.

Jiminy got out the administration tent.

“Alright, Altayr, start to lift yourself and catch the harness by this hook”, said Jiminy, showing him the hook. Altayr lifted and took the hook easily.

“I need no effort to this, Jiminy. And now?” said Altayr.

“Get somewhat 100 meter over, and avoid any kind of danger. Go as faster as possible, but not too much fast. Go safe and sound. If there’s any chance you have to left me fall to avoid danger, just do it. I have a parachute in the harnesses and I can deal things myself.” said Jiminy “Dispatch, need a safe route for as near the hazard I can get. The signal near me is Altayr. Send the route for him.”

“I’m plotting the route. Follow it and stay safe.” said someone at the Dispatch “Soldaire just said they are okay by now.”

“Roger! I’m getting to the situation and I’ll go back as soon as possible!”

“Roger! Stay safe. Altayr, follow northwest, 300 meters!” said the Dispatch

“Understood…“ said Altayr, and he lifted Jiminy, and got there easily.

Jiminy then used his Bellax Analytica and saw that there was just some Ajaxes into there.

“Alright… Altayr, now I need you to hold still as much as you can, and don’t finch on what I’ll do now!” said Jiminy

“What?” said Altayr, while Jiminy took the megaphone and shouted

“You were all friends and good fellows till five minutes ago. You don’t need to fight! PRETTY PLEASE, EVERYONE STOP! NOW!” Jiminy shouted, and everyone stopped, for Altayr and everyone else’s awe.

Jiminy’s Pretty Please!, the first power he used while being lynched almost to death by bullies and passing through the breakthrough, allowed him to call people’s heart and making them do what he wanted.

“Pretty please, everyone! Go back your tents and let the Berets goes for the meanie guys!” said Jiminy via the megaphone, now more controlled, as that people somewhat stopped, and he saw people looking to each other, some trying to understand what’s happened and why they were fight each other.

But even that power has their flaws:

First, he could not make people do violent things, like “Kill them all!” or “Fight!”

Second, and most effective, he could not make people do something that they would not do normally.

And some of those people wanted to fight.

“Jiminy, they didn’t stopped!” said one of the MaxBerets down “Some of them stopped and are getting back, but not all of them!”

“Give me some time to try again!” said Jiminy

“Jiminy, Altayr, get out here!” said Diana “There’s an undetected Atlas there near Altayr!”

Altayr had time just to left Jiminy fall safely behind the MaxBerets wall, thanks the parachute on the harnesses, and dodge the human missile that come to him screaming “Allah Akbar!”

The guy looked like an insane guy, and even his appearance was weird, veins pulsing on his head.

“Jiminy, Altayr! Take care! This guy looks like he’s under some kind of drug overdose.” said Diana

“Jiminy, take care of my father. I’ll deal with this guy.” said Altayr.

“Berets, need cover for me and Altayr.” said Jiminy

“Roger. Guys, flash-bang and deal with those who don’t go back! Non-lethal ammo!” said the troop commander, while Jiminy run for Altayr father with his megaphone in hands.

Altayr already had some fighting basis as an Atlas, but it was theory.

Altayr choose to do an strategy, flying and calling the crazy guy attention, making it focus on him. “C’mon! Can’t you see you’re in haram?” he said in Arabic

“Traitor! You’re an infidels’ dog!” said the crazy man

“May the High One be merciful with you!” said Altayr, flying away and choosing for a tactic based on what he already learned with Kuntur about the Atlas power.

“Many Atlas uses the flying power as a way for move around and hit things as a human missile. However, if you really train enough, you can use your flying to fine-tune your movements, so you can take your opposition on bad situation.”

Altayr had flew very below between the tents, as Kuntur made him training, people getting out of the way, until he found where he want to get.

One of the helicopter port, now empty.

He just took and crossed his legs over the air, just some inches over the point.

“Let us see if you can hit me, your murtadd, your apothaste.” said Altayr, and then the guy snapped. He got to the skies as high as he could, and drop himself like a missile which ground zero would be Altayr…

… albeit he just got himself out of the way just some moments before get hit.

The guy crashed himself against the heliport with a big BOOM, opening a crater, but put himself unconscious as he got head-first on the port, debris and dust everywhere.

Altayr than started to shake, the adrenaline surge passing away.

“Jiminy, my parents…“ said him via Earbug, trembling in fear and scaring

“…they are okay.” said Jiminy, and Altayr gone ‘Allah Akbar!’ silently over the earbug. “They hid themselves into their barracks. One of those crazy guys was to get to them, but my Pretty Please! stopped him before he could do anything and the Berets put him under custody. And the mad Atlas?”

“Dealt with him… Used a trick Kuntur teached me. Just waited him to crash himself against a heliport. For a weak Atlas like him, it was hard enough to render him unconscious.” said Altayr, more calm, while the Berets got nearby and put some Blacklocks on it.

“The crowd was contained, those that had not under violent acts into shelters, those who are now took under arrest!” said the captain

“We need help here in Dispatch.” said Diana, while they were still on it.

“Roger.” said Jiminy “I have some extra harnesses here, Altayr, if you want to give your parents a ride.”

“Okay. Ready them, I’m getting there.” said Altayr, when he was ready to go and take Jiminy back the Dispatch.

The guy on Blacklocks shout in rage, speaking in Arabic, while looking to Altayr. “You’re not a person! You’re not a Muslim! You’re worse than an infidel! You’re not even a Zindiq! You’re a demon, a djanni!” and spat in the ground, while being put into a car to be sent for the local prison.

“In fact, maybe I am Djanni, but The High One will be the one that will judge me. Maktub. This is my fate.” said Altayr while the car sent the crazy Atlas, going for getting his parents and Jiminy back to the Dispatch, so Jiminy could help the Dispatch to contain the attack and they could have peace back Roque Santeiro.

Chapter 7

“Origin chasing and origin selling is for the post-Event society what drugs were for the pre-Event: the boogeyman for the upper classes, the hope for better life for the poor and/or desperate enough, and easy profit for those unscrupulous enough.”

“When the first breakthrough researches discovered that traumatic and epiphanic events could trigger breakthroughs, lots of people tried to achieve what they believed was a higher status in mankind and/or society as superheroes or villains. However, many of those didn’t understood that even today, 10 years after The Event, we still don’t know for sure how much you need to push yourself to trigger a breakthrough. The statistics on people dying by origin chasing is growing almost everywhere exactly by this lack of information and misinformation about the breakthrough.”

“Things grew even worse when people discovered that overdosing some drugs could trigger breakthroughs, and the use of strong drugs or drugs in dosages many times over LD50 and even LD99 turned into a popular way to try to go into a breakthrough. Sadly and logically, many of them had died in the process, the so called Suicide by Origin Chasing, but as the use of drugs like LSD, meth crystals and skunk cannabis had surged for the origin chasing process, many drug dealers changed their focus in origin selling.”

“And if this was not enough, some Vernes started to develop Verne-enhanced drugs that could be used as a breakthrough trigger. Apparently being proof-safe, in fact his dosage for LD99 is in general very little above the needed to maybe trigger a breakthrough, and many of those Verne-drugs has lots of physical and specially mental side effect: it’s not uncommon to register on those who used those drugs psychosis, mystical delirium, delusions, borderline disorder, multiple personalities disorder and so on, and even if they achieve a breakthrough, they could undergone a Psychosis Breakthrough, going crazy and need to be contained at any cost.”

“Even worse is the false breakthrough syndrome: some of those drugs provides the breakthrough powers only while the user is under the drug’s effect. It’s somewhat like the pre-Event “spiritual connection” some people used to feel when under a marijuana high, and as in the marijuana high, this is greatly addictive, if not in physical, on psychic level.”

“And, like with the drugs in the pre-Event, although origin chasing is see as a problem under the upper classes, in fact it is a pandemia under the low tiers of society, as their low income, education and opportunities make people grows desperate into something that could gave them some hope.”

Dr Lesley Dimantas, “Origin Chasing: guidelines and protocol for treatment and counseling”, Médicins Sans Frontiéres

The camp was a mess, and for two days everyone was under cape and into action, sleep a short-stocked commodity. The After-Action Report was big, the mess even bigger, and Roque Santeiro’s credibility was under the knife. And so Jiminy felt that Diana was right on be so pissed off while the debrief, even with the low casualties, 0-kill account.

“That was enough!” said Diana “We need to make a stand against all this. We could not avoid people to origin chase, but this was a big of a mess and it needs to stop!”

Jiminy was scared, even more when Soldaire and Sugarplum retorted him for abandoning his station at the Dispatch to help into the riot control, even more by putting Altayr, or better, Djanni (his self-given capename) in action without adequate CAI training. He avoided to look for Diana on that meeting, but Soldaire and Sugarplum’s eyes were also difficult to cross on. He could let them take his desserts until he goes 18 if they stopped to look as he did something really mean.

Diana breathed a little and look for everyone: almost all the camp’s capes are on there, and people were all nervous.

“It was the first time one of the local chieftains had gone thus far into attacking Roque Santeiro. Things goes even worse when we had a origin chasing surge, and at least 20 refugees had undergone breakthrough, just during the sectarian riot in the event, Altayr almost being killed by a C-Class Atlas, his training with Kuntur being life-saving, Jiminy Cricket action to stop the riot crucial. We need to take action, and we need NOW!” said Diana, while Derek Stiles risen up his chair and said.

“We did some analysis and we discovered something: all of those breakthroughs, and some of the rioters in the camp, where under the influence of a new drug, like nothing we saw before. This drug, that we’ll call Breakthrough Enticing Drug, BED for short, is almost certainly Vernetech: nothing like this was being produced, even considering the black market, by ‘normal’ researchers, even in small quantities. We crossed info even with military intelligence, and no one was researching this kind of drug.”

“And we all know what can happen if this drug grew popular.” said Lesley, but without his somewhat childish chirp, a serious voice showing. Everyone in Roque Santeiro knows how much was Lesley against origin chasing and breakthrough camps “Origin Chasing is a thing recently, if you look the suicide ratings related with it. A drug that could trigger a breakthrough would be a great problem. We sent a report for the World Health Organization and for MSF for double check reports on drug abuse related origin chasing deaths, so we could detect if there was a distribution of this drug.”

“And there’s also the problem related on military and paramilitary troops.” said Corin “If we think on the breakthrough camps, we can see that more than an Army would like to put their hands into those drugs: in the post-Event warfare, breakthroughs are a staple. If you can somewhat mass-product them, it would be a resource for war, and that would be dangerous, as it could escalate conflicts in places like Kurdistan and the Chinese States, and that could make the Caliphate War sounds like a bar brawl.”

“So, we need to stop this drug production as soon we can.” said Diana

“But who’s producing it?” said Sugarplum

“We don’t know, but there’s a clue. We have some hitch about a witch doctor in a nearby city that sells this for some of those guys who undergone breakthrough this time. We need to investigate it, but Sierra Leone authorities will not be able to help us: they have enough problems without putting the local chieftain against them. Looks like many of the local chieftains are buying this thing for their warriors, which is something factual considering the attack we suffered when taking supplies back Roque Santeiro. Anyway, we’ll need to deal things nice and smoothly as we don’t have police force here: we’re CAI teams, our authority being restricted to Roque Santeiro perimeter.” said Diana

“So, we should go undercover?” said Soldaire.

“Yes.” said Corin “Those witch doctors are very respected nearby, some of them being D-Class Merlins that can make some potions and concoctions that people use as herbal medicine.”

“I can do this.” said Jiminy Cricket.

“No chance, short stuff.” said Sugarplum “You’re just a kid, but those guys would not take it easy with you just because that.”

“I can go with him.” said someone showing himself. It was Altayr.

“You’re that Atlas kid that helped us? It would be risky. Fat chance we could put you on this.” said Corin

“I think that he could help us.” said Soldaire “I think that we could do with a investigation team supported by the other. Altayr…“

“Call me Djanni. I liked this as capename.” said Altayr

“Alright… Djanni and Jiminy, and Sugarplum and Dumont. Dumont will be crucial on this one, to study what the bleep is that BED.” said Soldaire

“Alright.” said Diana, exasperated “Sounds like a crazy plan, but I can’t think on anything that could go smoothly without involving local forces, and I can’t do this.”

“Our muscles could be put hide and engage if needed.” said Soldaire “Me, Kuntur, Hufflepuff and LionHeart.”

“I can provide some backjets for everyone. Not like my Demoiselle, but something useful enough.” said Dumont, that was scribbling some drafts into his notebook, his fountain pen almost dripping some ink drops while he nonchalantly moved the pen in the air.

“Alright.” said Diana “So, Jiminy, Dumont, Sugarplum and… Djanni, hope your parents had allowed you.”

Altayr just gave some documents for Diana.

“So, you’re applying for a side-kicking CAI training? Who will be your mentor and responsible?” said Diana, checking the documents.

“Think Kuntur, as an A-Class Atlas himself, can help with the power. And for the common ground drill, we all can teach him. Even Jiminy, as he’s already CAI-Certificated.” said Soldaire.

“Alright. So, welcome to Héros Sans Frontiéres, Djanni. Hope Allah, the High One, the Compassionate, help you and help us.” said Diana, respectfully with Altayr’s faith.

“Allah Akbar! Maktub!”, replied Altayr, happy to see that foreigner, even infidel, woman respecting his faith.

“So, first of all: no one in cape, at least you four that will investigate in the front line, and no military fatigues. You’ll be civil all time. No Roque Santeiro badges, to avoid calling too much attention. The local populace don’t speak good English, mainly tribal dialects, so we’ll provide you some translators. Everyone in earbugs all the time: we don’t want any surprise. Avoid haste: we need to do everything fair and square. We’ll start to deal with all this as soon as possible, and we’ll tackle all this when he have information enough.” said Diana, while they started to discuss everything.

Chapter 8

“Witch doctors had grown into a serious problem in Africa. Although many of them are legit, serious practitioners of traditional healing practices and those that undergone breakthrough developed incredible Merlin healing powers, those who had given his back for the old time traditions and are using his powers for selfish objectives are hurting their communities, as they are disrupting and modifying centuries old traditions for their own means, none of them good at all.”

Corin Phakathwayo, “The traditional religions and healing practices in the post-Event Africa”, UNESCO

Dumont, Jiminy, Sugarplum and Djanni had gone for putting some civilian clothes, while a car would be provided to take them for a city nearby so they could start their investigation. Dumont was a little uneasy without his panama hat and tuxedo, but he understood what he needed to do. He equipped himself with a “simpler” backjet, that could be hidden over a shirt, and put it in his back.

After getting into the car, Joshua pushed his earbug while the civilian driver got out Roque Santeiro. “Dispatch, here’s is Jiminy. Any tips? Should we use our Roque Santeiro IDs? And documents?”

“Jiminy, Dispatch here.” said Diana via Dispatch “Don’t present yourself as HWB if you don’t have to: remember, we don’t have legal power in city. Use your civilian documents, even passports, when needed. Go things smoothly, don’t escalate things. Above all, take care.”

“Alright.” said Joshua, freeing his hand from the earbug.

“So, how could we put hands into some BED?” said Andre.

“We need to see somewhere.” says Eileen “I so hate this, but I’ll need to do the move and getting into the blonde tourist stereotype. Think I can disarm them this way.”

“Alright.” said Andre, then he looked to Altayr “Altayr, you speak Arabic?”

“Sure… Need to: the Q’uran is normally read from Arabic and also the prayers.” said Altayr

“Sierra Leone is an official English-speaking country, but his population is majority Muslim, albeit somewhat secular.” said Andre “And in some places, people don’t speak English, but some kind of local dialect. The Arabic could be a good gateway, as people maybe speak some Arabic based on the Q’uran.”

“Alright.” said the driver “But this is a somewhat big city: there’s lots of English-speakers there.”

“Had you came before?” said Andre

“I forgot to say, I was born in this region: I’m a local civilian consultant. Also, I’m a certified driver for almost all kind of Rally and GT vehicles, and a professional driver. I could had gone for F1, have the superlicense, but I didn’t want to get from my country. And Roque Santeiro pays me well enough to take care of my family, and even send my sons to good schools.” said the driver, dealing with the old-fashioned 4x4 Land Rover into a bumpy rocky dirt track as it was a nice soccer mama car into a smooth road in US.

“Nice to know, Mr…“

“Bangura. Kabba Bangura. You can call me Cabby. It was a old joke between the guys and I took it as my callname, like your capename.” said Kabba “Diana asked me to stay alert and in contact with Dispatch. I also speak many of the local dialects and can work as translator. Some say I’m a Jack-of-All-Trades.”

“Thank you, Mr. Bangura.” said Joshua, while the got into the city.

The city was something that, albeit somewhat big for Sierra Leone, was not that great: a big street where the road arrives, with some houses, many made on wood. The sanitary conditions are not as catastrophic as pre-Event, but still were not good. Here and there they could see some litter and open sewer. The sun was strong and before getting out the car Eileen put some sunscreen and put also into Joshua and Altayr. Andre, as Brazilian, was a little more accomplished with those kind of weather, but he put some sunscreen at least on his face, putting a casquette to protect himself from the heat, while Cabby passed some caps for the others.

They went to a store where they could hear a little of a local music into an old-fashioned radio. A fridge had some refreshment, with Pepsi Cola and some local drinks. Joshua took some of the Leones, the local money Diana gave them, and took some sodas for everyone. When paying the sodas, the owner said.

“Never saw you before here… Missionaries?” said him

“No…“ said Eileen “I’m Eileen and those are Altayr and Joshua, and the guy on business shirt is Andre. The local guy is Kabba, our driver. We work for UN.”

“United Nations? Are you from Roque Santeiro?”

“We could say that we had been there.” said Andre, before Eileen could bust totally the cover “We are looking for the local camps, you know. We are going to Masala camp at Mali, then we’ll go for some of the camps at Niger. I think that there’s some difficult time after Eretz Israel.”

“Yep… Those refugees guys are basically crossing the Sahara for a better life. Poor chaps.”

“Sure.” said Eileen “I understand that people goes frustrated, thinking where all the cape guys are.”

“You say me.” said the owner “People here sometimes goes so desperate that goes origin chasing. I lost a niece sometime ago this way. She tried a ritual with some venomous concoction from a local witch doctor. She almost puked out her guts. Next day she was dead.”

“And there’s too much origin chasing here?” said Eileen “I’m researching about this for college.”

“There it is. In fact, there’s a certain witch doctor here that is an accomplished origin seller.”

“Had someone gone breakthrough with him?” asked Altayr

“I think two or three guys, Ajaxes. They left their tribes and gone merc. Their people is still crying about this.”

“And this guy, how old he is?” asked Joshua

“Old Gassimu? He is almost 40, but he’s full of vitality. He commands powers, you know: looks like he can invoke the Orisha. People fear him… Even saying his name.” he said

“And this Gassimu guy lives here in the city?” said Andre

“In an old hut in the city limits. It’s easy to find him: it’s the hut with lots of skulls and so.” said the owner, getting back to the radio, listening the reggae music.

Joshua and the others finished their soda and got out the shop.

“At least, we have a clue.” says Andre.

“Now, let us see on this guy.” said Altayr.

Joshua, however, looked on a bird somewhat over the shop’s roof.

“It’s a Turaco. Beautiful bird, shy… It’s somewhat wrong see how much those bird is hunted to be sold in bird traffic.” said Kabba “What’s wrong, Jiminy?”

“I don’t know…“ said Joshua “But I have the weird feeling that that bird is looking after us for some reason… Like it was shadowing or stalking us.”

“It’s the sun cooking your nuts, short stuff.” said Eileen “Let’s go, see that Witch Doctor.”

Maliki Gassimu was old when The Event happened, when he was sent into a trance, and the trance showed him how to do the divination and how to tap upon the land power for healing and cursing. He was then sent as an envoy of the old spirits to help people to ascend to the same level of the Irunmole, or the Orisha, which the foreigner says is Breakthrough.

In fact, Maliki Gassimu is an origin seller.

He sold his concoctions for many in the city: some turned themselves powerful beyond human scale. Some of those left the country behind. Some had undergone terrible damage, either in body or in mind. He should not be blamed for those fool enough to angry the Irunmole. Some had died: those should not had messed with Elegbara, that came from Orun to the Aiye and back again.

Recently, one of those who also was in this mission came to him with some drugs, that were better than his concoction.

And, better, he made Gassimu very rich.

Some still were dying and going into terrible damage: he could not be blamed.

But his look was shorting out when he saw those foreigners getting into his hut.

The hut was a little filthy, and scary for Joshua who never saw those things outside creepy slash horror films, with lots of skulls and weird objects. They saw a small old man, dressed into common clothes, but with some adornment made from plail and straws. His feet were bare directly into the earthen there’s the floor of the house.

“I think you are Mr. Gassimu.” said Andre

“Are you missionaries from the foreigner God? Don’t waste your time, I’m a firm believer on the Irunmole.” said Gassimu

“We’re not missionaries. I’m Andre Luis, and I’m from UN. This is my friend and trainee, ms. Eileen McRae, and those are Joshua and Altayr, part of a program from UNESCO. The man there is Mr. Kabba Bangura. We are researching a little about origin chasing, and people here said you knew a thing or two about this. Could we talk a little? Just a few minutes and we go.”

“You’ll go away NOW!” said Gassimu “I’m just a tool of the Irunmole. I have nothing on those fool enough to anger them! Those who died had angered on the Irunmole.”

“So, you’re an origin seller!” said Eileen, taking Gassimu red-handed “And how it works? A concoction of poisons? Scorpion or Spider stings?”

“I will not say about this. Those are mysteries for those who were initiated on the Irunmole.” said Gassimu, desperate while he quick-sanded his way

Joshua than gone into one of the creepy masks, and Gassimu looked desperate.

“Don’t touch this. Those are not toys. Get back, or the curse of the Irunmole will get down on you, kid!”

Joshua just ignored it, as he saw something with his Bellax Analytica.

He took the mask away and saw a little rack, with a little box full of blisters with some pills.

“Hey… I don’t think those are magical pills.” said Joshua.

It was when the bird had gone to Joshua.

Chapter 9

“If you are dealing with breakthroughs under a place like Africa, there’s two types you should worry about.”

“The first of all is the Merlin, or supernatural. Africa was always a place of superstition and animistic religions, and those things are a cauldron of things where the Merlin draw their power. And, as many of those deal with divination and nature control, they are powerful and dangerous.”

“However, in my opinion, the worst kind is the Metamorph. African Metamorphs also deal with the superstitions from the locals. And those with real power, the B-Class and A-Class, could tap upon the local nature and changing their form to replicate local animals, mingling easily with them. And we could not forgot that some of the biggest and fiercest animals, like the elephant, the lion, the hippo and the Honey badger, all of them came from Africa.”

“So, dealing with animals in Africa demands discretion, and deal with Metamorphs demands it double.”

Diana Souza, “Protocols and procedures on African Breakthroughs”, United Nations Department of Field Support (DFS)

The black Turaco flew over Joshua, while Gassimu took an old rod and used it as a wand to try to enchant all them. The bolt of light almost hit Joshua, and he gone near Eileen, already in his Fairy Mode, shrunk and with some magic ready.

“I knew this bird was not good.” said Joshua, trying to shoo the bird, while he heard Eileen via his earbug chanting a little before creating a good ward on them.

“We have a situation here!” said Cabby, taking from a holder a small Taurus .45 and taking cover behind the magical ward Eileen rose.

“This gassimu guy is D-Class Merlin.” said Eileen via the earbug, as otherwise they would only hear little chirps and squeaks as the little Tinkerbell Eileen is now, flying over everyone “I can handle him easily, but I’ll need you to give me a time.”

“That Turaco bird looks like a Breakthrough!” said Joshua, hiding himself behind Cabby “Metamorph, C- or B-Class!”

The Turaco then turned to Gassimu and turned into a little Bonobo monkey, hitting him straight in the head, rendering it unconsciously, before growing into an African man: smiling, with simple clothes, no mask or costume. Looking like a kind of black Han Solo, but without the Blaster gun and the Wookie.

“Hiya, kid.” said him to Joshua “You are as really smart as they talked us.”

“Talked you? Who are you?” said Joshua.

“I think you’re the one called Jiminy Cricket. Nice name: Pinocchio is one of the fables my little girl loves the most. She loves Disney. Maybe someday I’ll take her to Disney. You can call me Panther. I’m not like that Thundercats character, but let us play this on the game. So, you’re here because of the attack to Roque Santeiro, right?” said Panther.

“You’re the one who did this drug?” said Altayr “Did you know that kids could die because of this thing?”

When Altayr finished to say that, Joshua had time only to say “Altayr! Hold yourself!” while the smile on Panther’s face changed all of a sudden into an angered grim and from that to a angered grim and from that to the muzzle of a lion, and he ROARED! and stomped to take Altayr straight in his chest, Eileen’s ward exploding like millions of rainbow-colored shards as the violent attack passed through it.

If Altayr was the Altayr from some weeks before, he would be made into mincemeat.

But Altayr was now Djanni.

Altayr had time to put his hand and holding the muzzle of the lion like someone hold the muzzle of a naughty dog.

“I can’t hold him forever! He is furious!” said Altayr, that, even strong as an Ajax, could not hold a berserk lion!

The lion shook his head and launched Altayr aside, crashing him with Joshua, and avoided the net that Andre launched from a steampunk like pistol. Eileen used some of her magic to protect Cabby and gone near Altayr and Joshua.

The lion looked back to Altayr and ROARED! again, as mad as a Hatter, and launched himself to Altayr again…

That put his hand over the ground and made a big wall of dirt and sand.

The lion roared and screamed, and gone into an attack against Altayr again.

This time, however, Altayr was ready for it.

He did the trick again, holding him by the muzzle, but he then pushed his strength to go for the neck. Joshua gone back, avoiding the barking teeth of the lion. Altayr then finished the lock, until Joshua said.

“Eileen, Andre, please someone gave some knockout on this lion before Altayr kill it.” said Joshua.

“I can’t. Have no fairy dust here!” said Eileen

“Neither I: my pistols has no narcotics!” said Andre

Then they saw the lion getting back to human as he suffocates and his power bring him back into human, and he was shouting and screaming “No! Kids! No! Don’t! Hurt!”

Altayr still held the guy long enough Cabby could place on him some Blacklocks.

“Alright, Altayr!” said Joshua. “Pretty Please!, sir, let us talk.” he said, using the tone he used when using Pretty Please!

The guy looked to them, while Gassimu had been put under Blacklocks by Eileen and Andre.

“Sorry to use my Pretty Please! power on you… But we really want to talk with you. About this thing.” said Joshua, taking the blister with capsules. “What is this exactly?”

“Look, kid, this is a drug created by our boss, Derek Kwazani.” said Panther, before noting he was under a compulsion thanks to the Pretty Please! power.

“So, it was this Derek Kwazani that made this thing. And how much successful he is?” asked Andre.

“Look, I need protection, okay?” said Panther. Although under Pretty Please!, he wasn’t totally undefended, and could make some demands “Not to me, but to my little girl. I want to cure her and Derek said he could. This is why I work for Derek.”

“And what she has?” asked Eileen

“HIV. My wife had this and died when giving birth to her. I also have the virus, but I don’t have AIDS active because of my breakthrough biology, some Doctors said.” said Panther

AIDS was still a big issue on health research, and every now and then, a Merlin or Verne come with a miraculous “cure”, that didn’t work.

“We can provide her some security and treatment at Roque Santeiro, but we need to understand why we had been attacked.” said Andre.

“As far I know, Derek has nothing on this mess. Okay, he sells this for local chieftains, that gave them for their warriors, so they could achieve the Breakthrough.” said Panther.

“So, he is an origin seller.” said Eileen “How disgusting. And how effective is this thing?”

“I don’t know.” said Panther “I just take the requests from the local sellers, like this Gassimu here. He is the real origin seller: before the Breakthrough drug, he did those crazy concoctions and gave to people.”

“We know. So, at least this is more effective than whatever Gassimu did before.” said Andre. “I think we’ll take this for some research at Roque Santeiro.” he finished, taking some of the blisters and putting them into an evidence bag.

“And about me?” said Panther

“Where you live? We could bring your kid back with us to Roque Santeiro and put here into some of the tests for the new drugs CADUCEUS brought for AIDS.” said Joshua

“I’ll give you the directions.” said Panther

“And about Kwazani? Do he has some extra muscle?” said Cabby

“There’s other three he trust enough as henchmen, we could say. The rest are foot super-soldiers: at most C-Class Ajaxes and Speedsters, but all them addicted in the drug.”

“So the drug is not that effective on trigger the breakthrough.” said Joshua

“It is effective, but some of the people uses reduced dosage, that just partially trigger the breakthrough, giving powers while they are on the drug high. Otherwise, they are all common human.”

“And this thing is probably high addictive, so they would use more and more, until the trigger a real breakthrough or die.” said Andre

“Yes. But even after the breakthrough some of them still use this, because they believe that, while on this high their powers will be amplified.”

“Had you tried?” said Joshua

“Yes… But no more: this thing messes with the mind. I almost killed my daughter when into this thing high. It’s worse than hashish.”

“And about those guys you said before, that three others that this Kwazani guy trust enough, What could you say?” said Andre

And he spilled the beans on them.

Chapter 10

“Even in the new, post-Event world, Africa has a very traditionalist culture. Outside some of the major cities, like Cairo, Tripoli, Freetown, Lagos and Cape Town, Africa followed his path as always. Okay, there’s breakthroughs in there like every other place. But the common family in Africa still follow the local cultural background. For Africa, things are as always.”

Diana Souza, “Musings on Roque Santeiro’s Refugees and their culture”, CAI Teams Seminar, Chicago

“So, there’s those three guys that, with Panther, forms the Kwazani’s Elite guys.” said Diana, via Earbug, while they put Gassimu, Panther and his daughter into a UN Urutu transporter to Roque Santeiro.

“Yup.” said Joshua “The Dispatch can confirm the intel Panther gave us?”

“We are processing it, but some of the intel we previously collected confirm at least part of what Panther, or better Robert Nsele, gave us.” said Diana, lecturing all of them via Earbug, and Andre opened an holotransmitter he received from another Verne form Roque Santeiro, showing them some images, photos and stats.

“Magog, real name Steven Cebekhulu, was part of UN forces against the Caliphate, but had been hit by a suicide bomber. Didn’t died just because he had undergone breakthrough. He’s very big and not exactly smart. C-Class Ajax if our intel is correct. He’s this Kwazani guy bodyguard, even in his licit business on selling energy sources”

“Ianshan, Real Name Cynthia Sokwalisa. Her capename came from the air Orisha. By the collected intel, she undergone breakthrough when saving herself and a number of children from her school by flying out the bus and lifting it back to the road into a mountain in Kenya. But she had been expelled from his tribe, and this made her goes very grim. Looks like she’s somewhat the group strategist, and hardened enough on this. She’s a C-Class Atlas”

“Panther had undergone breakthrough when testing a Vernetech antiretroviral that made his body goes amok. He said that had an out-of-body experience where he fused himself into the Mama Afrika, the Spirit of Africa himself, and he could tap from and take the forms of the Africans animals. So, he’s a B-Class Metamorph” said Diana

“And this left us with the one you’re sending us to talk with.” said Andre

“Right: Kilimanjaro, real name Josephine Nondaba. From a local Leonese family of female witch doctors that came from way before The Event, some says even liked with the Abissinian empire. She had undergone her breakthrough, as far the Intel and Panther talked us, while undergoing a Rite of Passage and taking some kind of ritualistic beverage. Albeit very traditionalist, looks like the one more sensible of the group. She’s a weather controller, a B-Class Projector, very strong.” said Diana “We’re going to talk. We are NOT to get into fights. I think Jiminy, Dumont and Sugarplum will be the more effective. Cabby, you and Djanni stays for backup. I don’t know if the Nondabas speaks English, so I want you Cabby to be near everyone all the time and translate the dialects if needed. Alright? Our objective is convince Kilimanjaro that what Derek wants is dangerous for everyone: a mass-producing origin selling would put so much people in danger, even more in Africa. And to be fair, I’m holding this information from UN: I don’t trust the Security Council enough to say we have a crazy Verne that created a breakthorugh trigger panacea.”

“Understood.” said Joshua, while they got into the Land Rover to continue their investigations.

“Do you think that UN have something against Kwazani?” said Altayr.

“I think this way:” said Andre “in our new, post-Event, world society, the breakthrough phenomena had already shifted somehow the power balances. The Caliphate, Eretz Israel, the Chinese States, and Mexico are the main examples on this power unsettling. However, the power balance is somewhat into equilibrium, albeit unsettled, as there’s no country or region that had too much or too few breakthroughs enough to turn this into real, enforcable, upholdeable power. Anyway, people in the political and military jet set had gone crazy: 10 years were enough for the Event and breakthroughs throws almost everything people knew about diplomacy, warfare and politics to the dogs.”

“Some people says, Altayr,” said Eileen “that the only reason Touches Clouds was elected US president is that other countries could see into her a symbol of US power. Symbols as Atlas was, as Seif-Al-Din was, as Japan’s Excellent Protectors and the Accomplished Heroes are. You need to understand, Altayr, that powers like you have just shows in one into some hundred-thousands. D-Classes breakthrough had already being turned into staple in military, but think if you could shift this power balance against some countries that always had power, like US, Great Britain, Japan, with breakthroughs in number and power enough. This would not pass unscathed, and the other way also.”

“And another thing:” said Lesley, engaging the chat via Earbug “This drug is probably a opium-like one, but even more powerful. By inducing a breakthrough via a powerful, painful and hurtful drug overdose, he’s playing with fire, as he can unleash Psychotic Breakthroughs. This happens when people lose their mind during the breakthrough. And as the events of the breakthrough somewhat molds how your powers works, their powers will tainted with the their fractured psyche’s insanity.”

“I hate those psychotic breakthroughs.” said Cabby “They are enough creepypasta for make someone have nightmares by days, even months. I saw one of those. He had gone so mad his body changed into a big mass of rotten flesh and tentacles, dirty and stinky as you could not believe. Lost two good friends eaten by that… Thing. I would not believe that it was human once if I hadn’t saw it turning into that thing with my own eyes. There where also loads of casualties into the civilians.” he finished and this made either Joshua and Altayr gulps.

“So, this is the biggest problem with someone that could synthesize a drug that could turn people into breakthroughs, specially into a place like Africa,” Cabby continued “a place that was left to their own luck, or worse, was somewhat exploited by other countries from their resources, sometimes even human, as happened during the Slavery age. People here has an anger and desperation sometimes that could make them go en masse on this…“

“… but, at the same time,” said Andre “The developed countries would also try to discover or obtain the BED formula to synthesize it by themselves. Although Vernetech, it was not impossible for other Vernes to synthesize it, and even worse, to turn it viable for mass-production without using Vernetech that is possible to be commonly replicate.”

“What?” said Joshua “But Vernetech isn’t technology that would be not replicable by others?”

“Not exactly: a better definition for Vernetech is technology that is normally not-replicable, but there’s some Vernetech that other Vernes or even common scientists could replicate. You can think that, for those in early 20th Century, Internet and cellphones could be Vernetech, and if you take some pulp books you’ll see that kind of things. So, it’s sensible to think that Vernetech is the technology that, although too much advanced for the ‘common’ tech, is still on the scientific paradigm theoretical line-of-sight, no matter how absurd it is. Although this could came in variations, like myself, that run on a parallel technological paradigm, via the so-called steampunk tech.”

“Wow…“ said Joshua “So, by using this, someone could mass-products Seif-al-Dins?”

“Or Atlases.” said Andre “Before the Event, some people said that someone’s terrorist is someone else’s freedom fighter. Any country, for the most different reasons, would love to create a big army of breakthrough soldiers. If someone finds a way to create this in simpler, safer ways than the breakthrough camps, this could unbalance the power balance for themselves… But if something that the Cold War and all the wars in past taught us is: every power edge a side acquires will result on the other sides on the conflict to run into a desperate search for another edge. This is the main idea beyond the Russian doctrine adopted in the Soviet era of Mutual Assured Destruction: the idea that, if you attack me, I’ll strike you back so hard that, even if you defeat me, you’ll also be into ashes, reigning over shambles. It’s a game where the best way to win is by not playing.”

“We arrived.” said Kabba, while they got near a small village after the dirt road. Although made of traditional huts, sounds like better on infrastructure than some: there could be seen electric wires and solar energy batteries and generators, and some antennae for radio-based Internet connection and cellphones. The kids where playing free and wild nearby, either playing soccer and traditional plays and learning some of traditional songs and dances with the eldest.

In the middle of them, a beautiful woman, dressed with skins and some satin. She looked to Joshua and the others as they got out the SUV, and then looks for the kids and did a suave but authoritative flick with his hand, ushering them out of the way. When the kids get away, she looks for Joshua and the others.

“I know who you are… Or at least, what I need to about you. Others came before you. You’re wasting your time.” said the woman.

“Are you ms. Nondaba?” said Joshua.

“Indeed I am, kid. I don’t know what kind of breakthrough you are, but I’ll not hear your proposes. I did my own choice.”

“But… Pretty please!, at least give us some minutes.” said Joshua, trying to use his Pretty Please!, but for some reason the woman was not phased enough.

“Your panache to try to mess with my mind is laughable, kid, but at least I’ll give you some time in honor of your trying. Let go somewhere else: I don’t want to bring the Nature’s fury under my own people if I need to.”

“What are you…“ was saying Andre, when Joshua cutted Andre, the others looked to him.

“I’m glad, ms Nondaba.” said Joshua, when they started to go away from the village, looking the natural red ironwood that grew near, until they came to a place.

Looked like a little glen, a little hut nearby. A water gourd could be seen next, and a straw litter into the hut. There was some straw rope around some trees, neatly disposed. It was Eileen that was really uneasy when she saw the straw ropes that circled the glen:

“Sounds like some kind of ward. Here’s a holy place.” whispered Eileen into her earbug “Take care everyone, looks like a trap.”

Just after she said this, she yelped when a high-pitched signal came into the earbugs and hers just exploded a little after she took it away from her ear.

“How dare you, silly girl, to think that I would play low with you, even you being my enemies, to trap you!” said the woman, lowing her hand, which indicated she used her projector power to mess with the earbugs. “This is my place. My home. You are the foreigner here, silly girl, and if you don’t want to lose your life, behave and be respectful with those things you don’t know or understand. I just didn’t kill you straight here because the word I gave for this little kid you’re aside.” said Nondaba, looking for Joshua.

And they saw that, wherever they are, even being really powerful, they were in the weaker side.

Chapter 11

“People think that all Villains wants money or power. That’s not true. Some of them want other things, values they cherished the most, like us pride our Freedom. And sometimes, even the so-called villains are not so, and heroes can also be villains. We just think they are villains because they don’t think like us. I think that, if we punched less and talked more, too much could be solved in simpler, safer ways.”

Jiminy Cricket, “From Dress-up to save up: an underage breakthrough story”

Jiminy was the one who said “Everyone, don’t engage!”

“What?! Jiminy, she’s trying to attack us! Certainly this is a trap!” said Dumont

“How sure you are, Dumont?” Jiminy said “If she wanted to kill us, she could do this before”

“You heard herself saying us that she didn’t wanted to use their powers against us in the village. Here we are fair sport!” said Dumont, taking some of the steampunk pistols from their holsters into Demoiselle (that collapsed back from his shirt) and pointed them to Kilimanjaro.

All the hostilities and escalation had a very bad side effect on Jiminy Cricket: his Bellax Analytica had gone bonkers, as too much futures, many of them really grim and bloody, where showing into his head, the informational surge and possible results hitting his 10-year-old psyche like a sledgehammer against a glass crystal, making him bringing his hands to his head while screaming in pain.

“Everyone, stop! Jiminy is being hurt!” said Djanni.

“Djanni, take care of Jiminy and Cabby!” said Sugarplum, taking a spare earbug, and doing a small gesture against them.

“What are you doing?” said Djanni, running to her, but hitting hard against a kind of force field.

“I warded you.” said Sugarplum “No one takes me as a little Pollyanna and goes away with this freely. Even more a crazy Tina Turner cover.”

“I had enough, small child.” said Josephine, or better, Kilimanjaro, lifting from the ground “You are offending me in my home and mocking my ways and my gods, like your people always did. But no more, even more in my home, I’ll be insulted like this!”

Josephine just send a electric discharge from his fingers straight into her chest, that exploded against another ward lifted by Sugarplum. Dumont tried to shoot some energy discharges against Kilimanjaro, that just pulled the energy aside like it was nothing.

In the meanwhile, Jiminy Cricket had been rendered useless, going into fetal posture and rolling in the dirt, whining and crying:

“Please… don’t… Eileen… no…“

“What’s happening?” said Djanni trying to understand

“It’s his power.” said Kabba, getting near, trying to clean Jiminy’s sweaty forehead and hold Jiminy safe, while Dumont and Sugarplum were engaging Kilimanjaro “His mind is under a really painful stress, this conflict opening so much possible situations, many of them really grim, that he’s not strong enough to deal with it.”

“Let me get out of here, Sugarplum!” said Djanni to Sugarplum “I’ll end this fast!”

“Fat chance, short stuff.” said Sugarplum “I’ll kick this African Lady Godiva’s butt hard!”

“No way you could do this, spoiled kid, here in my place!” said Kilimanjaro, hitting her with a gust of wind.

She tried to get out by shrinking into her Fairy Mode, but this only turned things worse, as Sugarplum was directly hit by the gust of wind in her Tinkerbell-sized form, and was sent against some of the trees, falling fainted in the ground. At the same time, everyone could hear Jiminy screaming.

“Jiminy!!! Sugarplum!!!! Alright, miss. I’m normally a dandy, but I’m not against shoot some sense into a crazy lady.” said Dumont, lifting in the air and trying to shoot Kilimanjaro. The shots were avoided, and Kilimanjaro just forced Dumont back in the ground with another gust of wind. Then, she tried another of the lighting attack against Dumont, that she missed…

It was when Jiminy cried to Djanni.

“DJANNI, IN THE ROAD! THAT GIRL!” he screamed.

And Djanni saw a little girl, getting near, straight into the lighting range and line.

Djanni had just a blink to act, leaving Jiminy and getting out the ward, flying to the kid direction…

…being hit full hard unconscious in his back when he put himself as meatshield between the kid and the lighting.

“Djanni!” said Dumont, running for it, while Josephine looked for the girl, that gone for her, scared.

“Sawie!” said Kilimanjaro, looking for the now trembling girl “What are you thinking you’re doing, coming here? You’re not old enough to came to the gods’ home!”

“Josie…“ was saying Sawie, trembling in fear either in her body and her voice “Your Mom… She asked me to came… When she saw the winds changing and the sky going dark. She knew you would fight…“ and she started to cry.

Dumont was looking for Djanni, while Sugarplum was going for Jiminy, both unconscious now.

“Jiminy… Jiminy…“ said Sugarplum.

“Let us go.” said Kilimanjaro for the girl, with a more sweet tone in her profound, powerful voice “Come with me and bring those kids. I don’t know how, but that crazy kid saved my little friend Sawie’s life, and by extension my soul. Bring them back with me to my mothers’ hut, and they’ll rest and recover. I swear by Hospitality Tradition you’ll have safe haven.”

Kabba got Djanni, while Dumont took Jiminy, Sugarplum shameful putting herself aside Dumont.

“I never saw him that way before.” said Sugarplum, worried “I know his power is really incredible, and somewhat dangerous… But never saw him going that mad before…“

“Jiminy is still a child.” said Dumont “We forget this so easily because on how fast he learns and how powerful is his mind… But, in his very heart, he’s still the same kind kid that just didn’t want to be picked up by and thrashed bullies. Think if you could see bleak futures for himself and/or for your friends…“

“But she’s a B-Class.” said Sugarplum

“She’s B-Class, Sugarplum, and this is really enough to kill even someone powerful like you or Djanni or anyone here.” said Dumont, looking a little sad to Jiminy “Need to say, sometimes I feel sorry for Jiminy and think that, if there’s a God, he should not be that good, to give a little kind boy like him a so big burden.”

“You should not.” said Kilimanjaro “If the adder could hear, and the blind worm could see, neither man nor beast would ever go free. This kid can be kind and had suffered, but the Gods are wise enough to give each one the burden they could sustain. This kid was wiser than both of you older than himself, except by the man there.” said Kilimanjaro, pointing Kabba.

“I would not try to mess with a witch doctor, even more one knowingly powerful.” he said

Jiminy was still crying and sobbing over Dumont’s arms, while Djanni was starting to wake up.

“Cabby… How is… That girl…“ said Djanni.

“She’s okay. Unhurt, just a little shaken. Don’t speak or move too much: even being an Atlas, you had been hit really hard. Take your time to recover.”

“And Jiminy…“

“Looks like he had gone through it as well as he could… He’s unconscious now, and still maybe with bad dreams, but the worst is over.” said Cabby.

“We’re are we going…“ said Djanni

“We are going back the village, so everyone could be treated. Take some rest. To be fair, I think you and Jiminy saved us.” said Cabby, while Djanni closed back his eyes and got into a sleep.

Chapter 12

“The first time you’re defeated, you never forget. This is a truth that I learned with the infidels, the Compassionate One to be honored on let me learn this that time. No matter how powerful you think you are, you’ll find either someone stronger than you or smarter than you or someone that can’t be affected by your powers. And this is good, because this shows how the Compassionate One made us to be complimentary and only Him is All-Mighty.”

Altayr Bashir Tahan, “Musings on the Holy Q’uran and the Event, from a Breakthrough Muslim”

The hut was a little dark, as they put no electric power on it. By option, to be fair: there was electric power for the rest of the village and the smartphones had signal from the local base station. Josephine had put them there, with some litters in the clean dirt floor. Altayr was still feeling some small pain, but he was better than Joshua, that was sweating a lot and looking like a kid having terrible nightmares, what in fact he was.

“Jesus Christ…“ said Eileen “He doesn’t wake up. What is happening?”

“I think his Bellax Analytica had gone amok and he can’t get out…“ said Andre, when Josephine came with two elderly women.

“Those are my mother, Masseray, and grandmother, Mabinty. They are wise into our people wisdom. I talked to them what happened, and they believe they can help.” said Josephine, while putting a LED lamp in the ground, near the litters “Sorry about this, but we use this only in some rituals, so there’s no electric light for this hut, and this is the only one empty by now. However, if you want to take a shower, there’s a community shower and we can provide some towels and soap.”

“We are okay…“ said Eileen, meekly, while the elderly women looked to Joshua.

“He’s under a trance of Oya, lady of Progression.” said one of them “This white kid is powerful, but even so powerful he is still a child. You all” said the old woman, looking for the adults, including Josephine “should know this, and so you all are guilty on whatever happens with him. Josephine, you are guilty for bringing violence in the house of gods. And you, girl,” said the woman, looking for Eileen “you should had listened to this kid. He would be not like this if you did so.”

“Will he be okay?” asked Eileen

“Let me do the treatment.” said the old woman, taking a little pot made of gourd and putting some water and a kind of beverage into Joshua’s lips and mouth. The reaction was almost instantaneous, as his face was calmer and the sweating stopped.

“This will let him have some of the dreams a kid should have. This will not heal him fully, but he’ll be better tomorrow, and will heal soon. Now, we will talk.” said the older woman, that Eileen believed be Mabinty, lifting and giving a sign to them. Andre and Eileen looked to each other and then to Kabba.

“You go. I’ll talk with Roque Santeiro and look for Altayr and Joshua.” said Kabba

“We’ll ask someone to bring you and the kids some food.” said the other woman, Masseray, while getting out, leaving gourds with water for them.

The lights in the village were very bright in the houses and huts, but almost non-existent in the outside, so they could see the stars. The bright stars where, with the bright full moon, almost all they needed for lighting. There was a communal kitchen next a fire, where some food were over a wooden stove. Rice, the local fufu made from cassava and some local soups were made in big casseroles. A peanut stew full in chicken parts were also being served. The kids took some of all the food, while Josephine took some of the fufu and the stew. Andre and Eileen also took some of the food, including the fufu that they started to eat with the hands as everyone. Although a little messy, they ate the food and Eileen had to take it, it was very tasty.

After that, they looked while Josephine and their parents telling stories, African folklore that gone until them by oral tradition. The magical and creepy stories. It was when the kids were really sleepy and they gone back for their homes, that Masseray took the word.

“You came here with bad intentions.” said Masseray “At least, you came with evil at your heart.”

“What?!” said Eileen “Look, ma’am, I don’t want to…“

“SILENCE!” said the older Mabinty, not with volume, but with posture “You’ll hear those older than you, young girl, if you know what’s good. What you want or not is not our concern. You came here and brought violence to the home of the gods. And this includes you, Josephine. You, more than them, should now: thou shall not bring the violence into the home of the gods.”

Josephine was with a meek face.

“You are all kids that don’t learned the wisdom. The little white kid in the hut was the one who suffered on because your hubris. You thought that your powers brought you wisdom, but you almost killed three children, and you could had killed yourselves, and over everything, you almost killed your own souls. Shame on you three.” said Mabinty

“It was our fault.” said Andre “We thought we were being put into a trap. Jiminy… I say, Joshua… tried to say that we should not fight.”

“It was some of my fault also.” said Josephine “I was in hubris. I should had not forced a fight.”

“Beyond everything, you all didn’t listen to the wisdom of the children. It was them that saved you from yourselves.” said Mabinty, and Andre noted that she was a kind of judge, but not in legal ways. She was one of those sage woman from the stories, that corrects those who are not doing things right.

“There’s nothing you can do for him now, except accept your responsibility as adults.” says Masseray. “Now, why you came here, foreigners?”

“It’s… We had an attack at Roque Santeiro camp recently. Some tribal chieftain used a lot of breakthrough warriors, many of them with dangerous powers. Those two kids, Altayr and Joshua, fought with us some that were into the camp. We believe that some local witch doctor is doing some bad thing with the local people. We discovered some information about a kind of drug that gave power for those who take it.” said Eileen.

“And why you came for us? We don’t know nothing about this.” said Masseray, but she and Mabinty could see Josephine growing uneasily.

“We heard from someone we have under custody that your daughter, Mrs. Nondaba, is somewhat involved on this.” said Andre “This drug is a Vernetech drug, a super-science drug that is difficult to make an antidote. Besides, it’s very dangerous for either the body and the mind: some of those who use this drug could go mad with it, the psychosis breakthrough giving origin to real monsters, people whose minds were shattered by the drug used in the origin chasing. I think you know how dangerous is origin chasing.”

“You are all right.” said Masseray “But we think that Josephine has nothing with this. Has you, Josephine?”

Masseray looked to Josephine, who looked away from their eyes.

“We taught you the best we could either in our traditional ways and in the foreigner’s wisdom, readying you for being a chieftain like us.” said Masseray “Had you gave your back for our traditions and wisdom? I can’t believe my own daughter is so big a child.”

“The foreigner ignores us, or fears us. We can strike back and take back what is ours! Our country! Our land!” said Josephine

“Nothing can do this. The past is the past. We learn from it, but we don’t yearn for it. Yearn the past, lose the future, is our wisdom.” said Masseray

“How you can say this, old woman? You thought me to be proud of myself, strong on myself, to rely on myself over all. Kwazani can empower Africa back! The time of the Foreigner is over!” said Josephine, the static start to growing around them, when they heard terrible screams.

One coming from the hut they came.

Other coming from one of the houses!

“What is…“ said Josephine, worried, when Altayr get from the hut, his body still limping on the pain from the sustained damage

“Eileen! Joshua cried to you to go for the house! He saw a really bad thing getting out there! Kabba is holding Joshua fast so he doesn’t hurt himself.” said Altayr

“What? What thing?” said Andre

When Eileen felt a bad, bad feeling, a mystical disturb that only a Merlin could feel and made her shiver.

“A psychosis breakthrough!” whispered Eileen, worried

Chapter 13

“I don’t know exactly why so much psychosis breakthrough came under the supernatural mantle, but I suspect that’s because we Merlin deal with the supernatural and the imagination, and some of the most ancient registries about those in the world are related with nightmares and the darkness. From the Serpent in the Eden’s Garden to Beowulf to Leviathan, to even the Cthulhu Mythos and Hellraiser’s cenobites, those nightmares still lurks the primordial ape there’s on each person, still make us wake up in the night screaming and sweating… And, thanks The Event, still appears through those whose minds fractures into a Breakthrough.”

Eileen McRae, for Reuters

The people ran away from the house while Eileen, Josephine and the others (Altayr including) got near. Some of the people were crossing themselves, other took some Mishaba and started to do the dhikr, saying the 99 names of Allah, other taking some salt and throwing it in front of them. They could see in front of them the same girl Altayr protected, being held hostage by a boy with a face demonically homicidal, an empty blister in his hand, the other with a tentacle holding the girl over the air.

“Senesie!” screamed Josephine “What are you doing with Sawie? She’s your sister!”

A voice, really trembling, started to say:

“She was weak! Se should not listen to any of you, bitches! She saw me, and will pay the price!” said the kid, like a possessed creature

“He’s under a psychotic surge!” said Andre “We need to stop them!”

“No!” said Masseray “You’ll kill him!”

“If we don’t engage him now,” said Eileen “he’ll kill her. We need to do our best to not escalate this.”

“Eileen…“ said Altayr

“No way, short stuff. We can deal with this. Josephine, I’ll think you’ll need to shot him with that electric trick.” said Andre

“Alright… But we’ll not kill him.” said Josephine

“Believe me, “ said Eileen “I don’t like this more than you, but this is the problem with psychotic breakthroughs: we can’t be sure we can stop them safely. But I swear I’ll try my best to not kill him.” she finished, putting the earbug and shrinking, doing the Tink trick so she could be seen.

Andre, Eileen and Josephine then were attacked by tentacles, made of solid darkness, darker than the night, that exploded just a little in front of them thanks the magical ward put by Eileen. She shot some light magic that severed some of the tentacles but the tentacles doubled from the severed ones.

“Shit!” said Andre, a special Vernetech Pincez-Nes over his left eye “Merlin, at least C-Class, potential to even A-Class.”

“What?!” said Eileen, dodging just for a bit one of those tentacles.

“This thing is a demon!” said Josephine “Whatever is happening, is demonic!”

“That’s the problem!” said Eileen “Merlins, or supernatural breakthrough, are all about magic and myth! Put this and a psychotic surge, and you have the creepypasta’s creepypasta!”

“Damn!” said Andre.

“I can help you with all this!” said Altayr.

“No way, short stuff! If you die here, your father will kill us!” said Eileen, while two other tentacles were chopped by Kilimanjaro’s lighting, just to regrow doubled in moments.

“But we need to do something.” said Altayr “What could we do?”

“There’s only two ways to deal with this.” said Andre, while shooting the tentacles “The first, fast, and forbidden: we finish him!”

“And the other?” said Altayr

“Sometimes there’s a kind of weak spot where this bad juju are more concentrated.” said Eileen “Deal enough damage there, the mystical mass will dissolve and be not able to regrow. However, this doesn’t assure we’ll stop him once and for all: if he wakes up, he can be as crazy as he’s now, even more. But at least we can deal with him for now and save Sawie.”

“And were is this spot…“ said Altayr

“We are trying to find it…“ said Eileen “If Joshua was here, his Bellax Analytica would be so much useful…“

Then, they saw Joshua, panting and running to it from the hut, Kabba also running.

“Joshua, NO!!!!” scream Eileen, as the way he came from was not warded.

The homicidal thing tried to shot some tentacles to impale either Joshua and Kabba, that took his Taurus and shoot as much as he could, but the bullets were not effective.

It was just by a bit that Altayr flew and catched both by their clothes.

“Joshua!” said Eileen

“I’m okay…“ said Joshua, although he didn’t looked that good: his eyes had dark circles and his hair was messy and dirty from the hut’s dirt and oil from the sweat. They could see he had an earbug on his ear.

“What are you doing?” said Andre, shooting as much tentacles as he could.

“I need you to gain time: I still need to do some effort on my Bellax Analytica!” said Joshua

“Kid, are you sure?” said Josephine, getting near Altayr, Joshua e Kabba

“If you gain time, I can see the spot from were the tentacle is coming. This could be hit until the kid body goes exhausted without killing them him and the other girl. Altayr, put me in the ground. Kabba, on me for help. Josephine, shoot the tentacles that holds that girl, so Altayr can catch her by flying nearby. Eileen and Andre, give distraction for Altayr.” said Joshua, panting.

“Are you…“ was saying Eileen, when Joshua shouted like a kid under a tantrum


Eileen made a grumpy face, but it was too late: she was caught into Joshua’s Pretty Please!, as all the others, and she had to do what Joshua said.

She was not like a marionette for Joshua, however: she put a second ward for Joshua and then engaged with the crazy kid, while he shot tentacle after tentacle and Andre and Eileen circled the crazy kid, that engaged them, giving his back for Joshua and lifting the little girl in the air like a ragdoll locked into a vicious dog bite.

It was when Josephine saw a spot to hit the girls’ tentacle and used a big lighting bolt, she blasted it to smithereens.

“Go, Altayr!” said Joshua, and Altayr blasted as fast as he could while the tentacles doubled and tried to get the girl back.

It was by a bit the the tentacles had not got the girl back, but Altayr received a good lashing of the tentacles.

“Altayr!” screamed Joshua.

“I’m okay! It was just a scratch!” said Altayr by his earbug, and gone back to the ward protection, the girl unhurt, but really shaken, being held by Kabba.

“Found the Spot!” said Joshua, when his Bellax Analytica showed the spot. “Behind his neck, a small point of a darkness even darker!”

“Roger!” said others

“Eileen, Aine’s Light!” said Joshua.

“Thought just about that!” said Eileen, going over and hover and then invoking a great ball of light, that made the tentacles grew weak and the darker spot even more visible.

“Go, Josephine! Eileen can’t hold this too much!” said Joshua, with urgency in the voice.

Josephine pointed her hand to the neck of the kid and shot a lighting bolt that hit straight into the point. The kid screamed and brought his hand to his head until he fell in the dirt. The old women, Masseray and Mabinty, went to the kid and looked for him, and gave meekly smiles.

Kabba was again carrying Joshua in his arms, but now he looked better.

“You saved my soul again, little kid.” said Josephine, looking for Joshua “I’ll never forget this.”

“Short stuff, you’re a mess.” said Eileen, almost crying

“Sorry using my Pretty Please! on you, Eileen.”

“No… You were right.” she said “Looks like those women are right: you’re wiser than us by most.”

“Now we’ll see for Senesie!” said Mabinty

“And this will gives us some clues.” said Andre, taking the blister Senesie had in one hand

“Josephine, you brought this to your village?” said Masseray, pointing the blister

“No! I swear!” said Josephine, worried

“Don’t lie to us, girl!” said Mabinty

“I’m not lying! Maybe…“ said Josephine, when they heard a car speeding out the tribe. When Kabba did the move to go, Joshua said meekly from the pain and exhaustion, almost falling to the ground before Kabba could get him.

“Don’t… Even you will not get them at this time of the night. They have advantage and knows the terrain. We’ll check for clues tomorrow. But looks like those were the ones who gave Senesie the drug.”

“Okay…“ said Masseray “Bring the kid to our shower: he need as much a good sleep as possible, after all this, and being this messy and dirty will not help. You have our Hospitality, by our Traditions, as long as needed. I swear in my and our Ancestor’s names.”

And Joshua had too much difficult to not get asleep before getting back the hut, clean and nice, when some of the Vernetech auto-filling inflatable mattress that Andre and Kabba brought from the Land Rover were filled. But as soon he touched his head into the mattress, he nod off.

Chapter 14

“How it is to ‘see the future’? First of all, let me correct: I don’t see THE future. What I see is a range of POSSIBLE futures, my power and mind expanding the possibilities as far as I can. And this sometimes is really a burden to figure out the best of those possible futures and try to make it true. It’s not easy, and even with the intensive training I have, sometimes my power still goes overboard and make me goes haywire, crippling me. Believe me, as far I like my powers, sometimes it’s really hurtful. So, don’t envy this, because sometimes I envy those who can’t ‘see the future’.”

Jiminy Cricket, at Blue Peter, BBC

Joshua woke up next day, thrashed by all the action and still with a big headache, but somewhat better than the day before.

“Hiya, sport.” said Eileen, pushing him a thermos bottle, a water bottle and a capsule. “Kabba said me to not let you out: you had a hell of a day yesterday, so you need as much rest as you can.” she said, and when Joshua was opening his mouth to complain, she said “No complains or Pretty Please!s this time. Diana’s orders. They send some meds for you. Just a little painkiller.”

“How Diana knows about all this?” said Joshua, taking the remedy with the water and drinking some of the thermos content. Hot cocoa. “And why not go back Roque Santeiro?”

“Our mission was compromised:” said Eileen “the Kwazani guy knows about us, according the recent intel. Panther and Kilimanjaro are now considered ‘in custody’, and will work with us. We believe that the one who gave that kid Senesie the drug was Magog: he’s Kwazani’s second and, for the good and the ill, will be the one that will do the dirty work. Kilimanjaro and Panther are now compromised, but they have useful intel that Roque Santeiro’s specialists are evaluating with all the collected intel to do a action plan. The village is on a mess: some Blue Berets are here for helping us and they are protecting the village against possible tangos.” and then Joshua noted Eileen was on costume. “We are all officially under costume for now and will be this way until further notice.”

“Brought some of mine?” said Joshua.

“We brought.” said Altayr, or better, Djanni, using first time his costume, something like Aladdin and classic Sinbad, using a veil as mask “But don’t push yourself, Joshua, or better, Jiminy. You had a hell of a night.” he said, passing him a small pack of chocolate filled wafers. “How are you?”

“Some headache, but can deal with this for a while, even more with the painkiller. It wasn’t the first time my powers gone haywire, but it was the worst until now.” said Joshua, opening the package and shoving the wafers in his mouth as there was no tomorrow.

“Hey, Jiminy, where’s your matters?” said Eileen, giggling, as Joshua is a so well-behaved kid that seeing him hogging the cocoa Thermos and wafers was a weird thing.

“‘Mowwy” said him with the mouth full, and then he swallowed the food and, blushing said. “Sorry… Think I was, as you say Eileen, so much needing this I could not control.”

“It’s okay. It was like that Mabinty woman said: we all, yourself in the account, sometimes forget that you are just a child. No matter how powerful your mind, your Bellax Analytica and your Pretty Please! are, you’re still a kid, and a very good one. We adult should sometime prevent you to go hurt. Remember anything between the glen and that thing?”

“Glimpses… But it was horrible. I could not think and my mind had gone amok. I can’t remember it all, but was scary as hell, so I can’t really describe what I remember, except by glimpses.” said Jiminy.

“Potty-mouth!” said Eileen, but giggling “But it’s okay. Looks like you’ll need a time to process all this.”

“Where’s the others?” said Joshua, trying to exchange topics, as all that was bringing back the willies for him.

“Andre is already on his Dumont’s best, doing what he does better: implementing tech. In fact, that serpentine coil for water heating for shower was a blessing. And also we are deploying an advanced post here for our actions.” said Eileen “Lesley came to talk with Senesie. Looks like he had achieved a breakthrough as Merlin, but he’s so reluctantly because his experience that Lesley is working on him to ease his burden so he can work all his power without problems. He looks better now, but sounds like he’ll need some time to cope with what happened. The other girl Sawie is better now, but Lesley will take a look on both of them during the next days. Corin came for reinforcement, but Soldaire, Hufflepuff and LionHeart are still at Roque Santeiro, helping with the intel analysis. Kuntur as an Atlas is helping bring stuff here. And Cabby is helping us by mapping the place, looking for any hazards with some Super Berets help. Me and Djanni will help Kuntur and Cabby on their activities. “

“Right.” said Joshua, finishing the food. “I’ll take a shower and put my costume. I’ll get into contact with Dispatch for extra intel. I can’t just stand aside while everyone else is working.”

“Okay, short stuff.” said Eileen exasperated “But I’ll want you to ALWAYS be on earbug and, if you feel yourself near on being with your powers haywired again, I want you to get out the frontline ASAP, right? No but’s or Pretty Please!s.”

“Right, Eileen.” said Joshua, taking a little bag and going for the communitary shower. He took a bath and put his costume, including his half-mask. For some reason, when he got out the shower room, the old woman Mabinty was nearby and a looked to him:

“I thought you should gave some time and leave this for those older than you.” said Mabinty, but without judgment

“Sorry… I just can’t let my friends on need.” said Joshua, or better, Jiminy Cricket.

“I thought this would be your answer.” she said, smiling a toothless but kind smile. “I’m old, maybe older than your parents and grandparents. This time is not like mine. In my time, kids only played and had fun and listened to the older and wiser. I don’t think I’ll live too many. Don’t be sad.” said Mabinty, looking for the sad face Jiminy did “This is your time, to do what you need for a new age. Maybe better, maybe worse, but very different from the time before The Event. This is the Orisha’s will. Or God, or Allah… I don’t know. What I know is that there’s no way to someone knows everything, and everyone needs to deal with things on their time.”

Jiminy didn’t know how to answer beside nod.

“You were touched, kid. People older and wiser than you would had their minds shattered if they undergone the same experiences you had. Don’t be cocky, however. You only had undergone this because it was what you and you only should undergo. Otherwise, there would be no chance for you to undergone that.” said Mabinty “But also don’t get meek. What you did, you did by your own strength. You’ll grow even wiser, if I can see your future. I do not have your powers” said Mabinty, when Jiminy looked to her, astonished “but I have my wisdom, from someone that lived a lot and saw a lot. I saw the first African hero, Bengela, and the first villain, a guy called just The Chieftain. I saw many, many people growing in power and falling and betraying and being betrayed and living and dying. I saw the politics and the greed and hate and love and happiness. Saw drug-lords unhappy and children with very few happy. I think you someday will also see this, and this will be important, not because your powers, but because your wisdom.” she said.

Jiminy nod agreeing, his half-mask hiding the blushing.

“Can I saw your face without the mask?” said Mabinty

Jiminy removed the top hat and pushed the cricket-shaped half mask, showing his clean face. He still had some spots because the day before, but he was almost as always he was.

“You have a kind face… Kids should be this way. Like you and Senesie and Sawie” said Mabinty, when Jiminy put his half mask back, putting the earbug on his ear. “I believe you’ll make a difference, I don’t know how or when or why, but you’ll be someone important. Just stay kind and wise and strong as you’re now.”

“Thanks, miss. I’ll do my best.” said Jiminy, when Mabinty gone to do her chores, and Jiminy to his.

“Authenticating on the network… Alright, we are in Roque Santeiro’s intranet.” said Andre, on his Dumont costume, while hitting the keyboard of the small laptop computer. The sun was hot, and everyone that could be were under the barrack they mounted, relieving into the portable air conditioning. The communication had some delay, but that was unavoidable, because the Asimov-powered cryptography and the radio connection. Anyway, they would have comm-link with Roque Santeiro.

“Roque Santeiro, this is Dumont. With me are Squirrel Girl, Jiminy Cricket, Cabby, Sugarplum, Kuntur and Djanni” said Dumont

“Here’s Roque Santeiro, Diana speaking. Outpost, how is the situation?” said Diana, using the Dispatch communication. The link issues made the audio full on noise and failures in the image, but for a first time check it was okay, everyone could say.

“We are established, and already defined with the local chieftains Mabinty and Masseray some contingency plans for evacuation, if needed. We also created a small DMZ for security on the village limits. MaxBerets on it.” said Cabby

“And the locals?”

“They are dealing okay, although somewhat uneasy. They are just okay with us because Kilimanjaro is very well-liked here, even with her working with a origin seller until now.” said Cabby.

“Soldaire speaking. How is Jiminy?”

“I’m okay.” said Jiminy “Just a little shaken.”

“What happened?” asked Soldaire.

“I lost control on my Bellax Analytica.” he said

“I already undergone a psychological evaluation on him.” said Squirrel Girl, that had undone her tail to free some space in the barrack “I’ll pass the full report soon, but I can say he’s okay. My theory is that the probability explosion, and the grim results on many of those futures, caused by Bellax Analytica, haywired Jiminy. He received too much too soon to deal with.”

“Alright. I’ll talk with you privately after, Jiminy, for a little training for your Bellax Analytica, so you can be shielded against this kind of haywire. This could be fatal in a battlefield.” said Soldaire, then he saw Jiminy’s reaction and said “Don’t worry, Jiminy. I know that you had a bad mind juju for a change, and it’s just because that I’m working into a training for your Bellax Analytica, so this kind of surge doesn’t happen again.”

“Alright, Soldaire.”

“So, I’ll need Cabby and Kuntur here at Roque Santeiro. We hope there’s no attacks soon, as we are in a shortage of muscle after the attack. So Dumont will help you with some Vernetech we’re sending for you. Panther and Kilimanjaro will work with you. I want you, Jiminy, on contact with Dispatch as much as possible. If not you, Dumont and, as soon we can free it, Cabby will work. Sugarplum, wards all around, and reinforce them as much as you can. Charms, wards, all kind of sigils, whatever. Your discretion. Lesley, I want you to care for Jiminy and that two kids, Senesie and Sawie. We are lucky enough they stopped a psychosis breakthrough without a kill.” said Diana

“Dr. Stiles here.” said the small blond man “We have some results on what is that drug. In fact, it is a mix of psychoactive drugs, many of them legally obtained for mental treatment, but in high dosages. In fact, this thing has a very small LD50, and just a pinch higher LD99. I don’t know how there’s not a dying spree linked with this. The biggest problem is the stimulants and depressants combination, and the used ones. All of them very powerful, and with lots of adverse effects. Just a pinch more of a micro-gram of any of those plus or less on someone’s system could make the body and mind goes amok. This Senesie kid was lucky, as he got away from a psychotic breakthrough alive and sane after take this death concoction.”

“Any kind of a antidote, or suppressor, if we need to deal with someone on an overdose or a psychotic surge?” said Sugarplum

“Fat chance… CADUCEUS used some supercomputers, including some Vernetech, all with Asimov-powered code, to simulate this thing. We didn’t even gone for animal testing because the toxicity of this thing is monstrous. The margin on this is really, really small. And an antidote could be just more toxicity for the body deal with. We have something ready, but I don’t believe this could be more a cure or antidote than a lethal injection. We are working hard on something to counter this down, but I would not put my chips on it.”

“So…“ said Kilimanjaro, disgusted with all this “Senesie was lucky.”

“Yes. The kind of toxicity on this thing is something we never saw before: I can’t believe on how many people had died into a frenzy pain, the body going berserk against itself… This is not even an origin chasing drug, this is just a killing pill that, just by luck, can induce a breakthrough, even temporally. I just don’t have words on how disgusting we all are.”

“Alright!” said Diana “I’ve send this all for MSF, HSF, WHO and the UNHCR, and we are just waiting some more intel. They are our tactical priority level Alpha, and I’m putting you all on this. Any questions?”

They were all astonished.

Chapter 15

“‘There’s a reason for super-teams. The paper-scissors-rock nature of superpowers means that nobody, no matter how tough, can defend against every possible kind of attack;’ when Astra said that, people think on the Atlas vs Merlin kind of fight, for example. But even if you are not super strong as an Atlas, you can be the paper for your team, if you understand how the other breakthrough power works.”

Jiminy Cricket, “From Dress-up to save up: an underage breakthrough story”

“Alpha priority?” said Jiminy while they were eating lunch, after the meeting, on one of the barracks, where Dumont, Sugarplum, Djanni and himself are boxed up. There was another barrack where Panther, Kuntur and Cabby would split. They are sat into some folding chairs and the haddock-like beds were retracted into the barrack wall.

“What is Alpha priority?” said Djanni.

“When we are in Alpha priority in tactical level” said Dumont “we are totally allocated for this: basically none of us will get back Roque Santeiro until we have acquired this origin seller. And we are all under costume all time, no excuses.”

“So, the TL; DR version” said Sugarplum “is that we need to solve this ASAP.”

“But we’ll have all support from the big guys.” said Dumont, when looking the worried faces of Jiminy and Djanni “They put us on Alpha because they see that drug as a potential menace.”

“All about the power shifting?” asked Djanni

“Not only: this drug is really a health problem. WHO is to declare an origin chasing pandemic, only did not because some countries, like US, are treating this the same way they treated War on Drugs in 1980s and 1990s. And everyone knows that this only made drug-related criminality and police funding rise and rise and the drug-related health treatment funding go low and low.” said Dumont

“They tried to use that ‘Just say no’ crap and forgot that kids and teens always have the peer pressure problem.” said Sugarplum “I myself lost a good friend for drugs. She gone into it because that good-for-nothing guy she fell in love with. He had that punk/villain pose, using marijuana and meth, and she started to use it, until she had a heart attack after an overdose and died. That asshole of boyfriend was of no use even to call 911 for an ambulance for her. I gone really bad, specially because she was part of the dance club before going into all this shit. She was my best dance training partner, so she was dearly for me.”

“They transferred the responsibility.” said Jiminy “I heard about a guy from my class that, after I gone comatose after the breakthrough, tried to buy some drugs for a bet into my school. He was arrested. Sometimes I think if we should not push people that hard on things. When everything goes amok and people dies or suffers in the process, the ones who did go with the ‘It’s not my fault’ or ‘It was just a joke’ or ‘We’ve just clowning around’ like those are a kind of ‘Get out of the jail’ card. It was the same with me somewhat: I was almost lynched to death before I used Pretty Please! first time, and my Bellax Analytica showed me a safe route to go back home before going into a six-month coma. My dad said they said that they didn’t want to almost kill me, and it was ‘just some fun’, when they were brought to Juvenile House. Well, for me was not a fun lose somewhat six month of my life, even with the breakthrough put into account.”

They looked for Jiminy: it was very rare for him to talk about himself, specially on something so traumatic for him as the lynching some bullies gave him that resulted on him undergoing breakthrough before being killed. That resulted on him going really hurt for home and gone comatose for six months after that. Then he gone to Héros Sans Frontiéres and now he was at Sierra Leone.

“Wow, Joshua…“ said Sugarplum “It’s not common from you to say things about this.”

“But now this is past. Although sometimes I envy those who doesn’t have powers.” said Jiminy “If I didn’t gone breakthrough, maybe today I would be playing ball with my dad.”

“Or you would be dead.” said Kilimanjaro, in a non-nonsense tone, getting into the barrack “Sorry, kid, but maybe you would be dead. And it’s no good to think on ifs and maybes. You are now what you are, you are here and we need you as a whole, not just Joshua or Jiminy. We need you.”

“Thanks, ms. Nondaba…“

“Call me Kilimanjaro.”

“Alright, Kilimanjaro.”

“So,” said Dumont “let us finish the plan: we still need to find where is Kwazani base and collect intel to get into it and stop his operation. Jiminy, take the day for getting into that training Soldaire want you. I think we’ll need you as stable you can, and things will go amok very soon. I’ll contact Roque Santeiro and then go with Kuntur, Kilimanjaro and Sugarplum for collecting as must intel as possible. I want Djanni and Panther here to secure everything.”

“Alright.” said everyone, while they finished their lunch.

The so called training was play and study the ancient game of Go, called also Baduk or Weiqi, depending on the place in the world you came from. The game was basically played by putting stones into a grid and circling regions. For Jiminy, this training was made to focus on how to better focus and uses Bellax Analytica without the power goes overboard. As the standard Go board was made of 19 lines crossed by 19 columns, giving 361 possible places to put on a stone on the first turn, the exponential variables were big enough to push over Jiminy’s Bellax Analytica power so he would need to understand his power and avoid the traps that it brings.

To make things more fun for Jiminy, Sugarplum, Dumont and Djanni also learned Go, so they could take times playing with him. In the next days, he passed almost all time he could in front of the foldable table and stones that Soldaire brought for him, courtesy of one of the Accomplished Warriors that was close friends with Soldaire and did him a favor by bringing some of this flying to Sierra Leone and leaving the Go material for Soldaire, either the foldable table and stones, and some books with Tsumego, life-and-death challenges somewhat like the checkmate exercises for chess.

“That’s a bore.” said Djanni, looking for the table, opened over a foldable table in their barrack. Their game was still a mess, but Djanni was already feeling he could not follow Jiminy’s game, as he put another stone in the table.

“Think if I would go spar you into some boxing.” said Jiminy, while looking to the table and thinking on his move. “Even if I would not make my bones gone into jelly in the process, it would be anyway a bore for me, as you are faster and stronger as an Atlas.”

Djanni smiled with the comparison while they were finishing the game. It would be obvious Jiminy would win, as Djanni haven’t a Bellax Analytica to help him to pass through the game. Still, Djanni felt a little like Jiminy was cheating on him, by using his power, even being this the reason for all this training and playing, to reinforce Jiminy’s control on Bellax Analytica.

It was when Sugarplum entered the room, still on his Tinkerbell-like size.

“Djanni, Jiminy, looks like they have discovered enough intel about Kwazani!” said Sugarplum, using the Earbug to be heard on more than little chirps and squeals.

“Alright. We are going.” said Jiminy and Djanni, undoing the game and putting everything back into their place in the barracks. The Go game was almost done what it should: this and Squirrel Girl’s counseling had done enough to Jiminy to put him back into his best for action.

Jiminy got out, pulling down his half-mask and putting his top hat over his head, while Sugarplum flied almost in front Jiminy and Djanni’s eyes. Everyone saw the two breakthrough kids going on and the little light dot that was Sugarplum and just avoided them, as the people from the Nondaba village was already used to the weird foreigner capes. They run to the base barrack, where they found Dumont already doing some notes with his Montblanc fountain pen on a map, using a set of honest-to-gosh ruler and T square to draw some precise lines into it with fast, elegant swishes.

“We already took the intel needed to make a plan.” said Dumont, showing the map for them, and they saw that Kuntur, Kilimanjaro, Panther and Cabby was seeing the map also, and so, via webcam conference, Diana, Soldaire, Hufflepuff and LionHeart at Roque Santeiro.

“We discovered where Kwazani established himself. He secretly used Mount Bintumani as a base, nearby Guinea frontier, and reinforced himself there. We think that he uses a clandestine airport nearby Guinean frontier to smuggle his chemicals here. The problem is: we can’t understand how he can smuggle all those chemicals through the frontier without being noticed. We don’t have proofs, but we think that Guinean warlords and chieftains are supporting him somehow in exchange for BED.” said Corin “But it’s certain according our intel that the supply line for the materials Kwazani needs is via Guinea. We don’t know about R&D and other things, however.”

“We’ll now trace an action plan: we are talking with Leonean forces to close the frontiers nearby Mount Bintumani and do a general lock-down of the region, including airspace closing, ground access restricted, all the drill.” said Dumont “We’ll work the details on this all, and we need everyone here, so we can adjust the plan.”

“I can help into the field in the action.” said Jiminy “Sounds like this time being at Dispatch would be not that good: if there’s too much variables on this, we should avoid the communication lag delay, and being in Dispatch would turn the delay prohibitive”

“No chance, short stuff.” said Sugarplum “Those guys are armed and armored and have those creepypasta they call breakthroughs to help them. They’ll turn you into a bloody Mac-and-Cheese if they can.”

“I think Jiminy is right this time, Sugarplum.” said Diana “We are not into a situation we can spare anyone in frontline. His power is more useful in the field now than ever, and the communication lag, even small, can be enough to render his power useless for this action. But I want you, Jiminy, to be into armor and, at least, do some basic training on using weapons and self-defense.”

“I had some as part of CAI Certification, I think I can do myself.” said Jiminy.

“I can care for Pepito Grillo if needed.” said Hufflepuff.

“Don’t worry, everyone.” said Dumont. “I’m developing some gizmos for Jiminy, based on Demoiselle. Already have the project and asked for materials, some of them already being sent. But I’ll need to take some days at Roque Santeiro, as all my tools are there.”

“Alright. Let us talk the plan and we’ll start to prepare everything…“ said Soldaire, while passing the gathered intel so everyone could give tips.

Chapter 16

“People think we Verne are like the Merlins, that could do things out of nothing. This is not true: even our technology being super-advanced, it’s still technology, so we still need the right materials and tools to do our main gig. And, when you’re in places with shortage of everything, doing the MacGyver sometimes is your only option.”

Andre “Dumont” Macedo, “Vernetech for Dummies”

Some nervous days passed, while Dumont gone back to Roque Santeiro to do the new equipment Jiminy would need. Sugarplum also did something, by creating some protection charms to be used by Jiminy, Cabby and everyone that would need. Djanni took some time with Kuntur for some sparring and combat training, readying himself for a real life-risking gig, leaving Jiminy alone to doing the Go study to reinforce his Bellax Analytica, pushing as much as he could his power. So, Soldaire suggested an even more strenuous Go training for him.

“10-14”, said Soldaire, using the Earbug connected through the outpost communications to Roque Santeiro, where he was putting his stones into a Go Board.

Jiminy was sat in his hammock bed and said “12-14” even without seeing the board, that was folded over the foldable table while Djanni trained with Kuntur, the stones all into their bowls. Jiminy should not use it, trying to force his mind and seeing the table on his mind, each stone and formation fixed on it, his focus on the multiple choices on stones. The game in his mind was already in the end, which was no more that strenous, but even now it was really pushing, his face beet red on it.

“Blind Go is really difficult, and even some pro go players can’t go through it.” said Soldaire “I know a guy, a Mentalist that is also a Go pro, that didn’t want to play blind go. If at any time you fell yourself tired or strained enough your Bellax Analytica could go haywire, please talk and we’ll stop.”

“I’m okay for now.” said Jiminy “I think I can remember the things rightly… And now, with so many stones, the Bellax Analytica shows me the paths that are still possible, and not much more.”

“Alright. And how you see the game?” said Soldaire

“I’m losing, and there’s no much way to win. I think it’s time to forfeit the game.” said Jiminy, a little gloom.

“Alright. So, I won over you.” said Soldaire “But you did it well. I’ll send the kifu, the game record, and you compare with what you saw in your mind table. Good news is that Dumont finished your new gear. He took some special materials that Vulcan from Chicago Sentinels send for him as a favor and developed a new bulletproof costume for you. He implemented also a special computer into your Top Hat that put you into communications with everyone and have access to our Dispatch system. He put some extra things on a brand-new mask, including zoom lenses and all the military-grade toys you could want. Also, he created your Cricket Wings, so you can have your own flying device, Demoiselle-_like, freeing Djanni during the action. To finish, he put a pair of Tesla Arc Cannon like devices into your gloves, connected to the_ Cricket Wings. I want you to go and test this with Djanni, and be accomplished with the gear until tomorrow, so we can do the gig as soon as possible. I put some pistols on it, a gear similar to the SolPistols energy weapons in my Soldaire suit. Think you can do it? You are our weak spot on firepower, even Cabby being stronger than you on this.”

“I think so.” said Jiminy, when he heard the typical noise of Demoiselle landing.

An hour after, Jiminy was flying with Dumont, Kuntur, Djanni and Sugarplum while training and get used with his new gear.

The new costume, he nicknamed Iron Cricket, was a kind of “Jiminy Cricket meets Iron Man” suit, looking more metallic and shinier and more robotic than the costume Jiminy normally used, that was like he took it straight from the Costume Shops nearby Disneyworld. His new top hat, with the small computer system, looked a little cramped over his head, but was good enough to be wear normally. The Cricket Wings were a backjet as per Demoiselle’s design and he was developing the basic flying skills with it.

The suit, with all the new things, were just a little heavier than his own suit, but it was a lot hotter. Jiminy was huffing and puffing while finishing the last flying exercises.

“Alright, think we have enough for now.” said Dumont, getting down into the plains nearby Nondaba village. The others also got down and looked for Jiminy, still panting. The wings on Cricket Wings closed behind his tails.

“Are you okay, Jiminy?” said Djanni

“I’m okay. The new gear is heavier, but I’ll get used with this.” said Jiminy panting a little.

“Let’s go back the village, and then you’ll exchange your costume for a cleaner one of the new one. Remember to unlock the Cricket Wings harnesses and so before put this on the cleaner.” said Dumont, when Jiminy looked around

“We are far from the village… I think I could use this place as shooting stand and do some training with the weapons.” said Jiminy.

“You’re right, Pepito Grillo.” said Kuntur “I’ll take some rocks and things that you can shoot on to train.”

“I think you should train first with the Cricket pistols and then with the Tesla Arc Cannons.” said Dumont, while Kuntur and Djanni took some things and Jiminy took some water from a little bottle he brought with him.

“Hey, Joshua,” said Sugarplum “if you think you can’t do this, don’t push yourself too much or goes overboard. We need you 100% okay on this.”

“I think I can do, Eileen.” said Jiminy “Besides, the Dispatch delay would be enough to, under a real Charlie Foxtrot, make you and everyone go hurt.”

Djanni and Kuntur build the targets, while Dumont gone for Jiminy.

“This would go better if we’re with Soldaire, but I think this will do for now. I’ll teach you the basics on shooting and then you’ll take some practice.”

“Alright. But I played on shooting stands in fairs…“ said Jiminy, when Dumont looked to him severely

“This is real life, Jiminy. You need to learn how to shot rightly to be effective, even if you don’t want to kill people.” retorted Dumont. “Now, let us see your posture.”

Dumont corrected Jiminy posture on legs and arms and teached him how to hold rightly the Cricket pistols, a variant of SolPistol that was built by Dr. Hisagawa, on the same design, although smaller and lighter enough to be used by a kid. An energy weapon, it was lighter than a real pistol, and with less recoil. Jiminy gave some shots until, using the cross-hairs into the new goggles that were part on his mask, he started to hit the targets.

“Alright, sounds like you can deal with things on an emergency, and this is enough by now.” said Dumont. “Now, let us see the Tesla Arc Cannon.”

Jiminy pointed the blaster in his hand palm and he shot. Although the target was hit, he yelped in the process.

“What’s happened?” said Dumont

“It burned me! I felt the heat of the shot.” whined Jiminy, removing the glove. Although the burn was not that big, it was hurtful enough for the little kid.

“Let me see… Take the other hand also.” said Dumont, while Sugarplum looked for his hand.

He gave a look on the gloves and sighed.

“Damn… I didn’t did correctly the exhaust system.” said Dumont “And I can’t do nothing to improve this. All my tools are at Roque Santeiro, I brought none of them here. My bad. I think you should only use the Tesla Arc Cannons if you really need it. Hope you don’t. We can do a MacGyver, but you’ll need to use some cloth around the hand before put the Tesla Arc Cannons gloves.”

“I’m okay… I think I can put the gloves only if needed, over the common costume gloves.” said Jiminy

“Sounds good enough for me… Now, let us go back and take a good sleep. Tomorrow will be the day.” said Dumont, while the sun started to set.

Chapter 17

“Derek Kwazani was the biggest problem for us during the Sierra Leone gig. If you think he was a Verne that was almost a Merlin, mixing traditional concoctions with Vernetech-enhanced psychoactive drugs to create the Breakthrough Enticing Drug, you can see why that creepypasta was enough to make UNHCR, UNESCO, LDS and HSF work against him as top priority, using all they could into the operation.”

Andre “Dumont” Macedo, “Histories from the Demoiselle - My Breakthrough Memoirs”

Next day, Jiminy woke up really nervous, anxious and excited.

“Alright, short stuff. Ready for the gig?” said Sugarplum

“I think so.” he said, and Sugarplum knew that in fact he was not that sure.

“Look here, Joshua: everyone here is as anxious than you. No plan survives tango contact. What I want you is to use all you could to go and do your job. You remember the rules for engagement?”

“Avoid an encounter-with-force if at all possible; Use only powers that can be applied without collateral damage; Use all powers that can be applied without collateral damage; Do not escalate; Stop any escalation; And neutralize civilian risks as quickly as possible.” he chirped, like a kid saying the A-B-C.

“Right. I think you can relieve yourself on some of those rules almost all time: this is not exactly a CAI operation, but a military one.” said Sugarplum “The Blue Berets will open way for us so we can get into Kwazani HQ, but after that we’ll be at our own.”

“I know.” said Jiminy, while he saw Djanni: he was doing some moves with the brand-new scimitar he had, made from a super-strong Vernetech Titanium alloy, made by Vulcan from the Chicago Sentinels, the same guy who did the light-weighted bulletproof fabric for the new “Iron Cricket” costume he was dressing. “Need to say: I understand that will be important to use this costume, but I’ll love to get back to my old costume. This thing is hot and cramped and my moves are a little more difficult on it.” he said, finishing to dress himself, and getting out with Djanni and Sugarplum. He took a small cookies-and-milk breakfast and gone to the village exit, where the others where already waiting.

“Alright.” said Soldaire, using his best Keichishou suit, with a special Kevlar vest “I received the Soldaire suit upgrade for more time, but I’ll go with the ground team on civilian as much as I can. The time in Soldaire suit was boosted for 30 minutes, but after that could be dangerous for health.”

“On ground we’ll have Hufflepuff, LionHeart, Panther, Soldaire, Cabby, me and Squirrel Girl.” said Diana, as the field operation coordinator “On air we’ll have Sugarplum, Kilimanjaro, Dumont, Kuntur, Djanni and Jiminy Cricket. Our supporters in ground and air will work with Dispatch for coordination. The first part of operation will be done with the Berets: we’ll break their lines and get into the HQ. Assume tangos with deadly force and potential Charlie Foxtrot. Assume also Havoc Protocols engaging at any time: hit them hard enough to break the lines. The MaxBerets will be our support, and we did a protection line on Nondaba village. Roque Santeiro teams are ready for treating any casualties. Even under Havoc, those who surrender should be acquired as civil as possible: this is not an all-out war. We have Interpol and UN with us, but this is not carte-blanche for power abuse.” she said, while the Urutu, Guarani and Hummer transport vehicles started to get from Nondaba vehicle.

They were sat down into a Guarani carrier, and Jiminy removed either his mask and hat to relieve himself for a time:

“This is not like my mother’s car.” said Jiminy, trying to make fun.

“It should not be. We hope this crazy guy didn’t put a minefield nearby the Mount. The Leonean authorities already put the lock-down over airspace in Mount Bintumani, and they discovered a corruption network with the local security forces.” said the carrier driver, giving a small smile for Jiminy

“This could explain on how easily Kwazani worked a base into it. Maybe he found natural caverns that could be useful.” said Jiminy.

“This is so much those cheesy Bond films like Moonraker. My dad loves this kind of thing, but it’s so cheesy and macho that stinks.” said Sugarplum.

“I think this will be more like Live and Let Die, but with less Blaxploitation and more real thing.” said the man at the turret, a C-Class Ajax with British accent.

“Okay everyone.” said Diana “We can do some chit-chat, but stay this on minimum. We’re getting on this guy range. We’ll get there in 2 hours. The helicopter support will join you there. When we get there, comm lines will be restricted. The Dispatch coordinators on Roque Santeiro will need a relay for comms. Dumont, think you can do this.”

“Roger: the comm equipment is ready to be deployed as soon we arrive at the rendezvous. At most five minutes after the arrival.” said Dumont.

“Alright. In the rendezvous also will be established a field command center with me, Squirrel Girl and Cabby on it. Everyone, remember your orders and check your gear now.” said Diana

In the Guarani carrier was, beside the pilot and the turret guy, there was two MaxBerets, a Speedster and a Verne, Jiminy, Sugarplum, Dumont, Hufflepuff, Djanni and Kuntur. Everyone started to check out their gear and so. Sugarplum could go in Tink form and even sit in Jiminy’s top hat brim, but not only it would be unnecessary, but dangerous, as she could be kicked around by the vibrations. Beside, she was without wings in the carrier, so she could just occupy the same space of everyone.

The two hours journey were a bore, until they got into the rendezvous with the Leonean forces nearby the Bintumani Mount.

“The forces already enforced a total lock-down of the theater.” said the Leonean commander, after they got out the transports “We didn’t found where you can infiltrate, but I think we can, in last case, just blow away our way.”

“No need to.” said Diana, looking sternly, but somewhat motherly for Jiminy. “We have our own way. We need just to break their lines and provoke a so great Charlie Foxtrot they put their head out, at least long enough Jiminy’s powers do the job.”

“So, my men will be a meat-shield for this kid?” said the Leonean commander, looking for Jiminy, flabbergasted.

“Pardon, sir, but I think I know the drill enough.”

“Did you had been in battlefield for real, son?” said the commander and looking for Jiminy’s embarrassed face he said “I thought not. Okay, so the mission is just bring the hell on them, right?”

“Yes.” said Diana

“I’ll say for you, I’ll do this as a favor: I hate those crappy origin sellers. My sister almost lost her life on this, and didn’t undergone breakthrough. And my niece died on this crappy origin chasing thing.” said the commander “Otherwise, I would not put my battalion’s life in the hand of this kid for not a prayer in hell.”

“Don’t worry. Jiminy here is capable, you’ll see.”

“Alright. Let us be ready for the drill.” said the commander, going away.

Jiminy cursed in his mind Dumont by putting those Dispatch computers into his Top Hat, so he couldn’t pull it over his face and hide his ashamed red face, when all the other capes could see his face.

“Jiminy, are you turning into a Merlin like Sugarplum?” said Diana “I could almost see you shrinking.”

“I was…“

“…Ashamed?” said Diana, smiling “Jiminy, you are a little nice boy, but you need to be more confident on you. You are no more the little Joshua McCarthy that was the bullies’ punching bag. You’re now Joshua McCarthy and Jiminy Cricket, and you can help people. Think on this: if we fail, not only we will be hurt, but kids all around the world will be at risk. Think on Senesie: how much of this you want people to see?”

The image of an army of psychotic breakthroughs made Jiminy shiver.

“I don’t want this to happen.” said Jiminy.

“So now, short stuff, it’s time to do what we know.” said Dumont to Jiminy, while finishing to check everything. Sugarplum even came and tidied up his scarf cravat.

“Alright.” said Diana, after Dumont deployed and established the communication relay and field command center in the rendezvous. “Now we need some MaxBerets here to secure the relay. If this is destroyed or run out, we’ll lose our comms with Roque Santeiro”

“Gotcha” said some of the soldiers “A Verne will be here, with some Ajaxes, a Merlin and a Speedster to protect the center.”

“Okay, I think it’s enough”. said Diana. “Everyone ready? Let’s go!”

Everyone started to go for their carriers, some of them with soldiers armored and armed with weakened plutonium bullets. Jiminy looked to the others and just nodded, ready for action. He pushed the Earbug and said.

“Dispatch, this is Jiminy Cricket. We are ready.”

“Jiminy, Diana here.” said the Roque Santeiro leader. “We are ready also. Now, everyone knows your orders. Group leaders, you know your orders. Everyone on Dispatch now. Jiminy, I want you all the time safe and sound: we need the strategic intel ASAP, but play safe and sound, because we need the intel to be exact no matter what and we need you safe. Take the time you need, but no more than it. Let’s go.”

Jiminy looked again, while Soldaire and the ground team got into a Hummer truck. Jiminy, Kuntur, Djanni, Dumont and Sugarplum started to fly.

“Alright, everyone.” said Jiminy “Engaging the binoculars. Calling the Geas Charm Sugarplum gave me.” he completed, touching a little clover-shaped silver pin Sugarplum put on his scarf cravat. He also touched a second charm he used on his Top Hat, given by his mother.

“Okay, going Fairy mode.” said Sugarplum, shrinking and going a little higher than Jiminy. As security, Djanni and Kuntur where front Dumont, Sugarplum and Jiminy: being Atlases, they could stand for more punishment than the others. At the same time, Jiminy could hear Sugarplum whispering over the Earbug and could see her doing little flicks, pointing over Djanni and Kuntur, setting some wards to provide some magical extra defense for them.

“Anything, Jiminy” said Diana.

“Nothing… Wait! Go single file! Minefield ahead!” said Jiminy.

Two of the heavy armored carriers were hit by the mines explosion, going in the air and destroyed. Fortunately, the Berets on them got out okay, after their Ajaxes untumbled them.

“No casualties here, just some bruises. But the Tangos are coming.” said the Beret on the carriers.

“Roger.” said Jiminy. “I think there’s an 1-on-1 ratio for breakthroughs tangos and common ones. Take care for Speedsters! They’ll use them as advantage.”

“We have some here, also.” said Diana, while Jiminy saw explosions all around. Jiminy could see that the MaxBerets Speedsters were running nearby and detonating the mines, “cleaning” the field. At the same time, the smoke and dirt screen created some cover.

“Diana, put the MaxBerets before the common army! They’ll go for a stampede!” said Jiminy, while some tango Atlases and Metamorphs passed through the smoke screen and got into a rampage against the Roque Santeiro’s Forces.

“Alright guys! Rock and Roll!” said one of the Berets commanders, while Roque Santeiro’s breakthroughs engaged the tangos.

“Jiminy!” said Diana “Focus on your mission! Let us with those tangos!”

“Roger!” said Jiminy, while he saw some of the tangos going to them.

“Jiminy!” said Djanni “Me and Kuntur will stop them! Look for the entrance!”

“Dumont, take Sugarplum and Jiminy! said Soldaire “Go through the mount to find the entrance.”

“Alright! Let us see if they can race the Demoiselle.” said Dumont, while Jiminy, Sugarplum and himself turned away from Kuntur and Djanni, racing around the mount while being searched by some tango fliers. One of them Jiminy recognized from the intel files.

“We have Ianshan on our trail.” said Jiminy.

“Don’t worry Jiminy. What your Bellax Analytica says?” said Dumont.

“Nothing by now… But we need to deal with her. She’s coming nearer and nearer.” said Jiminy.

“Let this to me.” said Sugarplum “I’m really wanting to kick some asses. Dumont, stay with Jiminy.”

“I’ll help you, little girl.” said a powerful voice, and Sugarplum recognized it as Kilimanjaro’s. “I know Ianshan good enough, and think I can deal with her.”

“Alright! Good luck!” said Dumont

“Take care, Sugarplum!” said Jiminy, following Dumont

“Don’t worry, short stuff. I think we can deal with this now that we have Kilimanjaro with us.” said Sugarplum, growing back to her size and looking while Kilimanjaro got nearby.

Chapter 18

“St. Michael, defender of man, stand with us in the day of battle. St. Jude, giver of hope, be with us in our desperate hour. St. Christopher, bearer of burdens, lift us when we fall.”

Unattributed prayer for heroes

Sugarplum warded her and Kilimanjaro, while they saw Ianshan coming.

“Alright, Kilimanjaro. You know her. Our intel said she’s an Atlas. Other powers?” said Sugarplum

“No… At least as far I remember.” said Kilimanjaro.

“Could she be crazy enough to use BED?”

“I don’t think so: she’s a too much Goody two shoes for this.”

“And how she got working for an origin seller like Kwazani?” said Sugarplum, abashed.

“It’s not easy to be an African teacher, saying for kids that they can be what they want, and all you see everywhere is suffering and negligence from everyone with the power to do this.” said Kilimanjaro, and Sugarplum understood. “Focus now… Here she comes!”

And that was for real.

Ianshan gave her entrance by going straight against Sugarplum. If wasn’t her wards, she would be turned into mincemeat.

But even with the ward, she was pushed some meters behind, until she could flap her wings again to push back and stop.

“You betrayed us, Josephine.” said Ianshan

“My mother said some truths for me… We need to stop, Cynthia. If Kwazani goes succeed, not only Africa, but the humanity will be bathed in blood.”

“Were was the ‘humanity’ when the school bus fell? They did nothing! Nothing, Josie! Kwazani will show them, when he gave people power to topple corrupt governments…“

“You should know better, Ianshan: Kwazani is all for the money. Origin selling is what he does. Or you didn’t know, or you are fooling yourself. Either way, I’ll need to stop you.” said Kilimanjaro, when Ianshan launched herself against Kilimanjaro.

She was hitted hard, but Kilimanjaro sustained well the punch, even Ianshan being an Atlas.

“Sorry, Cynthia, but I can’t play nice with you after Senesie!” said Kilimanjaro, shooting some bolts against Ianshan…

… that feel nothing.

“Kwazani knew about your treason, and did this for me.” said Ianshan, showing a vest with a slice of copper.

“A copper band for electric insulation.” said Kilimanjaro “Really clever.”

Ianshan then got Kilimanjaro and flew high, but before she could do anything Sugarplum got nearby and talked something in Irish Gaelic.

“Chosaint chugainn ó na fórsaí an namhaid.” and a big dome was risen over her and Kilimanjaro, Sugarplum pointing to it with her Fairy Wand as magical focus.

Ianshan launched herself against the dome. And the energy clash exploded…

…and Sugarplum got the worst, being launched straight to the ground, with a boom, unconscious.

Kilimanjaro looked for Ianshan eyes… And recognized something that made her shiver.

It was her eyes when she knew the foreigners.

“You got your back from our ancestors wisdom, Ianshan.” said Kilimanjaro, looking for Sugarplum. She was somewhat hurt and had passed out, but she was alive. Taking her from the place she landed, she put her near a tree and goes back to the air. Her hair was raised with static, and she looked for Ianshan.

“In part, that was my fault. I was the first one to fall into Kwazani’s poisoned sweet words. But now, I need to stop you.”

“Stop me? How? You can’t hit me, Kilimanjaro! I’ll kill you, and the foreigner, and the kids in future will not need to suffer as we.”

This snapped a thing on Kilimanjaro, when she remembered Senesie.

“Had you ever saw a psychotic breakthrough? I saw one, thanks for this drug Kwazani made. Senesie almost killed his own sister, and I needed their help to stop him without killing her. This drug is poison, and more kids will die in the process. Ianshan, I’ll stop you, even kill you, if this help us to defeat Kwazani.” said Kilimanjaro.

Ianshan then got again against Kilimanjaro, that held her somewhat, some of her ribs exploding. Kilimanjaro could feel the pain, but she said:

“Do you know which more uses copper as circling bands? Microwave Magnetrons.” said Kilimanjaro, putting her hand below Ianshan shirt and using her insulation against herself.

The energy surge in the insulation was enough to make the protection a trap, like an electrical coil, the heat and induction hurting Ianshan, making her scream. Kilimanjaro took just power enough to make Ianshan got unconscious, before getting nearby Sugarplum, herself very hurt.

“Dispatch, Kilimanjaro here… We stopped Ianshan, but me and Sugarplum are really hurt. We need some medic support ASAP.” said Kilimanjaro

“Alright. Hold your position.” said Diana

“Say Jiminy that Sugarplum is okay, but we’ll need some Doctor and care.”

“Alright, Kilimanjaro!” said a young voice with a hint of worry “Jiminy here. Take care of Sugarplum.”

“Okay. Good luck, kid.” said Kilimanjaro, when a small extraction team in a helicopter came for help, when she passed out in exhaustion.

Chapter 19

“Sometimes, the most important decisions are taken in the heat of the battle. No plan can preview all the options. No matter how strong are you, how capable are you, how many calculations you did, you need to give some space for improvisation”

Seiji Shirou, “The Art of War and the post-Event situation strategy”

The battle was intense, but at some time Hufflepuff and LionHeart broke the defense lines and the MaxBerets held the broke line, so a corridor was made. The troops circled the broken defense and deal with them as fast as possible. Soldaire was still on his civilian suit, the armor vest he used to avoid shoots still good.

“Alright.” said Diana, when the battle was almost over. “Jiminy, found the way?”

“Almost!” said Jiminy, using the Earbug “We had some tangos after Kilimanjaro and Sugarplum dealt with Ianshan, but we dealt with them. I think I already found the place, but need to see if my Bellax Analytica will detect a new tango wave.”

“Okay…“ said Diana, when they heard a scream from a big man, running to them. Before they took the chance to shoot, Hufflepuff put himself in the way.

“Everyone, back down.” said the Luchador on his best fighting leotard “This is Magog!”

“Alright, Latino.” said Magog, stopping a little away from them when Hufflepuff posted itself in front of him “You should had stayed on that Narco thrashed country and didn’t messed with us!”

“Hey, chap.” said LionHeart, looking for him “Do you think your boss is that good? He is a coward to send kids gone breakthrough crazy against us and to entice and almost made a kid gone mad and dead on a psychosis breakthrough.”

“Yeah? Looks you’re good enough on chat, foreigner, let us do this on punches!” said the man, almost as big than LionHeart and really bigger than Hufflepuff.

“Hufflepuff, let this to me.” said LionHeart “Always wanted to join a tag-team fight.”

“Okay, Corazón de Leon.” said Hufflepuff “Show them what HSF is made of.”

LionHeart gone and punched the man, that protected his face with the arms. The punch was not enough even to scratch!

“We have a problem! He is…“ said LionHeart, when he was punched back and pushed through very hard.

“LionHeart!” said Hufflepuff, when Magog gone for him.

Although technically smaller, and weaker than either Magog and LionHeart, Hufflepuff was not hit because he was faster, more skilled and had Kayfabe for himself, and so just avoided the hits.

But as a Tecnico Luchador, Hufflepuff played by the rules, and didn’t attacked back, which left Magog with time to made them go back, risking put the others in Magog’s attack range.

“Hufflepuff! Tag!” screamed LionHeart, really hurt, and Hufflepuff understood.

“Alright!” said Hufflepuff, running for LionHeart and tagging himself, and now he could join the fight.

“Okay. You played Rudo with me and my friends, right? Against Hijo de Tolot, Hufflepuff? Por la Sagrada Virgen Maria de Guadalupe, terás tu condena! No one mess with me and my friends and goes against without a Lucha de Apuestas!” said Hufflepuff. LionHeart gasped while rolling away from the fight.

The Lucha de Apuestas for the Luchador Breakthroughs are more than the “normal” Lucha de Apuestas. It’s an almost-to-death fight: they improve their Kayfabe and so grows even stronger, sometimes to an Ultra or even, in particular situations, Omega level. However, if they lose, they are risking their powers, at least for a time: there was registered cases of Luchadores who lost their powers forever after losing a Lucha de Apuestas.

Hufflepuff was risking everything!

“First of all, Rudo, just let me check something: you took some of those BED drug, right?”

“Sure!” said the guy, and Hufflepuff could see it: some of his veins was pulsating, visible for everyone. “Power is all, you understand? We are kicking the foreigner outside Africa. Taking back what is ours, before going to what we deserves.”

“How disgusting! Even looking like a Monstro you can’t hit Hufflepuff.” said Hufflepuff, while the others looked and stopped some of the Ajaxes that could interfere in the fight.

Magog didn’t lost time: he gone for Hufflepuff and grappled him, trying to lock him in the grapple.

The grapple was strong, Hufflepuff thought, but not that skilled, so he pushed his arm and gave a good two-handed stomp against Magog ears, who gone back screaming in pain: even an A-Class Ajax would feel pain on this one, although there was no chance for a permanent damage.

Magog gone crazy and just jumped over Hufflepuff, while throwing some ground dirt on Hufflepuff’s face, his eyes going sanded. Hufflepuff felt both the dirt messing with his eyes and the 200+ pounds of Magog’s 7ft body slamming him in the ground. He gone for exactly the place Hufflepuff feared the most to be shown.

He was trying to remove his mask!

“He was instructed about Lucha de Apuestas!” thought Hufflepuff, feeling that his bravado was now being used against him. Now he would need to fight for real, or his Mask would be lost, and La Passion de La Lucha with it.

He tried the move another time, trying to do the ear stomp, but his left arm was already locked by Magog, who was using some primitive, but effective, local African wrestling technique. He used his other hand to slap him as hard as he could, trusting Kayfabe would be enough to power it.

It was: Magog felt the slap doing another vacuum on his ear, and the pain was great. He released Hufflepuff and gone back, lifting.

Hufflepuff gave a good check on herself: some sore muscles, his left arm a little numb, his lungs now painful breathing for some seconds, but otherwise okay. He chose to play for real and run towards Magog.

Tecnico Luchadores had a great advantage against Rudo Luchadores and overall against Ajaxes: they are faster and more confident on their honed skills. And Hufflepuff was, after all, a Tecnico.

He run and did the Drop kick, slamming his powerful legs against Magog. Then, hastily rolling against the Magog’s punches, he lifted and gone in Crane Stance and hit Magog, who was running against him to try to slam him again, with a Crane Kick straight into his chin. Magog flinched when felt the now broken chin and looked for Hufflepuff, fearfully. The others seeing the fight were astonished and Hufflepuff could see.

Hufflepuff could feel the Kayfabe, the disbelief suspension from the old times, La Passion de La Lucha filling him like power, almost like electrostatic power, running everywhere in his body. So very few times he felt himself like this, and it was in very important times. And now, he was ready to finish Magog.

He run against Magog and jump against his shoulders, locking Magog head with a good leglock and gone for a leg lariat, the slam in the ground lifting dirt and make the nearby ground tremble. He locked Magog and said:

“Now, it’s time for your punishment! És hora de tu condena! EL TÉJON VOLADOR!” screamed Hufflepuff, and gave his Téjon Volador, his exclusive finishing move, launching Magog to the air and jumping, catching it in the air, and putting him in the middle of his legs and falling over him into a spinning lariat, smashing him with a so big stomp that everyone almost could heard Magog’s bones crushing.

LionHeart lifted and gone for Hufflepuff:

“Is he… dead?” said LionHeart

“No.” said Hufflepuff. “I would never kill someone in a lucha, even a Lucha de Apuestas. But he’ll remember what happens which those who messes with Hufflepuff and his friends.”

“Everyone! Found the cave entrance!” said Jiminy “It’s is open! It’s almost like this Kwazani guy would be inviting us.”

“So, Jiminy, let you show your manners and response them: get in” said Diana.

Chapter 20

“People think my power is perfect and that I can see the future: and this is somewhat true, but only in reduced probabilities. As the events into something goes, the possibilities funnel down and Bellax Analytica filters those more possible.”

Jiminy Cricket, “From Dress-up to save up: an underage breakthrough story”

They entered the natural cave in Bintumani mount found by Jiminy Cricket. Soldaire donned his SolArmor and used the SolPistol’s lights with it, going in front of them, and the muscles from the team circling the others: Djanni next Jiminy, Hufflepuff nearby, LionHeart nearby Dumont.

“Dispatch, how is Sugarplum?” said Jiminy.

“She had a concussion, but she’s okay. Stay calm and focused in the mission, no matter what Bellax Analytica shows about Sugarplum. She and Kilimanjaro are okay, albeit they could not be sent to the theater but on an emergency.” said Diana, via Dispatch.

“Roger!” said Jiminy, undoing the connection

They gone through the natural cave until what looked like a very big and reinforced door, that was closed.

“Okay…“ said Dumont “Sounds like Vernetech. Almost can see that there is some kind of knockout gas or something like this as a trap set into this. The entrance is not biometric, thanks God: let me try to hack it.” he said, pulling the left sleeve from his tuxedo, revealing a kind of glove made on brass and copper. “Jiminy, I’ll also need the computer I put into your hat, please.”

Jiminy got near and put his hat in the ground, while Dumont did some connections with alligator clips and coax cables. He took from a pocket some tools and started to open the lock.

“Everyone.” whispered Jiminy “Go back from the door… I think there’s something there I can’t preview. My Bellax Analytica doesn’t work against targets I can’t see, you know.”

“Roger.” said Soldaire “This door was Vernetech treated: I can’t take any heat signature from them. Jiminy, take my mask-cam: we’ll need to get fast into it to avoid surprises.”

“Roger.” said Jiminy, while Dumont took and jacked his jury-rigged system into the door. It was needed almost no time to hack the lock.

“Alright, I’m in.” said Dumont “When you want.”

“Everyone, ready for action. You too, Jiminy: set the Crickets for stun.” said Soldaire.

“Right!” said Jiminy, pulling from the holsters into his tuxedo both his Crickets and readying them.

“Go for this, Dumont!” said Soldaire.

Dumont just hit some keys into his glove keyboard and the door opened. As soon he could see, Jiminy said.

“There tangos everywhere. Dispatch, we need support here now…“ he said, trying to get help, when he heard static.

“It’s a trap!” said Dumont “The door was rigged to generate static! We had been cutted from the outside!” said Dumont.

“Cáspita!” said Kuntur “And the place is not high enough for neither me or Djanni to fly!” said Kuntur.

“Alright!” said Soldaire, going into SolArmor “Havoc protocols. Let us kick those guys asses.”

They entered and started to fight, leaving Dumont, Djanni and Jiminy behind.

“Djanni, protect Jiminy and Dumont. Dumont, try and override or shut the static signal ASAP. Jiminy, help Dumont.” said Soldaire

“But…“ said Jiminy, when Soldaire said

“We can deal with those guys!” said Soldaire.

“Alright.” said Jiminy.

Jiminy got nearby Dumont, while Djanni put himself between the two.

“Never used my Bellax Analytica for this, and I don’t know too much electronics!” said Jiminy

“Let us do this way:” said Dumont “If your power says that things could go even amok, says me… Trust me with my knowledge and I’ll trust your Bellax Analytica.”

“Right.” he said, while he could hear the fight, Djanni sustaining his position

“I could help them, by Allah!” said Djanni

“No.” said Jiminy “Let us trust Soldaire and the others. Looks those guys are just D or C-Classes Ajaxes or Projectors, meat-shield for protecting Kwazani.”

“Alright: I overcome the static, at least for some.” said Dumont.

“Dispatch! It’s Jiminy! We have a Charlie Foxtrot here! I repeat, we have a Charlie Foxtrot! Havoc protocols are a go for some guys that…“ said Jiminy, when something came through the shadows and looked for Jiminy.

Djanni tried to go for it and was hit straight in the chest, while Dumont put it under his target, but the woman that came from the shadows was quicker and rolled a tentacle under Jiminy’s throat, making him gasp.

“His life is under you and your friends. Stop the fight now, or the kid will die.” said the woman, using firefly wings. Dumont could see by Jiminy’s face that she was pulling his throat enough to choke him slowly.

“Soldaire, stop the fight!” shouted Dumont, lowering the gun and looking for Djanni.

“What?” replied Soldaire.

“They got Jiminy!”

“What?” said Hufflepuff, that looked through the open door and saw Jiminy being choked and tried to run to save him. Another tentacle made of solid darkness hit him through the chest with power enough to make the Luchador finch in pain.

“If you don’t want your mask out of you, Luchador, stay back.” ordered the woman “I think you on metal armor are the leader. So, it’s simple: you surrender, or the kid die. Simple that. Your choice.”

Jiminy was suffocating, they could see: the small hint of cheek visible below his green cricket-shaped half-mask was growing beet red and starting to purple.

“Alright.” sighed Soldaire, undoning his Soldaire suit helmet. “We surrender!”

“Good.” approved the woman, loosing a little the tentacle through Jiminy’s neck. They could Jiminy huffing and puffing desperately for air while looking to the others, defeated and worried.

“Now, free those tentacles and let Jiminy go.” demanded Soldaire “He’s a kid.”

“I don’t see this way. See, Adze here is not as dumb as you think, and the fact you don’t know about me is the proof.” gloated the woman, Adze.

“So, you’re with Kwazani?” said LionHeart.

“Yes. He send me to give you his greetings and usher you to him. Well, about the kid, he’s a cape, and his powers are great. So, it’s simple: he tries to speak, he dies. You do something I don’t want, he dies. Am I clear? Just nod, no need to talk.” said Adze.

Soldaire looked for Jiminy: even with his powers, he was just as resilient as a common kid, and by the finch Hufflepuff gives after being hit by them, he could see that Adze woman was really strong. “Maybe A-Class Shadow Projector, with some Merlin or Metamorph on her. There’s nothing we can do for now.” he thought, while he nodded. Hufflepuff, Dumont and Kuntur repeated the gesture.

“Alright.” approved Adze, taking a little bag from the shadows and pushing it to Dumont “Put those on your friends.” she demanded.

Dumont opened the bag: Blacklock manacles.

“You and the kid I took will not need this. But don’t play dumb with me: remember, any kind of funny move, and I’ll snap this kid neck like a twig.” said Adze.

Dumont did as she said, going and put the team muscles under manacles.

“You, robot guy, give the transformation equipment for your guy. If you try anything weird, I’ll kill the kid and destroy the device. This order.” said Adze.

Soldaire did as said and gave the SolChange device for Dumont.

“Now, goes in front of me.” said Adze to Dumont. “The others follow you, and I stay with this kid.”

“And Djanni?” said Dumont.

“The other kid will stay here. He’s alive, if this is what you want to know. No need to him to die.” said Adze, while getting nearby Jiminy’s Earbug that fell in the ground and stomping it, turning it into pieces. “Now, let’s go! And no funny moves: remember that this Jiminy kid life is under my hands. And I’m not fool enough to free his throat enough to him does that Pretty Please! thing.” she mocked Jiminy voice when saying Pretty Please! on a way that almost made LionHeart goes mad.

“No, LionHeart.” said Soldaire, lifting his arm in front of him “Don’t get into her blab… It’s what she want.”

“Looks like you’re really wise.” said Adze. “Let’s go!” she ordered, and they gone through the cave.

Chapter 21

“One thing that we can see is that those murtadd tends to justify their actions on hate. But Allah is the Compassionate One, that is so in love for even the infidels that send the Prophets in the past, and send Mohammad His Messenger (PBUH), to warn people to atone themselves from the sins and surrender to Himself. But those with hate in his heart tries to use everything to justify his actions, even the Compassionated One’s Prophet (PBUH) words, by distorting His message. Against this should be our fight beyond everything, to bring Allah’s justice for the hateful.”

Altayr Bashir Tahan, “Musings on the Holy Q’uran and the Event, from a Breakthrough Muslim”

Cabby heard Jiminy’s Earbug while they entered and gone worried when they got into that trap. When they said about the trap and the transmission was interrupted after Adze captured them, they assumed things gone into a real Charlie Foxtrot.

“Dispatch! Dispatch! This is Cabby! We have a hostage situation!”, shouted Cabby, that stayed outside as security.

“Cabby, Diana’s here!” said Diana in the rendezvous. “I’m getting there and Corin is taking the operation lead in my place. I heard it enough.”

“Instructions?” asked Cabby

“Just wait for us. As far we understood, they are keeping hostage Soldaire’s team. We have Kilimanjaro and Sugarplum hurt…“ replied Diana

“We are okay now. We are a go!” stated Sugarplum, via Earbug, getting nearby Cabby.

“No chance, Sugarplum. Wait me. Don’t engage now!” said Diana.

“I’m getting there.” said a chirped voice, like something a Chipette from Alvin and the Chipmunks could sound. Cabby saw a little meerkat running to him, but the meerkat turn back into a woman, Lesley.

“We are here in the communication relay.” said Cabby.

“Alright. Sugarplum, if you and Kilimanjaro are okay enough, wait me there rendezvous” said Diana.

While they wait, Sugarplum ready some geasa for them for mystical protection.

Diana got near running. She was carrying also her Vernetech-alloy spear and looked like someone ready to kick some butts hard.

“Alright everyone. They was the last straw.” spat Diana “No matter Jiminy being a cape, but use a kid as meat-shield is something that crossed all the lines. It’s Havoc Protocols from now till we get Kwazani.”

“And what about Jiminy and Djanni?” said Sugarplum.

“We need to deal with this somehow, but we can’t take lightly with them.” enforced Diana, and she saw Sugarplum making a shrug “Now, look: if they were playing by The Rules, I would also, right? We’ll hit them very hard. And I think that you and Kilimanjaro will help us.”

“I never was there, at least by the way they took.” said Kilimanjaro “Each of us had a special way to get into, but as I was compromised I didn’t talked about that before.”

“That was somewhat clever from Kwazani.” said Diana “Maybe with some luck we can get into by it.”

“No.” said Cabby “Maybe we should take back Djanni at least.”

“You’re right, but somehow I feel they left Djanni as a bait for us.” said Diana.

“Alright… Let me go. I can go fairy without going full Tink trick. I’ll be with the Earbug off, so they could not detect the signal. I’ll try to convince Djanni to get out and test things… If otherwise, I can act as a relay for you.” said Sugarplum “I hate this really so much, but do the Tinkerbell would be a good way to avoid them, nah?”

“Sounds like a plan. However, if you are attacked, Havoc protocols and all charms you can do.” said Diana.

“Alright.” said Sugarplum, getting Tinkerbell sized and flying near Diana’s ear, and saying in a voice so low that for Diana was like whispers “I’ll talk this way with Djanni. My voice in this form is so low that even people nearby couldn’t hear, but my Earbug when engaged sounds the same way.”

“Okay. In the meantime, me, Squirrel Girl and Kilimanjaro will try to enter via her secret entrance. If there’s tangos there, at least we can buy you some time, Sugarplum.” said Diana “As soon you feel it safe or necessary, use the Earbug. Cabby, stay here until further orders and stays in contact with Corin and Roque Santeiro.”

“Right.” said Cabby, unlocking a heavy machine gun

Sugarplum got into the cave: she needed to assume that getting into a dark cave into her Fairy mode gave her the willies, but she thinks that she would get nearby Djanni very fast. Her eyes were not adapted enough and she was not crazy enough to light herself into the Tink trick. Using a flashlight on her size was just a waste of battery, as all her normal equipment was affected by the size change, so the flashlight would not even light some millimeters away. The Earbug, however, was Vernetech: the size of a ear protector, it is a comm system with some extra functions, like life parameters monitoring. It was this way they knew Jiminy was took hostage and Djanni was alive.

The trip in the dark cave in her Tink form was something that was being hard to deal; her breakthrough was pushed by her fear of dying on an attack during a Nutcracker presentation, and it was also being pushed by the human natural fear of darkness. But she needed to push herself even tougher against the fear. For some reason, she started to recite something she received from a nerd friend after her best ballet friend died from an overdose, when she still was only Eileen McRae, not Sugarplum:

“I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.” whispered Sugarplum, again and again, feeling her mind calmer and stronger to fly till Djanni.

She got into a place where she could saw the door where the others were captured. She could see Jiminy’s Top Hat, still with the alligator clips connected into the place. “A trap? Or just left behind?” said Sugarplum, when she saw Djanni on the other side.

She flew till she got nearby Djanni. She could in her size hear Djanni’s breath. She thought on how to wake-up him, and chose the simpler way. She gone to the Earbug-less ear and said, very loudly (for her size):

“Djanni! Djanni! Wake up! It’s me, Sugarplum!” she yelled, and looked for the eyes.

Still closed.

She repeated two or three times when she saw him opening his eyes, his head moving in pain. He looked for the sides and could not see anyone.

“Was I killed and now it’s Time of Reckoning?” moaned Djanni.

“No, Djanni.” replied Sugarplum “It’s me. I’m almost into your right ear.”

She felt him taking his hand to his ear and gone to it like it was a cushion pillow. He took her to his face, that was enormous. She chose to do a little of the Tink trick, making her body magically glow a little, just enough for Djanni see it was her, not a fly or bug.

“Ms. McRae…“ said Djanni

“Remember, in field I’m Sugarplum.” shouted Sugarplum, which for Djanni was just a little, barely understandable, squeak.

“Oh, all right, Sugarplum…“ said Djanni and he gave a yelp that sounded like a heavy metal show for her. “Owie! What happened… I just remember that woman…“

Sugarplum flew to his right ear and started to talk, sitting into his ear like a weirdly put earring.

“Sorry, Djanni, I’ll need to sit here for a while, until we feel it’s safe enough to engage Earbug talking.” started Sugarplum “Just whisper with me: your normal voice is like thunder for someone my size.”

“Alright…“ whispered Djanni.

“That woman you saw is called Adze. We don’t know about her, but sounds like a Shadow Manipulator, with some Merlin to turn things worse.” lectured Sugarplum “After she hit you, she catched Jiminy and menaced to break his neck if the others didn’t surrender. She took the others, after making Soldaire don off the Soldaire Armor and putting Blacklocks in the others.”

“And what we could do?” said Djanni.

“We can deal with him after… I’ll catch Jiminy’s hat. I don’t know it’s a trap, but better recover it.” said Sugarplum, while looking Djanni ears “Ewww… This is not the best time, but need to say: you need to clean your ears properly.”

This comment made Djanni laugh a little, and then Sugarplum made a psst

“Don’t, Djanni! We don’t know if the Kwazani guy left anyone nearby. Just a minute. Go nearby Jiminy’s hat.”

When Djanni get nearby, Sugarplum got out his ear and grew back his natural size and looked for the hat.

“Let us disconnect those cables, and get into…“ said Sugarplum, but when they took it the door started to close.

“Hurry, Djanni!” hasted Sugarplum, putting the hat on her head and going Tink again, the hat shrinking with her. Her and Djanni just passed through the door and entered the place.

“Shucks!” she shouted, after getting back into Djanni’s ear, so she could talk to him. “We are locked inside. Find a place to hide, quick!” instructed Sugarplum, and Djanni run behind some big barrels with Sugarplum holding Djanni’s ears for her dear life.

“Hope there’s not a detection system. I’ll put my Earbug and let another fall. Take it and put it. Things are growing Foxtrot anyway.” said Sugarplum, taking from one of the hidden pockets at her costume petticoats (the only time she thanked God for them) some Earbugs and put one into her ear while leaving the other falling in the ground so her shrinking field lost its effect on it and Djanni could put it. She got some distance away from Djanni’s, that activated his Earbug. “Dispatch, it’s Sugarplum! Djanni is wake up, but when we tried to take Jiminy’s hat back, I think we undone Dumont’s hack on the entrance door. No way an Atlas or Ajax could put it down, look like this thing is made on a Vernetech Super-Steel alloy. Are you copying me?”

“Diana here… Sounds like Kwazani and his guys are going sloppy now they took the others. It’s being somewhat easy to take down the tangos here.” said Diana

“We can see you. How is Djanni?” asked Cabby at the command center.

“I’m okay.” replied funny Djanni “Just a little sore, but soon I’ll be okay. Good dibs on being an Atlas.”

“Don’t get cocky, Djanni.” retorted Diana “Sugarplum, how is situation? Can you fly?”

“Just a minute… Djanni, stay where you are.” replied Sugarplum. She flew a little and looked around before getting even deeper.

“There’s a big room, full of chemical barrels. Looks like the drug materials. Some of them are connected to some pipes. Looks like there’s no cameras or move sensors. Djanni, get over and came here… There’s an elevator in the end of the room. No one is there. We’ll get down, Diana.” stated Sugarplum.

Djanni got out his hiding spot and got nearby. He took his scimitar from the sheath in his back.

“Just let us see if there’s okay.” said Sugarplum.

It was easy to get through the room… Almost too easy.

“Okay… Let us go for the next floor.” said Sugarplum, looking for stair. She found some stairs at the side. “Better go on stairs. It would be more suspicious a elevator be called if everyone is down.”

“But the stairs could have cameras.” said Djanni. “I could bar the doors and we could get down by the elevator pit.”

“The elevators would not close the doors with the outside door being barred somehow.” said Sugarplum “Besides, let me do my charm somehow.” said Sugarplum, when Djanni opened the door.

There was cameras, Djanni was right, so Sugarplum would need to be fast. She flew to them and used some of his magic to shortcut the camera circuits using some magic flares from her magic wand.

“Right, Djanni. Let me get down and shut the cameras down. Sooner or latter they’ll notice us, but if we are lucky enough we’ll be able to get down enough to find the others.” said Sugarplum, while flying like the little fairy she’s now.

“Okay.” said Djanni, getting down when it was safe.

Chapter 21

“Even when they know who we are, if they come after us they come after us, in uniform, without involving our families. And when we go after them, we stick to the law and usually try and bring them in alive, even if a general warrant’s been issued. When both sides play by the rules, the bodies don’t start piling up.”


They were brought down the mountain, and down and down, Jiminy all the time with his neck totally uncomfortable, as it was loose enough so he could breath, but not enough to use his Pretty Please! After being made hostage, he saw Dumont being forced to take everyone’s Earbugs and gave them for the Adze woman, that put them on a pocket in her shadow-made clothes. Her shadows were not common ones, but it was like a dark hole in reality, just gulping the light nearby. It was beautiful and grotesque and horrible in equal proportions for Jiminy.

“Do you like this, kiddo? Maybe I can play with you if this passes. It’s my Shadow-cloth, and it’s part of my breakthrough powers. I’m what your Barlow’s describes as a Merlin, based on the Adze vampiric firefly, with some projection powers, so I can join the Shadows and be one of them, so whatever there’s a Shadow, I can join it as far I can touch it on a solid place.” said Adze, gloating.

“She was really a Merlin, and by what she says on her powers, she’s also a Shadow projector.” thought Jiminy, fearfully. If wasn’t the previous training, Jiminy would be freaking out: his Bellax Analytica was pushing hard and grim against his mind. Only the focus developed after all the Go games made Jiminy push away the grim “futures” he was seeing in his mind and focus his mind on how to get out of this. He was trying to record the way Adze was guiding them, and he could see they are going deeper and deeper into the lion’s cave.

They passed through a great manufacture plant, where automatic robots were filling the blisters with some substances. Some technicians (“Vernes”, though Jiminy) were looking on computer screens, sometime hitting some keys on keyboards or setting some dials. Looks like the drug mixing process for BED needed some human intervention for fine tuning.

It was when they got into another elevator, and they gone to another room. Very comfy and, surprising, not looking too much like a cheesy Bond film villain HQ. The room was clean and well-equipped with all kinds of computers and and a big chem-lab. Jiminy could see even a DNA Sequencer nearby. A big screen was engraved in the wall.

Adze pushed them and got nearby in a corner and got back into the shadows. After the big steel door being closed, they saw a man.

“Oh, hello, Mister Bond!” said the man, before turning to them, giving a cheeky sneer. “Need to say, I always wanted to say this.”

He was an African man, not that big like Magog or sly like Panther, but with a confident face. His face showed royalty, Jiminy could see: he didn’t had the look of a common person, but looks like a slim Shaquille O’Neil, slim and royal. He was confident on knowing that he had, at least that time, the upper hand. Curiously, the Bellax Analytica was not too much grim now. “Looks like we can have a way to escape.” though Jiminy, while seeing the man gloating.

“So at last we’ll be acquainted to each other. I’m Derek Kwazani, and, to put all the cards in the table, I’m what your Barlow guy call an Verne, A-Class. And if you are into that old-fashioned style, you maybe will cry something about surrendering” said Derek.

“So, this is the game.” though Jiminy “So, let us play by the book.”

“Mister, Pretty Please!, why you want us to do this? Let us go!” faked a whin Jiminy, trying to use his power, even knowing that it would not work.

As it didn’t.

“No way you could mess with my mind… But… Let us stay into the trope: now it’s time to me to say my ‘evil plan’, right?” said Kwazani, obviously unphased “Oh, well, my plan is simple: bring power back to Africa. You see, no matter all the balderdash they talk about Europe or Asia or America being the civilization birthplace, Africa is humanity birthplace. And before even Genghis Khan, there was big empires in Africa, not just Egypt, but also the Abyssinian, and many others. No matter what Israel calls, Egypt was stronger than them in the past. My objective is simple: bring Africa to their past glory.” said Kwazani, calmly.

“Ok, a Cause Villain.” though Jiminy “But not as villainous… Let us still play things: maybe we can escape and defeat him, or at least buy time for the others to came on.”

“And, to stay on our so called Journey’s Hero: how I would want to deal with this? Well, in my researches about the breakthrough I found some interesting common triggers that could be used to provide powers for anyone. And it’s this the way: by creating my own heroes, so to speak. After all, the hero of someone is the terrorist of someone else.” said Kwazani, appreciating the gloating like someone would taste a good vine or, for Jiminy, a tasty McDonald’s Happy Meal.

“Alright: think I had my part in the trope. So it’s yours: die or run away.” said Kwazani

Adze used her power in the ground below them, and they felt a hole of pure darkness getting below them, Jiminy included. They were being dragged, but it was fast enough to not allow them to react, even considering Jiminy’s Bellax Analytica. When they got out, the Blacklocks got out the hands of the others. It was somewhat dark and Jiminy took some time to adapt to the darkness.

They saw themselves into a big natural cave turned into something like a big Super-MMA ring. They looked around and saw some of the workers looking for them.

“Hufflepuff… I think you’ll feel yourself at home here.” said Jiminy, trying to do a little fun, but his voice didn’t hiding the fact he was really scared.

“No, Pepito Grillo, the SAAA rings were never this dark.” said Hufflepuff.

“Soldaire, I think they left me your SolChange with me.” said Dumont, giving back to Soldaire the SolChange device.

Soldaire put the device in his left arm and, after a gesture said. “Soldaire Henkan! Oh yuukoh ni shimasu!”.

“Engaging Soldaire Transformation!” Jiminy knew. The passkey to activate the Soldaire transformation, bringing the nanobots SolMetal to our dimension from the pocket dimension inside the SolChange, around Soldaire’s body, taking his clothes’ place. A process that curiously took .001 second, like some of those old Pre-Event Sentai series.

The lights started to get on, showing the big ring they were in front of them…

…and two Monsters in front of them. They looked like human, but more like Neanderthals or something like this.

“Which news you want, everyone… The bad or the worst?” said Dumont.

“The bad.” said Jiminy, impulsively.

“Those guys are BED-stoned.” said Dumont.

“And the worst?” said Hufflepuff

“They are so high in the BED that, and I hope I’m wrong… They gone atavic and are now Ultra-level!” said Dumont, taking his Pince-Nez and trying looking cool…

Without Success.

Chapter 22

“People think that breakthroughs are all mighty, no matter what. It’s not true. But I can say this: if you see a monster that even an A-Class Ajax can’t stand alone, run for your life! Dealing with Ultra and, god forbid, Omega events are beyond almost everyone but the mightiest or the foolest to deal with by your own, without help.”

Jiminy Cricket, “From Dress-up to save up: an underage breakthrough story”

“Hey, Sugarplum.” said Djanni “Looks like those people are getting to somewhere.” he said, while seeing that the technics were going to one place behind a door.

“Alright.” said Sugarplum, hitting the Earbug “Diana, where are you?”

“We are getting on: we had some distractions with some traps. Nothing too big, but enough to make us waste time. We are hearing some cheers, like there was happening a show or fight.” said Diana.

“Alright. Me and Djanni are getting as down as we can. Think Jiminy and the others are somewhere down or nearby we are.” said Sugarplum

“Roger. Djanni, any tango you see, go into Havoc protocol. Those guy brought the Charlie Foxtrot, we’ll bring it back for them.” said Diana. “Play safe, play hard, play harsh, play dirty, protect yourself and Sugarplum!”

“Right.” said Djanni, when he felt something getting nearby himself…

A very know sensation.

“Sugarplum, look out!” said Djanni, going fast flying beyond the solid darkness that was forming, trying to grab him.

“Alright!” said Sugarplum.

Adze took form in the darkness, just leaving her eyes, bright and poison yellow, somewhat visible.

“Okay…“ said Sugarplum, growing back “I heard you, and you looked like terror, but now… You’re not only Merlin and Projector. You had a psychotic breakthrough and also is a fucking sadistic bitch.”

“Pain is illumination.” said Adze “Even the white knows this. ‘Spare the rod, spoil the children’, isn’t what said?”

“You’re disgusting!” said Sugarplum, when the woman get back to the shadows, and they started to feel the tentacles flying everywhere, hitting everything except them, but for a bit.

Sugarplum gone back to her size and Djanni flew through some of the tentacles that either tried to hit him straight or to grab him.

“Sugarplum, I can just feel for a little when the tentacles came!” said Djanni.

“She’s really fast!” said Sugarplum “She must be. It’s very uncommon for someone goes undetected by Jiminy’s Bellax Analytica.”

It was when Djanni gone a little faster and didn’t took care, and Adze rolled some tentacles through his arms and legs.

“Stop now, little Tinkerbell.” said Adze, gleeful, holding Djanni over her head by his limbs, one dark tentacle circling each. “Go back to your real size, or I’ll rip this kid limbs apart.”

Sugarplum grew back.

“Right…“ said Adze. “I always wanted to kill a little fairy. How do you’ll die? Will I just need to say I don’t believe in fairies and you’ll die?” said her, mocking Jiminy voice when saying “I don’t believe in fairies!”

And this snapped something in Sugarplum.

“You fucking bitch!” said Sugarplum, starting to glow.

“Go back, silly girl, or the kid here will die!” said Adze worried, but it was when Djanni looked to her.

“Do what you need, Sugarplum! By Allah, the Mighty One and the Compassionated One, and Muhammad his Prophet (PBUH)! Do what you need! Allah Akbar! Maktub! This is our fate, our three!” said Djanni, feeling the pain as the grapple grew strong and pushing his limbs beside his body, trying to rip them apart Djanni.

But, instead to do what what Adze wanted, Sugarplum gone exactly opposite, growing more and more.

“Djanni, close your eyes!” said Sugarplum. “Aine, Badb, Brigit, Cailleach, Dagda, Danu, Goibniu, Macha…” she started to say, her body going brighter and brighter each name she said, until the light became so intense it grew hurtful. The light pulse was making Adze going weaker and weaker.

Adze’s power was based on darkness and despair and madness. Sugarplum’s, otherwise, was based on light and healing and blessing, although she could claim for the warrior deities from past, like Brigit and Macha, if needed.

Adze tried to push harder Djanni’s limbs, but the light was so bright that this only made the tentacles fade away like a foul mist.

“Now, Djanni! I can’t hold this forever!” said Sugarplum, desperate and full on wrath.

“Allah Akbar!” cried Djanni, pushing all his power in only a punch.

A common person could had his guts exploded by the full power of an A-Class Ajax like Djanni.

And even an A-Class Merlin and Projector could have problems, as a non-Ajax was always weaker against an Ajax on physical prowess.

No matter the A-Class Ajax was a 9-years old Tunisian refugee.

The punch made the shadows fade away from her body and some of the energy hit her straight into his lungs, making her expel her air. Djanni gave another punch, that didn’t hit the head that was his target, but made her shoulder explode into mincemeat, still linking her right arm to her body only God knows how. When he tried to bring the finishing blow, pushing his scimitar to chop her head out, he felt the light going down, but still bright enough.

“Stop, Djanni. Enough. Kill her will not help us.” said Sugarplum, and Djanni looked now for what he was pointing his scimitar.

The woman, without her Shadow-cloth, was using only a Tank Top and fatigues. Her face was somewhat common, except by the pain and lust in her face. For some reason, Djanni though she was pathetic and pitiful. Sugarplum looked everywhere and saw something.

“I didn’t know this Kwazani guy was so smart.” said Sugarplum, looking for something in a rack. “Djanni, I can’t touch that thing: you’ll need to do this.” she said, pointing a black pair of manacles.

“Those are Blacklocks?” said Djanni, taking their.

“The Merlin variation: take silver, salt, and cold iron. Some call this Fake Oriichalcum.” said Sugarplum “This is Vernetech to be used against some kind of projectors and Merlins. It circumvents our powers and blocks our access to any kind of source power, no matter is Glamour, Prana, Qi, or anything else. Just push this away, please, it gives me the willies.” she said

Djanni put the manacles and took the keys, when Diana, Squirrel Girl, Panther and Kilimanjaro.

“You catched her. Good work.” said Diana “And how are you, Djanni.”

“Sore…“ said Djanni, flexing his wrists and ankles back to his place “But okay.”

“Alright.” said Diana, when they saw that Adze was waking up and smiled

“You’ll not save your friends.” said Adze, gleeful

“What?” said Sugarplum

“They are into The Pit… No one had gone alive from it and the Monsters.” said Adze

“For your own well, I would hope they are alive.” said Diana, unlocking her heavy machine-gun and pointing it to Adze’s head “Now, if you want to stay with your head as it is now, say me what and where is that Pit.”

And Adze spilled the beans, looking that Diana was business.

Chapter 23

“You need to always improve yourself, always work your skills. Even if looks like there’s no apparent reason, sooner or later all your effort will pay the profits, even by staying with your head over your neck at the end.”

Jiminy Cricket, “From Dress-up to save up: an underage breakthrough story”

“I don’t know about you, but this guy is really cheesy, in my humble opinion!” said Dumont, when they were fighting the two Monsters. A kind of battle music was being played by some speakers in the cave. Dumont recognized it as the same music from the classic Pon-farr battle at Classic Star Trek.

Jiminy run away and tried to put himself out of the way, as he was small enough. But he tried to use his Bellax Analytica to detect the Monsters move.

“They are too much savage!” said Jiminy “I can’t precog them! And I can’t see those guys being stopped with my Pretty Please!”

“Damn!” said LionHeart, joining Dumont and Jiminy himself into one of them, Soldaire and Hufflepuff in the other.

“Jiminy, set your weapons for kill!” said Soldaire “Don’t play small with those guys!”

“Alright!” said Jiminy and he started to shot his Cricket weapons as much as he could.

But against those Ultra guys, the Cricket shots were like bee stings: annoying, but unhurtful.

Jiminy was almost hit by one of those guys, but he dodged the attack, even considering the Iron Cricket armor’s weight. He, however, was not totally unscathed. He yelped, feeling his ankle getting sprained.

“Jiminy!” said LionHeart

“I’m okay, it’s just my ankle.” said Jiminy trying to get over, but the ankle isn’t helping, as he limped his way out of the danger.

“Stay there, Jiminy.” said Soldaire “Help us from where you are and use your Bellax Analytica as much as possible.” said Dumont

“Right.” said Jiminy, and tried to focus on…

And he saw that he could.

The Go training for Bellax Analytica had paid his profits!

“Alright, I can see them!” said Jiminy, passing the orientations to the others.

They could see that their attacks hit even more hard the big Monsters. But their intuition pushed them against the little cricket kid.

“Hufflepuff, on one of them!” said Soldaire.

Hufflepuff ran and launched one of them against the walls that made the pit, feeling the Kayfabe growing even more now. But he felt himself tired, like all the others.

“This will never end!” said Hufflepuff “We need to put at least one of them down for sure!”

“Let me help you!” said Jiminy “LionHeart, go for the one Hufflepuff is attacking!”

“Alright!” said LionHeart.

The Monster was not that dumb, and gone for the main into a Lion-like costume and clashed int him, hands holding hands, confident on his great strength.

But he didn’t understood the Rock-Paper-Scissors.

“Now, Hufflepuff!” said Jiminy, while rolling out from the other Monster attack “He’s off-guard!”

Hufflepuff didn’t needed another asking, and run for him, going to it and grappling him and giving a strong double stomping over his ears. The Monsters roared in pain, when LionHeart started to punch his chest.

“LionHeart, forget the niceness. Havoc protocol! Straight into his stomach!” said Jiminy, running a little, his voice painfully, from the other Monster, that attacked him, Dumont and Soldaire randomly.

“Right!” said LionHeart, giving his best one-two straight into the stomach as Jiminy said.

And he found why: his one-two into its stomach worked like a Dim Mak, making him growl in pain, giving some step behind, feeling really hurt.

Because even an Ultra-Class Ajax feel pain and damage.

“Alright, Hufflepuff. Let’s do it!” said LionHeart, joining Hufflepuff into a pseudo-wrestling combat.

“I need help here, Jiminy!” said Dumont, while shooting the Monster.

“Looks like those Monsters don’t sustain too much at the same time. Soldaire, Dumont, let us shot him straight in the chest, rapid-fire!”

“Alright, Jiminy!” they said, using the rapid fire mode in the weapons to shoot as much as they could.

The good news was that the Monster started to feel the pain and punishment.

Bad news is: he gone amok on this.

He catched Jiminy off-guard and launched him against the other side of the room like a kid on a tantrum throwing a ragdoll, making Jiminy cry in pain, when he crashed against the wall.

“Jiminy!” said Soldaire, while Hufflepuff finished one of the Monsters, that got down limp in the ground.

“Don’t worry with me!” said Jiminy, his voice full on pain. “Stay on it!”

“I’ll see for Jiminy, Soldaire!” said LionHeart

“I’ll help you to get this thing down!” said Hufflepuff, and both split way. While Hufflepuff used his Kayfabe to boost his strength and hold the monster, LionHeart gone for Jiminy.

“How are you, Jiminy?” said LionHeart.

“I think my leg is broken!” whined weakily Jiminy, crying in pain like the little kid he is “The armor took the worst of the impact, but this monster is really strong!”

LionHeart looked: one of the legs of the armor was destroyed, and the impact was enough to make Jiminy’s leg bones break and goes outside.

“Damn!” said LionHeart “Double exposed fracture! We need to deal with this fast!” he said, remvoing the broken armor. After that, he undid Jiminy’s cravat and took the scarf from Jiminy’s neck.

“Looks clean enough for now! This will do the job!” he said, looking for the scarf “Now, I’ll need you to be a good and courageous boy, because this will hurt!” he said and, unceremoniously, pulled his shin bones’ parts back into his leg, making Jiminy cry in pain.

“Good kid!” said LionHeart, huffing Jiminy’s hair a little and cleaning the tears from his face for bring him back from the pain “Now, I’ll stanch the blood as much as I can and then we’ll see.” he said, doing a tourniquet a little over the bone using the scarf and cleaning as must as he could from the blood.

“Please, LionHeart, put me over your shoulders!” said Jiminy, moaning in pain.

“Right…“ said LionHeart

When he was over LionHeart, he pointed his hand to the Monster.

“Dumont, Soldaire, where I’ll shoot!” said Jiminy, pointing the faulty Tesla Arc Cannon to the Monster and starting to shoot, targeting the Monster’s face.

“Jiminy, NO!” said Dumont, but he was already shooting into a rapid fire using the Canons.

The Iron Cricket’s Tesla Arc Cannon was faulty, they all know: the cooling system was not good, the exhaust system not correctly deployed. Even using the gloves from his common costume below it, Jiminy could feel the vapour exhaust hitting his hand. He was doing as much as he could, trying to not thinking in the pain in his leg and hands, the adrenalin rush helping him to forget the pain.

Soldaire and Dumont saw that the only option was to join Jiminy on dealing with the Monster and finishing it as fast as they could, so they shoot it straight into his face: even an Ultra could stand so much shots. The Monster started to to fell until his face was almost destroyed by the energy shots, when he fell in the ground. Dumont needed to get near Jiminy, while he continued to shot the dead body and crying.

“Okay, Jiminy, stop. Enough. We are safe by now. Now, let me see these hands!” said Dumont, taking the glove, now exhausting lots of vapor.

When they saw his right hand, it was full of blisters, his normal glove below the Tesla Arc Cannon making Jiminy yelp when Dumont removed it as it somehow got fused with his hand because the vapour heat. The left one was not better

“This is not good. Luck I have a Vernetech healing kit here.” said Dumont, when they heard some claps and they looked to the claps.

“Very good. You are really powerful.” said Kwazani in a balcony, unlocking a heavy machine gun “Unfortunately, I can’t left you alive. Believe me, I’ll not sit at Hague or New York, except to be the new master of the world. Hope there’s no resentment.”

Chapter 24

“One of the best parts of being part of a CAI Team (I don’t like the ‘super-team’ thing: it’s posh and unreal) is: you have another family. And when your own family is so far away that they just can’t see you bleeding and panting and crying, you need a shoulder to cry when you’re in pain. And because of this, CAI Teams are so important for a cape.”

Jiminy Cricket, “From Dress-up to save up: an underage breakthrough story”

Kwazani was savoring the moment: he had a higher ground, the Mastermind kid was hurt and all of them was tired. Sure, he lost his Monsters, unfortunated souls that, after a BED overdose gone atavic, his body growing stronger and the mind rolling his evolution back to the Homo Erectus. But this was just a setback, and when he got from this guys, he would take his forces and then the world would tremble!

It was what he was thinking when the Honey Badger hit him straight in the back with its long claw.

He felt pain and tried to take the Badger back, but he also felt a foul smell. And he looked for the Honey Badger…

And saw that it had a skunk tail.

And it had four allies, including the traitors Panther and Kilimanjaro!

“Now, Kwazani, put this thing down!” said the black woman he recognized as Diana, the foreigner leader from Roque Santeiro, pointing an military-grade M-60 against him. “Believe me… The one who will suffer more will be you! Sugarplum, see how the others are.”

He felt the little wind going near his left side when the fairy girl passed very hastily beside him. The Honey Badger gave him a very strong hiss, the skunk tail tensed ready for another stink shot.

“Alright, Squirrel Girl, I think this guy already knows how disgusting you feel he is.” said Diana, and the Honey Badger grew back into a woman with squirrel ears and tail.

“They are okay!” said Sugarplum via Earbug. “Jiminy is very hurt, but he already received first aid. Dumont and I will finish the first aid with the kits CADUCEUS provided.”

“Right, Sugarplum, come back as soon you dealt with Jiminy.” said Diana via Earbug and then she turned back to Kwazani “Now, let us turn this simple, as I don’t have patience for Bond villains wannabes that fucks my businesses: put this weapon on the ground.”

“If you kill me, you’ll never be free from BED: I’m putting the BED synthetization process in the Dark Web and I’ll free it.” said Kwazani.

“So, you want to do an Omega Event? Right… We have Asimov enough to hack the Dark Web and made almost every copy of this fade away, if you try this. And for the lunatics like you, we’ll have a General Warrant against those drug dealers and producers that try this one. But, alright, let us play: you know I can’t let you leave get out this that easy, after what that Adze woman did with Jiminy, and after all we suffered. What you want?” said Diana

“Safe haven.” said Kwazani “You know I provide this drug for many of the local chieftains, and many of them will want my head as soon there’s no more drug for them.”

“For me, we should left you being ripped apart for this, origin seller.” said Squirrel Girl

“Hey, girl. It’s not my fault if your people messed everything and people don’t like you.” said Kwazani

“You…“ was saying Squirrel Girl, when either Kilimanjaro and Djanni held her.

“And you two, Bobby and Josephine. I thought you would not fall into all the babble from those guys.” said Kwazani

“It was my fault to fall under your babble, Kwazani, giving my back to my own people’s wisdom. Africa will grew, this is a fact, but not on your way!” said Kilimanjaro.

“You lied to me, Kwazani.” said Panther “My little girl is very good from the AIDS now with the new retrovirals those guys are using… What would be your idea, fill my little girl with BED until she gone mad or died?”

“Alright, Kwazani. So, you want safe haven, right? It’s two options: Hague or New York for LDS SuperMax Prison. Your choice.” said Diana

“Why I should hear you? You’ll need to put me on Roque Santeiro until we can get to one of those places. Time enough for someone kill me. Roque Santeiro’s security is not that hard, you saw when this all started. Why not put me in Freetown? I think they have a SuperMax prison there.” said Kwazani.

“He wants to give himself for local authorities? Too much easy! He would not be that stupid! Looks like he have someone into his pocket, or some juicy shady intel on them to trade by for his freedom.” thought Diana.

“Sugarplum, bring Dumont here: we don’t have any Asimov here to do the job, but I think he, and Jiminy if he can work, will do enough.” said Diana via Earbug, and this made Kwazani goes tense.

“Alright. UN people found an alternate route for there.” said Sugarplum.

“So, let us make this easy: try any kind of fool thing, we kill you. I’m fucked up enough to go trigger happy, but I would not kill someone without a good reason, even a piece of shit like you.” said Diana, unlocking the machine gun “No auto-destruction button or something funny like this. UN and LDS forces already are here. Your people are already arrested. It’s over for you.”

Kwazani looked like was defeated. He was putting the machine gun down, but discreetly turning it against his own chest when he heard a painful, sweet voice:

“Pretty Please!, mister Kwazani! Don’t kill yourself!” said Jiminy Cricket, in a low, painful and sweet childish voice because the pain he was feeling, while being carried by LionHeart, so painful and sweet that, even without his power, could make anyone besides the biggest psychopaths cry. But it was enough for the now off-guard Kwazani, that felt the Pretty Please! compulsion working on himself boosted by the natural human instinct of self-preservation. He even tried to pull the trigger, but he left the machine gun fall in the ground, looking for him, with a nasty smile.

“Nice revenge, kiddo.” said him “Forcing me to be utterly defeated. This is what your people does: you don’t fight with honor and let the defeated goes down. You want to humiliate, to put us in shame. You shown your real face behind your mask, kid.”

Jiminy said, somewhat sadly, somewhat painfully:

“No… Death is never the answer.” said Jiminy “So, Pretty Please!, let us put yourself into the Blacklocks.”

Kwazani looked in rage for Jiminy, but he knew that Pretty Please! had worked on him. He puts his hands in front of him, and Squirrel Girl gone to him with the Blacklocks.

“Be thankful for Jiminy. It was me, you would be now being strangled by an anaconda.” said Squirrel Girl, disgusted.

“Alright. Jiminy, give your hat for Dumont use as relay. Dispatch, put our Asimovs online: we’ll get all the intel we can for this. Mission completed! 0-kill, low casualties! Tangos known as Kwazani, Ianshan, Magog and Adze acquired. Target base acquired. Medical team, we have a serious damaged cape: double broken right chin bones, burnt hands, multiple other bruises.” said Diana, formally, and then she looked for Jiminy, with a nice, rare smile “Jiminy, now you can take some rest: you did more than we could expect on you and we all are proud.”

And Jiminy nod himself, relieving himself from the pain into little kid’s dreams when nodding off while being carried away by LionHeart and the others.

Chapter 25 - Epilogue

“If you have a breakthrough on your family, specially a cape, be supportive no matter what: they didn’t asked for their powers, and being jealous on them is not good. Sometimes, they need to get away. Sometimes, they’ll get really hurt. But many of them will try to do the best with their powers to improve life for everyone. What you need to do for them, as parent or relative, is being supportive: they already have so much over their shoulders without us trying to say them what they should or not do.”

Michael & Selena McCarthy, “Superdads: Parenting kids, breakthrough or not”

The barracks were cleaned: Joshua left many of his toys, including some of the Jiminy Cricket plushies he brought, for the camp, which made lots of refugees kids happy.

“Alright, short stuff.” said Eileen, on civilian like Joshua “Ready to go. Think we need to say goodbye for Diana, Lesley and the others.”

“Okay!” said Joshua, taking his crutches and using them to walk away from the barrack: his leg was casted, and his hands was still bandaged because of the Tesla Arc Cannons’ burns. He still had some problem walking on crutches but no way he would let Altayr carry him to the helicopter. He still had some pride.

They were being sent back to Geneva, either for Joshua’s recovery at Héros Sans Frontiéres’s Geneva HQ and to escort Derek Kwazani and Adze, or Sallay “Sally” Obrahim, to Hague, also escorting the data dumped from Kwazani’s servers to CADUCEUS Europe in Brussels for analysis to help people that had undergone BED overdose.

In the meantime, Kilimanjaro, Panther and, surprise, Ianshan were put under a parole at Roque Santeiro, accorded with Sierra Leone’s authorities. They agreed also with Kwazani being dispatched to Hague to be judged by the ICC, the International Criminal Court, as Sierra Leone assumed they couldn’t deal with Kwazani as a Breakthrough. Jiminy also discovered that Senesie was being instructed on his powers as a Breakthrough, a B-Class Merlin, that started to use the medical traditions from his people to cure others.

Djanni and his parents were waiting for: Mr. Zayn Tahan and Mrs. Fathama Tahan were going with Altayr, that would go for take his CAI training in Geneva before getting back Sierra Leone with the others when Joshua recovered back and would be cleared to get back the field. Panther, or better, Robert and his daughter came to say goodbye for the team, and also Senesie, Sawie and Josephine.

“Kid, bring that Tiana dress I asked you for my daughter. And the Cinderella one also.” asked Robert.

“Sure. As soon I go to Disneyland Paris I’ll buy them and send for you.” said Joshua.

“Kid, you saved my soul and many others here in Sierra Leone. You’ll never be forgot.” said Josephine.

“I’ll be back as soon as I’m good enough. Scout’s honor.” said Joshua.

“No, kid… Maybe you’ll be needed more somewhere else in the world. But I’ll always remember you.” said Josephine

“And I’ll remember you.” said Joshua

“Alright, everyone.” said Seiji, on his best Keichishou uniform, as he normally when in civil, only Hufflepuff and Dumont in cape. “We have to go. The flight is tightly scheduled and the other team is already here. Joshua, can you deal with?”

“I just will need some help to be put into the heli, but otherwise I’ll be okay.”

“Hope you come back soon.” said Diana “You all are very good, and we need all help we can.”

“I’ll do my best to came back here as soon as possible.” said Joshua, while shaking hands with everyone. Diana helped to put him into the helicopter and they waited him to be sat and fastened before closing the door.

Joshua couldn’t not feel some melancholy when he took the headset and felt the helicopter lifting from Roque Santeiro.

“Something you want to say, short stuff?” said Eileen

“I want to go back… As soon as possible.” said Joshua

“Maybe we’ll get back, Joshua” said Seiji. “But first, focus on your recovery, and on CAI training for Altayr.”

“Right.” said Joshua.

Some time after, they got into the Hercules waiting them at Freetown. He started to feel back some pain, and after the liftoff he took a small meal and some painkillers, which made him nod off during all the flight.

Mr. Michael & Mrs. Selena McCarthy were waiting on the Geneva airport, with the VISITOR credentials for HSF. When they saw the big Hercules transport carrier arriving, they felt their heart jumping, and then they saw his little Joshua getting out the plane, on crutches, his leg casted, but with a happy, healthy face, a little less chubby from the last time they saw him, and a little more older, a little more tanned, a little more freckled.

“Josh!” cried Selena, running to his son, hugging him like there was no tomorrow in front of everyone.

“MOMMY!” said Joshua, a little ashamed, but happy to see the mom he didn’t saw for some months.

The others gave a good laugh on this, but they all knew that the recovery would be better for Joshua if his parents were with him.

“Mom, Dad, I think you know the others, but those are Mr. and Mrs. Tahan. His son, Altayr, had undergone breakthrough at Roque Santeiro and now will do the CAI training here in Geneva. Mr. Tahan will also apply to work as translator and Mrs. Tahan as clerk for Héros Sans Frontiéres.” said Joshua, presenting the Tunisian refugee family.

“Hello, Mr. McCarthy.” said Mr. Tahan “I can see from where your kid learned to be a good boy.”

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Tahan.” said Mr. McCarthy shaking hands.

“So, dad. Will you go back home?” said Joshua.

“No.” said Mr. McCarthy “Your mom and I chose to stay here in Geneva: I applied for a job in Héros Sans Frontiéres, and your mother is now part of the ICC paralegal team.” he said, and Joshua was very happy.

“Now… Let us get back the Geneva base and look for the doctors on how will be your recovery, Joshua.” said Mrs. McCarthy, lifting his boy and getting into the SUV with HSF logo.

And for Joshua recovery to be ready for next missions.

                      THE END... BY NOW.
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Domando o Fate - Parte 19 - Anatomia de um Teste

Publicado Originalmente no Site da Dungeon Geek

Parece estranho falar do Teste em Fate: como em muitos sistemas, a base do rolamento de dados do Fate é simples. Na prática, o teste no Fate é roll-over, ou seja, o seu objetivo é, ao somar a Perícia com o rolamento, obter um resultado superior à dificuldade (ou rolamento) oposto.

Entretanto, devido às próprias idiossincrasias do sistema, um rolamento em Fate é um tantinho mais complexo que mostrado. Aqui, portanto, vamos tentar oferecer uma espécie de anatomia dos acontecimentos que ocorrem durante o rolamento.

  • A Anatomia do Rolamento em Fate - versão de 30 segundos
  1. Determina-se a necessidade do rolamento, o tipo de ação, sua dificuldade e perícia envolvida
  2. Invoca-se Aspectos necessários à ação
  3. Efetua-se o rolamento
  4. Aplica-se modificadores baseados em Façanhas que sejam aplicáveis (se desejado)
  5. Avalia-se esse primeiro resultado
  6. Invoca-se Aspectos para melhorar-se os resultados (de todos os lados envolvidos)
  7. Repete-se (5) e (6) até que:
    1. Nenhum lado tenha mais Aspectos que possam ser usados
    2. Todos os envolvidos estejam satisfeitos com o resultado final
  8. Encerra-se o teste com o resultado final aplicado à história

Na prática, isso é muito mais intuitivo do que aparenta: esse processo é facilmente aplicável no dia a dia. Entretanto, fazemos essa estrutura necessária para comentarmos elementos importantes de mecânica em cada um deles, de modo a demonstrar a importância do uso de cada um desses elementos para chegar ao resultado desejado por ambos os lados.

Além disso, aqui não tratamos de situações envolvendo rolamentos complexos, como Disputas, Desafios e Conflitos, mantendo-nos nos rolamentos simples. Isso devido ao fato que tudo que dizemos aqui também se aplica a tais situações.

Dito isso, vamos começar a “destrinchar” um rolamento de Fate.

1. Determina-se a necessidade do rolamento, o tipo de ação, sua dificuldade e perícia envolvida

Para começar, determina-se se há a necessidade de um rolamento:

Em Fate, se prevê que você “Role os dados quando o sucesso ou falha de determinada ação possa contribuir com algo interessante no jogo.” (Fate Básico, página 175).

Isso parece bem simples, mas na prática não é tanto: algumas vezes, um sucesso em determinada ação pode não trazer nenhum movimento adiante e vice-versa. Se uma situação como essa ocorrer, apenas diga que o personagem é bem-sucedido ou peça 1 Ponto de Destino (imaginando que ele tenha Aspectos adequados) para que aquilo aconteça.

Dito isso, é necessário então determinar o tipo de ação. Lembre-se que em Fate quase todas as suas ações podem ser resolvidas por meio das Quatro Ações de Superar, Criar Vantagem, Ataque ou Defesa. Em um rolamento simples típico, muito provavelmente será uma ação de Superar ou Criar Vantagem, com qualquer oposição ativa tendo uma ação de Defesa a seu favor.

Agora que mencionamos isso, é parte desse primeiro momento a determinação de qual Perícia será usada e a Dificuldade da mesma. Lembre-se que quando mencionamos aqui Perícia, na prática colocamos uma Competência a ser testada, o que pode ser uma Abordagem do Fate Acelerado, o nível de um Aspecto de Boa Vizinhança, uma Profissão de Jadepunk, e assim por diante. Além disso, certas Façanhas podem permitir que, em certas circunstâncias os personagems possam efetuar rolamentos de alguma perícia usando outras em situações especiais.

E a dificuldade a ser determinada pode ser baseada em um rolamento oposto de um alvo ativo, ou nas circunstâncias específicas em caso de uma situação onde não existe uma resistência ativa.

O Fate Básico traz toda uma guia para se seguir para definir-se dificuldades. Em especial, fica as seguintes considerações:

  1. O “CD 10” de Fate pode ser definido em Razoável (+2): personagens treinados em suas perícias normalmente passarão em seus testes nessa dificuldade, talvez precisando usar PDs ou tendo sucessos com estilo quando estão muito acima.
  2. Fate é pouco granular, portanto lembre-se que, ao definir uma dificuldade, se ela estiver em um nível equivalente à perícia do personagem+2, é bem provável que ele possa Falhar ou precise usar Pontos de Destino para ser bem sucedido. Entretanto, caso a dificuldade seja igual à perícia do personagem-2, dificilmente ele irá falhar;
  3. Definir dificuldade como Medíocre (+0) é válido em situações extremamente fáceis ou cotidianas, mas para as quais possa ser interessante uma falha: pense em personagens tentando se misturar em uma multidão.
  4. Dificuldades acima de Ótimo (+4) devem ser reservadas a situações realmente sérias, pois mesmo os especialistas naquilo, personagens que tenham tais perícias como sua perícia-pico, terão alguma dificuldade para alcançar sucesso nesses momento: pense em um investigador tentando achar pistas em uma cena de crime que foi previamente limpa

Vamos buscar o exemplo que mostramos quando falamos pela primeira vez de ações e resoluções, quando Helen, nossa Guardiã com o Escopo da Fada Madrinha decide transformar seu parceiro Guardião Bobby em Mickey Mouse e usar esse processo todo para o descrever bem detalhadamente.

Primeiramente, vamos considerar: o resultado de sucesso e falha é interessante para a ação? Bem, eles tem uma missão de “Curar a dor de um coração puro” para obter maiores informações sobre o que aconteceu com eles e o que eles tem que fazer para voltar ao normal (se possível). E para isso eles vão trazer um pouco de Disney para um garotinho que não tem condições de ir para a Disney. Para o sucesso de tal missão, o sucesso nesse teste é fundamental. Entretanto, a falha é interessante: existe toda uma gama de efeitos mágicos bizarros que poderiam decorrer devido aos desastres que Helen enquanto Fada Madrinha pode provocar com alguma magia destrambelhada.

Dito isso, sabemos que precisaremos de um rolamento, já que o sucesso e a falha são interessantes nesse caso.

Em seguida, determina-se o tipo de ação. No caso, eles precisam de uma ação de Criar Vantagem, já que a transformação em Bobby será tratada como um Aspecto sobre o mesmo de Forma de Mickey Mouse (em caso de sucesso). Em caso de falha, toda uma gama de coisas estranhas podem vir na forma de Aspectos (Helen virando Minnie Mouse? Ou Pericles virando O Lobo Mau? Ou mesmo o Edifício Dakota virando o Castelo da Cinderela?)

Por fim, determinamos a perícia e a dificuldade. Como Bobby é um alvo voluntário e fazer tal mudança será algo razoavelmente fácil (ela não vai tentar fazer um Mickey Mouse Perfeito com tamanho proporcional, mas sim como se o Personagem do Parque tivesse vindo), a dificuldade será Razoável (+2). Caso Bobby fosse um alvo involuntário, Helen provavelmente rolaria contra alguma perícia dele, como Vontade. Esse tipo de coisa poderia demandar alguma perícia mágica, mas Helen possui uma Façanha chamada Bibbity-Bobbity Boo! para realizar tal rolamento usando Conhecimentos.

2. Invoca-se Aspectos necessários à ação

Nesse primeiro momento, o personagem pode resolver usar vantagens que estejam disponíveis por meio dos Aspectos do Personagem ou da cena para já meio que tentar garantir o sucesso.

Aqui é importante dizer que isso tudo é válido, desde que:

  1. Você tenha a possibilidade de usar tais Aspectos, tendo Pontos de Destino ou Invocações Gratuítas;
  2. Os Aspectos se apliquem nessa situação;

O objetivo aqui é tornar interessante o aproveitamento de Aspectos que foram criados previamente para melhorar suas chances de conseguir o resultado.

Importante: com Aspectos o bastante, é possível garantir o sucesso, não importa o resultado dos dados. Isso não é ruim, muito pelo contrário, é parte da própria filosofia do Fate, de tentar tornar qualquer ação interessante e seus resultados relevantes. Isso aparece quando você considera que a ação de Criar Vantagens permite trazer ao jogo Aspectos que podem ser usados EXATAMENTE nesses momentos, como uma preparação prévia para a ação propriamente dita (como discutimos anteriormente), isso faz com que, sendo narrativamente interessante, mesmo o ato de limpar a testa do cirurgião seja relevante (afinal de contas, Óculos Embaçados durante uma cirurgia cerebral não parece algo bom)

Como as coisas estão muito em cima da hora, não existem Aspectos de Cenário que Helen possa usar, e ela decide que é melhor guardar seus Aspectos de Personagem para caso os dados não lhe favoreçam. Se tivessem tido mais tempo, talvez ela pudesse preparar alguns Amuletos de Magia ou mesmo estudar um Ritual Mágico de Transformação, que apareceriam em jogo como Aspectos criados por ações prévias de Criar Vantagem. Mas… C’est La Vie.

3. Efetua-se o rolamento

Não existe muito mistério aqui, pois já apresentamos nessa série de artigos exemplos o bastante de rolamentos de dados. O padrão é 4dF (dados Fate), mas existem algumas alternativas que são apresentadas no livro básico do Fate, como d6-d6 ou o Baby’s First Fudge Dice. De qualquer modo, os dados serão rolados, já que já se determinou a necessidade do rolamento.

Júlia, a jogadora de Helen, rola os dados e consegue um -+--, tendo um resultado nos dados Terrível (-2)

4. Aplica-se modificadores baseados em Façanhas que sejam aplicáveis (se desejado)

Por que coloco aqui a parte de aplicar-se Façanhas, ao invés de colocar como uma parte fixa da avaliação do resultado do dado?

Primeiro, pode ocorrer que você não deseje aplicar uma Façanha: lembre-se que Façanhas podem, por exemplo, representar Equipamentos mais poderosos, e que podem incorrer no risco de derrotar um Alvo, o que pode não ser desejado, ao menos em um determinado momento.

Segundo, nem toda Façanha irá se aplicar. De maneira geral, existem dois grandes grupos de Façanhas:

  • um onde um bônus é aplicado quando um personagem usa uma Perícia específica é usada em um tipo de ação específica em um certo tipo de Circunstância específica. Tais façanhas só podem ser usadas quando TODAS essas condições (Perícia, Ação e Circunstância) se aplicarem;
  • outro onde determinadas coisas especiais podem ocorrer baseando-se em usos limitados por sessão ou cena ou ainda por meio do pagamento de Pontos de Destino ou circunstâncias especiais. Se tais requisitos não forem cumpridos, elas não podem ser usadas;

Dito isso, qualquer façanha que se aplique a um determinado teste pode ser usada em qualquer situação dentro do rolamento. Isso será mais importante quando visto abaixo em uma situação específica envolvendo Aspectos.

Helen de certa forma já está usando uma Façanha, Bibbity-Bobbity Boo!, para poder realizar sua ação, e suas outras duas Façanhas não se aplicam aqui…

  • Já li sobre isso pede para pagar Pontos de Destino para substituir uma perícia por outra… Isso não faz sentido nesse momento
  • Assistência Técnica também não é aplicável, pois só seria possível para Aspectos já criados, e o que ela está tentando fazer é criar um novo. Além disso, é só para ações com a perícia Recursos, não Conhecimentos.

5. Avalia-se esse primeiro resultado

Agora, é chegado a hora de avaliar o resultado.

Primeiro, vamos determinar o Esforço que o personagem obteve, ou seja, o quanto ele conseguiu fazer. Para isso, some o resultado dos dados com o valor da perícia, os bônus por Aspectos usados e com qualquer bônus envolvendo Façanhas que sejam usadas.

Após isso, compare o Esforço com a Dificuldade do teste:

  • Esforço menor que a Dificuldade: Falha
  • Esforço igual que a Dificuldade: Empate
  • Esforço maior que a Dificuldade: Sucesso
  • Esforço maior ou igual que a Dificuldade+3: Sucesso com Estilo

E siga as orientações sobre as quais já comentamos anteriormente para como determinar o que pode acontecer…


Vamos avaliar o resultado:

  • A perícia de Conhecimentos de Helen é Bom (+3)
  • O rolamento foi Ruim (-2)
  • Helen não usou Aspectos ou possui Façanhas Aplicáveis.

Portanto o Esforço final de Helen é (3 + (-2)) = Regular (+1)

A Dificuldade tinha sido previamente estipulada em Razoável (+2)

Como o Esforço Regular (+1) é menor que a Dificuldade Razoável (+2), ocorreu uma Falha até aqui.

Isso pode querer dizer que Helen transformou Bobby totalmente em Mickey… Ou tornou o Central Park na Floresta Sombria da Branca de Neve, ou qualquer outra coisa…

.. imaginando que ela aceite esse resultado

6. Invoca-se Aspectos para melhorar-se os resultados (de todos os lados envolvidos)

Aqui entra uma coisa importante do Fate: a chamada Regra das Reticências

Um resultado só é considerado FINAL quando ninguém mais pode (ou deseja) o alterar. Existem algumas formas de se fazer isso:

  1. O lado derrotado pode tentar pedir um Sucesso a Custo. Isso se aplica em especial a testes de Superar ou Criar Vantagem, e permite que o personagem consiga o que deseja, mas com alguma consequência que pode variar de acordo com as circunstâncias e o resultado do rolamento.
  2. Qualquer um dos dos lados pode usar a Regra das Reticências, que envolve invocar qualquer Aspecto NÃO PREVIAMENTE USADO naquele Teste para obter bônus adicionais ao rolamento ou mesmo para pedir um novo rolamento.

Aqui é importante uma coisa:

Perceba que se diz qualquer Aspecto NÃO PREVIAMENTE USADO.

O que isso quer dizer?

Quer dizer que, em um único TESTE, um Aspecto específico só pode ser Invocado UMA ÚNICA VEZ!

E como isso afeta os Aspectos?

  1. Se você usar Aspectos Situacionais ou outros Aspectos que tenham Invocações Gratuítas, em geral você pode usar mais de uma das mesmas se você tiver disponível. Porém, você NÃO PODE DIVIDIR bônus entre múltiplos rolamentos dentro de um mesmo teste: você tem que declarar todas as Invocações que serão usadas de uma só vez;
  2. Uma das opções que um Aspecto tem é de “resetar” o rolamento, ou seja, fazer uma nova rolagem (basicamente, voltando para o passo 3 mostrado anteriormente). Entretanto, você descarta o resultado dos dados obtido e fica com o novo, MESMO QUE PIOR. Além disso, todos os bônus relativos a Aspectos usados no passo 2 são PERDIDOS!

Por isso é importante manter-se a consciência de que Aspectos podem ser usados UMA ÚNICA VEZ POR TESTE. O Teste só é considerado encerrado quando todos os lados envolvidos não podem mais interferir com o resultado por meio de Aspectos e/ou aceitam o resultado.

E por isso que existe a Regra das Reticências


A situação não está nada boa para os Fae Guardians: um Bobby pirado como Mickey ou uma Floresta Mágica brotando no Central Park não é uma boa ideia de maneira alguma.

Helen avalia então suas opções e decide recorrer a um de seus Aspectos:

Helen iria falhar, mas… - REGRA DAS RETICÊNCIAS

… como Helen é uma Pobre Menina Rica, ela se sente solidariezada com a tristeza do garoto e, ao ver que a magia não está funcionando ela se aplica um tanto mais para transformar Bobby em Mickey Mouse, ao mover sua varinha e enunciar suas palavras mágicas: ‘Até uma criança alegrar, um rato de desenho serás! Bibbity-Bobbity-Boo!’

Claro que o Narrador poderia utilizar qualquer Aspecto de situação para impedir que os Fae Guardians fossem bem sucedidos, como Energias Mágicas Espúrias afetando a magia, ou mesmo um Paparazzi que aparece no pior momento e prejudica a concentração de Helen!

Se ele tivesse algum…

7. Repete-se (5) e (6) até que:

Após essas invocações, é necessário reavaliar o resultado, repetindo os passos 5 e 6 e levando em consideração os Aspectos novos envolvidos e Façanhas que o personagem pode desejar usar.

Ao considerar a invocação adicional de Pobre Menina Rica, o narrador soma +2 ao Esforço de Helen, elevando o mesmo para Bom (+3) (Perícia Boa (+3), Dados Terrível (-2), +2 por Pobre Menina Rica), o que faz com que o Esforço seja maior que a Dificuldade Razoável (+2), resultando em um Sucesso

Isso se repete até que uma das Condições abaixo ocorra

1. Nenhum lado tenha mais Aspectos que possam ser usados

Tecnicamente, nada impede que um personagem vá colocando Aspecto em cima de Aspecto para ir melhorando cada vez mais, ad infinitum, o resultado obtido. Em testes comuns, isso é meio desnecessário, mas em especial em ações de Ataque, onde a Diferença entre Esforço e Dificuldade determinam o Estresse provocado, isso pode ser interessante.

Por outro lado, o Narrador pode também esperar os jogadores usarem um Aspecto para ele próprio usar Aspectos para aumentar a dificuldade do rolamento (ou o Esforço do rolamento oposto), desde que existam Pontos de Destino ou Invocações Gratuítas o bastante para agir.

Helen tem um Sucesso… Ela vai conseguir transformar Bobby em Mickey…

Mas isso não é o suficiente, pois ela sabe que seu Bibbity-Bobbity Boo! normalmente é imperfeito: ela ainda lembra da Carruagem com Cheiro de Abóbora que ela fez em um treinamento com as Fadas Madrinhas (muito cliche, para falar a verdade). E ela percebe que, conforme Bobby se torna Mickey, ele faz comentários engraçadinhos sobre o fato de ainda estar com seus tênis Vans, e não os icônicos sapatos amarelos de Mickey:

Enquanto ela reponde o comentário de Bobby com um “Meeska-Mooska Vai se lascar!” (“Que feio, Dona Fada!”), ela vê que ainda tem Pontos de Destino e pode recorrer ao seu Aspecto de Portadora da Fada Madrinha para melhorar ainda mais seu resultado. Com isso, ela consegue melhorar seu Esforço ainda mais para um Excepcional (+5) (Perícia Boa (+3), Dados Terrível (-2), +2 por Pobre Menina Rica, +2 por Portadora da Fada madrinha), o que faz com que seu resultado seja um Sucesso com Estilo, fazendo com que o Narrador considere que isso elimina a imperfeição do Bibbity-Bobbity Boo! que ela fez, fazendo os tênis de Bobby virarem os icônicos e esperados sapatos do Mickey.

2. Todos os envolvidos estejam satisfeitos com o resultado final

Claro que os personagens ou o narrador podem simplesmente aceitar os resultados dos dados, ou aceitar Sucessos a Custo em casos de Falha. Além disso, cedo ou tarde os personagens e o narrador se cansam de ficar em uma “corrida armamentista” de Aspectos e Pontos de Destino para tentar melhorar tanto seus resultados, ou podem simplesmente esgotar seus recursos para tal.

Tão logo isso ocorra, o resultado final é aplicado à história e considerado final.

Importante isso: tão logo o resultado seja considerado final, ele é FINAL. Quaisquer Aspectos usados podem ser usados em futuros testes, e quaisquer Aspectos que possam desaparecer como resultado das ações desaparecem (isso é excepcionalmente verdadeiro para Impulsos).

8. Encerra-se o teste com o resultado final aplicado à história

Por fim, uma vez o resultado final tenha sido declarado o Narrador, com a ajuda dos jogadores, descreve o que aconteceu como resultado do rolamento.

O Narrador Lúcio avalia a situação e diz: “Beleza: quando você termina de mover sua varinha mágica e entoa seu feitiço ‘Até uma criança alegrar, um rato de desenho serás! Bibbity-Bobbity-Boo!’, você vê que Robert vai mudando de forma, suas roupas ficando escuras até que tudo o que ele está vestindo, além da pele preta do Mickey, é o icônico calção vermelho com botões amarelos, que ele ajusta usando suas mãos enluvadas de quatro dedos. Entretanto, como sempre acontece com suas magias, ela não é perfeita: os tênis Vans de Robert continuam ali, em vez de se tornarem os sapatos grandes e amarelos que se esperam de Mickey Mouse.”

Ricardo olha para Júlia e, imitando a voz de Mickey que seu personagem Robert agora possui, fala: “Ah ha, você precisa trabalhar melhor suas magias.”, com uma risadinha

“Meeska-Mooska-vai se lascar!” diz Júlia, interpretando a frustração de Helen com a magia imperfeita.

“Helen está um pouco brava, mas relembra as lições que teve recentemente com Mirana e, observando os pés de Robert, ela simplesmente se foca e, agitando levemente a varinha, diz ‘Bibbity-Bobbity-Boo!’, fazendo com que um raio saído de sua varinha transforme os tênis humanos de Robert nos sapatos amarelos esperados de Mickey Mouse.”

“Espero que isso volte ao normal, sabe?” diz Robert. “São difíceis de achar, esses Vans!”


Testes em Fate são mais intuitivos e simples do que aparenta: nosso objetivo ao dissecar os mesmos aqui é apresentar todas as coisas que podem acontecer no mesmo, em especial na sua interação envolvendo Aspectos e afins.

Até a próxima e…

…role +4!

Saiba Mais (3326 palavras...)

Domando o Fate - Parte 18 - Entendendo as Ações

Publicado Originalmente no Site da Dungeon Geek

Como dissemos anteriormente, ao explicarmos os rolamentos e ações, tudo em Fate pode ser resumido em um conjunto de Quatro Ações: Superar, Criar Vantagens, Atacar e Defender.

Entretanto, você pode se perguntar se isso não dá margens para confusões.

Em teoria, a resposta para isso é um sonoro NÃO.

Mas na prática existem certas nuances das ações que podem criar confusões.

Então, esse artigo visa tentar esclarecer melhor como utilizar cada uma das ações e como não se confundir ao definir qual o tipo de ação que será usada em um determinado momento.

Importante notar que, como muitas coisas em Fate, as Ações serão ditadas pela Narrativa. Portanto, sempre fique atento a isso ao decidir como escolher suas ações.

Superar: Resolvendo problemas

A ação que será mais usada no Fate para qualquer coisa é a ação de Superar. De fato,se você observar a lista das Perícias no Fate Básico, página 88, você verá que TODAS as perícias podem ser usadas para Superar.

Uma ação de Superar basicamente visa remover algum tipo de adversidade ou problema representado por uma situação na história, seja ela representada ou não por Aspectos na história.

Uma outra maneira de entender Superar é “realizar aquilo para o que a Perícia foi planejada”. Essa é uma forma interessante, porém perigosa e insuficiente de entender Superar: pense na Perícia de Lutar. Se pensarmos dessa maneira, a função de Lutar é descer o braço no oponente, certo? Entretanto, isso é coberto na ação de Atacar, não?

Na prática, uma forma de usar Lutar para superar seria bem visto em uma Disputa, onde você tenta muito mais demonstrar sua capacidade de luta (seja em um campeonato ou uma demonstração de habilidade) do que realmente quebrar a cara de alguém. Além disso, você poderia usar Superar com Lutar para, por exemplo, verificar o estado de um equipamento de combate, como uma espada.

Em inglês, a ação de superar é chamada de Overcome Obstacle, Superar um Obstáculo. Podemos pensar nisso para ajudar a entender do que se trata essa ação: sempre que você tiver algo entre você e o que você deseja fazer, você irá usar uma ação de Superar. Esse algo pode ser tanto físico (barreiras, tempo, etc…) quanto mental (diferenças de idioma, mente fechada, etc…)

Exemplo: Helen está estudando alguns livros antigos para entender o porque tantos meninos (e Bobby) estão virando burrinhos depois de beber uma estranha bebida vendida recentemente. Para isso, ela conseguiu obter uma garrafa com algumas sobras de tal líquido. O Narrador decide que essa é uma ação de Superar, já que Helen precisará entender como esse líquido funciona, e estudar ele de todas as maneiras que ela conhece. Ele pode optar tanto por Investigar (Helen bancando o CSI), Conhecimentos (Helen utilizando seus conhecimentos da época de escola) ou Fábulas (Helen realizando procedimentos alquímicos e pesquisando alguns tomos de magia antigos que conseguiu com as Fadas Madrinhas). De qualquer forma, essa será uma ação de Superar, pois caso ela seja bem-sucedida, ela entenderá o que diabos é esse líquido, embora ela não receba nenhuma vantagem imediata.

Superar e Aspectos

Uma coisa interessante: exceto para o caso dos Sucessos com Estilo, ações de Superar não proveem Aspectos (isso é função da ação de Criar Vantagens). Entretanto, Superar é a ação padrão para REMOVER Aspectos em geral, tirando aquele Aspecto de jogo, tornando aquela situação não mais uma parte tão importante da cena que mereça ser descrita por meio de um Aspecto.

Exemplo: Os Fae Guardians salvaram a população de Nova Iorque de uma invasão de Trolls, mas parte da população está Apavorada ao ponto de provocar caos, em especial quando instigados por uma ordem de pastores que odeiam qualquer coisa relacionada à magia. Pericles decide utilizar seu retrospecto como Investigador Particular Portador do Lobo Mau e o fato de ter sido um policial no passado para tentar acalmar essa turba que está se formando. Para isso, ele precisa rolar uma ação de Superar usando sua perícia de Comunicação (“Voltem para suas casas e não provoquem pânico!”) ou talvez de Empatia (“Ok, todo mundo. Foi assustador mas o show acabou. Podem se acalmar e voltarem para suas casas.”). Se ele conseguir, tal Aspecto será removido de jogo, representando o fato de as pessoas, ainda perguntando que diabos aconteceu e que caracas era aquele estranho grupo que enfrentou os Trolls, irem para suas casas.

Ocasionalmente, você pode utilizar uma Disputa como forma de permitir que uma ação de Superar altere um Aspecto. Perceba que é um jogo perigoso: uma derrota em uma Disputa pode comprometer ainda mais a situação.

Exemplo: Pericles perceber que alguns dos pastores, chamados de Filhos de Gideão, tentam instigar as pessoas contra os Fae Guardians, e decide bater boca com os mesmos. Como ambos estão disputando a atenção das pessoas, e apenas um poderá a ter, o Narrador decide que isso é uma Disputa. Se Robert vencer, as pessoas irão o ouvir e poderão até mesmo passarem para o lado dos Fae Guardians, mas caso ele seja derrotado, a narrativa fanática dos Gideões será suficiente para colocar as pessoas ainda mais contra os Fae Guardians

Como uma forma opcional de ver as coisas, uma ação de Superar pode gerar Aspectos em jogo. ENTRETANTO, exceto no caso de um Sucesso com Estilo, você NÃO DEVE oferecer Invocações Gratuitas em tal Aspecto, pois isso entra na seara da ação de Criar Vantagens. Gerar um Aspecto pode ser uma forma de representar para os jogadores o caminho que suas ações está indicando, mas no caso das ações de Superar não deve oferecer nenhum outro benefício adicional

Exemplo: Helen utiliza sua perícia de Fábulas para investigar o que está acontecendo, já que ela suspeita que essa transformação bizarra seja provocada por algum malefício mágico e é bem sucedida. O Narrador trás para o jogo o Malefício Mágico como um Aspecto, mas sem invocações, dizendo “Após ler os tomos de magia e fazer as análises apropriadas usando um laboratório alquímico improvisado, você descobre que o líquido em questão é Água da Ilha dos Prazeres, uma fonte de água amaldiçoada que transforma todo aquele que o bebe em um burro. Lendo os relatos dos tomos, você sabe que existe uma poção mágica que pode reverter esse processo, mas ela só pode ser preparada com ingredientes mágicos especiais que existem apenas no Circo di Strombolli, na mesma Realidade Mágica de onde Bobby veio.” Agora, se Helen vai conseguir utilizar isso para criar uma poção é outros quinhentos, já que ela não recebeu nenhuma Invocação Gratuita.

Criar Vantagens: Preparando-se para o pior

A ação “gêmea” de Superar é a ação de Criar Vantagens. Uma forma simples de entender Criar Vantagens é exatamente dada pelo nome: você está Criando algum tipo de Vantagem que irá aparecer em jogo. Essa vantagem vem sempre na forma de um Aspecto no jogo, que pode ser Descoberto (algo que estava lá desde o início e se provou útil) ou Criado (você fez algo para melhorar suas chances).

Essa é uma ação que muitas vezes se confunde com a ação de Superar, e por isso mesmo a chamamos de “gêmea”, mas uma forma interessante de distinguir uma da outra é pensar que uma é Reativa e a outra é proativa: enquanto, ao usar Superar, você tentar resolver uma encrenca, a ação de Criar Vantagem visa preparar algo que você possa usar para evitar que o problema perdure.

Exemplo: Robert sabe que ele e os Fae Guardians Pericles e Helen deverão entrar no misterioso culto dos Filhos de Gedeão para entender como eles estão descobrindo e suprimindo outros Fae Guardians de seus Escopos (ocasionalmente com resultados catastróficos e fatais). Para isso, ele decide dar uma passada escondido no Filhos de Gedeão, tentando observar as coisas, até mesmo fingindo ter interesse em participar de um culto, para analisar os pontos fracos da construção e tudo o mais. O narrador decide que Robert poderá usar tanto Investigar (analisar o fluxo de pessoas, tirar algumas fotos) quanto Roubo (notar pontos com baixa vigilância, câmeras de segurança, potenciais sensores ou alarmes) para criar essa vantagem para os Fae Guardians ao analisar os Pontos Fracos da Capela dos Gideões

Importante notar que uma ação de Criar Vantagem traz um Aspecto para o jogo ou também pode melhorar a vantagem produzida, ao adicionar Invocações Gratuitas a um Aspecto já existente.

Exemplo: Antes de começarem a invasão propriamente dita, Robert decide dar uma última checada para avaliar como a Capela dos Gideões é guardada à noite. Como o Aspecto já está em cena (ele foi bem sucedido ao avaliar os Pontos Fracos da Capela dos Gideões) ele pode melhorar suas chances ao adicionar uma segunda Invocação Gratuita ao mesmo. Entretanto, se ele falhar, pode ser que ele tenha “dado bandeira” e chamado à atenção dos Guardas dos Gideões, que irão estar preparados e saberão dos Pontos Fracos, tomando-lhe a Invocação Gratuita.

A Ação de Criar Vantagens e os Aspectos

Uma coisa muito importante: uma ação de Criar Vantagens é uma ação que NUNCA PASSA ILESA! Ela SEMPRE criará um Aspecto, seja qual for. Isso é interessante no caso de falhas, onde os adversários ou mesmo terceiros não relacionados poderão descobrir algo sobre o que os personagens estão fazendo, e isso pode trazer todo tipo de complicação interessante.

Exemplo: Robert falhou no teste para melhorar o conhecimento dos Pontos Fracos, e isso faz com que o Narrador receba de Robert a Invocação Gratuita. O Narrador pode ficar a vontade para usar isso de todas as maneiras possíveis. Por exemplo:

  • A óbvia, que é fazer com que essa Invocação Gratuita represente o fato que Robert deu bandeira e eles vão preparar uma armadilha;
  • Mas pode também representar um alarme silencioso que Robert não percebeu e disparou assim que os Fae Guardians entram, e que foi usado para chamar a polícia;
  • Ou mesmo pode representar alguém que também tem algum interesse nos Gideões e vai aproveitar qualquer confusão para aprontar e jogar a culpa nos Fae Guardians;

Isso é muito, MUITO importante, devido à característica da ação de adicionar as Invocações Gratuitas: isso pode representar todo tipo de cenário interessante

  • Exemplo: imaginemos que Robert tenha tido um sucesso com estilo em uma primeira ação e depois falhado. O que isso pode representar? Entre muitas outras coisas, que Robert conhece uma série de Pontos Fracos (com apenas UMA invocação), mas que os Gideões perceberam tais Pontos Fracos e sabem que alguém está com algum interesse neles (representando a invocação que Robert foi obrigado a passar para o Narrador pela Falha)

Além disso, a ação de Criar Vantagem é especialista na ideia de Alterar um Aspecto (não de o remover: isso é parte de Superar). De fato, convencer uma Turba Hostil a estar Pronta para Ouvir os personagens pode ser uma ação de Criar Vantagem usando Empatia ou Comunicação, por exemplo:

Exemplo: Helen percebe que a população em pânico está virando uma Turba Hostil, graças às palavras dos Gideões. Helen então decide utilizar suas habilidades de discurso (refinadas por horas e horas de de preparação, media training e estudos e treinos de retórica junto às Fadas Madrinhas) para explicar que os Fae Guardians foram tão vítimas quanto a turba. Ao fazer isso, a ideia de Helen é fazer com que ao menos a turba esteja Disposta a Ouvir os Fae Guardians. Isso pode ser feito por um rolamento de Criar Vantagem por Empatia ou Comunicação. Claro que, caso ela falhe, ela pode simplesmente adicionar uma invocação gratuita adicional à Turba Hostil, mas se ela for bem sucedida ela poderá sim conseguir com que as pessoas estejam Dispostas a Ouvir os Fae Guardians.

Criar Vantagens e Descobrir:

Em alguns sistemas baseados em Fate, como Bulldogs! ou Mindjammer, a ação de Criar Vantagem é desmembrada em duas versões: Criar Vantagens e Descobrir.

Na prática, isso apenas é uma forma de tornar visível um fato que é comum dentro da ação de Criar Vantagem: você pode tanto Criar uma Vantagem quanto Descobrir uma Vantagem, por assim dizer.

Isso se deve ao fato de que no Fate a ação de Criar Vantagens ter, digamos assim, duas descrições:

“Use a ação de criar vantagem para criar aspectos de situação que trazem benefícios ou para receber os benefícios de qualquer aspecto a qual tenha acesso.” (Fate Básico página 128)

Além disso, ao descrever as resoluções, o Fate Básico usa tanto Se você estiver usando a ação criar vantagem para criar um aspecto (página 128) quanto Se estiver criando vantagem em um aspecto existente… e no Fate Acelerado é descrito de maneira similar.

A diferença chave aqui é criar aspectos versus receber os benefícios de qualquer aspecto. Na primeira situação, estamos deixando claro que queremos preparar algo do zero: por exemplo, fazer uma Arma Laser na Gambiarra usando peças da loja de eletrônica para matar os alienígenas. Na segunda, queremos aproveitar algum Aspecto que já estava lá, talvez o renomeando, como uma forma de melhorar as nossas chances: por exemplo, afundando-se ainda mais Nas Sombras para obter uma posição favorável contra inimigos.

Isso pode ser interessante, pois você pode utilizar ações assim para transformar, por exemplo, Impulsos (Aspectos que desaparecem rapidamente) em Aspectos mais duradouros (por exemplo, ao aproveitar para Derrubar no chão [Aspecto Duradouro] o Inimigo Desequilibrado [Impulso]). Também pode ser uma forma de, por exemplo, representar que você conseguiu algum tipo de drop, para usar a linguagem dos RPGs eletrônicos, relacionados a Aspectos que representem inimigos. (Por exemplo, tomar as Armaduras Escuras dos Soldados da Perdição que foram derrotados).

Exceto por essa diferença circunstancial, a Ação de Criar Vantagem funciona de maneira similar, não importa se você está tentando preparar uma vantagem “do zero” ou está tentando aproveitar o que o cenário o oferece.

Exemplo: Robert pretende invadir o circo dos Palhaços Demoníacos (baita tropo batido, hein, narrador?) e para isso, ele precisa improvisar algum tipo de figurino de palhaço para não ser detectado pelos mesmos. Ele pode, por exemplo, usar a ação de Criar Vantagens por Recursos para comprar uma fantasia pronta, ou por Ofícios para, usando tecidos adequados, fazer uma, ou por Roubo para, depois de nocautear um Palhaço Demoníaco, tomar-lhe as roupas. No primeiro e no último caso, a ação seria mais próximo de Descobrir uma Vantagem (seja por encontrar uma Fantasia de Palhaço Diabólico ou por roubar as roupas do Palhaço Demoníaco), enquanto a do meio representa uma possibilidade de criar uma vantagem do zero (a não ser que o narrador tenha oferecido alguns Trapos Imundos que os personagens podem costurar).

Lembre-se que nem tudo é um Aspecto, mas tudo pode tornar-se Aspecto.

Ataque - provocando prejuízo

Já foi dito várias vezes sobre a questão de como a ação de Ataque é diferenciada.

Primeiramente, é muito raro você usar uma ação de Ataque fora de um Conflito e/ou que não provoque um. Normativamente, qualquer ação de Ataque dá início de imediato a um Conflito.

Além disso, é importante notar que a ação de Ataque SEMPRE visa provocar algum tipo de dano ou prejuízo, e que prejuízo aqui não pode ser reduzido a dano físico: perturbação mental, gafes sociais, prejuízo financeiro, tudo isso pode ser resultado de uma ação de Ataque.

De fato, em Weird World News são usadas ações de Ataque (!!!) para perseguições ao estilo Scooby-Doo. Parece estranho, mas quando você pensa que você vai perturbando o monstro (ou vai sendo assustado por ele) ao ponto de ele (ou você) não conseguir mais pensar direito, inegavelmente você tem uma situação de prejuízo aqui (à sua estabilidade de raciocínio), e portanto temos uma ação de Ataque.

Dito isso, vamos ver algumas coisas importantes:

A Ação de Ataque é pouco presente diretamente: na prática, apenas Atirar, Lutar e Provocar são per se usáveis em ações de Ataque. Quando comparamos com o fato de que TODAS as perícias podem ser usadas para Criar Vantagem e Superar, e apenas 6 das 18 perícias não podem ser usadas para Defesa, isso aparentemente restringe bastante as possibilidades de Ataque.

Entretanto, a ação de Ataque costuma ser muito visada para Façanhas que adicionam uma ação a uma perícia. Por exemplo, vamos lembrar de Chevalier, o Lugar-Tenente de Morgause, que vimos quando falamos de Conflitos. Ele possuía a Façanha Mago de Combate que permitia usar Conhecimentos para Atacar usando magias no lugar de Atirar. Isso adiciona, ao menos nessa situação específica de magias, a ação de Atacar a perícia de Conhecimentos.

Um outro exemplo possível seria:

  • Carmaggedon: Enquanto pilotando veículos de médio porte (como carros), você pode Atacar todos os alvos que estiverem a pelo menos um número de Zonas igual ao seu bônus de Condução. Todos os alvos devem absorver o mesmo valor de Estresse. Entretanto, se algum dos alvos for bem sucedido com estilo em uma ação de Defender, o veículo recebe o mesmo valor de Estresse que provocaria contra as pessoas. O veículo deve poder deslocar-se entre as zonas e para na zona onde terminar de atacar onde ele se deparar com uma Defesa bem-sucedida com estilo. O Ataque é Indiscriminado, acertando aliados ou inimigos.

Aqui também é importante frisar que você deve tomar cuidado ao adicionar a ação de Atacar a outras perícias: se você colocar sem muito cuidado, você pode desequilibrar o jogo, tornando o jogo ou pouco verossímil ou tirando o foco de outras perícias. Algumas formas de equilíbrio de Façanhas podem envolver pagar Pontos de Destino no uso (como no caso de Já li sobre isso - Fate Básico, página 96), limitar os modo que ela pode ser usada (como no caso do Mago de Combate de Chevalier), encadear com outras Façanhas (novamente como no caso de Mago de Combate que demanda Sangue Élfico), ou por fim colocando alguma cláusula que permita que os personagens escapem de maneira mais fácil ou possam colocar o usuário em enrascada.

Perceba que, quando criamos Carmaggedon colocamos alguns fatos complicadores:

  1. O veículo precisa ser capaz de se deslocar por todas as zonas por onde atacar;
  2. O Ataque é Indiscriminado, acertando TODOS os alvos válidos nas zonas por onde ele passar;
  3. O veículo obrigatoriamente para ao atingir qualquer tipo de barreira, como um muro ou um veículo maior;
  4. O veículo sofre o mesmo ataque que provocou se, por um acaso, um dos personagens for bem-sucedido com Estilo em uma ação de Defesa (pense que o cara fez o motorista ficar tão louco que ele se arremeteu contra uma parede ou debaixo de um caminhão).

Isso compensa o poder de simplesmente arremeter em um ataque demolidor que pega todo mundo no meio do caminho.

Adicionando novos Ataques por padrão

Dito isso, como em muitas situações, o Fate pode prever situações onde, devido ao cenário, você pode adicionar a possibilidade de a ação de Ataque ser adicionada por padrão a perícias dependendo do cenário e da circunstância.

Por exemplo: em um cenário de horror, um monstro que tenha, por exemplo, a perícia de Assustar pode ter por padrão a ação de Ataque incluída na mesma.

Cuidado, entretanto, ao fazer isso, pois pode minar algumas situações de equilíbrio e tirar um pouco o brilho de situações onde personagens podem, sem usar a ação de Ataque adicionar brilho a um conflito.

Quando um Ataque não é um Ataque

Em muitas situações o que aparenta ser um Ataque na prática não o é, podendo ser alguma das demais ações (em geral, Criar Vantagem). Provocar o adversário, jogar areia nos olhos, e assim por diante, são ações que podem ser resolvidas sem necessariamente resultar em um Prejuízo ao alvo (ao menos não de maneira direta).

Exemplo: Alexander, o Camundongo da Cidade, está fugindo um gato sarnento que está correndo atrás dele e de seus parentes nas ruas sujas da Praça da Sé do início do século XX. Ele percebe que seu primo Cláudio, o Palhaço Pirulito, está preparando para utilizar um truque de chamas para fazer esse sarnento ficar Assustado o bastante para ser derrotado nesse conflito. Alexander decide ajudar: ele volta-se para o gato, ganhando tempo e grita “Na na na na na! Você não me pega, seu saco de pulgas fedorento!”. Ao Criar Vantagem para seu primo, Alexander garante que o gato vai estar tão Bravo por ter sido chamado de “saco de pulgas fedorento” que ele não verá quando Pirulito, usando o Uísque “Escocês Legítimo” que Alexander lhe arrumou e um fósforo velho, cuspir uma Labareda de Chamas no mesmo.

Isso é importante de ser notado sempre: a palavra chave de um Ataque é Prejuízo. Se a ação não provocar um Prejuízo imediato, ela não é um ataque.

Defesa: evitando ser vítima

Por fim, a ação de Defesa tem algumas características interessantes:

Primeiro, ela é uma ação que visa proteger você de todo tipo de coisa ruim que possa ser representada pela mecânica do jogo. Portanto, em geral ela pode ser vista como uma espécie de “irmã do bem” da ação de Ataque.

Além disso, essa ação pode ter uma característica reativa que a torna interessante: sempre que você for vítima de um Ataque, a não ser quando dito de outra forma (como quando você está sendo surpreendido e o lado atacante tem direito a uma ação de Ataque sem oposição), você pode executar uma ação de Defesa (e apenas de Defesa) sem precisar gastar sua ação do turno.

Por fim, você pode usar ela também contra ações de Criar Vantagem ou de Superar. Entretanto, e em especial na primeira, você só pode o fazer se tiver total ciência do que está ocorrendo. Isso é importante, pois, ainda que reativa, a ação de Defesa só pode ser usada quando o personagem está Ciente dos acontecimentos ao seu redor. De outra forma, o Narrador deveria tratar as ações contra o alvo como uma Oposição Passiva contra uma perícia adequada.

Dito isso, é possível que um personagem se defenda de ações de Superar, ainda que não seja algo muito habitual.

Exemplo: O Investigador Profissional Josh McCrock foi contratado por uma pessoa (que ele não sabe que é na verdade a Suprema Sacerdotisa de Avalon Morgause) para investigar os Fae Guardians. Ele começa a analisar ocorrências estranhas e lê sobre uma festa a fantasia na High Society de Nova Iorque onde a anfitriã, Helen Hemingway, aparentemente surtou e se transformou na Fada Madrinha da Cinderela. O artigo cita o fato de que aparentemente tudo não passou de truques ilusórios, holografia e máscaras de látex de qualidade cinematográfica, mas Josh sabe o suficiente sobre os Guardians e seus Escopos, e não seria de estranhar que uma pessoa sobre o Escopo da Fada Madrinha surtasse e fizesse o que o artigo declara.

Entretanto, Helen está muito atenta a essa situação (e a outras) e é experiente o suficiente no jogo da publicidade e da fama para saber como apagar seus rastros ocasionalmente. Ela ouve falar sobre esse Investigador e decide colocar-se de maneira ativa para se defender da ação de Superar dele por Investigar que visa apreender mais informação sobre os Guardians. Para isso, ela decide utilizar Comunicação, usando suas habilidades com a imprensa, para Defender-se. Ela cita o fato de que sempre sonhou em ser atriz e que tem os contatos certos junto à Disney, que lhe ajudaram a se tornar a Fada Madrinha durante a festa beneficente, em nome “da fantasia e do sorriso das crianças menos afortunadas de nossa bela cidade”. É de certa forma uma mentira, mas ela consegue construir essa narrativa de uma maneira boa o bastante para se Defender nesse caso. Caso contrário, o Narrador poderia tornar simplesmente um teste passivo, talvez contra sua Comunicação ou Recursos, ou mesmo menor.

Defesa não tem efeito cumulativo: o “efeito Espelho”

Se você olhar como as resoluções das ações de Defesa são descritas no Fate Básico, você irá se perguntar se ela é cumulativa em relação aos efeitos descritos nas demais ações.

Na prática, a resposta é NÃO: as resoluções são sempre descritas do ponto de vista de quem as usa. Elas não possuem nenhum tipo de efeito cumulativo, então ao conceder um Impulso para o seu oponente em caso de empate em sua ação de Defesa após um Ataque bem sucedido por parte do mesmo, o oponente não recebe dois Impulsos, mas sim apenas um.

Isso se deve graças ao “efeito Espelho” que a descrição da ação de Defesa possui em relação às descrições das demais ações. Na prática, a única novidade da ação de Defesa envolve o Sucesso com Estilo, que veremos abaixo.

Exemplo: Helen e Josh empataram na situação anterior. Isso quer dizer que Josh compra a versão de que Helen não é uma criatura estranha, apenas uma ricaça um tanto excêntrica, mas inofensiva… Entretanto, ele ainda possui a Intuição de que algo não cheira bem na história de Helen: será que esses maquiadores profissionais da Disney são quem ela afirma que são? Talvez compense escavar um pouco mais nessa direção, quem sabe ele não ache algum fio da meada para buscar mais informações.

Defesa e Sucesso com Estilo

Uma das coisas mais oportunas de se debater na ação de Defesa é quando ocorre o Sucesso com Estilo:

  • Quando for bem-sucedido na sua defesa, você consegue evitar o ataque ou a tentativa de criar vantagem sobre você.
  • Quando for bem-sucedido com estilo, encare como um sucesso normal, mas você também ganha um impulso, o que pode permitir que você vire o jogo. (Glifo meu)

Lembre-se que Impulso é um Aspecto de curta duração que tão logo usado desaparece. Entretanto, aqui é importante notar uma situação que pode ser explorada em jogo como uma regra da casa (que de fato é usado em alguns jogos, como Uprising): se houver em jogo um Aspecto relevante, ao invés de aproveitar-se tal Impulso, o personagem pode adicionar tal Impulso como um Invocação Gratuita adicional a tal Aspecto. Isso pode ser uma forma interessante de representar, por exemplo, situações onde o personagem provocou uma mudança de ideia em inimigos ou coisas do gênero.

Exemplo: Ao tentar investigar novamente os Guardians, dessa vez por meio da questão dos maquiadores profissionais da Disney, Josh falhou em seu teste, sendo Helen bem-sucedida com estilo. Ela recebeu portanto um Impulso. Ela poderia o gastar, mas prefere adicionar como uma Invocação Gratuita a um Aspecto já em jogo, relacionado a Aliados mundanos contra Morgause. Ela descreve a seguinte situação ao narrador: “Assim que Josh chega na Main Street para conversar com minha amiga Anya, eu estou o esperando no lugar combinado, usando orelhas de Minnie, um chapéu de Mickey e dois lattes Venti do Starbucks nas mãos, com um sorriso nos lábios. Quando percebo que ele se assusta eu digo: ‘Vamos, relaxe um pouco. Não há necessidade de nenhuma atitude complicada. Somos adultos, afinal de contas.’ Ofereço a ele o chapéu e um dos lattes e digo: ‘Vou responder-lhe todas as perguntas que você precisa e quiser saber, mas já vou lhe adiantar duas coisas: sua empregadora não é quem afirma ser, e não sou uma inimiga, se isso ainda não lhe ocorreu. Agora… Vamos até o Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, sem muito escândalo, enquanto tomamos um café e respondo suas perguntas. Acho que você vai aprender muito mais do que imaginaria… E talvez do que seria para seu próprio bem.’”. E após essa conversa, Josh abandona o caso, tornado-se um aliado dos Guardians


Entender bem as quatro ações é algo de fundamental importância em Fate, já que, como foi enfatizado em vários momentos nessa série, qualquer coisa no Fate praticamente pode ser resolvida por meio dessas ações. Desse modo, saber como elas funcionam e como aproveitar elas para propelir e representar mecanicamente pontos importantes da narrativa é primordial.

Até a próxima e role +4!

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