Puffers Underhill (he/him)

A skunk Exile for Wanderhome


Place that gone now:

Puffers ran from the family obligations, as he was chosen to succeed his father as his region’s Scholar and Seneschal. He normally says that all the small black spots on his tail white stripes are taken as bad omen, and when it appeared since he was a small kit, people took him as a portent of bad luck, even of destruction of his community. He ran away after so much humiliation not only for him, but for his family.


Things I always do:

Left and right:

Miss my home, my mothers almond porridge and my father playing the violin with the traditional songs while me and my other brothers and sisters dancing aroung

I felt you were accused without proofs, because reasons, and this hitted my like a ton of bricks when I remember my own solitude.


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