A wise old stinker for Strays

Puffers, a Sample Character for Strays

This character follow the Character Creation rules from Fate Accelerated, including the specific things from Strays.

Puffers was in the past one of the biggest, meanest, stinkiest skunks all around the world. But that was not because he chose this: he never had a choice, being raised by Naughty skunks, living like them until his paw was hurt by a bear trap in a florest in Gloucester and his pack left him behind to die.

A very kind and big kid (as big as his heart) had discovered him and take him at home, treated his paw and cared for him. The paw was almost lost, as the bear trap was rusted and his paw had badly inflamed, but thanks the kid Puffers had cured the wound. Even with the stink (that Puffers never had been able to suppress totally), the kid had not left him behind, even bringing him at the rugby training as a mascot.

Puffers helped him, by making him goes to the training field (and trying to not stink him at the proccess) and fighting other Naughty critters (like the squirrels and moles that tried to mess up the rugby training field), and cheering by the rugby team (they changed its name for Gloucester High School Skunks).

The kid grew up to a very strong and good guy, a professional rugby hooker with a foot at the national squad, and that came the day for both split apart.

When the Old Nick came and take Puffers with him for the Farm, Puffers had already chosed to be a Nice guy and redeem himself from his past. However, time and another something happens to remember Puffers from his mean past, showing him the attonement path is a hard one, although a satisfying one.

Puffers is the kind of Old Master at Field character, that relies on his wisdom and skills and do things at the right time. He also still searches for repentance for the wrongs he did as a young critters, and he’s the first one to give a chance for those Naughty critters that could repent, but at the same time he’s fierce (although fair) into fighting against those who still goes into bad ways.


Hig Concept: A very old, sage skunk
Trouble: The Old Times still haunts me
  “Crouch, Touch, Pause, Engage!”
  “The Humans had not left me behind”
  Everyone should have a second chance, as I had!


Careful: Fair (+2)
Clever: Fair (+2)
Flashy: Mediocre (+0)
Forceful: Average (+1)
Quicky: Good (+3)
Sneaky: Average (+1)

Stunts [Refresh: 3]


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