Hive Type

One of the weirdest kiind of breakthroughs provided by The Event is the so-called Hive-Type. They look like common people, weaker even then Paragons, but their main power is the capacity to tap upon knowledge from other consciousness. There’s lots of ways that they can do this: some of them (Villains normally) can take and “process” other’s mind to absorb them into themselves. Some developed this power by bring some kind of dellusional consciousness into power, like those with Multiple Personality Disorder Disease. Others had a kind of weird collective breakthrough where each one can feel the other feelings or even “talk” with them no matter the distance, sharing information and skills all around the Hive.

Some says that Hive-Type are only a kind of weak Mentalist-Type. This is a misconception, sometimes a fatal one: Hive-Type have normally only the power to tap upon knowledge from their “sources” (shared or not), but this can make a difference when one of the minds into your Hive is a US Marine Sniper or even a Verne. This is the main power of them: they can tap from everyone that is somewhat linked with him (how this link is done depend on the Hive-Type), including breakthrough powers! Fortunately there’s so few of them that can do this… But a Hive can be very powerful when he knows himself, his mind-friends and can prepare itself.

Power Permissions

The Hive-Type Power is basically based on how many and how powerful the other minds inside the Hive. The Hive can be a controller one (one main personality just tapping the knowledge and powers from others) or even a Gestalt (where all the Hive can talk to each other “mentally” and so)

Power Skill

Normally, Hive-Tapping uses the Willpower Attribute, although some of them can learn to tap better than normal under his Hive, using the Awareness Stunt.

Invocations and Compels

A Hive-Type can invoke their power to bring upon a consciousness or tap into the Hive resources, or to send messages for another members of the Hive (if you’re part of a Gestalt). At the same time, a Hive-Type can be compelled to lose the control of his own body, took by another consciousness or be called by someone else from his Gestalt.

Hive-Type are also somewhat capable to identify other Hive-Type, at least from the “same type” of themselves. This is also a good way to Invoke or Compel the Power Aspect.

Power Stunts

Normally, Hive-Types, if they take by themselves, will take only Stunts from Paragon or Mentalist, if any, trying to work better with their own powers. Althought they’re nothing against taking some Power Stunts from other Types (or even tapping for them from someone into the Hive!).

The main Hive-Type Power Stunts will take the following Stunts:

Power Class Requirement

Hives are leveled by how they can control their Hive. Each Awareness Level equals one Class. A Hive-Type without Awareness is considered D-Class.


The main kinds of Hives are:


This type maybe will need some work on how things will be work. A tip is to previously create all The Others