Don Cagliostro (a.k.a. Frederick Van Der Merwe) - Spirit of Literacy

The 19th Century Literacy Spirit, Nicola’s Mentor


Type Aspect
High Concept Mentalist Spirit of Literacy
Trouble A Good-Hearted Charlatan
  “If you know the right thing, you always have the right win”
  My Time is over, it’s a Century for Nicola
  Gladly looks like Doctor Methuselah cast himself in the shadows


Approach Level
Careful Average (+1)
Clever Fair (+2)
Flashy Fair (+2)
Forceful Mediocre (+0)
Quick Average (+1)
Sneaky Good (+3)

Centurion Stunts

Other Stunts - Refresh: 1

Frederick van Der Merwe was born in Cape Town, South Africa, from a Boer diplomat father and an English actress mother. His father was one of the responsible by the returning (although briefly) of Cape Town to the Dutch in 1803. Before the Battle of Blaauwberg, his family emigrated to France and estabilished themself as artists in the Napoleonic France, emigrating from here to there avoiding the wars. In the mean time, young Frederick learned how the things works, by learning how to read as soon as 3 and being able to work at stage as 10. He also learned how to use his knowledge to work his ways into places and around people. Somewhat a honest liar, a real-life Baron of Munchausen, Fred had started his carrer in stage by unknowlingly using his gifts as a Spirit in his shows, to “read” his mentalist target and inducing their to do what he wanted or to read their future. It was this until Doctor Methusaleh got into his way and put him in Danger and he was found by the Century Club. He worked as an informant, an analyst and a scholar, while making fame and money as his alter-ego Don Cagliostro, and trying to put himself into the moves of Doctor Methusaleh and discover his objectives. With the century turning, however, he get himself out of the field as much as possible, searching for a specific kid, maybe a Spirit of Literacy as himself. When he found Nicola Castrogiovanni, he found what he needed: a Spirit of Optimism that could be great if correctly taught and doctrinated. And who’s better than a Spirit of Literacy to literate someone in something?