K-23 - the Demiurge Age’s Automat

The Demiurge’s Automat that Awakened to overthrow the Masters of Umdaar

No one knows when K-23 was created, and neither if he was “born” in Umdaar. What Shukul and the others knows is that K-23 was found into an old Demiurge ruins by them and he was “reactivated” after they hit some of its buttons.

K-23 don’t remember all the details from his past, as centuries passed from the Demiurge’s desappearence and the Rise of the Masters of Umdaar. K-23 have lots of knowledge about the Demiurge Era and even from before, which fascinates Grace, the Element-tamer from the Fartime Monastery.

K-23 is on an “observation mode”, as he calls itself, trying to understand what made the Demiurge’s desappear and the evil Masters of Umdaar rises. Everyone has a hinch that, when K-23 got his answers, Umdaar will not be the same, for the good and the ill.

Basic Info


Type Aspect
High Concept: Automat from before the Master’s Age
Motivation: I must understand what happened with my Masters, the Demiurge
Personal: Directive: Defeat the upstars called “Masters of Umdaar”
  The world changed a lot… More information about this age needed
  This group are interesting. Protocol: Observation and Counseling


Approach Level
Careful: Good (+3)
Clever: Fair (+2)
Flashy: Average (+1)
Forceful: Average (+1)
Quick: Mediocre (+0)
Sneaky: Fair (+2)

Stunts [ Refresh: 3 ]

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