Maxi, Lil’ Sorcerer

A Sample Character for Little Wizards

Maxi came from Shivers island on Tails to learn more about Coinworld.

His family send him around the world to learn about everything he could before goes back to help them on their potion-making business. As he had grown up somewhat away from society, in the dark Spooky Forest in Shivers, he is a little rude, and his clothes are normally torn, although clean, which is good: his family is intimately connected with skunks, as they live in a Shivers place called The Skunk Haven.

He looks a lot like a skunk-kid, even with a big skunk tail, interrogation point shaped, black with white-stripes. He likes to go into the wilds and be in contact with nature, and dislike somewhat the sunlight. He likes to tell some spooky stories from his home, and sometimes he grows homesick, and this explains why he like to go near anyone who accept him and is extremely loyal to his friends, which he makes a lot.


Face Whiskers (like a Skunk)
Eyes Narrow
Hair Shows it’s emotions
Ears Pointy, like a cat
Body Unusually Small
Clothes always torn
Features long skunk like tail

Personality :

Best Quality Patient
General Nature Curious and Loyal
Worst Flaw clumsy and rude


Likes Animals
Enjoys Camping
Fears being alone
Dislikes too much sun or heat


Dreams make family proud
Seeks Understanding new things


Archipelago Shivers (Tails)
Family Skunk sorcerers that lives in the forest and well-known potion-makers. Everyone is a Sorcerer and has skunk like traits, as they are intimately connected with skunks.


Body good (+0)
Heart best (+2)
Brain better (+1)


Broom riding good (+0)
Spellcasting good (+0)
Alchemy better (+1)

Wizard Gear

Broom Very gentle, but sometimes clumsy as himself
Hat An oversized casket-like hat, black with two white stripes, with something like a skunk tail on the back, full of badges and strange pins
Wand Made of holly, big and old-looking (although not really old)
Familiar Puffer, a big black skunk with wise eyes

Other Belongings:

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