Matheus Gabriel

A Sample Character for Nest - A World of Adventure

This character follow the Character Creation rules from Fate Core, including the specific things from Nest.

Matheus was a little, chubby, smarty, know-it-all kid. Being that didn’t turned him cherished for the other kids, that bullied him. But they didn’t know that in fact he was a Hero of Nest, the Rabbitest Know-It-All Master of All Things from Bungledyne, that fighted for the right with his knowledge, quick wit and flashy moves… So, he escaped from reality in our reality via nerdy pastimes, like RPGs, books and computers, at the same time he fought against Evil in Bungledyne and all Nest.

But time had come and he needed to cope with all this. But for him, a good time had come.

Internet and everything else had come to use for everyone. From the nerdy guy that helped with the computer setup, he turned into a dotcom developer and CEO, a visionaire compared (at least for those in his neighborhood) with Mark Zuckenberg, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Although he still don’t make the big cash the dot-com big kahunas does, he had done well after finished out UCLA. He even employed some guys from the old times, the bullies and jocks that thrashed him every time. He don’t know why he even care for them when some of them came without one or two legs back from Afghanisthan. Maybe he’s a humanitary, or maybe he’s turning himself into the thing he most hate: a bully, sometimes darkly smiling inside himself about the PTSD that they suffer and the all the medicine they need now.

But he still sometimes relives his childhood dreams: not that he go back to Nest. he knows that was a dream, although a lifesaver one. But he still have the Book of the Rabbitest Know-It-All Master, a pseudo-memoir he wrote with all his dreamy adventures. When the pressure grows too much into him, he goes for that notebook, with a sketch of a rabbity guy into flamboyant clothes, Alice in Wonderland’s White Rabbit meets Pirates from Caribbean’s Jack Sparrow, drawn by his best friend and secret crush Amanda Wesker, in his cover, to remember the happier times, when confronting Evil was easy and decisions were plain and black and white.


Heroic Concept: Rabbitest Know-It-All Master of All Things from Bungledyne
Mundane Life: Bullied kid turned into dot-com developer and CEO
Hook: “Someday I’ll publish the Book of the Rabbitest Know-It-All Master
  Secret Crush: Amanda Wesker, Neighbor and Best Friend
  “Am I turning myself into the thing I loathe the most?”


Great (+4) Lore      
Good (+3) Rapport Will    
Fair (+2) Empathy Burglary Provoke  
Average (+1) Investigate Notice Crafts Stealth

Stunts (not in start)

Talisman (to be recovered)

Book of All Mysteries

The Book of All Mysteries is a so big book that it floats somewhat in front the possessor when being used and turn itself its pages, being The Book that Comprises All Knowledge. The books looks old and wrinkled, but he has infinite pages with everything anyone could need to know, if he knows how to ask and how to use the Book. Although being big, he shrinks itself when put back into pockets or bags.

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