Joshua McDaggert

This character follow the Character Creation rules from Fate Core, including the specific things from Nest.

Sometimes, dreamy boys are lost for the world when put into drugs like Ritalin and so on. Joshua, fortunately, had not this destiny: a knack for writing and reading, developed very early in the past, had turned him into a master of the words, either in real world, where he was at least 3 years forward all people in English, and into Nest, when he became the Bard of all Bards, Singer of all songs, travelling from a kingdom to another, learning about the events and stories of all the Heroes from Nest, until he all learned about all things he could before “growing up”.

A sense of prestige came with him: he started to write some lyrics that helped him cash some money to go for a good school, where he get a Major into English, with minors in areas like Linguistics, Philosophy, Classic Literature and Myths. He turned into a very good literary critic, mantaining a If you can’t say anything helpful, say nothing method that was turned into his trademark. At the same time, he started himself to publish some stories that (he don’t know at this time) are inspired into his time in Nest. Those histories still had not earned him the position of the new Mark Twain or J.K.Rowling, but he is doing well, and profit enough to live a somewhat well-estabilished live.

However, somehow, in the corner of his conscious mind, he know Nest is real, and for some reason he hopes for another time there in the deep of his heart.


Kind Aspect
Heroic Concept: Bard of all Bards, Singer of all songs
Mundane Life: Critic and Writer, focused in myths and fantasy
Hook: His inner child is in the corner of his eyes!
  Powerful with words
  If it can be written, I can do!


Level Skill Skill Skill Skill
Great (+4) Lore      
Good (+3) Empathy Rapport    
Fair (+2) Deceive Contacts Investigate  
Average (+1) Will Crafts Athletics Notice

Stunts (not at start)

  • The Power of Stories: Like I’ve read about this!, from Fate Core

Talisman (to be recovered)

The Writer’s Pen

An afillated Dove Pen with a sharp point, this is The Pen that hurts more than a Sword because this can be used to do powerful magic with words. The Power of the Words is strong for those who use this, as long as he knows how to. However, it is as dangerous as it’s powerful: writing the wrong words with this Pen is the way for Catastrophe!

  • While using this pen, choose one of the folllowing Skills: Lore, Rapport, Deceive or Will. You can use this to do Mental Attacks;
  • If you had already discovered or put an Aspect (even a Boost) into a target before, you can make a Mental Attack provoke Physical Stress and vice-versa. However, the target Defends as normally: if you’re doing a Mental attack that will be turned physical, he will stay Defend with Will. The same for a physical attack that will provoke Mental Damage: he’ll Defend with Physique or Athletics;

Celina Armstrong

Celina Armstrong, um personagem exemplo para Nest

Esse personagem segue as regras de Criação de Personagem de Fate Core, incluindo os detalhes específicos de Nest.

De uma família de Artistas talentosos, desde a mais tenra infância a vida de Celina está ligada às artes. Portanto, quando ela foi para Nest foi natural ela ter se tornado A Mais Melhor Aprendiz de Magia de Conumdrum, usando inteligência, esperteza e capacidades para resolver os Mistérios de todos no Reino, aprendendo no processo sobre a magia e sobre como “magia” na realidade é apenas um termo que usamos para o misterioso, o maravilhoso e assustador além de nossa compreensão.

Em nosso mundo, passado seu tempo em Nest, ela obteve um Baracheraldo em Artes Dramáticas, aperfeiçoou seus talentos como magíca e palhaça, e passou em uma audição para trabalhar no Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus, onde ela está a algumas temporadas. No meio tempo ela ainda encontrou tempo para manter contato com Amanda Wesker, sua melhor amiga, e com todos os que pode, já que no fundo ela ainda é uma criança de coração que mantêm-se leal a seu amigos.


Tipo Aspecto
Conceito Heróico: A Mais Melhor Aprendiz de Magia de Conumdrum
Vida Mundana: Artista, Mágica e Palhaça talentosa
Gancho: Uma criança de coração, muito mais do que algumas crianças
  Leal a seus amigos até o fim
  Amanda é uma ótima amiga


Nível Perícia Perícia Perícia Perícia
Ótimo (+4) Ofícios      
Bom (+3) Conhecimento Comunicação    
Razoável (+2) Empatia Percepção Investigar  
Regular (+1) Atletismo Enganar Provocar Vontade

Façanhas (não disponíveis no começo da aventura) [Recarga: 3]

  • Mostrando a língua: Ela pode usar Ofícios no lugar de Provocar para realizar Ataques Mentais
  • Prestidigitação: Ela pode usar Ofícios no lugar Roubo para obter ou esconder coisas dos outros, desde que elas sejam pequenas o bastante


O Chapeu do Feiticeiro

Parecido com o chapéu usado pelo Mago Yen Sid, do Aprendiz de Feiticeiro de Fantasia, esse é o Chapéu Dotado de todo conhecimento de magia de Conundrum. Curiosamente, ele só é usado por aqueles que ainda não compreenderam o Mistério da Magia. De qualquer forma, ele oferece a seu usuário uma grande quantidade de conhecimentos de magia, ao menos enquanto o mesmo o usar.

  • O usuário recebe +2 em todos os testes relativos à magia, e mesmo em caso de falha ele podfe ser bem sucedido a um custo menor;
  • Escolha uma Perícia das seguintes: Ofícios, Conhecimento, Vontade e Enganar. Você pode usar essa perícia ao invés de qualquer outra em rolamentos relacionados à magia.

Celina Armstrong

This character follow the Character Creation rules from Fate Core, including the specific things from Nest.

From a Family of Gifted Artistes, Celina was linked from her childhood to the arts. So, when she came to Nest, it was only natural that she turned into The Bestest Magic Apprentice from Conumdrum, using wits, cunning, and skills to solve the Riddles for everyone, taking all the mysteries and learning about the magic and how “magic” was only a definition for the mysterious and wondrous that you can’t really understand.

In our world, after her time in Nest, she get into a major in Acting, perfected her magicians and clown skills, and auditioned for a time at the Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus, where she are since some seasons. In the meantime she still maintained contact with Amanda Wesker, her best friend. She still have contact with all her friends, as she’s still a kid into her heart, loyal with her friends.


Kind Aspect
Heroic Concept: The Bestest Magic Apprentice from Conumdrum
Mundane Life: Multi-talented Artiste, Clown and Magician
Hook: A Kid at her heart, even more than many kids
  Loyal to her friends to a fault
  Amanda is a great friend


Level Skill Skill Skill Skill
Great (+4) Crafts      
Good (+3) Lore Rapport    
Fair (+2) Empathy Notice Investigate  
Average (+1) Will Athletics Deceive Provoke

Stunts (not at start)

  • Putting the tongue out: She can use Crafts in place of Provoke to Mentally Attack
  • Sleight of Hand: She can use Crafts instead of Burglary to take things or hide things, as long they are small

Talisman (to be recovered)

The Sorcerer’s Hat

Looking like Yen Sid one from Fantasia’s Sorcerer’s Apprendice, this is The Hat With All Magical Knowledge from Conundrum. Curiously, this is used only by those who still didn’t understand the Riddle of Magic. Anyway, this provides the user with lots of mystical knowledge as long as he uses it.

  • You receive +2 into all magical related rolls, and even when fails, you can be successful at a minor cost;
  • Choose one into Crafts, Lore, Will and Deceive. You can use this is skill instead of any other in magical-related rolls.