Delaware, the Shooter

All the Masters of Umdaar needs warriors and lieutenants and other lackey. Some came in the form of slaves, but some are taken under their wings from local people. There’s even those that legitly believes the Masters wants everyone’s wellbeing, and that slaves and rebels are subversive scroundels and culgels at large.

Delaware was one of those men.

From a family aligned with some of the Masters, he was trained since a child to be a soldier, until he became one of the Master’s many lieutenants, receiving orders straigth from himself, and receiving from him his Plasma Crossbow, that he skillfully used to kill ciminals and subversives.

That untli he saw the truth.

When he came back home from a common mission, he found it empty. Father, Mother, brothers… All gone. No message. No nothing.

He searched and searched all aroung the Dread Domain, when he found his father’s diary, and discovered his father wanted to tackle down the Master, as he know all the criminal horrors the Master did, how he use slaves and rebels (like Natva) on terrible experiments, how he throw children as staple to the laser-bears.

Disiluded and lost on himself, Delaware defected the Master, looking for his family.

If the Master was the one behind their abduction, certainly it would not reveal: Delaware always was strong, only his loyalty avoided him to rise an insurgency against the Master.

But there would have a chance that at least some of his family was safe under Archeonauts protections, or under the Freelands that fight against the Masters’ incursions.

With only his crossbow, he became a Soldier of Fortune, looking for clues for his family. Obviously, he got into Freelands and they discovered his past and, even under some (justified, to be honest) grudge, they accept (somewhat) him under their banners.

But, even helping the Freelands and Archeonauts, he is drive to find his family.

And, if the Master was his abductor, Delaware have a called shot for him


Type Aspect
High Concept: A Human Shooter that fails no shots, but has a shady past
Motivation: My family disappeared, and I want to discover why
Background: Defector from the Masters’ troops
Relationship: Natva is an pitiful outcast like me, and so have my back
Free: A painful truth is better then a sugar-coated lie

Approaches and Skills

Careful (B) Clever (D) Flashy (F) Forceful (C) Quick (A) Sneaky (E)
Fair (+2) Average (+1) Mediocre (+0) Fair (+2) Good (+3) Average (+1)
Investigate (S) Craft Rapport Fight Athletics Burglary
Will Lore (Z) Contacts Physique Notice (Z) Stealth
Empathy (Z) Provoke Resources Drive (Z) Shoot (S) Deceive (Z)

Stunts: [Refresh: 3]