Sheila, the Cat-Woman Rogue


Type Aspect
High Concept: Numan (Cat-woman) scout that doesn’t know the concept of property
Motivation: Know ALL THE PLACES!!!
Background: Gather ALL THE ARTIFACTS!!!
Relationship: Don’t mess up with my friends
Free: Doesn’t respect hierarchies

Approaches and Skills

Careful (C) Clever (F) Flashy (E) Forceful (D) Quick (A) Sneaky (B)
Fair (+2) Mediocre (+0) Average (+1) Average (+1) Good (+3) Fair (+2)
Investigate (Z) Craft Rapport (Z) Fight Athletics (S) Burglary (S)
Will Lore Contacts Physique Notice (Z) Stealth
Empathy Provoke Resources Drive (Z) Shoot Deceive (Z)

Stunts: [Refresh: 3]