Oregon Cadmus - Cosmopolitan Spirit

The little newsie for whom New York is not enough


Type Aspect
High Concept A New York Newsie that dream with the world
Trouble A too small city for too big ambitions!
  Remember: you read this first at Pendrik Press Newspapers!
  A smile in the face, always
  I always protect my friend’s back


Approach Level
Careful Fair (+2)
Clever Good (+3)
Flashy Mediocre (+0)
Forceful Average (+1)
Quick Average (+1)
Sneaky Fair (+2)

Centurion Stunt

Common Stuns [ Refresh: 2 ]


Oregon is skinny and black, with bushy and full hair, always smiling. He’s a great newsie, mainly because he has a knack on read and understand the contents of the newspaper he sell. He’s always under his newsie clothes, even at school, if possible.


Oregon has a great smile in his face no matter what, because he always get what he needs and can get always safely, no matter how big the mess he is. Besides, he have a superior mind prowess, so it’s not that weird that the big kahunas from J.P.Morgan buy their newspapers from himself, and even the great guys like Andrew Carnegie and J.P.Morgan himself came to him for the newspapers. He put him under good eyes by his boss, Mr. Jonah Pendrik, from Pendrik Press


Born under the first chimes from January 1st, 1901, little Oregon Cadmus was named this way by his father, as a memento to the State from where he came, doing is parent’s opposite movement, that ran from Texas, Arkansas and Virginia during the Slavery and Civil War times. Oregon’s parents, Will and Mary Joanne, came to New York for working.

Although still a little backwater, as it was a little away from New Jersey’s capital city, Trenton, New York already shows some clues on what it would turn on in the future, in part thanks fr people like Carnegie and Morgan, that stabilised their economical empires from New York. Obviously not everyone was happy to work for the Robber Barons, that were people with high education, commercial knack and, sometimes, unscrupulous about the ways to grow big in power.

And it was under this scenario that Will Cadmus started to work at Pendrik Press, learn the job as a typographer and printmaker, and others. Ms. Mare Joanne was a teacher into a local school, while little Oregon turned as a typical newsie. With time and newspaper reading, he came with a great idea: instead on do the same of other newsies, by selling newspapers at the ferry boat between mainland and Manhattan, he got into the higher stakes, going everyday after school to the flourishing Wall Street.

The bet paid itself in time: everyday after the school, he passed into Pendrik Press and took a big bunch of newspapers, including one that was a little substandard to be sold. This is the one he read until he got at Wall Street. By doing this, he could talk about the news and express his ideas about the main stories. This way he could attract attention and sell his papers by all the big guys (and small ones, too) that was there. After selling all the newspapers, he got back to Pendrik Press and looked if it would be profitable take a new “round” selling more newspapers.

Surely many newsies want that place, as it was very lucrative, and by this they tried to solve Oregon’s problem by knuckles. But when you occasionally sells papers for Mr Astor, Carnegie, and Morgan, and they talk with you in civil terms, obviously mess with you is a very big of a mess. If it was not enough, even the police officers don’t get too boastly against Oregon.

But there’s something growing into Oregon’s heat, that even his father perceive: no matter how big New York is, it’s becoming small for little Oregon Cadmus. And even Mr. Jonah Pendrik note this…

For both sakes…

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