Alsyf Alayat, the Sword Verses (Real Name: Rahul Musa Al-Gazzawi/Mufti Musra Hussein Al-Gazzawi)

Alsyf Alayat is one of the main pieces on Undying Caliphate, as she’s a Mastermind Puppet Master that can manipulate the minds of those who are from the Ummah (Islamic people) to do his will, even implanting post-hypnotic suggestions that can be triggered in the worst moments.


Type Aspect
Power Aspect A-Class Mastermind (Puppet Master)
Hero Aspect The Prophiesied Mahdi (self-deluded)
Trouble “Down with the infidel! Brimstone to the Crusader!”
Background Ex-Double Agent
Background Part of the Undiying Caliphate Head-Of-State


Attribute Level
Alertness Great (+4)
Athleticism Fair (+2)
Physique Great (+4)
Discernment Superb (+5)
Willpower Fantastic (+6)
Presence Superb (+5)


Skill Level
Academics Fair (+2)
Aid Average (+1)
Deceive Good (+3)
Drive Fair (+2)
Engineering Average (+1)
Fight Fair (+2)
Investigate Great (+4)
Larceny Average (+1)
Provoke Good (+3)
Rapport Good (+3)
Shoot Average (+1)
Stealth Average (+1)
Survival Fair (+2)


Attribute Level
Contacts Good (+3)
Reputation Fair (+2)
Wealth Average (+1)
  • Superhuman Mind x4 (Discernment Epic +9, Bonus +4)
  • Sword Verse (Do As I Said! - +2 against Muslims; -2 against anyone else; can’t use when angry or in rage)
  • Today I’m this

Stress and Consequences

Stress Bar
Physical 4
Mental 4
Resources 3
Consequences Normal Extra Physical Extra Mental Extra Resource
Mild (+2) 1   1  
Moderate (+4) 1     1
Severe (+6) 1      

Rotnase Hans (Red Nose Hans), The Fool


Type Aspect
High Concept A singleminded Fool tired of a life without motivation
Heart’s Desire I want a better life… As a king, if possible!
Tension “Any idiot can be king, so why not me?”
Motivation/Method Wiser than he looks: being a singleminded fool is just a masquerade
Seventh Aspect  


Create Advantage       X   Attack
Freedom +2 +1 Neutral +1 +2 Reverence
  -2 -1   -1 -2  
Defense           Overcome


Level Skill Skill Skill Skill
Great (+4) Rapport      
Good (+3) Provoke Athletics    
Fair (+2) Lore Empathy Will  
Average (+1) Physique Fight Notice Shoot

Stunts [Refresh: 3]

  • Nose for Trouble: You can use Empathy instead of Notice to determine your turn order in a conflict, provided you’ve gotten a chance to observe or speak to those involved for at least a few minutes beforehand during this scene.
  • Psychologist: Once per session you can reduce someone else’s consequence by one level of severity (severe to moderate, moderate to mild, mild to nothing at all) by succeeding on an Empathy roll with a difficulty of Fair (+2) for a mild consequence, Good (+3) for moderate, or Great (+4) for severe. You need to talk with the person you’re treating for at least half an hour in order for them to receive the benefits of this stunt, and you can’t use it on yourself. (Normally, this roll would only start the recovery process, instead of changing the consequence level.)
  • Painful Truth: can use Rapport to Attack, by putting some truths about a target into a prank or chaff


Imagem ilustrando os riscos descritos no texto

Vou supor que você, como Narrador, já tenha entendido como lidar com o sucesso e falha nos dados. Você entende que as falhas não devem parar o jogo e que você deveria apenas rolar dados para determinar sucesso ou falha quando ambos forem interessantes e resultarem em diversão. Portanto, vamos falar daquela outra coisa que cerca sucesso e falha - especificamente, vamos falar sobre riscos.

Nesse contexto, os riscos em uma situação são as coisas que podem obviamente sair errado, mas que não tornam o sucesso mais ou menos possível. Por exemplo, se um personagem deseja chutar uma porta, existe o risco de que isso provoque barulho o bastante para alertar os guardas. Esse risco não tem impacto na ação, mas pode ter um impacto profundo na situação.

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