Sentai Type

Sentai (Defender in Japanese) are really popular breakthrough in Japan and other parts of Asia. Normally they receive some kind of superpower from an organization or entity, via gear, experiments (by some really crazy Vernes) or even by the chi that flows everywhere (like some Dragons).

However, Sentai are somewhat more like Paragons, as they represent those who are chosed to do a great thing for the world. Their breakthrough normally occurs when they’re all together. However, the Metal Hero normally pass by their breakthrough alone or in small groups

Invokes and Compels

Sentai normally Invoke their Aspect to improve their bonuses when working together, to Create Advantages based on trained formations or in joining their Gear into a big, stronger one. However, a isolated Sentai normally suffers while fighting alone or dealing with others suffering.

Also, many Sentai have some kind of weakness, even when using their gear, like limitations on time they can use the gear or somewhat linked to him.

Power Stunts

Many Sentai get some Stunts from Dragon, Paragon and Verne types. However, they also have their own.

  • Epic Stance: by 1 FP, you can do an Epic Stance (normally with flamboyant moves and dialogues) that Staggers all your enemies (as a Boost). If you’re with other Sentai, each one that put 1 FP into it put a Free Invoke on this (that goes away as soon all the Free Invokes are used);
  • Super Teamwork Formation: this Sentai can provide +2 in all Teamwork actions he participates, instead of +1. Each Sentai on the formation gives another +2, instead of their normal +1;
  • Special Attack: this attack works only one time per adventure. Say a weapon when bought the Stunt. You can use it as a Weapon:6 on this attack. If you use this with a Weapon that is a Gear, +6 at WR on this attack
  • Weapon combining: if there’s other Sentai (or Vernes that have a Weapon that can be Combined), you can use their attack by summing all the Weapon bonuses into only one attack (did by those who has the best Shoot skill). This counts as a Teamwork action, and can receive the Super Teamwork Formation bonuses

Power Class Requirement

Sentai tend to not use the concept of Power Class. However, when needed, each Sentai stunt sums one Power Class, and each two non-Sentai stunt (like Dragon, Paragon or Verne Stunts) sums one Power Class. At least Epic Entrance or Super Teamwork Formation are required to be a Sentai-Type


The main variant is the Metal Hero, the lone wolf Sentai that works alone or for some organization (like the Police).

In fact, one of the most famous Sentai is Soldaire, a Metal Hero linked with Tokyo Metropolitan Police. As a Police Officer, he ocasionally works with Interpol and HWB for crimefighting with his armored suit. In Tokyo he can use public phones with his specially developed ID Card to ask for special weapons and tools.

The normal Sentai team is composed by five Sentai with Stunts from other Types, specially Dragon, Verne and Paragon.

The Armored Ninja is a kind of Sentai that compliment their Stunts with Dragon-Type ones.

Nezumi is one of the most famous Armored Ninja, as a descendant of a Ninja clan that gone excelled in most of the ninja arts, including things impossible before the event, like the displacement (a kind of teleport where you exchange your place with something else near) and disguise.

The Masked Rider is a kind of Sentai (normally a Metal Hero) that have some Metamorph-Type Stunts. And there’s as many Sentai types that can combine all kind of Types with Sentai, even Merlin.

A special kind of Sentai is the Ultra: Ultra are Sentai with Metamorph-Type Stunts that fight with some big monsters called Kaiju, either released by Verne Villains or themselves turned into beast being Metamorph-type Villains. Although many Sentai has gear to fight the Kaiju, like the giant robots called Mecha, the Ultra-type has flexibility and agility incompatible with their size.

Mastermind Hero Type

Mastermind Heroes are those who tries to avoid violence as far as possible. Like Mentalists and Vernes, they tend to do things using their brains, which many of them have powerfully enhanced. However, while Mentalists focuses in “magical” power, and Vernes on technological premises, Masterminds trust into their mind prowess to do things that could be beyond imagination..

Mastermind Heroes tends to do part of things that Mentalists, Merlins and Vernes does, but they also have some kind of special powers: some can visualize the immediate future and, this way, somewhat “precog” others’ actions. Some can create “special zones” where their will prevails, others can induce people to do their whims, with bigger or smaller limitations.

Masterminds normally tend to “stay out” the danger zone as possible, but at the same time “staying in” as needed to their powers being useful. Many of them tends to be full support, although some (specially villains) tends to use their powers to actively lure people to do what they want.

Invokes and Compels

Masterminds tends to invoke their Power Aspects to draw into their mind prowess to do things, find flaws in their opponents defenses, or coordinate allies moves. Compels can be done to make them deal with informational surges or addictions, mental (and physical) pain resulting of the excessive use of their powers or going into hubris or other mental or psychological problems derived from their own mental prowess.

Power Stunts

Masterminds tends to use Power Stunts that reflect somewhat their mental prowess somewhat. You can take some of Mentalist and Verne stunts, and some new stunts

  • Superhuman mind: 2 HP for each +1 into Discernment Rating (at least one required)
  • Sensible thought: 1 HP for each +2 into Discernment for Attribute Bonus purpose
  • Top of your Class: like the Ajax-Type Stunt
  • Bellax Analitica: +2 when Creating Advantages with Investigate to find weak spots or otherwise obtain strategical advantages on a Situation, including Situational Aspects;
  • Do as I’ve said!: +2 in some social skill (like Deceive, Rapport or Provoke) to Create Advantages by inducing people on to do something you want. This power needs some restriction, like each victim can only fall under this power one time or you can’t make people do things they wouldn’t reasonably do or something else
  • I’ve read about this: by using one FP, you can replace any skill by Academics, as long you can explain why in some reasonable way
  • Today I am this: (2 HP) any time during an adventure, pay 1 FP and select a Skill. For the rest of the adventure, or until you opt to exchange this, you’ll roll Discernment instead of it. You can’t change this Skill for at least a scene, and needs to pay 1 FP for exchange. You also need a good explanation on why you’re exchanging this (for example, after seeing some old ER or House episodes, your Mastermind can use this Stunt to roll Discernment instead of Aid)

Power Class Requirement

Same as the Verne-Type, with Discernment + Superhuman Mind + Sensible Thought. +6 for D Class, +7 for C Class, +8 for B Class, +9 for A Class


Some of them could go under the Puppetmaster type, by using their Stunts to put people under their whims via Do what I’ve Said. You can use this, without Superhuman Mind, to create Master Tacticians, in need by military. Pretenders that simulate being all kind of people relies on Stunts like Today I’m this and I’ve read about that, buffed by Sensible Thought (but not Superhuman Mind). Tensai (geniuses in Japanese) goes for the same way that Pretenders, but with Bellax Analitica instead Today I’m this

Jiminy Cricket (Real Name: Joshua McCarthy)

Being the littlest boy in a poor neighborhood school normally meaning being called names and thrased a lot by other kids. And that was the “normal day” for Joshua McCarthy into his school. Didn’t help people talked him a sissy, fag, or fairy because he loved too much books and theater and arts and crafts, and throwing balls or run or fight “like a girl” (their definition).

One day, the biggest bully in the school decided to give him a lesson about “being a man” and thrashed it really hard. He didn’t threw a blow, but in the despair, feeling he was being beaten to death, after lots of bruises and even some broken ribs and even a sprained arm, he felt like his mind expanded and he could see more about the places and how to run away, even hurted like he was. He cried “Pretty Please, leave me alone!” and the bully and their friends was put into a freeze from the blows.

Using his newly found breakthrough power, he said for them to “go away from me and no more do what you’re doing” and they got away from him. He just had conditions to get home, before going comatose for 6 months, between life and death, because of the sustained damage, that even get into his internal organs. In the meantime, that bully was sent to Juvenile Reformatory.

When he woke up, his father said that some of the medics discovered about him and his situation and talked about him with Heroes Without Borders and they invited him, as a breakthrough to get into, and that he would receive the best education HWB could provide in the meantime. He chosed to go, still without a name, crest or costume.

In his training in HWB, he discovered his powers goes into three main forms:

  1. His mind was now somewhat “enhanced” and he know have the same brainpower of great minds like Einstein, Hawking and Sagan (many of them he read about)
  2. He somewhat developed a kind of supernatural “tactical analysis” that allows him to somewhat precog some of the adversaries moves, so he could develop plans to prevent damage and to support team’s actions. Although not perfect, this power provide him with ways to help his team;
  3. And the power he used by the first time as a breakthrough, that he called Pretty Please!, that make people lose his fight will and do things he asked for, although no “meanie” thing (like beat other people or try to kill themselves or others) could be achieved this way.

He’s still working on his powers to help people to grew into agreements. As he loved Disney’s Pinnochio and Jiminy Cricket had lots in common with his powers, on counseling good things to the mischievious wood-puppet, he chosed his “cape name” to be Jiminy Cricket, costumed as the Disney’s version of it he bought at Target for Halloween (which put Disney in hot soup when they tried to sue Jiminy for copyright infringement), and crest as the Jiminy’s shadow (or something like that).

Anyway, although not a combatant, Jiminy is very useful with his heightend mind, that leaves him with tasks about collecting intel and counter-intelligence (when needed).


Type Aspect
Power Aspect A-Class Mastermind Hero
Hero Aspect A Mind Hero, not a Brick
Trouble A Elementary School Kid with all the world lore
Background “No more bullies if I can do something on it!”
Background A Hero Costume from Dress-Up Game


Attribute Level
Alertness Good (+3)
Discernment Superb (+5)
Willpower Fair (+2)
Presence Great (+4)


Skill Level
Academics Great (+4)
Aid Fair (+2)
Deceive Average (+1)
Drive Average (+1)
Engineering Fair (+2)
Investigate Good (+3)
Larceny Fair (+2)
Provoke Average (+1)
Rapport Good (+3)
Stealth Average (+1)
Survival Average (+1)


Attribute Level

Stunts [ Remaining SFP: 2 ]

  • Superhuman Discernment +4 (8 SFP)
  • Bellax Analitica: +2 when Creating Advantages with Investigate to find weak spots or otherwise obtain strategical advantages on a Situation, including Situational Aspects; (1 SFP)
  • Pretty Please!: using this, Jiminy can Create Advantages using Rapport with +2 by inducing people on their Good feeling. However, he can’t remove auto-preservation sense or make people doing suicidal actions or actions that would be “meanie” (1 SFP)
  • I’ve read about this (FC 115, applied to Academics) (1 SFP)
  • Shield of Reason (FC 115, applied to Academics) (1 SFP)

Stress and Consequences

Stress Bar
Physical 2
Mental 3
Resources 1
Consequences Normal Extra Physical Extra Mental Extra Resource
Mild (+2) 1      
Moderate (+4) 1      
Severe (+6) 1