Sukhoi (Real Name: Tomász ‘Tom’ Yurivich Sokolov)

A Sample Character for Wearing the Cape

Yuri Gregorivitch Volochenko was an USSR agent at US during the Cold War. When the Iron Curtain fell, Yuri chosed to forfeit his links with KGB and defect for US. He then married with Saryia Dominyaskya Sokolov, a part of the Nomenklatura (USSR government) that stayed as a diplomat and was an acquaintance of him, albeit she never knew about his actions as a spy.

After some time, however, he forfeited all the values from communist USSR and this provoked a rift between Yuri and Saryia, so long that, just a week after Tomász was born, his father left the family for an adventure, a “typical capitalism pig action” (Saryia’s quote)

Saryia had some problem to stabilish herself as a single mom in US, but the russian translations and UN work had provided her enough money to raise Tomász. She chose to go for another city, a medium one where a college could have an use on a Russian translator and teacher. And there had gone Saryia and Tomász.

Just a little after they came to the new home, she discovered Yuri died, penniless at Vegas.

It was a little dificult to raise Tomász into a small country where a weird russian kid was saw as part of the Red Danger. He then mingled himself into a small clique of leftist college guys. As he read russian, he could lecture almost everyone on all things Lenin and he also read Marx and Engels from the source.

But he didn’t saw Communism as something to be imposed: he had the belief that the Capitalism would ruin itself by leaving the rotten fruits into the basket. So, he continued his studies in the college.

Until The Event.

In the craziness just after The Event, he heard people into a room screaming: it was a Chemistry lab where things were going in flames.

He thought on how to get away the flames, and had the idea to remove oxygen from nearby the flames, making her going exthingish.

And he did it.

He passed the next fays training on how to use those powers, and it was when Jake came. He was know using the name Prop as a cape and he asked for help to bring some supplies for the local hospital.

He accepted, and as he discovered he could fly by pushing winds like a helicopter, he chosed the name Sukhoi.

He also discovered that he had some kind of supersenses: He could see and hear on long distances.

Sukhoi is a support for the others, looking high and coordinating the team Actions. He still works with the CAI, but he’s a leftist after all: he believe in the importance of a State that works For The People, and that People should be the Main Source of Power. He sometimes have heated debates on politics with the others, but in action, he’s unquestionable a cape, a hero, a CAI Member.


Type Aspect
Power Aspect B-Class Aerokinect with Supersenses
Hero Aspect Post-Cold War, Post-Event, Hero
Trouble Don’t talk about my fatherlt
Background “Socialism is all about people, as so Capitalism”
Background Leftist Hero


Attribute Level
Alertness Great (+4)
Athleticism Superb (+5)
Discernment Great (+4)
Willpower Good (+3)
Presence Average (+1)


Skill Level
Academics Good (+3)
Aid Fair (+2)
Deceive Average (+1)
Engineering Good (+3)
Fight Average (+1)
Investigate Fair (+2)
Larceny Average (+1)
Provoke Average (+1)
Rapport Average (+1)
Shoot Fair (+2)


Attribute Level
Contacts Fair (+2)

Stunts [ SFP Remaining: 2 ]

Stress and Consequences

Stress Bar
Physical 2
Mental 4
Resources 2
Consequences Normal Extra Physical Extra Mental Extra Resource
Mild (+2) 1      
Moderate (+4) 1     1
Severe (+6) 1      
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