Grace, the Element-Bender


Type Aspect
High Concept: A small orphan raised in the Fartime Monastery
Motivation: I want to discover why I was left behind
Background: A superior mind, hunter by others
Relationship: Everyone is so nice with me, I’ll protect them
Free: Still have issues to control the Element-Bending powers

Approaches and Skills

Careful (B) Clever (A) Flashy (E) Forceful (F) Quick (C) Sneaky (D)
Fair (+2) Good (+3) Average (+1) _Mediocre (+0) Fair (+2) Average (+1)
Investigate (Z) Craft Rapport Fight Athletics (Z) Burglary (Z)
Will (S) Lore (S) Contacts Physique Notice Stealth
Empathy Provoke (Z) Resources (Z) Drive Shoot Deceive

Stunts: [Refresh: 2]