Sean O’Mahoney

A Sample Character for Nest - A World of Adventure

This character follow the Character Creation rules from Fate Core, including the specific things from Nest.

Created in a “Might is Right” kind of family, Sean had grown up as a bully, and so it was his Nest alter-ego, as the Bad-Ass Ogre Warsinger from Epoch, a barbarian that had all time to fight for what he liked, either by gold, glory, honor and (sometimes) even for goodness. More than a time he fought against heroes, to be won and fight aside them, by siding those stronger than himself and learning the importance of doing the right thing.

In our world, however, he grew up bullying all guys from neighborhood, till his old school gave his family a “last resort” solution for his aggresiveness: he was sent to military college, where he suffered a lot. Nest time was the only thing that saved him to turn himself into a psychopathic trigger-happy soldier. He was still a fighter, but he develop himself some code of honor and duty.

That was till 9/11, when Bin Laden had turned the world bonkers.

Sean was into one of the many mission to catch Bin Laden in Afghanistan, when a mine had exploded the Hummer where he was. He was in the turret, so he was ejected from it by the explosion and the some of the mine shrapel had hit him. He still had time and consciousness into the sharp pain to fight some of the tangos that placed the mine into the road and save some of their group while they waited for an extraction team to rescue them. He did all this in the ground: in the chopper, he was knocked out by a high-dosage morphine injection.

When he woke up, he had noted he could not feel his legs: his spinal chord was hitted and he lost his movements into the legs. He was honrably discharged, even with some medals, but the money was going out very fast with his treatment. Even worse: he could not take another job because he could not work into a wheelchair. That was until a guy from the old times, one of the nerds he thrashed once in a while, had offered him a job as a User Experience Analyst. He did well learning his new job, but sometimes he can’t work okay, as the nightmares from Afghanistan still haunts him, rendering him useless during his Post-Stress Trauma Disease surges. And sometimes, he still wants he would still in Nest forever, specially at some nights, when the PTSD strikes hard, and he gets into the night, alone, crying in fetal stance remembering his dead friends and all he did in the past.


Kind Aspect
Heroic Concept: Bad-ass Warsinger Ogre from Epoch
Mundane Life: PSTD diagnosed, Wheelchair-locked, ex-soldier
Hook: Real life is now, and it hurts like hell
  Bullied a lot, had been a jock and finished alone
  Each pill is a venom, but the pain is even worse


Level Skill Skill Skill Skill
Great (+4) Physique      
Good (+3) Fight Shoot    
Fair (+2) Deceive Notice Provoke  
Average (+1) Investigate Will Lore Crafts (Music)

Stunts (not at start)

Talisman (to be recovered)

The Guitar-Axe

The Guitar-Axe is the crossover of a big two-bladed axe and a Fly-V guitar, being The Axe that brings the Music of Dread for those who hears it notes. This axe is very big and came with his own special hilt that allows the user to put it at his back and so on easily. He looks like it was embedded into tar, being blacker than night itself, and the cords are as silver as the moon. Those who use the Guitar-Axe can put the fear into its enemies’ hearts easily, and also can also destroy almost anything and anyone in its path.

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