Rise of the Fagin

Scene 1 - Near the Halloween


  • Madam Sheridan is upset
  • Jake Molan wants to have fun in Halloween

The Scene

The players are 20th century Spirits that study all together in the Madam Sheridan’s Orphan’s House And Boarding School and Orphanage and School in Clinton, NYC. It’s October 1st, 1911, and Madam Sheridan pass a lecture on how the kids are going rowdy, “doing hooligan things in the Halloween” that should not be tolerated in a civilized society. She talks about the Century Club fundraising ball and the matinee festivity that will happens at Thursday, October 31st. All the kids can get on it, and will be a Masquerade, so costumes are mandatory,

In the meantime, there’s one of the bully kids that after the lecture will say that this is just “a great pile of bullshit of that old hag”. Jake Molan is a big bully, all the PCs knows, and he likes to do mean things: anyone who he considers weak of him, specially girls and weaker kids will be considered Fair Game for him, and this could include some of the Young Centurions. GM, this is not time to fight him back, and he’s clever enough to not get caught red-handed and get himself away with this. If any of the PCs wants to get a retribute, make him try, but if they are catched, they can enter into a conflict with The Local Bullies or being lectured again by Madam Sheridan that believes that rowdy behavior has no place at all.

When they get out the class, they’ll find a little hobo that calls itself as Knacks, that has a Southern accent and knows some lasso tricks, but that came to NYC to see if he could have a better life. He’s trying to do his life as a newsie, but it’s a little difficult when some people get his money. The PCs will find his wallet in the entrance of Central Park Zoo, but they’ll hear a yelling of help. Even they trying to find who was yelling, they’ll be not able to find the one who yelled, although they could see by the sound that it was a kid, between 10 or 12, no much more younger or older. However, they’ll find that someone had graffited the wall with “BEWARE! THE FAGIN IS BACK!”

The PCs has not to do here anymore, but they should at least, before goes home, give Knacks’ wallet back and talk about what they saw with the Police. If they do this, give them a Police escorted us home! Aspect with a Free Invoke.

New Issues

  • Kids being kidnapped

Scene 2 - The Costumes


  • Time to choose which each one will be
  • Things goes more scary
  • The Fagin kidnaps even more kids

The Scene

This scene take a little more time, as this is spaced between October 2nd to October 29nd, but let us see what will happens during this meantime.

First of all, the PCs will think on the costumes they’ll use in the Masquerade they’ll want to use. Remember: 1910s was not a time known about have lots of fabric to do exquisite costumes like the 2010s. In that time, normally they took some old clothes and made some thing on them to customize them for what they want. Please, please, PRETTY PLEASE, don’t get on things like blackface/brownface/yelloface/other sensitive questions UNLESS you have good players. If you want, this is an adventure where X-Card rules could apply, as the 1910s Halloweens were full on sensitive topics.

Make them create the costumes: a Average (=1) check would be good enough. However, if they want to be Successful with a Cost, take hold on a Ridiculous Costume Boost that you could use against them in the adventure.

They can also combine to do a guising, where they could get with more sweets and trinkets in the Halloween. Let them choose what they want to do and talk with them about guising (basically, it trick-or-treat, but lighter, where the kids do I kind of gag or singing to asks for more sweets).

Then, there’s Jake Molan, that says he have a “great plan” for Halloween. If the PCs wants to investigate, they’ll discover that he’s preparing eggs to get rotten for some egging during Halloween. It’s a bad accusation without proofs, so they’ll need to pass some Clever or Sneaky checks to get proofs that Jake and his crew are preparing to do this egging. If they obtain the proofs against Jake, they could put it under a promise to not mess with others, or denounce him to the adults of for Madam Sheridan. The latter could put them into confusion.

Knacks came also to them, now a little cleaner and fatter than first time, to say that some newsies in the East River region where kidnapped. He also says he had saw a weird man, with a even weirder costume, something old-fashioned, with a top hat and tails, with a wrinkled face and crooked nose. He had just get a glimpse and ran away, leaving the region to find another hobo camp he could get with others for protection. He also invite the PCs for the Beggar’s Dinner, a party that the local hobos and bag ladies will provide for hobo kids like him. He says that they will need to go in rags, as the hobos normally doesn’t trust those who doesn’t look like them.

There’s also some histories about kids from other neighborhoods being kidnapped. German, Yiddish, Guadalupeans, Italians, you name it. All around the city the lack of confidence and panic is growing with the growing in the number of kids. The so called “Kid-robber” is taking kids all around, and no kind of message was given by the abductor.

If they need some clues about the one who is kidnapping kids, the Century Club will be a source of those. Madam Sheridan can be a contact, as she’s a Century Club Retainer, with some special skills to detect good and bad people. At the same times, they’ll investigate The Fagin and track it to a believed-to-be-deceased 19th Century Shadow of Innocence, Anthony Fagin, that exploited the innocence of kids to their own benefit. He is believed as decease since 1889, when he fought against some of the 19th Century Spirits (maybe with some of the PCs Mentors) and disappeared. The details of the conflict will be at GM discretion. The Club will be put under alert, as any suggestion of a 19th Century Shadow getting back to power would be a problem: even they having lost a big chunk of their powers with the end of 19th Century, they are as powerful as the 19th Century Spirits, and this would be a big bite for the Young Centurions.

New Issues

  • Big Plans for the All Soul’s Eve
  • Jake will make a big mess!
  • Kids are still disappearing
  • An Shadow of the Past is working?

Scene 3 - The All Soul’s Eve


  • Pranks everywhere
  • The Hobo and Bag Lady’s party

The Scene

Then, came October 30rd, when some people start to party: the streets begins to be full on people into costumes and masquerading. Kids starts to rehearsal for their Guisings… And some start to look for the rotten eggs to see if they are smelly enough for their pranks. People all around starts to go rowdy, as Madam Sheridan somewhat “predicted”, turning trash cans over and doing pranks, big and small, good and bad.

The PCs maybe are doing their last details for their costumes for the Halloween parties, either the Matinee Festivities at the Madam Sheridan’s and the Century club Masquerade (as Young Centurions they are enlisted for the Masquerade - in fact, is mandatory).

Knacks came to ask them if they want to get in the Beggar’s Dinner. He have some Old Rags to provide for the kids that would not have something to put on, and he also use some ashes to Smudge them, so they could get in the festivities.

The Beggar’s Dinner is held in a free space in East Side Docks, where the Hobos and Bag Ladies exchanges stories and some food they found. The PCs don’t know, but they are being tracked by one of the 19th Century Spirits, Lady Brigit Danaan, the East Side Docks Hobo Queen: nothing happen here that she don’t know. She know who they are, as she was looking for Knacks, but she’ll not interfere without a good reason: she knows hobo kids are a so lonely group that they do everything they could for friends.

However, as the festivities goes, they hear lost of stories about the Fagin, this almost Urban Legend about an old man that kidnap kids. Many hobos spit on this name, because they are the ones who take the bad fame. Knacks says he heard about the Fagin’s stories from all the hobos (kids or not) he found, and even the rare Chinese hobos knew about this, and said that there’s a legend in Shanghai about an old man that hunt kids for prey.

Although the legends, the PCs may feel that the Fagin is real, and his shadow is lurking and growing all around. And this feeling just grows when Jake Molan is kidnap: they see her mother looking for him. If they go in the place where Jake has put the eggs to rot, they’ll see that’s an Awful Smell and they’ll find a hat. Jake’s hat.

But not only this: they’ll see that he left behind what looks like an Engraved Family Crest, with a letter F on it. If they research about this by their own (Superb (+5) Careful checks, considering they can find a library) or they asks for it to their mentors (or other Club people - Fair (+2) to Great (+4) Clever checks), they’ll discover that this crest is from The Fagin gang, from the 19th Century London, a gang that was built around one man: Anthony Fagin.

New Issues

  • Anthony Fagin is back from death!
  • Jack Moran was kidnapped!
  • The Shadow that blights All the Soul’s Eve

Scene 4 - The Mummer’s Dance


  • Chaos during Halloween
  • The Fagin’s plan
  • The Mummer’s are children!

It’s October 31, and now everyone is going fr the festivities, although the news reports about kidnapping kids is making some adults to get paranoid and not allowing kids to go for parties, Guisings and tricks-or-treats. The police is doing some research with the hobos for the kids (as they think the hobos were the ones to kidnap them), until some weird groups of people get into the streets, dressed into costumes but with sacks over their heads. Those Mummers (as some people in the street are talking about) are doing all kinds of crimes, from shoplifting to bank robbing, and not sounds able to stop those.

The biggest revelation is done when the police does an extreme action and shot one of them on the knees. When they discover who is this, is one of the kidnapped kids! He sounds totally under a kind of spell or mind control that make him totally obedient for an external force, feeling no pain or even safety needs! The Police is flabbergasted so much that the orders are messed up: some squads says to shot for death, other to hold the fire!

In the meantime, the Young Centurions goes for the Century Club’s Masquerade Ball. They are expected to be on their best behavior, but he soon see something wrong: a man in old-fashioned clothes, on a kind of Balloon with the Fagin Crest, asking the City.

“New York City, I’m Anthony Fagin, master of The Mummers, and I’m with your sons under my will. I’m the one that are dominating them. I could turn them against you, even being son versus father. But I’m generous enough to claim a parley, and give the city an option: I’ll take New York City as my personal fief, and you will warrant my will even against Washington orders, and I’ll spare your kids. Go against me, otherwise, and I’ll make my little Mummers go amok, and New York will be under ashes before the All Soul’s Night Dawn!”

This is a big preposterous idea, but even the Commissioner is paralyzed: the idea to capitulate under a so preposterous demand is silly by itself, but putting kids under risk is something incredibly wrong, and let them but the city down is even more preposterous.

Now, we expect the Young Centurions will take this under their eyes. There’s some option on what to do:

  1. Take Fagin’s balloon down: there’s the problem that the Helium-Filled balloon would be a big bomb that could set at least some of Manhattan under fire;
  2. Confront the Mummers: This would be a great mess, even not killing any of them (hope not!), but it would give the PCs some clues on how to take them from Fagin’s mind control. There’s a simple way: all the Fagin, under their sacks, are using a little earphone-like receiver for the hypnotic hum that reinforces Fagin control under them. Remove it is an Overcome action with Great (+4) difficult. However, the PC doing it will take them automatically out, as they are out of Fagin’s control and the Obedience Draught put their lights out;
  3. Discover the Mummers’ Control and disable it: See below, Scene 4a - The Control Room, for details
  4. Overcome the Control Signal: See below, Scene 4b - Overriding the Control Signal, for details
  5. Get into the Balloon and fight the Fagin: See below, Scene 4c - The Fight st the Balloon, for details

New Issues

  • The Mummers are kids
  • The Control Signal
  • The Obedience Draught
  • Fagin can’t escape

Scene 4a - The Control Room

The Mummers are all under a combination of drug and hypnotic suggestion, and a kind of hypnotic hum sent by a control station. As they mess with the Mummer’s psyche, the PCs can find them either using scientific way (triangulating the signal sources and so) by mental way (trying to scry the way). any way, when they found the source, they’ll be confronted by at least 12 (!!!) Mummers. They are armed with shotguns (yikes!) and they’ll shot the PCs point-blank if needed!.

If they are able to access the room, they’ll see that the Controls are Complex as Hell: treat this as a Contest with a Great (+4) Risk represented by the Control Signal. If the PCs win, the Control Signal will be shut down and the Mummers will be out of Fagin’s control (or at least their main control - see Scene 5). Otherwise, the signal changes its frequency under a random way, and the PCs will need to start everything again. GM, at each tie or lose the PCs have, bring at least two more Mummers, as the Control System protects itself.

Scene 4b - Overriding the Control Signal

A Clever PC (or a Spirit of Ingenuity or something like this) can try, if he can justify, to jury rig a way to overcome the Control Signal, as long he knows about it. Treat this as a Contest against a Good (+3) Power Level, at least from the start, to create a Portable Beacon that will override the Control Signal, making the Mummers that get into a number of Zones equals the PC Clever bonus (at least 1) from the PC to be put of the Fagin’s control.

However, this will be only effective against small groups of Mummers: to override the Control of all them, they’ll need to find a point they could to a stronger signal, with more potency to override the control signal. Treat this as a Contest against Superb (+5) Power Level. If the PC win, he’ll override the signal and the Control System will blow with the harmonics generated. If it lost, treats like in the Scene 4a. If people asks on how to help the builder, make them thinking on high buildings to go, even on some of them getting and climbing some lighting rod to put some cables for a transmitter.

Scene 4c - The Fight at the Balloon

The first problem to fight Anthony in the Balloon is to get there: he’s High in the Sky, and the PCs would need to think on creative ways to get there.

The other problem is: he’s High in The sky, and the balloon is not big enough for many of them fight without friendly fire: GM, at any failed Attack by a PC, roll a dF: a + roll means that he’ll potentially hit a friend - he’ll Defend normally against his friend “Attack”.

Any time a PC fails his Defense, you can make a good Cliffhanger to put them into a “I’m falling!” Aspect and make the other PCs save him someway (or let them fall for death… Or to be rescued out by A Scrawny Kid with a Jet Pack…)

A better idea is to just shut down the burners, so the balloon get down. A Failure on this Overcome can either represent the PCs were not able to shut the burners out or that they did this in a way they’ll Fall Like a Rock!!!!. Make them do checks to defend against a Great (+4) Attack if they fall: this is a very great fall.

But also they could make the Fagin fall for the death (please don’t: they are the heroes!) with a Superb (+5) Overcome action. If they want, they could do this and save the under risk Fagin: after this, a Great (+4)_ Forceful Overcome and they’ll save the Fagin, that will give in, conceding the victory and freeing the Mummers. He says he have enough and just want to settle up and die in peace, as he knows that his force and vitality is fading away since the century turning… Or so he says…

Epilogue - The day after Halloween

New York is still a mess after this All Soul’s Eve. The Mummers are now freed, some of them maybe a little hurt or with big headaches. The Century Club defeated Fagin, and maybe he’s captured, or maybe he had passed away or run away.

But the Obedience Draught formula is still available somewhere, somehow, just waiting for the next evildoer to take it for their means. And there’s also lots of Fagin’s notes…

That could be used against the Centurions.

But it’ll be seen in the Next Episode!

Appendix 1 - The Obedience Draught

The Obedience Draught

  • Put the mind into a hypnotic trance; The Mentalist’s Best Friend; Reinforced via special frequencies; Total Domination
  • Potency: Good (+3)
  • Abstinence: Mediocre (+0)
  • Effects Fantastic (+6)
  • Stunts:
    • The Trance: Anyone that drink it is under a Hypnotic Trance Aspect, with a Free Invoke
    • Colorless, Tasteless, Odorless: +2 in the Potency to avoid detection when mixed into other drinks

The Obedience Draught is an old time common trick from Alchemy, mainly for the mischievous one: a simple draught, totally colorless, tasteless, odorless that can be laced into almost any drink and, when people drinks it, they are put under a Hypnotic Trance, easing the work of a mentalist to make people get into an hypnotic suggestion, that can be reinforced easily by some special hums (the Fagin generate them via an special Earphone-like thing). The person under this hypnotic suggestion is under an Total Domination, from where he could escape only in the case of orders the could result in death (this is the only time that he could get out the trance). The Draught needs to be taken again from time to time to be reinforced: at each 4 hours, check for Abstinence. But as long the target is under its effect, any suggestion is maintained.

Appendix 2 - NPCs

Jake Molan

  • A Big Bully; Not as brave as he looks
    • Expert (+4) at: Bully those weaker than himself
    • Skilled (+2) at:_ Make others do what he wants; Fight; Gloating
    • Bad (-2) at: being brave and bold under pressure


  • Bully; Weasely faces
    • Skilled (+2) at:_ Fight; Gloating
    • Bad (-2) at: being brave and bold under pressure
    • Stress: 3 (6 Bullies)


  • Children under Fagin’s control; Consciousness Drones
    • Skilled (+2) at:_ Do what the Fagin wants, no matter what
    • Bad (-2) at: everything else

Anthony Fagin, 19th Century Shadow of Innocence


Type Aspect
High Concept A greedy old guy who wants to destroy everything for his own pleasure
Trouble “Humbug! Children should work, not play!”
  A name made immortal as an alert
  An accomplished kidsman, knows how to “recruit” kids
  Lots of resources, but want even more


Approach Level
Careful Good (+3)
Clever Fair (+2)
Flashy Fair (+2)
Forceful Mediocre (+0)
Quick Average (+1)
Sneaky Great (+4)

Centurion Stunt

  • The Obedience Draught: I had developed a special concoction that ease my domination tricks. Using it (by lacing it into a drink, or even water), I receive +3 when Creating Advantages while being Sneaky to induce people into an hypnotic trance that will put them Under my Dominion.

Common Stunts

  • Racounteur (p. 100)
  • Snake Oil Salesperson (p. 96)
  • Silver Tongue (p. 95)
  • Dry Wit (p. 95)
  • Cold Read (p. 95)
  • I Have Just the Thing (p. 92)
  • Don’t Mess With Me (p. 95)


Time was never merciful with Fagin, but he didn’t expected any mercy he could give for other himself (in fact, no mercy). Although he look like a jolly old man, one with lots of wrinkles and so, those who came into contact with Fagin discovers very fast that he’s an rotten apple. His eyes are shiny, but the black on them is like one of a moonless night, with sometimes a greedy look. He dressed as old-fashioned as he could, and his clothes are sometimes dirty and rotten.


Greed is his modus operandi: as the 19th Century Shadow of Innocence, he believe that he has the right over everything he can AND can’t put his hand. A man with uncontrollable ambition, he has, however, the wisdom of the age: he would not dirt his hands if he can put others to do the dirty work for him. And he is not against use the Obedience Draught to dominate others and make them do things that, otherwise, they could not.

And he’s also so cunning that he knows how children’s mind works, specially their darkest desires, even being foolish things like a tasty sweet or a trinket toy: by snaring them via their desires, Fagin can make them an army… And God Help Us if he could make a strong enough one.


Some thinks that Fagin was a fictional bad man that Charles Dickens portrayed into Oliver Twist. However, those who are into The Century Club knows the truth, as Charles Dickens was one of the many artists that the Club had patronized all the time, to cleverly and secretly put some real information into fictional works, so people could be alerted by the danger of some of the worst people all around, specially some of the Shadows.

And Anthony Fagin was one of those guys, so mean ones that made the Club goes into this Agenda.

Born in the last strokes of December 31st, 1800, Fagin was born into a rich family from Liverpool a family with lots of money and contacts thanks for their exploiting on the nascent fabric manufacturing. As this was a kind of business that (on those times) demanded lots of manwork, many families had gone into their fabrics. Many of them, complete with wife and kids.

And it was with those kids that Anthony started their experiments: he always had a knack for the larceny, and with ten he started to make some money by robbing homes with “their comrades”. Obviously those “comrades” was always catched and, when they pointed for Anthony, the social hierarchy was a tool Anthony used for his favor as a way to get away. He was never caught red-handed, and he was clever enough to go with other ways to laundry their profits into this shady business.

It was until he found an old alchemical tome, and he studied it. As many Shadows, Anthony was attracted by the unnatural, and the tome brought him clues about an Obedience Draught, a mystical concoction that, laced into any liquid (even water) made people more open for mesmeric suggestion. He studied the tome and made the concoction, testing it into their own parents. He laced it into their night glasses of port wine and said only an order:

“Kill each other!”

Last morning, The Times gave the sad news about the tragic death of Mr. and Ms. Fagin, that on a rampage of jealousy with each other and cheating suspicious, killed each other with knives strokes straight into their hearts, leaving little Anthony alone in the world.

Anthony was not fool enough: he already knew about many people that would get into his feet. So, he liquidated all their parents business and got into the criminal shadows he always liked. He started very soon as a “kidsman”, someone who got orphan kids and trained them as criminals. He didn’t did this by compassion, make this clear: to put kids that couldn’t be traced back with himself, he could put a veil behind his criminal activities, while assumed a dilettante pose, a dandy that financed lots of expeditions that brought many historical artifacts to London.

Many of them, unfortunately, robbed by some vicious cat burglars. That, people don’t know, were trained by and put under Fagin’s will via the Obedience Draught. Many of them hanged by justice, when caught.

In the meantime, Fagin passed as a dandy into the more exclusive clubs in London. Some criticized his somewhat childish ways, and many women didn’t liked him because he looked like a big kid. And this was emphasized into his tantrums when their business (either common or criminal) got wrong. He soon discovered the motive.

He was found by The Century Club.

The Club started to work against him. They had discovered about their plans and the Obedience Draught. He could not left them mess into his business and so he started to act, by making some attacks against the Club. However, in his childish thinking at the time, he didn’t notice that he was only giving clues for the Club to lock him into target.

And he was soon found.

He just made an escapade away from London, by using the same trick he did with his parents: he made her in time fiancee kill herself under the Obedience Draught effect and ran away from London, to New York, where he waited for the Century turning.

And since then… He waited…

Saiba Mais (4588 palavras...)

Oregon Cadmus - Cosmopolitan Spirit


Type Aspect
High Concept A New York Newsie that dream with the world
Trouble A too small city for too big ambitions!
  Remember: you read this first at Pendrik Press Newspapers!
  A smile in the face, always
  I always protect my friend’s back


Approach Level
Careful Fair (+2)
Clever Good (+3)
Flashy Mediocre (+0)
Forceful Average (+1)
Quick Average (+1)
Sneaky Fair (+2)

Centurion Stunt

  • The City’s Heartbeat: No matter the kind of city he is, Oregon knows how to act, how to find himself, who is who… In fact, he feel the flux of the big metropolis that is growing up. Every time he tries to Create Advantages into Urban space being Clever, he receives +3 in the roll

Common Stuns [ Refresh: 2 ]

  • Dry wit (p. 95)
  • Cold Read (p. 95)
  • Silver Tongue (p. 95)


Oregon is skinny and black, with bushy and full hair, always smiling. He’s a great newsie, mainly because he has a knack on read and understand the contents of the newspaper he sell. He’s always under his newsie clothes, even at school, if possible.


Oregon has a great smile in his face no matter what, because he always get what he needs and can get always safely, no matter how big the mess he is. Besides, he have a superior mind prowess, so it’s not that weird that the big kahunas from J.P.Morgan buy their newspapers from himself, and even the great guys like Andrew Carnegie and J.P.Morgan himself came to him for the newspapers. He put him under good eyes by his boss, Mr. Jonah Pendrik, from Pendrik Press


Born under the first chimes from January 1st, 1901, little Oregon Cadmus was named this way by his father, as a memento to the State from where he came, doing is parent’s opposite movement, that ran from Texas, Arkansas and Virginia during the Slavery and Civil War times. Oregon’s parents, Will and Mary Joanne, came to New York for working.

Although still a little backwater, as it was a little away from New Jersey’s capital city, Trenton, New York already shows some clues on what it would turn on in the future, in part thanks fr people like Carnegie and Morgan, that stabilised their economical empires from New York. Obviously not everyone was happy to work for the Robber Barons, that were people with high education, commercial knack and, sometimes, unscrupulous about the ways to grow big in power.

And it was under this scenario that Will Cadmus started to work at Pendrik Press, learn the job as a typographer and printmaker, and others. Ms. Mare Joanne was a teacher into a local school, while little Oregon turned as a typical newsie. With time and newspaper reading, he came with a great idea: instead on do the same of other newsies, by selling newspapers at the ferry boat between mainland and Manhattan, he got into the higher stakes, going everyday after school to the flourishing Wall Street.

The bet paid itself in time: everyday after the school, he passed into Pendrik Press and took a big bunch of newspapers, including one that was a little substandard to be sold. This is the one he read until he got at Wall Street. By doing this, he could talk about the news and express his ideas about the main stories. This way he could attract attention and sell his papers by all the big guys (and small ones, too) that was there. After selling all the newspapers, he got back to Pendrik Press and looked if it would be profitable take a new “round” selling more newspapers.

Surely many newsies want that place, as it was very lucrative, and by this they tried to solve Oregon’s problem by knuckles. But when you occasionally sells papers for Mr Astor, Carnegie, and Morgan, and they talk with you in civil terms, obviously mess with you is a very big of a mess. If it was not enough, even the police officers don’t get too boastly against Oregon.

But there’s something growing into Oregon’s heat, that even his father perceive: no matter how big New York is, it’s becoming small for little Oregon Cadmus. And even Mr. Jonah Pendrik note this…

For both sakes…

Jason Raywood - Spirit of Chances


Type Aspect
High Concept Somone who like to see life as a game
Dificuldade Play by the book, even when cheating
  Knows how to fold is also an possibility
  Learn very fast every game
  “I’ll make my hand. Take care of yours!”


Approach Level
Careful Good (+3)
Clever Fair (+2)
Flashy Mediocre (+0)
Forceful Average (+1)
Quicky Average (+1)
Sneaky Fair (+2)

Centurion Stunt

  • Probability Analysis: Jason is someone that knows how to avail their chances on everything. When he tries to Create Advantage while Careful by avail their chances on anything, he receives +3 in the rolls.

Common Stunts [ Refresh: 3 ]

  • Cold Read (p. 95)
  • Stole Their Playbook (p. 91)


Jason could pass through as a common boy, beside his sneaky face, of someone that had already got into high stake bets. Otherwise, he’s a common boy, brown haired and average heighted, with common clothes.


Jason is a honest liar, period. He plays the game and dance the dance, always analysing his chances to get away of this alive and (preferably) with some profit. However, don’t take him as a mean people: he never play har with those who are in a worse situation and he’s always for helping people


Jason was born in Lousiana, a land of, some people says, faith and sin. New Orleans was always a center of religion and a center of sin and seduction, as someone says. In this land, Olivier and Marie Raywood were some of the biggest predators in the card tables. No pne won them in the poker. Many myths came about them, including some about pacts with demons, loas and vodoun, but the fact was they just knew how to avail their chances of win or lose and know how to deal with this with the better profit.

It was in January 1st, 1901 that Marie, while still playing poker, felt the first contraptions and, in a few seconds, gave birth for the son she was expecting, that she called Jason.

With time, little Jason was always showing his talent for games, winning against other kids, older, more experienced and bigger than himself into every kind of game: Ludo, Chess, Draughts, etc…

But in fact he had impressed a weird, Sino-English man, that challenge his parents into a serie of games: whist, bridge, Canasta, Rummy, Brazilian Buraco, and, in the end, poker. Even playing many of them for the first time, Jason has gone very well, in the end hitting the pot in poker with a Royal Straight Flush.

This man, Charles (Choi) Li-Ang, didn’t made himself abashed and put a new game in the table, that neither Jason not his parents had ever played: half domino, half poker, it was very complex. The objective: form a hand composed of four groups of stones from the same suit, either by three or four equal stones, or by a sequence, and a pair of equal stones, by using stones taken from a wall of stones built around the table or by stealing stones the other players discarded.

Charles imagined that he would take the family of beters using Mahjong, a complex game they certainly didn’t dominated.

They didn’t counted, however, with Jason: after four rounds with victories of Charles, Jason won a round with a simple hand. However, his next two hands were some rare hands that she asked about to Charles: the Seven Pairs and the rarer Thirteen Orphans.

It was when Charles revealed his objectiv: he was in search of a potential 20th Century Spirit, people with excepcional capabilities and a adventure lust, both of them Jason have, And it was with some sadness that Charles brought Jason to the New York Chapter of the Century Club, while he teached Jason into lots of game that he sooner dominated.

In the travel, another important feat was when, while passing in Chicado, Jason was challenged by one of the city’s Triads for a Mahjong game. A high stake table, sactionated either by Charles and by Jade Lotus leader, Master Lingyu.

During the game, at least in two situations, Jason noted their adversaries where cheating. Obviously he could reveal the cheating, but he decided that, if that was fair game for them, it was also from him, and he learned very fast on how to cheat and won using the same cheats their adversaries did. When the Triad’s thugs accused him, he revealed the round, the play and the cheat they used, all of them, putting the goons under big shame, even more that Master Lingyu knew and was respected by the Triad Dragon Head, or Mountain Master, the Triad’s supreme leader.

And it was when he came to the Century Club, and accepted to put his life under stake into preposterous bets with his life and many others’ under the stake. After all, life is a game.