The Immigrant Descendant Armiger that grew into hate against the L’Ápogee


Type Aspect
Class: Les Exilés/Armiger
Why do you rely so heavily upon augmentation? Built as an weapon from the crib
What is your most disturbing physical feature? Three-Footed Big metal monster
Which Augmentation is your favorite? My tactical analysis system built-in my eyes
Who accepts you despite your intimidating presence? Leandra, my last humanity anchor/tether
Why did you join la Résistance? I want a new future for Leandra, no matter what


Mean Level
Fight Good (+3)
Manipulate Average (+1)
Maneuver Fair (+2)
Observe Fair (+2)

Stunts [ Refresh: 1 ]


Angry Wounded Person of Interest Blacklisted Marked for Death
1 1 1 1 1
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