Can Reindeers Fly?

A Christmas letter for Do - Fate of the Flying Temple

“Dear Pilgrims of the Flying Temple:

Maybe you already heard about me. I don’t know how much the Flying Temple monks uphold of the Christmas traditions, but I’m part of this.

If not, maybe is a good thing to present myself: I’m called Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas, Niklaus, Old Nick, and many other names, but I prefer to use Santa, more direct and simpler for the kids all around the Many Worlds to say about it.

Every year, in the Winter Solstice, I got out my little cold world and fly around the Many Worlds to deliver gifts for the good kids, those who were kind, good-hearted and courageous to stand against evil. I know that, for some kids, I’m the only hope of some good, as they live under terrible conditions, with little food, hapiness, hope or kindness.

However, this year I have a great problem to do my job.

You see, my reindeers fly (and this is a secret between us) because of a Fairy Dust my dear friend, the Sugarplum Fairy, prepares for me, and I lace into their staple of hay, oat, carrots and sugar, so they could be enchanted to fly around the Many Worlds, pulling my sleigh and the big bag of Elven-made gifts, simple toys that, however, are very good and fill the heart of kids all around the Many Worlds with hope and happiness.

However, this year I couldn’t find my dear friend, the Sugarplum Fairy. Neither I or my colleagues, like the Elves, the people on the Christmas Village and the Snowmen, no one had seen her recently.

We believe someone has kidnapped her for some reason: her little hut, near the Christmas Village, was found into a big mess, with all the furniture torned and messed, the books took away and lots of magical ingredients and equipment stolen or destroyed.

In this little Christmas World, there’s some people mean, unfortunately: as there’s no night without light, there’s mean people here also: the mean wolf packs; the Hags, terrible she-Trolls, with magical power and mean hearts; the Cold-Hearted, people that had their hearts frozen by the Ice Queen, to serve her; and the Ice Queen herself, that wants to destroy me and make people unhappy, as she can’t be happy if there’s someone else happy.

I believe that the Ice Queen want the Fairy Dust for some evil reason, and she was the one that kidnapped the Sugarplum Fairy. I believe that she wants to force the Sugarplum Fairy to reveal the Fairy Dust recipe. No matter which she wants with this, it’s not good, and, as the Fairy Dust is very powerful, I don’t think the Sugarplum Fairy would give the recipe for the Ice Queen. And this would result into dire punishment for the Sugarplum Fairy.

Sometimes, even us, with great power, needs help, and even us sometimes needs the help of the Flying Temple.

Please, my friends, I would not disturb your Pilgrimage if I was not in Need: I already tried to send some of my Elves and other friends, and they had to run away. Just recently some of my little friends, the rabbits and hares from the woods, said that they saw the Sugarplum Fairy being held hostage of some Trolls, that disarmed her from her Fairy Wand and put her into a Mistletoe Cage, that nullify her magic! They also saw them going to the Ice Queen Castle, so I’m almost certain that she was the one who had took my little dear friend.

I think you understood what is at stake: not only the so-needed Fairy Dust, but also the Christmas happinnes of loads of kids all around the Many Worlds.

Because they’ll gonna spy to see if reindeers really knows how to fly…

And there’ll no reindeer… No gifts… No Christmas…

And this can’t be.

Please, Pilgrims. You are my last and best hope to provide the Christmas happiness for everyone.


Goal Words (for Do - Pilgrims of the Flying Temple)

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