Sora, Lil’ Mage

Sora’s family is from a circus from Smiles archipelago where some have some Magical talent. When Sora had born with some unusual features, specially the unusual nose, round and red as a clown’s, they chose to let her learn Magic, as unusual features normally shows the person has magical power or talent . The circus Magician, Presto (in fact a Mage) had tutored her since she was 4, and then she had gone to a Magic School.

She had not adapted herself, as many thought she was a Lil’ sorcerer, not a Lil’ Mage, being bullied by her unusual appearance. She had drop the school out, and gone back to the circus and to homeschooling with Presto. But Presto convinced their family she needed to know the world. So, her dad had give her the basics and send her to learn in the world.

She’s pathologically happy, and even when she fumbles things she gives a guilty smile. Her face is white and “painted” as the clown she is. She likes make people happy and wants to know everything around the world she can, so when she grows up she can open a magical circus school. She don’t like to be alone or with boring people, but thanks to Horace, her shy rabbit familiar that stays the most of the time inside her big baggy hat, it’s rare to her to be alone.


Face face “painted” as a clown and freckles
Eyes sparkles cheerfully
Hair mixed bright yellow and bubblegum pink, in pigtails
Ears big and floppy
Body unusually agile and graceful
Clothes long, baggy and polka-dotted
Features bowtie that spins and birthmark - a real round clowny nose

Personality :

Best Quality optimistic and imaginative
General Nature cheerful and silly
Worst Flaw clumsy


Likes hats and shoes
Enjoys playing games and music
Fears being alone
Dislikes boring people


Dreams starting a magic circus school
Seeks experience new cultures


Archipelago Smiles (Heads)
Family circus family, discovered she should go to magic school when she had born with lots of unusual features (specially the nose)


Body better (+1)
Heart best (+2)
Brain good (+0)


Broom riding good (+0)
Shapechanging better (+1)
Spellcasting good (+0)

Wizard Gear

Broom with lots of patches on it, spews a polka-dotted rainbow
Hat big (almost her size!), with bells and multicolored, four-pointed like a fool’s hat, with lots and lots of ribbons and with two holes so she can put her pigtails on then
Wand looks like Christmas candy, red and white, with a ball in the point
Familiar Horace - a black shy rabbit that many times hide himself into her hat.

Other Belongings:

  • Cheerful Harmonica
  • Clowning tools on a little magical jewelbox
  • Family photo

Maxi, Lil’ Sorcerer

Maxi came from Shivers island on Tails to learn more about Coinworld.

His family send him around the world to learn about everything he could before goes back to help them on their potion-making business. As he had grown up somewhat away from society, in the dark Spooky Forest in Shivers, he is a little rude, and his clothes are normally torn, although clean, which is good: his family is intimately connected with skunks, as they live in a Shivers place called The Skunk Haven.

He looks a lot like a skunk-kid, even with a big skunk tail, interrogation point shaped, black with white-stripes. He likes to go into the wilds and be in contact with nature, and dislike somewhat the sunlight. He likes to tell some spooky stories from his home, and sometimes he grows homesick, and this explains why he like to go near anyone who accept him and is extremely loyal to his friends, which he makes a lot.


Face Whiskers (like a Skunk)
Eyes Narrow
Hair Shows it’s emotions
Ears Pointy, like a cat
Body Unusually Small
Clothes always torn
Features long skunk like tail

Personality :

Best Quality Patient
General Nature Curious and Loyal
Worst Flaw clumsy and rude


Likes Animals
Enjoys Camping
Fears being alone
Dislikes too much sun or heat


Dreams make family proud
Seeks Understanding new things


Archipelago Shivers (Tails)
Family Skunk sorcerers that lives in the forest and well-known potion-makers. Everyone is a Sorcerer and has skunk like traits, as they are intimately connected with skunks.


Body good (+0)
Heart best (+2)
Brain better (+1)


Broom riding good (+0)
Spellcasting good (+0)
Alchemy better (+1)

Wizard Gear

Broom Very gentle, but sometimes clumsy as himself
Hat An oversized casket-like hat, black with two white stripes, with something like a skunk tail on the back, full of badges and strange pins
Wand Made of holly, big and old-looking (although not really old)
Familiar Puffer, a big black skunk with wise eyes

Other Belongings:

  • Diary with all things he already done and learned;
  • Photo from his family;
  • Shivering Flute;

LionHeart (Real Name: Richard ‘Ric’ McInroy)

Richard was a exception between exceptions: a white guy in the black-dominated Bronx, he was schooled as fair as he could, paying the money from his works. However, he counted cent by cent. When his father suffered an brain stroke, he had gone crazy to help his father. It was when he chosed to make some “quick money”, to rob some ATMs…

In the process, a C-Class Ajax bouncer had found him and his friends. Seeing the Ajax snapping his friends spine as a twig triggered in Richard (already an athletic guy, and somewhat competent as a football and Rugby player) his breakthrough, and he smashed the bouncer as much as he could, and the bouncer just saved himself when a wall almost fell under some kids. Richard held the wall enough to the kids runs, but this gave the time the bouncer needed to run away.

His father now strained into a bed, recovering day by day, his mother just making enough to warrant they would not starve, Richard chosed to go as a gang member of some lower-Class local breakthroughs. This made him collect some big bucks, that he assured they would go totally for his father treatment.

It was when he was catched by some of the local supermasks and the fight was intense. He was now more experienced with his powers, more developed, and so the collateral damage was intense. However, the heroes noted that he fought in ways to avoid people being hurt.

Anyway, it was when the so-called Bronx Shoulder, one of the most dangerous Ajaxes in NYC, was captured.

In prison, he suffered a lot. Not physically: as an Ajax, almost nothing below military-grade weapons could even scratch him. But emotionally: as he was put into solitary, this almost made him go crazy.

In the judgment, the heroes’ After-Action Reports were read, and this put him under some scrutiny. The judge put him under life sentence, however under parole as, although he was fighting to be not put under justice, there was no casualities and a smaller collateral damage, either on hurt people or destroyed property, that what could be expected.

The terms of parole was:

  1. He would go into a psychologist treatment;
  2. He would work with Heroes Without Borders in missions in and outside US;
  3. At least once a month, no matter what, he would be called by his parole officer. He could talk with him via videoconference. But, at least once in a year he should contact his parole officer in-loco;
  4. He could not go under action alone: at least another HWB hero should be with him;
  5. Every hero mission would imply on him to work into an After Action Report by himself, even his team building one;
  6. He could not assume an official, sanctioned, costume, crest or name, without approving from his parole officer;
  7. Once per year, he should present himself in front of judge to questioning, together with the parole officer;
  8. If, in any condition, the access to the parole officer could be complicated, he should as far as possible provide someone that could be put as a temporary parole officer;
  9. In US, he could be on open-system while associated with Heroes Without Borders or similar groups. The times and conditions would be negotiated directly with the group, without his participation, and he needs to accept totally any negotiation done;
  10. Any kind of felony or crime commited by him would avoid the parole;
  11. Those terms were not negotiable;

He accepted the terms and gone for training into HWB. Escorted by at least three A-Class guys from FBI and HSA, he was sent to Edinburg, the only place where HWB have a strong enough infrastructue to support him. In the meantime, his dad, after pardoning him on what he did, had died.

In Edinburg, he passed the same training HWB recruits receives, although at night he gone to the HWB jail and stay for night. It was on those time that a talent that he didn’t developed by time was revealed: he’s a great cook, and worked a lot into his cooking while in jail as part of his chores.

Now, five years after his judgement he was alloted to Genebra, to be placed into any HWB team. And now he’s another person, as much as he now have a new name, LionHeart, sanctioned under his parole’s terms. He’s okay with his situation and wants to do his best. However, he feels some time and again the old urge from “Bronx Shoulder” lurking into his mind and he wants to make them go away. The most shameful thing for him is the special chip it was implanted into his neck to detect his position over time.


Type Aspect
Power Aspect A-Class Ajax-Type
Hero Aspect Regenerated gang member
Trouble “Bronx Sholder”, the past that haunts me - life sentence, under parole
Background Caring heart, powerful punch
Background MasterChaf and Bake-off


Attribute Level
Alertness Good (+3)
Athleticism Great (+4)
Physique Superb (+5)
Discernment Great (+4)
Willpower Fair (+2)


Skill Level
Academics Good (+3)
Drive Average (+1)
Fight Good (+3)
Investigate Good (+3)
Larceny Average (+1)
Provoke Average (+1)
Rapport Fair (+2)
Shoot Fair (+2)
Stealth Average (+1)
Survival Average (+1)


Attribute Level

Stunts [ SFP Remaining: 2 ]

  • Superhuman Physique x4 (8 SFP)
  • Iron Blows
  • Hard as Nails
  • Superhuman Recovery
  • Mighty

Stress and Consequences

Stress Bar
Physical 4
Mental 3
Resources 1
Consequences Normal Extra Physical Extra Mental Extra Resource
Mild (+2) 1 1    
Moderate (+4) 1 1    
Severe (+6) 1 1    
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