Arkenahsar, Shankar Dictator


Type Aspect
High Concept: Larkvan’s, Master of the Obsidian Desert, Second-in-command
Motivation: Uphold and gather even more power (preferably for himself)
Background: Blood-tainted opulence
Relationship: Larkvan has my undying loyalty… By Now
Free: Love power games (preferably those he can win)

Approaches and Skills

Careful Clever Flashy Forceful Quick Sneaky
Average (+1) Good (+3) Fair (+2) Fair (+2) Average (+1) Good (+3)
Investigate Craft (Z) Rapport (Z) Fight Athletics (Z) Burglary (Z)
Will Lore Contacts Physique (Z) Notice Stealth (S)
Empathy (Z) Provoke (S) Resources (S) Drive Shoot (S) Deceive