Alsyf Alayat, the Sword Verses (Real Name: Rahul Musa Al-Gazzawi/Mufti Musra Hussein Al-Gazzawi)

A Sample Character for Wearing the Cape

Alsyf Alayat is one of the main pieces on Undying Caliphate, as she’s a Mastermind Puppet Master that can manipulate the minds of those who are from the Ummah (Islamic people) to do his will, even implanting post-hypnotic suggestions that can be triggered in the worst moments.


Type Aspect
Power Aspect A-Class Mastermind (Puppet Master)
Hero Aspect The Prophiesied Mahdi (self-deluded)
Trouble “Down with the infidel! Brimstone to the Crusader!”
Background Ex-Double Agent
Background Part of the Undiying Caliphate Head-Of-State


Attribute Level
Alertness Great (+4)
Athleticism Fair (+2)
Physique Great (+4)
Discernment Superb (+5)
Willpower Fantastic (+6)
Presence Superb (+5)


Skill Level
Academics Fair (+2)
Aid Average (+1)
Deceive Good (+3)
Drive Fair (+2)
Engineering Average (+1)
Fight Fair (+2)
Investigate Great (+4)
Larceny Average (+1)
Provoke Good (+3)
Rapport Good (+3)
Shoot Average (+1)
Stealth Average (+1)
Survival Fair (+2)


Attribute Level
Contacts Good (+3)
Reputation Fair (+2)
Wealth Average (+1)

Stress and Consequences

Stress Bar
Physical 4
Mental 4
Resources 3
Consequences Normal Extra Physical Extra Mental Extra Resource
Mild (+2) 1   1  
Moderate (+4) 1     1
Severe (+6) 1      
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