Puffers Underhill (he/him)

  • Pragmatic and Sharp, not Explosive or Careless


  • Cloak Big Enough To Hide In
  • A Sacred Text From Your People
  • Ornate Ceremonial Scepter

Place that gone now:

  • True Reason: You fled to escape familial obligations. It is a palace or a labyrinth.
  • What I say: You fled because you were declared an omen of death. It is a farm or a wilderness.
  • Worry it’s truth: You fled out of shame, to help the land heal. It is a garden or a glen.

Puffers ran from the family obligations, as he was chosen to succeed his father as his region’s Scholar and Seneschal. He normally says that all the small black spots on his tail white stripes are taken as bad omen, and when it appeared since he was a small kit, people took him as a portent of bad luck, even of destruction of his community. He ran away after so much humiliation not only for him, but for his family.


  • Still: An ancient violin that you once spent hours practicing as a kid while waiting for your mother to come back.
  • No long understands: The lullaby your father would sing to you as you fell asleep

Things I always do:

  • Say an expression in your traditional language.
  • Keep an eye on the exits.
  • Push something out of sight or out of mind.
  • Play a tune that reminds you of home.
  • Say: “You look familiar.”
  • Ask: “Can I tell you a story about my home?” They get a token if they say yes.

Left and right:

  • Do you miss our home as much as I do?

Miss my home, my mothers almond porridge and my father playing the violin with the traditional songs while me and my other brothers and sisters dancing aroung

  • How did you help me when I felt like no one else would?

I felt you were accused without proofs, because reasons, and this hitted my like a ton of bricks when I remember my own solitude.


  • Wise, Pensive, Chill
    • Propose a path quite unlike those that others have suggested.
    • Ask: “What else can we do?”
    • Remind everyone to take a step back.

Puffers Underhill - Chapter 1 - Tillsoil: South Glens

  • Tillsoil
    • Fertile Soil
    • Constant And Challenging Work
    • Gentle Rain
    • A Rhythmic Work Song
    • Wide-Brimmed Hats
    • Fluffy Clouds
    • Bugs Running Through The Fields
  • Market
    • Foreign Wares
    • Distant Smells
    • The Golden King And How He Lost His Heart (Folklore)
  • Lagoon
    • A Glorious Waterfall
    • A Well-Worn Path
    • The protective small god of wanderers (Folklore)
  • Road
    • A Lively Waterway
    • Grooves In The Ground
    • The Old Myrmidon that Leads Highwaymen (Folklore)
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The Big Bunny Brother’s Masterplan

A Shadow of the Century presents movie

  • Big Issue: Someone is rising an army of Rabbit-Men
  • Subplot Issue: Common people solving bizarre problems

This is a movie that works nicely as opening, closing or special on a Shadow of the Century series, or as a One-Shot Movie for cons. It doesn’t need or use (at start, at least) any of The Man from the setting, but you can show that they have some interesting on those events, even more if you use also the Shadow of Fantasy, Filippo Geppeto on this (in his Mrs. Underhill fake identity Christian Matteo)

Although this movie points to the events of my Young Centurions adventure The Mystical Egg and the March Hare (as the main villain here is the March Hare, Marshall Hare), there’s no need to play it before, it would not make any difference.

This adventure is for 2-6 players, that will be part of a Golden Seed organization called NOVA (Network of Variable Operatives), but it can be easily for other demands on number of players and organizations.

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