Game Report - Loose Threads - Session 2


After the events in the last session, they already have the Protection Charm for Elda, but they still were in the Dark Forest. The first problem is: the glass slipper stopped to work as a Compass, as it pointed for their creator. They started to use the glass slipper as a kind of reverse compass, but had many difficulties on this.

Prático and Fang and Sara were still cursing their “ill luck” to get out the forest (as they made too much in the last adventure). Sara had the idea to kill the birds in the Forest… or talked with the Parlamient of Rooks before, as they ignored completely the birds, which that could avoid Sara Promised to Help Iron Henry.

They had gone walk amiss into the Dark Forest, but they found A group of Bears that were very pissed with Prático and Shimmer (and with the rest of the Company, by exetension) because they lynched a friend of them… Prático and Sara tired to talk their way on an arrogant way, ignoring totally the Laws of Hospitality since they entered till get out. The bears closed their way. They still were arrogant, and Fang called her feral form… And this called for a conflict (Predator vs Predator in the same place) and Shimmer gave a little “Iiiiiiiiiiitttttttt’ssssss TTTTTTTIIIIIIMMMMMMEEEEE!!!!!!” moment before the conflict start. Fang was the main target from the Bears, but there was also some for the others. The first round gave Fang a Moderate Consequence of Bestial Appearence (a counterpoint for one of their Stunts that he called into his first attack) and a Mild Consequence of Missing Ear that had took out her around by the Bears.

Shimmer had created a Boost of Rifle Sounds, like there was hunters in the Forest. Then, Fang push to his Beast Tension and took four of eight Bears out of combat. However, Sara, when tried to attack the Bears, suffered a Success with Style into the Bears’ defense. One of them got her and put their Claws into her throat, ready to thrash her throat in a blink. Then Prático got into a savage way, but then I used two Fate Points, one for Prático’s Seventh Aspect and another into the Bears. But then, Prático invoked their Aspects of Relationship with Fang and Concept as an Assassin.

I forced Sara’s Tension, because the last attack was basically Prático pushing their piggy paws through a Bear’s heart and bathing her in blood!!!! I wanted to push to the Truth side, but Sara’s player pushed for Lies side! This had important consequences, as they spilt blood in the Forest!!! While Fang took some of the bears remains as a alchemichal ingredients. And Sara asked for Shimmer use her Great Magic to get out the Forest. Shimmer was successful and the Company got out the Forest. Shimmer had a Failure in the first check (that would result in Costs for Sara), but Shimmer used her Method Aspect for a bonus, and was successful, which looked as a Happy Ending on this…

… but there was still not Happy Ending!

By spilling blood in the Forest, the Birds started to attack the Company! As Fairy Godmothers don’t cheat, the charm would be effective, but they had broke a law against the Parlamient of the Rook, that somewhat was demanding retribution! The Company tried to run to Elda’s hut into a glare in the City and gave her the charm to run away from the City (and from the birds), but only Sara was successful, and they were still being pecked by the birds, Shimmer suffering a Moderate Consequence and being Pecks and bruises all around the body! Fang was also Pecked and Bruised, and Prático suffered 3 Stress! But Shimmer gave Sara the Charm, and she got into the hut and gave Elda the Charm, while the others returned to the City.

While getting back, Sara made a torch… It would be a gross ending for the adventure if Sara failed the Athletics check while running with the torch, because she would burn the glare, with the hut and ELDA!!! While they asking why they were being pecked, they stayed to provoke the birds, even after knowing the blood spilling and that the gone against the Parlament.

Fang still tried to blame the Fairy Godmothers because all the Elda thing, calling into the “We will not be killed in vain” and do the Ozzy Osborne and took a bird and took his head off with a bite! I compelled Shimmer Tension to Altruism, as she had enough on all that mess… And put everyone into a fear, as they never saw Shimmer that angry (and fear-looking).

Fang didn’t learned and provoked Shimmer and the birds… And it was when ALL the local birds gone into Fang!!!! He received a Seventh Aspect All birds around tries to kill me!!!, and I compelt it to make him suffer a +13 (YIKES!!!!!) and I used the Consequences Fang suffered to make an Alfred Hitchcock moment: the birds Attacked him, pelted him, took their fangs and claws, PECKING THEM OUT HIS BODY (YIKES!!!!) and took him back to the forest, to be judged by the Parlament, fading out in great pain after being took out!

Sara launched the torch… And almost burned the Dark Forest, with Fairy Godmother, birds, Fang and all in the process! She only didn’t this because she failed in the torch. Prático compelled himself in their Tension, going in the +2 in Vengeance (almost resolving his Tension by getting into an assassination spree!) The Parlament was almost going Donald Trump against the Company!

In this moment, Fang’s player PC had gave problem and he needed to get out the game.

Shimmer was the one that thought on not escalate things, and it was when I used the Dark Forest Secret to help the Company: Shimmer felt a powerful Heart’s Desire in the Forest (Alba’s), almost as powerful than Elda’s. Shimmer called for Sara help, while Prático ran for the Parlament. The Company split and I started by solving Prático.

Prático got in the Parlament, and for the first time since the Big Bad Female Wolf he felt real fear: in a somewhat Silence of the Lamb moment he saw Fang back to his “human” form, skinless, teethless and nailless! First priority he had built a improvised hut for Fang…

Then, he saw the bird’s eyes in the glare darkness: he tried to put the rooks against the bears. The Prime Minister talked about how the things they did since they get into the Dark Forest… But as he was doing a Overcome action (his penalty on Vengeance), he was in a great problem!!! The Prime Minister had a Success with Style Defense and Prático got into a Flashback on how much blood he had spilt into his Vengeance, and he was in panic!!!

In meantime, Sara and Shimmer searched for the Heart’s Desire for a Fairy Castle and Sara had the idea to be owner of the Castle… But in the castle they found the Cursed Cats and their Leader Alba, the Heart’s Desire owner. Shimmer asked for Alba’s Heart’s Desire ans she said that is to be back human form and the to bring also their court. Although Shimmer has Great Magic, I decided she could not undo things by herself and she talked about her history. When she described her late husband…

… and they see in their mind Julian Brightsword!!!! They run for the City to bring Julian for Alba!

In the meantime, Prático was still freaking out in the Flashback and called the Parlament about what happend with him. The Parlament said that The Big Bad Female Wolf would be worst than Fang if she tried to kill their brother there. Prático tried to explain Fang was into a redemption way, but the Prime Minister had no reason to believe on this…

But even into a Overcome action (with -2 by the Tension), in a Mediocre Skill (Rapport), he was Successful by forfeit ALL HIS FATE POINTS into their Aspects related with Fang! Relationship, Tension (bringing the Tension back to Justice and reducing the Penalty to -1) and Method were used and desperately Prático interceded for Fang, and obtained somewhat Prime Minister’s sympathy. After explaining for the Prime Minister the Company’s mission.

Then the Prime Minister showed the destiny of Elda’s Mother and Sister: they were put into stakes, like flesh scarecrows, after being killed by the birds as part of the Curse imposed by the Leader of the Fairy Godmothers (Stephen King would be proud)! And explained that, as Elda was not that wicked and was more sensible than the others, the Parlament twisted a little the order from the Leader, by attacking only if Elda set foot out her hut. Prático tried to put the Parlament against the Fairy Godmothers, but he discovered that the only thing the Prime Minister wants is not being put into crossing against the Fairy Godmothers. Prático explained that one of them had “freed” somewhat Elda from the Curse via the Charm. The Prime Minister chose to take some of Prático’s Vitality as a Test of Strength. As he already had a Seventh Aspect (his Curse into the last Session), he took a Vitality damage of 1 Stress.

Back to Shimmer and Sara, while noting the birds where not pecking them again (lifting the Curse of the birds against the Company), they talked with Julian and he got with them and with this pushing Julian’s Tension to Adventure to beyond his Tension. They bring him to the Alba’s Fairy Castle, and when Alba looked for Julian, he fell in love with Julian (starting to lift her Curse), and Julian resolved his tension for the Adventure of being a Prince and Fulfilling his Heart Desire of being a Encahnted Prince for a Princess! As Sara was good (somewhat), Alba gave her one of Iron Henry’s Steel bands, that they’ll will be able to use as a magnet for Iron Henry, as the Glass Slipper was for Miriva.

And then was when the Leader of the Fairy Godmothers, and somewhat praised for Shimmer (in a somewhat arrogant way) and, as a “prize”, she lifted Elda Curse. The Prime Minister discovered (by magic) that the Curse was lifted, and the ones the Company (including Prático’s and Fang’s) suffered also. Fang’s damages was cured, and they thought on ways they could had used to solve things without being stupid…

And the Company will need to learn that harsh lessions, if they want to Fulfill their Heart’s Desires, while they saw Elda and Marra hugging theirselves in the Castle Entrance, heart full on yearning to recover the time lost. Marra gave some extra money, clothes for Sara (she was still into a bloodstained dress) and useful things to heal Fang.

They felt the steel band glowing to the East, and they would go for fulfilling Sara’s Promise…

… that she passed for Shimmer… :P

As Advancement for the Significant Milestone, Prático changed one of their Aspects from “Nothing should be took for granted… Shimmer, I’m talking with you! to “Fairy Godmother’s Magic is Dangerously Powerful” and added Rapport as Average (+1). The other PCs online, Shimmer and Sara, saved the Skill points, as they already had empty slots: as they are Fate newbies, I only forced them to put the three most important skills. So, I decided they could save this point.

Now… To Iron Henry with the Company!

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Game Report - Loose Threads - Session 1

[The Company is in trouble with the Fairy Godmothers!(L/R: Miriva, The Leader of the Godmothers, Sara, Prático, Fang and Shimmer) - Art by Bruna Nora](/assets/img/LooseThreads1.jpg)


I’m running now the Pecked to Death adventure from the Loose threads book.

Everything started when I used Shimmer’s Stunt First Star I See Tonight (that allows her to detect Desires - even Heart’s Desire - almost instantaneously) to say that someone needed help. They got into the local city and was found by Elda’s Aide and Maid that conducted The Company to Elda’s house. Julian chose to take guard while the others entered the Room. Contessa Sara had started to talk with Elda about what happened, and that had somewhat Compelled her into her Tension, as she is torn between the Truth that she need to discover about who she really is (beside here mother’s training), or the “Lies” about her being a Contessa and so. I pushed it to the Truth, as she saw she had a lighter fate than Elda, although she had some time with an abusive mother and so. But although she saw this, they negotiated for the reward for the mission.

Everything checked, Sara and the others gone to the Castle to talk with Marra, Elda’s stepsister and Queen of that Kingdom (I’m working the setting into a Hercules/Xena system, a.k.a. Monster of the Week formula). Marra talked her version and explained that she left the cottage were Elda lives for her and paid from her resources for the Aide, She gave the glass shoe for the Company to help them to find the Fairy Godmother. As the (in theory at least) more powerful magic user in the Company, Shimmer was the responsible to use the glass shoe to find the way into The Dark Forest for the Company. Before getting into the Forest, Sara used an Aspect to describe herself disguising as a sheperdess and heard a little about Parlament of the Rooks

That eased somewhat things for them, so I put a battle for them with a big bear after Prático, a little paranoid, had made a Bird expelling whistle (he was enough on that m--------ing birds on that m--------ing forest!). However, Fang (Julian was already “sacked” from the Company, turned into a NPC and stayed in the City) had no problem to, even after being hit by a Sneak Attack from the bear, hit him wit just one hit and take it down, making it run away… In the meantime, they heard some chirps in the forest, but Sara chosed to just forget the chirps and go for the Fairy Godmothers’ Conclave.

They found a glade with some Gypsy-like wagons, and then they found Miriva. Sara and the others talked a little with her, and Sara accepted The Promise to Help Iron Henry. With this, Miriva made the Protection Amulet that was given to Shimmer.

However, they were found by the other Fairy Godmothers, that, as Stubborn and torn between Judgement and Caregiving, chosed to avoid that that pesky Genie (Shimmer) and those Mortals (the others) could get out with some of their secrets without passing into the Professional Dilemma. Prático, that has an Aspect against magic, had chosed to go against the Leader of the Godmothers, and she hit him into Prático’s tension, that he pushed to Vendetta, and she put him into a Curse, turning him into a REAL, snorting, oinking, four-feet, pig (in the setting I was considering Prático and Fang as anthropomorphic half-human, half-animal beings) as a way to make him a little more humble (although the player wants to build, someway, a exoskeleton for his oinking form… without magic). Shimmer thought into the Alladin experience and solved the Professional Dilemma for the group, and they where free to go, althought she was one of the only people into all the adventure that talked Sara’s name without the honorific she gave for herself as Contessa.

The Company get out the Conclave, all of them but Shimmer very pissed off with the Leader Fairy Godmother, but with the amulet. Now they need to get back into the City…

… and also deal with Sara’s Promise and Prático’s Curse.

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O X-card

Link Original por John Stavropoulos :


Aprendemos demais sobre o X-Card desde que o documento original foi publicado. Vamos divulgar aqui novidades até que o documento seja totalmente atualizado. Esa sessão irá também servir como um review rápido e atualizado sobre o que é o X-Card e como usar.

Deseja incorporat o X-Card ao seu jogo? Sem problema! O X-Card é publicado segundo uma licença Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0) License. Apenas dê os créditos a John Stavropoulos e coloque o link desse documento:

O X-Card é uma ferramenta opcional criada por John Stavropoulos, que permita a qualquer um em seu jogo (inclusive você) para permitir que conteúdos que sejam incômodos a qualquer um seja removida de jogo a qualquer momento. Como muitos RPGs são exercícios de improvisação e não somos capazes de perceber o vai acontecer até acontecer, e possível que o jogo acabe tomando um rumo que as pessoas não querem. O X-Card é uma ferramente simples que procura resolver esse tipo de situação tão logo ela apareça.

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