Sugarplum (Real Name: Eileen MacRae)

Eileen McRae is a Irish descendant that lives for dancing and arts. She was always so good and gracious in ballet that all the Christmas time she was put into stage for the Sugarplum Fairy role into the the Nutcracker ballet.

And it was during one of those presentations, when she was already at the university, that a gang invaded the theater to rob the presentation money (that would go for a local orphanage).

Being put under the point of a weapon make her starts to panic, while her perceptions started to get changed. In the first moment, he thought she would be dying with a heart attack and these would be her hallucinating in the process. However, she saw that her body started to change, going smaller and smaller until she was the size of a thumb, the wings of her sugarplum fairy costume growing real and flapping and making her flying around the gangsters, she feeling she could create some kind of magic, making them see things that were not there, changing their perceptions even to see the Rat King as a kind of drooling Ratzilla with sharp claws and vicious, drooling teeth.

The gangsters ran away and were catch by the police, while Eillen tried to understand what happened to her. A local D-Class Ajax breakthrough that was in the presentation found her and said she was a breakthrough, and that a guy he know, a Merlin-Type New Age magician, would help her to undestand her powers.

The New Age guy teached her the basics (like growing back her size), but his magic didn’t worked good for her, because she, as a fairy, would need to learn Glamour, a kind of illusional magic that could snare the senses and mess with the mind. She is now, while using her powers for good, trying to understand her weird powers. Some says that she was from a lineage of fairy-touched people from past and the breakthrough just made her going through a kind of Chrysalis that didn’t happened since the time pre-Event.

However, she should not be taken as a little Pollyanna, a Goody Two-Shoes. Sure, she stands for the good and right, and likes beautiful things and trinkets, and turn into half-Tinkerbell, half-Fairy Godmother when into her “fairy” form, but she is also capable to go very mischievous and even nasty when needed.


Type Aspect
Power Aspect B-Class Merlin (Fairy) / D-Class Metamorph
Hero Aspect A New Age Hero Ballerina that loves to Dance
Trouble “Don’t take me as a Little Pollyanna”
Background I’m more than my cape
Background Need to learn more about Glamour


Attribute Level
Alertness Average (+1)
Athleticism Superb (+5)
Discernment Fair (+2)
Willpower Good (+3)
Presence Great (+4)


Skill Level
Academics Fair (+2)
Deceive Average (+1)
Drive Average (+1)
Investigate Average (+1)
Provoke Good (+3)
Rapport Great (+4)
Stealth Average (+1)
Glamour Fair (+2)


Attribute Level
Reputation Good (+3)
Wealth Average (+1)

Stunts [ SFP Remaining: 2 ]

  • The Change: by Athleticism (Metamorph) - only for her Fairy form
  • Slippery (Metamorph)
  • Memory Palace (Merlin)
  • Fury of the Tuatha De Danaan (See Glamour Skill)
  • Avalon’s Mist (See Glamour Skill)
  • Magical Strength x3 (Merlin - 6 SFP)
  • Shrink: while Shapeshifted, Sugarplum can Shrink, adding +2 on Athleticism by reducing -2 on Physique (as Exchangeable Attribute Levels - 1 SFP). She can’t use it to get Physique over her base level, not Athleticism below her base level.

Power Skill: Glamour

The magic from the fairies from the past (or some people says that) is a magic related with Illusion, the forces from Nature and Mind Tricks. Glamour uses parts from Academics, Rapport, Deceive and Provoke, is based on the cycles of life (like life and death, the woman’s cycle and nature’s), but can also be used to force the nature to go havok.

  • O: Glamour can be used to eliminate things like Geas, a kind of curse based on the actions of people. Also sensing magic (of any kind, by life and magical fluxes). Glamour can’t normally dispel magical forces others than those from Glamour, but a accomplished user can call upon the nature to remove the stench of the unnatural on something.
  • C: the main staple of Glamour, can be used to put some people under a Geas or to bless their weapons or things. Also can be used to work with nature, like generating more food if some is available and cleanse them from unnatural. The Control of Nature Forces also allows to create some, for example, Clean Water or Heating when needed. Creating Illusions, like make people see a Horde of Orcs are also a staple from Glamour
  • A: normally you can’t Attack via Glamour, however you can do it via Fury of Thuatha De Danaan Stunts, that adds the Action.
  • D: normally you can’t React via Glamour, however you can do it using Avalon’s Mist Stunt

Stress and Consequences

Stress Bar
Physical 2
Mental 4
Resources 2
Consequences Normal Extra Physical Extra Mental Extra Resource
Mild (+2) 1   1  
Moderate (+4) 1      
Severe (+6) 1      

Soldaire (Real Name: Shirou Seiji)

Tokyo Metropolitan Police, as many policial forces in all the world, had problems with the breakthrough crimes after The Event. The breakthrough crime division was formed to solve this crime.

Dr. Hisakawa is a Verne-Type that developed the first Soldaire TechArmor, a supertech Armor that provides his user with super-strength and everything needed to them to fight breakthrough criminals.

The first one Soldaire is Seiji Shirou, a detective that passed into a great training and, because of this, turned into Soldaire, one of the first and most important Metal Hero in Japan. Although he knew his importance in PR for Police, Seiji feels himself somewhat awkward in fame, because his family: his family is a traditional police family. His sense of duty is so pushed hard on him.

However, his post has his benefits, as he time after time leaves Japan to go with Interpol and HWB into some cases. In this case he brings with him the Transformation Device, a clock-like wristband that, according with Dr. Hisakawa “opens a pocket dimension where the TechArmor is placed and mount it around the user”.

He can’t use the Armor too much, however: it is too much stressful to use it by too much time. In fact, the recommended use is at most one hour/day. This time can be enhanced using less resources of this, specially the Target System


Type Aspect
Power Aspect A-Class Sentai - Metal Hero
Hero Aspect Tokyo Police Investigator, sometimes borrowed to Interpol and HWB
Trouble From a Family of Cops
Background “I was trained for this, don’t worry”
Background Soldaire’s TechArmor


Attribute Level
Alertness Good (+3)
Athleticism Great (+4)
Physique Great (+4)
Discernment Superb (+5)
Willpower Fair (+2)
Presence Good (+3)


Skill Level
Drive Average (+1)
Fight Average (+1)
Investigate Good (+3)
Provoke Average (+1)
Shoot Fair (+2)
Stealth Average (+1)
Survival Average (+1)


Attribute Level
Contacts Fair (+2)
Reputation Good (+3)

Stunts [ SFP Remaining: 4 ]

  • Gear: Soldaire’s TechArmor
    • Laser Pistol: WR4
    • Armor: AR2
    • Target System: +2 on Attacks with Shoot
    • Special Attack: with Laser Pistol, for WR8
    • Powerful Physique x4
  • Epic Stance
  • Legal Authority: +2 on tests related you can use to obtain info related with his cases

Stress and Consequences

Stress Bar
Physical 4
Mental 3
Resources 2
Consequences Normal Extra Physical Extra Mental Extra Resource
Mild (+2) 1      
Moderate (+4) 1      
Severe (+6) 1      

Sentai Type

Sentai (Defender in Japanese) are really popular breakthrough in Japan and other parts of Asia. Normally they receive some kind of superpower from an organization or entity, via gear, experiments (by some really crazy Vernes) or even by the chi that flows everywhere (like some Dragons).

However, Sentai are somewhat more like Paragons, as they represent those who are chosed to do a great thing for the world. Their breakthrough normally occurs when they’re all together. However, the Metal Hero normally pass by their breakthrough alone or in small groups

Invokes and Compels

Sentai normally Invoke their Aspect to improve their bonuses when working together, to Create Advantages based on trained formations or in joining their Gear into a big, stronger one. However, a isolated Sentai normally suffers while fighting alone or dealing with others suffering.

Also, many Sentai have some kind of weakness, even when using their gear, like limitations on time they can use the gear or somewhat linked to him.

Power Stunts

Many Sentai get some Stunts from Dragon, Paragon and Verne types. However, they also have their own.

  • Epic Stance: by 1 FP, you can do an Epic Stance (normally with flamboyant moves and dialogues) that Staggers all your enemies (as a Boost). If you’re with other Sentai, each one that put 1 FP into it put a Free Invoke on this (that goes away as soon all the Free Invokes are used);
  • Super Teamwork Formation: this Sentai can provide +2 in all Teamwork actions he participates, instead of +1. Each Sentai on the formation gives another +2, instead of their normal +1;
  • Special Attack: this attack works only one time per adventure. Say a weapon when bought the Stunt. You can use it as a Weapon:6 on this attack. If you use this with a Weapon that is a Gear, +6 at WR on this attack
  • Weapon combining: if there’s other Sentai (or Vernes that have a Weapon that can be Combined), you can use their attack by summing all the Weapon bonuses into only one attack (did by those who has the best Shoot skill). This counts as a Teamwork action, and can receive the Super Teamwork Formation bonuses

Power Class Requirement

Sentai tend to not use the concept of Power Class. However, when needed, each Sentai stunt sums one Power Class, and each two non-Sentai stunt (like Dragon, Paragon or Verne Stunts) sums one Power Class. At least Epic Entrance or Super Teamwork Formation are required to be a Sentai-Type


The main variant is the Metal Hero, the lone wolf Sentai that works alone or for some organization (like the Police).

In fact, one of the most famous Sentai is Soldaire, a Metal Hero linked with Tokyo Metropolitan Police. As a Police Officer, he ocasionally works with Interpol and HWB for crimefighting with his armored suit. In Tokyo he can use public phones with his specially developed ID Card to ask for special weapons and tools.

The normal Sentai team is composed by five Sentai with Stunts from other Types, specially Dragon, Verne and Paragon.

The Armored Ninja is a kind of Sentai that compliment their Stunts with Dragon-Type ones.

Nezumi is one of the most famous Armored Ninja, as a descendant of a Ninja clan that gone excelled in most of the ninja arts, including things impossible before the event, like the displacement (a kind of teleport where you exchange your place with something else near) and disguise.

The Masked Rider is a kind of Sentai (normally a Metal Hero) that have some Metamorph-Type Stunts. And there’s as many Sentai types that can combine all kind of Types with Sentai, even Merlin.

A special kind of Sentai is the Ultra: Ultra are Sentai with Metamorph-Type Stunts that fight with some big monsters called Kaiju, either released by Verne Villains or themselves turned into beast being Metamorph-type Villains. Although many Sentai has gear to fight the Kaiju, like the giant robots called Mecha, the Ultra-type has flexibility and agility incompatible with their size.