Sentai Type

Sentai (Defender in Japanese) are really popular breakthrough in Japan and other parts of Asia. Normally they receive some kind of superpower from an organization or entity, via gear, experiments (by some really crazy Vernes) or even by the chi that flows everywhere (like some Dragons).

However, Sentai are somewhat more like Paragons, as they represent those who are chosed to do a great thing for the world. Their breakthrough normally occurs when they’re all together. However, the Metal Hero normally pass by their breakthrough alone or in small groups

Invokes and Compels

Sentai normally Invoke their Aspect to improve their bonuses when working together, to Create Advantages based on trained formations or in joining their Gear into a big, stronger one. However, a isolated Sentai normally suffers while fighting alone or dealing with others suffering.

Also, many Sentai have some kind of weakness, even when using their gear, like limitations on time they can use the gear or somewhat linked to him.

Power Stunts

Many Sentai get some Stunts from Dragon, Paragon and Verne types. However, they also have their own.

Power Class Requirement

Sentai tend to not use the concept of Power Class. However, when needed, each Sentai stunt sums one Power Class, and each two non-Sentai stunt (like Dragon, Paragon or Verne Stunts) sums one Power Class. At least Epic Entrance or Super Teamwork Formation are required to be a Sentai-Type


The main variant is the Metal Hero, the lone wolf Sentai that works alone or for some organization (like the Police).

In fact, one of the most famous Sentai is Soldaire, a Metal Hero linked with Tokyo Metropolitan Police. As a Police Officer, he ocasionally works with Interpol and HWB for crimefighting with his armored suit. In Tokyo he can use public phones with his specially developed ID Card to ask for special weapons and tools.

The normal Sentai team is composed by five Sentai with Stunts from other Types, specially Dragon, Verne and Paragon.

The Armored Ninja is a kind of Sentai that compliment their Stunts with Dragon-Type ones.

Nezumi is one of the most famous Armored Ninja, as a descendant of a Ninja clan that gone excelled in most of the ninja arts, including things impossible before the event, like the displacement (a kind of teleport where you exchange your place with something else near) and disguise.

The Masked Rider is a kind of Sentai (normally a Metal Hero) that have some Metamorph-Type Stunts. And there’s as many Sentai types that can combine all kind of Types with Sentai, even Merlin.

A special kind of Sentai is the Ultra: Ultra are Sentai with Metamorph-Type Stunts that fight with some big monsters called Kaiju, either released by Verne Villains or themselves turned into beast being Metamorph-type Villains. Although many Sentai has gear to fight the Kaiju, like the giant robots called Mecha, the Ultra-type has flexibility and agility incompatible with their size.

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