Leona, the Beast-Tamer


Type Aspect
High Concept: A Human that grew with the beasts
Motivation: Bring back the equilibrium between Man and Nature
Background: “The Demiurge used Nature as playground, the Masters exploits them”
Relationship: That K-23 thing is dangerous, even being at our side
Free: Ta’reen, my laserbear soul-sister, is my biggest ally

Approaches and Skills

Careful (F) Clever (B) Flashy (E) Forceful (C) Quick (A) Sneaky (D)
Mediocre (+0) Fair (+2) Average (+1) Fair (+2) Good (+3) Average (+1)
Investigate Craft Rapport Fight Athletics Burglary
Will Lore (Z) Contacts (Z) Physique Notice (S) Stealth
Empathy Provoke (S) Resources Drive (Z) Shoot (Z) Deceive (Z)

Stunts: [Refresh: 3]