Mairead Mag Raith (McRae), Community Spirit


Type Aspect
High Concept A girl from a Irish family that lives for her community
Trouble “Not having much is not an excuse to share” - Samaritan to the core
  Touched by the Sidhe? - Hair and Eyes with “bright” colors
  Lady Danaan knows how I think
  Tales, Legends and Stories


Approach Level
Careful Good (+3)
Clever Fair (+2)
Flashy Fair (+2)
Forceful Average (+1)
Quick Average (+1)
Sneaky Mediocre (+0)

Centurion Stunt

Common Stunts [ Refresh: 3 ]


Mairead is called as Touched by the Sidhe, as her appearance is very uncommon: copper colored and almost metallic, very bright hair, and also very green, emerald-like eyes. Impressively, no matter her clothes state, no matter how much patches she herself applied into her dresses, she always looks like an angel or a little pixie of a fairy.


Mairead lives for their communities: no matter the group, she always thinks on herself as a support, a glue that make people stay into the group as a whole. She don’t like to be alone, but has no problem to be a small part on a big group. Besides, she knows how to deal with great groups: her typically Irish raising, with lots of brothers and sisters, provided her with the tools she needs to deal on those cases.


The Irish Great Famine, that longed between 1810 and 1879, caused a great Irish Diaspora to form into United States. And into the last families that ran away from Irish were born Connor and Eileen MagRaith, that married in 1890. For 10 years they worked hard and raised money to buy a small house in New York, where he worked as docker and she worked as teacher. Life was not easy, money was always short, but they were always worried with their neighbors, many times receiving those into worst situation into their home.

Eileen’s delivery was commemorated by everyone into the neighborhood, and the birthing at the strokes that marked the new century beginning was taken as a good auspice, even more when they all saw the little almost emerald green eyes and the little very red, between copper and blood, eyebrows.

And, with time, this grew even more patent, when little Mairead helped her parents tidying home, and the community with many things: going to buy some potatoes and vegetables, making bread, play the violin in the parties, even doing some little magic tricks to cheer up those smaller then her in the Easter time. All those talents, showing with time, made everyone think that she was somewhat “touched by the Sidhe: in fact, the respected (and sometimes feared) bag lady called only Lady Danaan recommended she to be tuteled by some people from the philanthropic society called The Century Club.

And that was the way Mairead learned she was one of the 20th Century Spirits, destined to discover, preserve and reinforce into this century important values and ambitions. She soon learned her role, to reinforce the importance of community, from the little Irish neighborhood in Clinton, Manhattan, to the world, as she knows that every family (and humanity is a family) always shatters from the inside, not from the outside.

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