Cajun (Real Name: Leon LeClerc)

A flamboyant Savateur Crime-Fighter for Wearing the Cape

Leon was always a great Savateur: from an old lineage of French combatant, he developed all his skills as a Savateur to a big level, turning someone that could be won only by the biggest capes. He is somewhat recognized by others as one Paragon, the humanity-peak heroes that some time and another appears in the world after The Event. After a time at the French Armed Forces, including the Légion Étrangère as a combat instructor, this Saint Louis born cape bacame part of Herós Sans Frontiére. After 2 years on the gig, he bacame a reservist and ocasionally trains and act besides Jiminy Cricket.

Leon uses a kind of Zorro-like costumed integrale in black, with his crest, a Fleur de Lis backing a rapier and a saber in white and a velvety Manteur (cape) with his crest. He also uses a Zorro-like mask, blood red, showing green vibrant eyes Below the mask, his strawberry blonde hair is curled and styled Louis XV.

He’s a flamboyant man and CAI-certificated hero, with Panache enough to deal with the worst guys, except the most superpowered ones. He has an old-fashioned sens of duty, honor and justice, but he can understand that the times changed. However, he’s just a little step to cross the line between a real hero or a vigilante.


Type Aspect
Power Aspect Paragon Savateur Master
Hero Aspect Modern-Day Musketeer
Trouble Old-Fashioned Sense of Honor
Background Jiminy Criquet needs to learn fast
Background Heroes Without Borders Reserve


Attribute Level
Alertness Superb (+5)
Athleticism Superb (+5)
Physique Fair (+2)
Discernment Good (+3)
Willpower Good (+3)
Presence Good (+3)


Skill Level
Academics Fair (+2)
Aid Average (+1)
Deceive Fair (+2)
Fight Superb (+5)
Investigate Average (+1)
Larceny Average (+1)
Rapport Average (+1)
Survival Average (+1)


Attribute Level
Reputation Fair (+2)

Stunts [ Remaining SFP: 4 ]

Stress and Consequences

Stress Bar
Physical 4
Mental 4
Resources 1
Consequences Normal Extra Physical Extra Mental Extra Resource
Mild (+2) 1   1  
Moderate (+4) 1     1
Severe (+6) 1      
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