Kuntur (Real Name: Jose Marti Poma)

A Sample Character for Wearing the Cape

Jose Marti is a descendant of the quechua, the indigenous people from Bolivia. He was a common kid that, like many other who grew immediately post-Event, grew dreaming about having powers. But, as his father, he was trained as a guide for hikers from all around the world that would want to get into the biggest peaks from Andes, either in his Bolivia motherland or in Argentina, Peru, Colombia or Ecuador.

It was this until, while guiding some hikers into the Aconcagua mountains, he fell into a rift. Before he could hit hard the ground to his death, he felt a great calmness in his heart, and feel like he was looking by the eyes of the condor. And then, we he came up to himself, he was back to the track, but he was somewhat over the ones he was guiding. He was flying!!!

Back to his community at Bolivia, the local quechua shaman did him come through a ritual, where he understood his powers and destiny: he was Kuntur, the Condor, and he should fly all the world fighting for justice like a hero, to bring back quechua his fame of wise people, not the bloody fame of the Mexica (Aztec) that white people put over him.

He gone into Cuzco and volunteered himself to Heroes Without Borders, as it was the only people he believed like the people all around.

He’s now known as Kuntur as his cape name, and now he lives for fighting for justice,.


Type Aspect
Power Aspect Atlas-Type
Hero Aspect The high ace from Andes
Trouble Wanderlust
Background Don’t think my culture is wrong!
Background A hero who knows from were he came


Attribute Level
Alertness Good (+3)
Athleticism Good (+3)
Physique Superb (+5)
Discernment Good (+3)
Willpower Fair (+2)


Skill Level
Academics Fair (+2)
Deceive Average (+1)
Drive Average (+1)
Engineering Average (+1)
Fight Great (+4)
Investigate Average (+1)
Provoke Average (+1)
Rapport Great (+4)
Stealth Fair (+2)
Survival Fair (+2)


Attribute Level

Stunts [ SFP Remaining: 2 ]

Stress and Consequences

Stress Bar
Physical 4
Mental 3
Resources 1
Consequences Normal Extra Physical Extra Mental Extra Resource
Mild (+2) 1 1    
Moderate (+4) 1 1    
Severe (+6) 1      
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