Salas, The Bartender

Born as a slave in Shankar, Salas was trained from the early age as a Gladiator. Salas became one of the best ones, and with 18 you alread was a Champion from Shankar’s Pit Areana. No gladiator was stronger than him. He used the money he won to buy his liberty and everything he wanted, and discovered his beloved Neskitra.

He had a good life, until Arkenahsar show some of the rebels to be executed by gladiators on his name. And it was Neskitra that was shown for him, as (he didn’t know at time) she was an agent of the Freelands. He was obliged to take his warm heart for him to eat as a delicacy. They looked to each other, and Neskitra nodded, and Salas knew what to do: exactly what Arkenahsar wanted, to live to fight for another day (and for her).

Since that day, Salas wasn’t the same, althought he was still someone really skilled at battle. But he needed to end his career as Gladiator on the day his left eye was ripped apart by a Tecsaurus. He joined the training grounds and a minotaur calf with lots of potential shown himself. His name: Oberon. His agent’s name: Nicodemus. Nicodemus was a sneaky but boasty man when the Luck Gods smiled to him. He show Oberon, that he “bought” (he freed him immediately after, but needed to put a façade on Oberon as a Slave). The calf was really good and had potential. He became friends with Nicodemus and Oberon, and discovered he was part of the Freelands, fighting against Arkenahsar, and Laktan, his master.

This made him an ally that worked on a tavern to help Nicodemus on his cover business, while gathering intel and serving as support for the blooming resistence against Arkenahsar.

And he hopes to have the chance of “retributing the favor” he did for Neskitra on Arkenahsar.


Type Aspect
High Concept: A former Gladiator, friend of Nicodemus and owner of The Fried Kr’i’ssh
Motivation: I’ll take Arkenahsar warm heart from his body, as he made me doing to my lovely Neskitra
Background: My smile is the mask I use to hide my pains and losses
Relationship: Oberon is still inexperienced, but has potential
Free: Have no more the skill from the past, but can do some party

Approaches and Skills

Careful (D) Clever (C) Flashy (A) Forceful (B) Quick (F) Sneaky (E)
Average (+1) Fair (+2) Good (+3) Fair (+2) Mediocre (+0) Average (+1)
Investigate Craft Rapport (Z) Fight (S) Athletics Burglary (Z)
Will (Z) Lore (Z) Contacts (S) Physique Notice Stealth
Empathy Provoke Resources Drive (Z) Shoot Deceive

Stunts: [Refresh: 2]