Mayfield Wright - Philanthropic Spirit


Type Aspect
High Concept Family heir that is always helps the less fortunated
Trouble Poor Little Rich Girl, albeit a mischievous one
  “I can’t find friends into other kids from my age”
  Much more clever than would be expected from a cute little angel
  “Amadeu, my tutor, is a great fellow.”


Approach Level
Careful Good (+3)
Clever Fair (+2)
Flashy Fair (+2)
Forceful Mediocre (+0)
Quick Average (+1)
Sneaky Average (+1)

Centurion Stunt

Common Stunts [ Refresh: 3 ]


Mayfield is a cute little angle from the New York high-society. She’s the typical childish beauty: strawberry blond hair, big blue eyes and rosy cheeks full of freckles, always dressed impeccably in beautiful stylish dresses. However, her eyes shows a need that even herself can’t say of what.


Mayfield is someone that, until now, is on a golden cage, which sadden her a lot. Although she knows her parents need to work and make their businesses run, she would love to have more time with them. She understands, however, she works not only for them or for her, but for many people.


Many families in U.S. have a philanthropic record: either by a personal sense of ethics or by the taxes discounts, families like the Rockfeller, Morgan and Carnegie use their money to help those the Government can’t (or sometimes want not) help.

The Wright family can trace their resources and investments in U.S. since the Mayflower, and passing by almost all the big historical U.S. events. So it’s not that strange that, in the Civil War time, they helped to fund the U.S. Chapter of the Century Club to fight the Shadows in the time. Money never was a problem, thanks of an almost perfect combination of knack for business, good administration, right contacts, and, why not, some luck. And the link between the Wright and the Club had skyrocketed.

So, when Grace Wright, Ms. William Wright VI, gave birth for a little girl in the first seconds of January 1st, 1901, it was not a surprise to think she would be one of the 20th Century Spirits.

This way, Grace and his husband start to prepare the little Mayfield for the future from the earliest childhood. So she had been tutored from the start, learning things like Maths, English, Latin, Rhetoric and Business Management.

But she was a child after all, and she felt many times the urge for playing with kids that she saw as poorer than herself (almost everyone). Not a few times those mischievous capers had put her into danger, like in the time she mingled herself in the midst of the newsies. But her parents, even retorting her, understood why she did that.

It was when Mr. William Wright VI, talking with the people in the Club, understood that it would be a good experience for Mayfield if she got, at least for some time, to the Madam Sheridan’s Orphan’s House And Boarding School, that was supported by the Club.

So, she started to get to the Boarding School, where she could be like all the other kids, and where she have some of the best moments, where she can be herself and just that, without need to follow the rigid norms from the New York High Society. Where she can be really happy, and she could receive something back from her effort while helping her family’s philanthropic work.

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